Sloanedog 0.72 Millionaire – Ep. 130

The Crows are flying, sitting at the top of the ladder at 6-0 and Rory Sloane (MID, $720,000) is leading the way as the top scoring Fantasy player in the competition.

A fracture of Sloane’s eye socket interrupted his pre-season limiting his ownership. Even some coaches who started with him when named in round one decided that 68 wasn’t good enough and traded him out.

Since then, Sloane has scored 152, 139, 143, 132 and most recently, 155.

The five round average of 144.2 is a true indication of his form and less than 15,000 coaches own the most expensive player in the competition.

Is Sloane a must-have? If he continues this form, then yes. A breakeven of 89 means that he isn’t getting any cheaper.

The Traders will discuss whether you should shell out the big bucks for Sloane or other premium players around that $700,000 mark or do you look for a fallen premium as cash is hard to come by this season.

Also in this week’s podcast:

  • The highs and lows from round four
  • Fantasy news including injuries, suspensions, “Magoos news” and more
  • Cash cow culling
  • Bye structure
  • Social media questions answered
  • Calvin’s captain form guide

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2017 averages – Fantasy points for and against (season)

ADE 1722.34.81.71570.731


  • is it worth getting rid of dangerfield for him

    • No way.I got Sloane in a couple of weeks ago,surely there’s someone else you could trade to get him,Fyfe? Hall?

  • Fyfe has agreed to go too st Kilda for 1.5 mill a year,freo will be farked without him,even more so.

    • Fyfe’s management have commented saying “this is one-hundred per cent untrue”

      • Of course they have,why would they say that hes leaving not even half way through the season.

    • It’s BS, im pretty sure Fyfe is a restricted free agent. If so it cant be a done deal as freo has option to match any offer

  • What do guys think of Luke shuey averaging 116 with a last 5 average of 120

    • My brother has had him since round 2,has liked him,a good pod.

  • I was worried by the low scores by Fyfe, Beams and Roughhead.
    But Neal-Bullen is the one who has to go.
    I can’t cop another score from him like that!

  • chances of preuss playing this week??

    • Doesn’t look good, seeing they finally won. A few weeks time, with a few more losses, and he will be back again.

  • Was thinking of taking Greene in the other competition a few weeks ago, but I finished up going with Dal. I just couldn’t take Greene, because he’s a ratbag.

  • Boys thoughts on matera to yeo, and Fyfe to gaz. Using this two weeks to decide wether to keep gaz through his bye, have decent bench cover ATM. Or do I hold back on getting yeo and get someone around 520k instead to get Fyfe to tich. Both gaz and yeo and are gonna make a bit of coin the next 2 weeks. Open to suggestions?

  • Isn’t tex the skipper?

  • Hall to Mitchell/Sloane
    Hampton to balic via Houston
    Do I spend the money on Sloane or go for the cheaper Titch?

    • Tough one. Sloaney looked like he pulled up sore towards the end of the game on the weekend. But based on form you gotta got Sloane. As long as you can see a rookie downgrade next week if you wanted more cash

  • I can bring in any player. These are the guys I don’t have.
    DEF: Doc, Simpson
    MID: Merrett, Sloane, Rocky
    RUCK: Grundy
    FWD: Volt, Yeo

    • If you don’t have one of merret rocky or Sloane you need to get one. Tough call between rocky and Sloane imo

  • Roughhead to Balic
    Fyfe to Zerrett
    Can i go wrong?

    • should i trade in Sloane but for premos that are fine Bont, Beams, danger,

      or get witts to Kreuzer and parfit to balic

  • Jacobs or Grundy ??