The Friday Scramble: Round 21

With the Footy Show coming back on last night, this statement hasn’t held more true in Fantasy ever before… What a Big Week it has been in Football!!  Wow, injuries and suspensions have dominated this week. And it has come at a terrible time for us coaches as we start to head to the knockout stages of the final series. There are plenty of moves that are forced upon us this week and hence we need to start to Scramble!

What Do I Do Now??

This week is a great example why you don’t test the Fantasy gods. If you thought last week that you might just wait on moving on someone that is out for the year and do it this week, well you have a heap of other issues to deal with now. This is just an example as to why, at this time of year particularly, you should deal with issues when you get them.

So with so many people out this week you may need to prioritise your trading since we only have two at most each week (or you may only have one in RDT or SC). For me there is a fairly set order that you do the trades:

  • Out for the Season. These blokes need to go first. If they have no chance at all of coming back this year, no need to hold them.
  • Two weeks suspension/injury. With two knockout games to come in the next two weeks you need all the points on the field that you can get, so for example, I would be trading Grundy out this week if you have no cover.
  • One week. These blokes are last. You know they are back next week so if you have some players out for longer then you trade them first. So if you have Selwood, Grundy and Zach Merrett, I would be trading Selwood and Grundy first.

Exceptions! As with every rule there is always exceptions and other things to consider.

  • What sort of cover do you have? For example if your only player out is Zach and you have Greenwood sitting on the pine to cover him, given the form of Greenwood you can safely play him on field. So in that circumstance you can keep him. For those in RDT or SC if you are really short on trades and you have Selwood as your midfield issue you could play Greenwood over him and just leave Sel on the bench to save your last trade or two.
  • The guy was bench cover anyway. If Witherden is your issue that you need to consider, you could look at just leaving him on the bench. He isn’t the big high price player in your side and hence you could just leave him sitting on the bench.
  • No Cash in the Bank. One of the big issues with Selwood is that he has lost a lot of cash for us and if you don’t have any money in the bank you may struggle to trade him out. If you do have cover then you may save your trade in RDT and SC. You don’t want to be trading in a rookie just because you have no cash.

Overall this is where it is invaluable to have cash left in the bank, if you have no cash in the bank it can be tough to trade out these guys to a big premium players. And in RDT and SC it is always worth just holding on to a few trades because this sort of stuff can happen. However, I don’t remember a week like this in recent years with so many premiums being out at once.

Image result for brodie grundy


Rather than address specific questions, I have put together a few thoughts on options around the price point of the players. If you have heaps of cash in the bank then simply get the highest averaging player you can afford. Here are some of the cheaper guys you may want to consider. I have done this using AFL Fantasy Pricing.

Jelwood – He is tricky as he has lost a lot of value. However, around his price you can pick up Rocky if you don’t have him, Sam Mitchell or even Will Hoskin-Elliott and before you say it, he has actually averaged 83.2 this year.

Grundy – Take your pick. He is one of the highest priced rucks. For me, I would look at Jacobs or Stef. But beware Big Maxy as he has started to hit some form.

Mumford – He is a bit cheaper and you need some cash to get to the big guys, but you can get to Goldy fairly comfortably.

Zach Merrett – If you need to trade him out to avoid a donut, you can’t look past the Crouch Brothers. They have been great of late and are around the same price as Zach. Similarly you could go to Neale or Murphy who won’t cost you anything in AF.

Selection Table

Well, with all the carnage we have already spoken about there are a heap of changes this week. Here are the ones that I think are important for us this week.

Image result for joel selwood we have the suspended players and the injured players that we already knew about to contend with like Jelwood, Mumford, Grundy, Zach Merrett, Tom Lynch (GC), Witherden, Duncan and Hawkins.

Toby Greene is back, hopefully he can come straight back out and score for us. If you held him he could be handy unique for you this week. Also great to see Sean Darcy back in the Dockers side after his one week off, that could be a handy backup for those that were carrying Grundy and want to bench him. Danger returns, but there is some concern over him this week given he won’t have Joel or Duncan alongside helping him out.

It seems to be a very recurring theme this year, Is Gazza in or is he out? Well this week he is back out again with the Hammy issue. To be honest, if you have the trades, I say move him on. You can’t be worrying about him every week like this. He has become very unreliable of late.

Priddis returns to the Eagles side. But Nick Riewoldt didn’t come up for the Saints from his concussion so he will be out again this week. Hodgey is back in and will be fired up. As suspected, Cox comes in to replace Grundy, but I would be steering well clear of him as he will be up against Ryder. Over at the Power there are some youngsters coming in and Trengove is out, but the big news from the Power is that Wingard is back in finally, this will certainly boost a few teams.

Overall though, there wasn’t anything really that we didn’t expect apart from the ones that we already knew about above.


Things To Remember

  • From here on out there are no second chances. If you were holding trades back for anything this is the time to use them. You can’t win a premiership if you get knocked out this week!
  • Watch late outs on Friday afternoon. Check the AFL site before the first bounce on Friday as who knows what movement there will be during the afternoon.
  • Check out Calvin’s Captains. Calvin doesn’t do all that research for his own benefit (well maybe he does) but he shares it with us, so take advantage of it.

While you are waiting for the round to start, check out another post we have on the site as it relates to possible bench position changes in AFL Fantasy next season. We have put some of the options we think would be a good idea to see what you all reckon, it may help us shape any future changes in the game. So give it a read and put in a vote!

Best of luck for you all this week in the second week of our finals. Let’s hope that the players out on the field actually help us out this week, and that none of our premiums belt someone this week or ride them into the turf! Not sure my team can take much more of that.

Catch you all next week for the all important Prelim Finals!!


  • I’m in a bit of a pickle, need to decide on the better of 2 bad options..

    1 – Bench Grundy and play Pruess so I can trade out Glass for Hurley/Houli/Simpson/Lloyd to cover Witherden??
    2 – Bench Witherden and play Glass (hoping he plays) so I can trade out Grundy for Kruez/Gawn and leave Pruess as a cash grab for another week??

  • Beams or Sloane this week?

  • Trading out Grundy & Jelwood. Bringing in Gawn and ?????? Should I go for Dustin Martin (leaves $28k in the bank), Sloane (+ $158k) or Rocky ($180k)?

    • Dusty has Geelong (tough) Freo (90 earlier this year) Saints (73 earlier this year)

      Sloane has Essendon (no tag) Sydney (no tag) and Eagles (Hutchings tag)

      Wouldn’t go near Rocky

      So on that basis I’d say Sloane

    • Zorko if you do not already have him….

  • Last mid spot , Parker , Oliver or treloar ? Or is there better options under Parkers price that’s about all I would like to spend. I have danger , Tom Mitch , dustin m, j Kelly , m crouch , Zach m,, gaff , l can afford anyone but trying to leave $ to finish of team and get Sidebottom in fwd line next week . I have the week of !

  • Sorry no name is normy

  • Field Maynard or Mountford to cover Zerrett

  • Best option out of Sloane, Fyfe, Beams, Coniglio, M.Crouch??

  • Is Witherden likely to be back next week?

    • According to the Brisbane injury update, he was a chance for this week, so it’s fair to expect him to be back next week (hopefully)

  • I’m going for bragging rights in my fantasy league

    Grundy > Gawn
    Zerret > Zorko


    Grundy > darcy
    Jelwood > Zorko


    • If you’ve got the week off, then go no.2, and keep zerret + cash for next week. If you’re in a semi, then no.1 and get some points

  • Will Maynard definitely get a run this week?

  • Glass or Johnson on field?

  • Hey guys,

    I need some help on who I should trade in for Zerett?

    Thinking between Zorko, Gibbs, Kelly & Neale


  • Jelwood to Maynard
    Witherden to Sicily

  • What to do:
    Trade J.Selwood to Danger
    Goldstein to 150k base ruckman and play Darcy for season
    Trade J.Selwood to Allison
    Goldstein to Gawn

    Don’t have a match up this week!

    • Get Allison and Gawn. Danger has high BE so you can get him in next week (if your players escape injuries/suspensions)

    • I’d say Danger + Darcy will score higher than Gawn + Allison

      • Yeah, although Allison will be replaced by Zmerrett the week after when he comes back from suspension. The main Question is do you think Darcy will play out the season?

  • Dusty, Zorko, Kelly or Gibbs to bring in?

  • Lads it’s make or break this week, terrible past fortnight. Struggling with the trades and what is going to give me the best opportunity at some wins. Leaning towards the first option as I believe it gives me the best opportunity for max scoring.. Thoughts appreciated. Here are my options:

    Zerrett- Treloar
    Witherden- Sloane
    Play Cox at D6

    Selwood- Sloane
    Witherden- Tuohy/Rich
    Bench Zerrett. Play Miles, Partington or Cox

    Zerrett- Sloane
    Witherden- Hibberd
    Selwood traded NW. Play Miles, Partington or Cox

    Zerrett- Neale
    Witherden- Lloyd
    Selwood traded NW. Play Miles, Partington or Cox

  • I feel sick.

    Ranked 201st in the world, not worried about league at this point and I have Witherden, Merrett. Selwood and Grundy out. Next to no bench cover because I am stuck with guys like Larkey, Smith and Willis who don’t play.

    I am thinking Merrett to Zorko and Witherden to Ryan, which means I have to play both Josh Thomas and Soldo on the ground. I would have a doughnut otherwise. Thoughts?

    • Anything is better than a doughnut. and Thomas can go pretty big when he’s in the mood.

      I’d say good luck, but I would love to go move up the ranks and I’m hoping there’s a couple hundred others also in the same position.

      But good luck none the less :)

  • Field Myers or Watson?!

  • Who would score more, Kreuzer and Mountford or Zorko and Soldo?

  • So THIS is what real carnage looks like..
    Witherden, Grundy, Duncan & Merrett!!!
    So thanks to DPP and some unexpected inclusions last night I’ll be trading out Witho & Grundy for Kreuzer & Luke Ryan…can’t believe that last one!! Will also be fielding Young from WB and Callum Brown from the pies!!
    Good news I field a full 22 but think a slip in the rankings is headed my way…only good news is in my main league I’m through to next week already..
    Good luck all and thanks as always for the scramble.

  • HELP!!! Need to trade one of Merret and Duncan to either Kelly or Gibbs!! What should i do!

  • Apart from kruz who I can’t afford. Who is the next best ruck to get. Not I already have the Gawn.
    Plus who to field f6 out of brown or young

  • I have the week off in RDT and have Grundy should I trade hime this week and use both trades next week in the prelim?? Or save one for the gf?

    • Trade Grundy, his missing two weeks after all. Recommend that you should save one, especially with the amount of carnage that has been going in the last couple of weeks.

  • Beams or Matt Crouch??

  • Mountford against hawks or Myers against crows on field?

  • So ummm, my team is pretty screwed…
    Thankfully we have DPP so I can use two trades to field 22.

    What are your thoughts? (Have capitalised the major outs)

    Def: Doc, Adams, Newnes, Lloyd, Newman, Tuohy (WITHERDEN, Smith)

    Mid: Beams, Rocky, Titch, Gaff, Treloar, JELWOOD, DUNCAN, MERRETT (Mountford, Hibberd)

    Ruc: Martin, MUMFORD (SIMPSON- wtf, why not name him?, Cameron)

    Fwd: Yeo, Buddy, Heeney, Dahlhaus, Macrae, Sidebottom (Greenwood, Lloyd)

    132k in bank

    So I was thinking-
    Def- just bench Witherden and play Tuohy (good cover does help after I been complaining all year my bench outscore my field)

    Mid- Who to keep out or Merrett or Duncan? Will bench one and play mountford, trade the other to Dusty/Zorko

    Ruc- assuming Simpson is not a late in I will- Jelwood to Kreuzer, Greenwood into the mids, Cameron into FWD Kreuzer into rucks.

    So basically-
    Merrett/Duncan to Martin/Zorko

    Jelwood to Kreuzer.

    Have you guys got any other suggestions?

    If Simpson a late in then Jelwood will become Danger

  • I need a DEF/MID DPP. Who might score more, Crisp, Rich or Newman?

  • JPK and Jelwood to Sicily(POD) and either Mengeola, Selwood, Dunstan, Sloane or Gray. Thoughts??

  • The age-old question, which Crouch? Matt or Brad?
    Pretty much the same price, very similar form-line.

  • Who wins this battle?

    Oliver v Parker
    Danger v Neale
    Treloar v Crouch
    Martin v Gibbs
    Rocky v Gaff

    Kreuzer v Soldo
    Martin v Darcy

    Sidebottom v Lyncxh (ade)
    Boak v Dahlhaus

  • Best mid to get under 600k? Already have Murphy, Treloar, Beams and Jack Steven (unfortunately). I’m thinking between, Neale, Parker and Sloane.

  • Jelwood and Grundy out this week

    Looking at Gawn and Neale in ?? Would only have 21k left after these trades

    If I go Kreuzer then I can only get a mid under 566k


  • field Partington or Glass for Zerret?

  • Who to get in for Witho?

    Kelly, Gibbs, Crouch bros or Treloar?


    DEF: Docherty,Laird,Newman,Simpson,Newnes,Adams(Glass,Larkey)
    MID: Titch,Danger,Kelly,Rocky,Gaff,Shuey,Zerrett,Jelwood(Mountford,Brown)
    RUC: Grundy,Martin(Buzza,Cameron)
    FWD: Sidebottom,Yeo,Menegola,Heeney,Dahlhaus,Sheed(Maynard,Zurhaar)
    Have $152k salary
    Current trade ideas are looking like:
    1. Grundy to Kreuzer & Jelwood to Zorko – Leaves $4k
    2. Grundy to Gawn & Jelwood to Zorko – Leaves $57k
    3. Grundy to Gawn & Jelwood to Martin – Leaves $51k
    4. Grundy to Kreuzer & Jelwood to Beams/Treloar/Gibbs
    Currently leaning towards 3, thoughts ?

  • Hey guys need some help with my trades here. Which combination is best here? I’m in a elimination so need the points.

    1. Darcy + Kelly (or dusty, Zorks, Gibbs)
    2. Ryder + Sloane
    3. Gawn + Any mid under 536k (Scooter, Hanners, Sloane, Rocky, Hall to name a few)

    Sorry for all the options just really unsure, constantly reversing. Thinking no.2 with favourable match ups this week.


  • Gibbs, Sidebottom, Murphy, matt crouch, Brad crouch, Neale, Sloane or Scott selwood

    Takes over from Joel Selwood

  • Glass or deluca to field this week

  • Gaffe and J Kelly or Sloane and Dusty please

  • Kruz or menagola?