The Friday Scramble: Round 18

This is the part of the season that separates the chumps from the champs. It is where all of those saved up trades start to pay some dividends. There has been a lot of conjecture during the week about who would and who wouldn’t play. Early in the week we heard that Pendles would be basically done for the season, then he was back next week. How the hell are we supposed to manage a Fantasy team? If the teams, players and doctors don’t know if someone will play or not then how are we supposed to select a team!

Are they IN or are they OUT?

Well Pendles is at least out for this week. So that is one we know about. In AF, I trade here. But in SC and RDT you need to make a decision. When we had the first indication that he could be out for about 3-4 it was a fairly decision to trade him out. But now that we are hearing that he could be playing again next week you need to think about what happens next. If he does come back then there is a chance that he could be down a bit if he has to wear a glove that he isn’t used to and he may be a little worried about it, so will he have the same level of output? Now that is one side of the coin, the other side is that we have seen players come back from an injury and go massive (remember Rocky’s 180?). If I am in this position, I look at where I am sitting in terms of trades. If you have more than 7 or 8 then I would trade this week to keep a premium on field. And I see the best choice as Joel Selwood. You will make some cash on the trade and get points.

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Now we have the issue of both Rory Sloane and Patrick Dangerfield.  These two blokes have been named for this week, and I am tending to believe that Danger plays, I am not as sold on Rory though.  Nonetheless I would make sure that you all have two plans in place ready.  The great thing about these two is that they both play on Friday night so we will know before lockout whether or not they are playing. Personally I was hoping that Sloane was out so that I would have an excuse to trade him out given his poor scoring of late. If you were to trade Sloane out, you actually make money going to Jelwood and that is exactly where I would head if that was the case.  As for Danger, if he does miss I keep him. Once you trade a guy at his price you will find it bloody hard to get him back in again. Having said that, if he misses and you have nothing on the bench, take him to someone like Merrett or Mitchell, or an out and out gun. This would then leave you a bit of cash to upgrade someone else. That is the only circumstance that I would even consider trading him out.

Image result for patrick dangerfield

Speaking of big names that are out. Gary Ablett is out once again with a Hamstring!  This makes it four weeks now that he will have missed after his round 9 bye. The difficult part of this is that he has been putting in some massive scores. In AF I am fairly confident in trading him out, this is just too much risk for me. In RDT and SC I am a little more on the fence. Once again it will come down to the number of trades that you have left and the composition of your midfield. Using RDT as a reference point, he is the 5th highest priced player, so you can pretty much get anyone you want for him. If I have 7 trades and no other issues this week in RDT or SC, I would probably move him on.  A controversial call, but you don’t want him missing in a final or in a crucial game that causes you to miss finals.

It is situations like these above that we save our trades for. We know that it is going to happen at some stage during the finals and we need to make sure that we have sufficient trades to be able to deal with it, or if you are low on trades, you want to make sure that you have enough decent (read playing) guys on the bench that can actually give you a score.

Selection Table

Big News this week is that Goldy has been omitted. This is probably something we have seen coming for a week or two but most thought it wouldn’t happen. Hopefully coaches still had Nank up forward to swing into his spot, others may look at moving him on. In RDT it is only $20k to go to Jacobs, if you need to trade that would be one to  look at. Lyons misses again for the Suns, this won’t affect many classic forms of the game, but it will have an impact in Draft leagues as he has been a solid contributor in those games (right Benny Macca?).

Luke Ryan‘s omission will cause a few benches to look a bit thin this week, hopefully people have Witherden that they can swing down back to provide that bit of cover. The concerning thing is that he has been omitted. With 77, 88 and 72 in his last three it comes as a bit of a shock to me. UPDATE! Ryan was omitted due to breaking team rules, apparently he and Cox got on the cans. So he should be back next week.

On the rookies, last week’s omission Shai Bolton is back in after kicking 5 in the VFL last week, but he is on the extended bench. We also see two new Giants this week in Setterfield and Cumming. 

Image result for luke ryan fremantle

Calvin’s mate Yeo returns this week and those with Eagle’s Karpany and McInnes on their benches still will be praying that they make the final cut.  But we won’t be hoping that Cox does as he finds his way into the rear of the grid on the Pies extended bench.

Wholesale changes at the Blues, but nothing really of fantasy significance for us there.

Things to Remember

  • Check your AF league settings, They can be different and some of you may find yourselves in finals battles earlier than you think.
  • Start looking at the fixture of the players you want to trade in to see who they have in the run home and the fantasy finals. The best way to see this is to look at Cal’s Scale of Hardness!
  • When trading in, don’t just grab anyone, look at their likelihood of playing the majority of games to come, as you may (take that back, will) need the bench cover.
  • If you are just outside the 8 in the limited trade forms of the game, I say trade hard, you can’t win the GF if you don’t make the finals!!

Best of luck this week everyone, let’s hope we don’t have the volume or quality of late outs that we had last weekend! Remember to check final teams just after 5pm and then the final teams for tonights game to see if Danger and Sloane actually made the cut.  Cheers @pkd73


  • I think luke ryan was dropped for “breaching team rules” .
    He drank a beer essentially, after the game.
    He’d be back in next week surely?

    • Yeah, if blakely only missed a week for intentionally missing training to go surfing then I think a beer after the game would be maximum one week.

    • Your right. Him and B.Cox drank after the game and have been dropped for disciplinary reasons. It’ll be a one week thing like Blakely most likely.

      • Agree Ryan straight back in next week. Cox maybe not although club suspension would be over with McCarthy back he may struggle to get back in team

    • Yeah you are right mate, I missed that one and have updated the post. Apologies all, been a bit of a busy week.

      • Dont be so sure about either being back next week. Ross wont give 2 hoots about how good a player you are, and obviously the week holiday for Blakeley hasnt sent a clear enough message.

  • Ryan to Glass
    Karpeny to Jelwood gives me Wirherden at mid coverage
    Newman/Touhy to Jelwood
    Stevens to Sidey
    Witherden on D6

    • First one. If you dont have any other playing rooks on your mid bench to cover danger.
      Otherwise second one and drop newman

  • Which trade????
    Z. Jones/J. Newnes/ Dahlhuas or Walters for blakely or
    J. Newnes/Dahlhuas or Walters for sidebottom

  • Gray to Kieran Jack a good moe?

  • trade newman or shaw?

  • Greenwood or JKH on field?

  • Pendles to Jelwood, Beams or Murphy?

  • Sidebottom or Macrae and 60k?

    • Sidey. Also I suppose it depends on what that 60K will get you, but from a scoring standpoint, Sidey.

  • Field Lewis Young or Jay Kennedy-Harris??

  • I’ll start with the question of Beams or Jelwood?

    But my head hurts thinking of what I should do with my second trade. Which one?

    I. Smith (BE 106) to Sidebottom (132)
    Newman(109)/Burton(100) to Blakely (67)

    My thinking is that Smith and Sidey won’t make their break evens, neither will Newman or Burton. Blakely will make his break even and could be out of my reach next week. The plan is to get one (Sidey, Blakely) this week and the other next week by trading Newman/Burton to Johannisen(BE 68). Now assuming JJ is back to alright scoring he should make his break even, but Newman/Burton won’t meaning I’ll get less cash for the trade than what I may need to get Sidey/Blakely.

    If you struggled to keep up just reading that, try and actually have this problem (I’m cooked). Literally any help would be appreciated.

    • I really can’t split Jelwood/Beams. I prefer Beams for scoring potential, feel he’s more consistent and Lions have a nice run but there’s the injury worry attached to him

      Looking at the BE’s id go Burton to Blakely. I feel Newman is just about a keeper. Burton has made his cash. You’ll be able to get Sidey next week as he wont go up and should lose a little bit. Smith might close to his BE on the big Subiaco ground, lots of space for +6’s

      • I’m always scared of injury prone players like Beams but I do prefer him too. It’s hard though, Beams easy run home Selwood hard run. Does Beams play hard with Brisbane no chance to do anything this year? Does Selwood play hard to get his team top spot? Who knows.

        Thanks a ton for the help

        • Beams definitely the easier run, but yeah will he go 100% with nothing to play for? I guess there’s also the chance of them sending him in for early surgery if his shoulder was to flare up again. That’s the risk. He could also come out and average 115 over the final 6. Big risk, big reward

          • In recent weeks, ignoring the mumified game, he’s had a 60 and a 70. I reckon wait a week on Beams to see if he’s on a sub-100 streak like Rocky is.

  • Will get one this week and one next, so Sidebottom this week or Jelwood/Beams?

    • Well Sidey (BE 132) and Beams (130) may not make any money this week, but Jelwood should (BE 104). It’s not a decision but maybe this will help you. I’m kind of having a similar problem.

  • SPP , Newnes and Newman- which two on field?

  • HI Guys, looking at the final weeks who would be best to bring in from this week


    • Gee, with Blakely having a very achievable BE of 67 he may be out of reach in weeks to come. I’m not sold on Jack (Kieran I assume), and Selwood having a hard fantasy points run home is something to think about.

      I’d rank them

  • Any thoughts on Kieran Jack? 449k. Last 3 average of 109. Played injured early on but is back to full fitness, getting a fair bit of midfield time. Could he be a handy F6?

  • A: Heppell and Cousins -> Merrett and Young (F7)
    B: Heppell and Dahlhaus -> Selwood and Sidebottom


  • Ablett and greenwood out
    Kelly and dusty in


    Ablett and greenwood out
    Kelly and blakley in?

  • Who to bring in Selwood, Hanners or Shuey

  • Love your work dunny

  • Should we trade Gary Ablett or not?

    If I get rid of him, means I can only trade out either Burton or Newman (not both). Which one should go first?

    • Burton first – Newman has a higher season I reckon

    • Re Ablett – for starters, I don’t think he’ll play another away game (with the possible exception of the Lions @ the Gabba in round 21). And that’s even if his hammie, shoulder and everything else is okay. If you do decide to keep him you should have good quality bench cover and that means two playing bench-warmers – to enable parking Ablett and any other ‘rested’ stars and hopefully still have an emergency for late outs. Risky business!

      • Thanks for that. Appreciate your responses. I was leaning on trading Ablett out anyway so this helps me make my final decision. Thanks again :)

      • I would trade him out – he’s gonna miss half the remaining games, and for 650K+ that is too much cash on the bench not generating points during crucial finals to come.

  • Nic newman will be a top 10 defender, don’t trade him yet

  • Ainsworth for Glass?
    or Roughead for L.Young? (for this one I’d have to field JKH)

    (Either trade allows me to bring in Sidey for Nank)

  • Which is the more important trade this week?…

    Newman to Simpson


    Greenwood to Franklin/Jack/Hill/Lambert/McLean (can’t afford Sidebottom yet)

    DEF: Adams, Laird, Lloyd, Newnes, Newman, Witherden [Ryan, J.Smith]
    MID: Danger, T.Mitchell, Merret, Zorko, Treloar, Neale, Steven, J.Selwood [Hibberd, Willis]
    RUC: Grundy, Martin [Soldo, Buzza]
    FWD: Macrae, Heeney, Menegola, Stevens, Dahlhaus, Greenwood [Beech, Cameron]

  • Stuck on my upgrade trade this week, considering upgrading a top 10 def (either Newman or Newnes) to Blakely (low b/e, more likely to average more) or trading Greenwood to Sidey (a definite upgrade, Sidey looks like a top 3 fwd).

    Boils down to whether it’s worth upgrading Newnes/Newman to Blakely or just stick with a certain upgrade of Greenwood to Sidey?

  • Similar to my week, except I have Sidebottom from earlier this year.

    But I can’t stand how Newnes just disappears from games even though he’s on the ground, seems to get caught in the middle of long kicks down the wing too much, missing out on marks and/or tackles because he’s always 20-30 metres away…

    Dumped him for Blakely on Sunday night after the lockout was lifted…

  • Bet on the line July 21, 2017 2:46 am
    Need help have a $200 bet on with a mate this round and hoping to give my best shot any advice on what my 2 trades should be

    Bank $7k

    Def- Doc, Hurley, laird, Lloyd, newnes, Witherden (Ryan, J.Smith)
    Mid- Titch, Danger, Merrett, Shuey, Zorko, JPK, Murphy, S Selwood (Miles, Cousins)
    Ruck- Kreuzer, Darcy (Pierce, Simpson)
    Fwd- Heeney, Billings Macrae, Higgins, Greenwood, Menegola (Jkh, B.Cox)

    Looking on the team line up, I am thinking of trading Billings to K.Jack and Scooter to Joel selwood, any other thoughts on trades that could get me the highest score I am open, cheers

  • Looking for some help please I have a $200 bet on with a mate this round and hoping to give my best shot any advice on what my 2 trades should be

    Bank $7k

    Def- Doc, Hurley, laird, Lloyd, newnes, Witherden (Ryan, J.Smith)
    Mid- Titch, Danger, Merrett, Shuey, Zorko, JPK, Murphy, S Selwood (Miles, Cousins)
    Ruck- Kreuzer, Darcy (Pierce, Simpson)
    Fwd- Heeney, Billings Macrae, Higgins, Greenwood, Menegola (Jkh, B.Cox)

    Looking on the team line up, I am thinking of trading Billings to K.Jack and Scooter to Joel selwood, any other thoughts on trades that could get me the highest score I am open, cheers

    • Ok so short term win…

      I think Billings and Jack will score about the same so don’t bother with that. I would lose the biggest investment you have benched which would prob be Ryan > 150k. That should build the kitty up to 163k. Use that to bump someone up to an uber premo.

      Maybe Selwood > Kelly
      Menagola > Sidebottom
      Billings > Sidebottom
      or put faith in the Pig to return to form, Selwood > Rocky.

  • Ignoring their price, who will score more for the rest of season between Boak, Dahlhaus, and Jack?

  • Hey Dun!

    Just seeing who I should trade out of Nank and Steele.
    Thinking of trading Pendles for Jelwood, which will allow me to trade the above for Kruezer.

    Other option was Pendles for Martin, then bring in a cheaper ruck… maybe Rhyder?


    • I would get rid of Nank if Soldo keeps playing (he is named again) so unless Nank kicks 3 goals expect 65 out of him, steele hopefully more. Pends needs to go IMO they say maybe a week but before it was like 4-5 and finger injuries may affect him if he comes back early anyway. Without knowing your team or league or ranking I can say is Jelwood is cheap, and Kruzer is in form ruck man atm. Dusty is gun too, I don’t like ryder but that’s imo.

      So if had to pick I like pends to jelwood (nice cash grab) and nank to kruzer

  • WHO AM I?
    – ive played every game so 17 matches
    – I am averaging just over 25
    – I started at $271k and am now $150k
    – I have a break even of 118 but cant go below $150k lol


    • Whichever is the more usefull DDP switch for you. Both prob wont generate enough cash to dish off by seasons end and your team shouldn’t be weak enough to have to play either. If the DPP doesnt matter then take a chance on Glass, listed on the wing so should have more midfield then deluca.

  • Just an interesting fact for a lot of people trading out Greenwood. When he plays 65% or more TOG he averages 103 points.

    If Sloane is a late withdrawal he may expect increased TOG. Currently averages only 64% TOG. Should be about time they give him some more game time. Just a thought.

  • Need some help with trades…

    Ablett to K. Jack (or Sidebottom but I’m thinking to save him for next week)
    Newnes or N. Newman to K. Simpson or Docherty.

    If I go Simpson instead of Doc it means I’ll be able to upgrade Menegola/Sheed/Dahl to Sidey next week.

  • Cant decide who to trade out of Billings and N.Riewoldt to a premium mid (using Sidebottoms DPP) Any thoughts would be great!

  • Selwood or Hanners or?

    • Hanners just, Fyfe over both if you dont have him for a similar price. Plays hawks which give up most to mids, contacts done and looks back to his best, should finish strong

  • Newman or Witherden on field?

    • I’d gamble with Newman against Saints, that 68 was his worst since April. Carlton’s also somewhat restrictive though it’s probably not a deal breaker (normally) for Witherden.

  • which option peeps
    1.zorko and Goldy to Murphy and K Jack with 191K
    2.Goldy and Myers to K Jack a L Duggan 90K
    3.goldy and zorko to Kruz and Murp/ Blakely


  • Playing for Fantasy leagues and comfortably on top of the ladder. I have $110K in the bank.

    Should I double downgrade this week and build the kitty for finals or go one up/one down.

    Can trade Parsons to Young and upgrade Greenwood to Macrae to finish off forwards.

    I have Ryan at D6 so Z. Guthrie will need to cover him this week. Or do I go the Parsons trade and look at Hibberd to Glass. Then do upgrades next week?


  • Greenwood to Macrae
    Ryan to Shaw (or hold Ryan which means Guthrie covers him this week)

  • It has a green dot on Matthew Scharenberg for AFL Fantasy so I held him but than looking at the AFL Changes he got dropped. Hope he plays have no bench cover.