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Did you have a crack at Moneyball last weekend? The all-new daily fantasy wagering game is going great guns with plenty of members of the DT Talk community getting involved.

  • AFL $1,000 All Of Round Special
  • AFL $10,000 Power vs Blues
  • AFL $10,000 Tigers vs Demons
  • AFL $10,000 Bombers vs Magpies
  • AFL $5,000 Saturday Slam
  • AFL $2,000 Saturday Specky (Late)
  • AFL $2,000 Suns vs Crows
  • AFL $1,500 Bulldogs vs Lions 
  • AFL $1,500 Swans vs Giants
  • AFL $1,500 Saints vs Cats
  • AFL $5,000 Sunday Funday
  • AFL $2,000 Hawks vs Eagles
  • AFL $1,500 Dockers vs Kangaroos


  • Roughed isn’t on 10000 points…not leading by example in my opinion.

  • thank you captain selwood and thank you rookie carnage for the reverse last minute and having to keep Hampton over yeo yeo

  • Rage trade Wednesday coming up. What a massive bunch of disappointing potatoes i have

  • I am currently on 1711 if the following players hit their projections (Adams 108, Treloar 113, ANB 74, Nanker 76, WHE 70 and Butler 58) I am looking at 2210!

    Par Score?

    Good Luck

  • 1759 with 6 to go, Adams, ANB, Oliver, Nanker, WHE, Butler. Projected score of 2240.

  • 1651 with Treloar(c) Grundy Adams & WHE to come…should get 2100+ which hopefully will be enough to hold my rank….
    One trade decision that worked out this week was taking Black instead of Polson…because of my ordinary team and this weeks carnage I had to field him so there was a ton I never ever expected…

  • Looks like Aaron Black needs to come in this week. Thinking Roughie and Miles out for Black and maybe a fallen Hanners?

    • Why would you trade in Hannebury

    • Proven gun at a discount. Plus despite being 0-5, the swans have 5 pretty winnable games coming up. I don’t think he will stay this cheap.

      Who else would you recommend in the low 500’s?

      • Get in Roberton and chuck one of your DEFs in MID if you have to

        • “Why would you trade in Hannebury”
          “Get in Roberton”

          • Yeah?

            One is performing well in fantasy with a new role that is very fantasy friendly, and will make you cash for at least the next couple weeks, and if he keeps it up will be a keeper for the whole season

            The other has been trash 4/5 rounds and there’s no telling if he’ll make you cash, not good enough to be a keeper for the rest of the season regardless

            Hmm which to choose 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

          • I got Roberton this week I’m happy to say… and yeah hopefully he’ll be a keeper, or at worst an easy stepping stone to one.
            Hanners can’t get any worse so yeah if possible I’ll be jumping on this week or next. He SHOULD average 100 at worst surely, so the only way is up.
            If you only bring premos in that are peaking, you’ll take a long time to finish your team with the risk they could lose form and lose you cash. Jumping on at the right time is key, but not always easy I guess.
            I wouldn’t think Hanners will hurt me other than the missed opportunity to get someone else who takes off… and if you can tell me who that is, i might change my plans…

          • you want to buy low, sell high however.

          • There are lots of fallen premos this year… Hanners, Parker, Neale, Shaw, etc., but could you really bring yourself to trade them in? Seems like a good way to damn your side to mediocrity if they fail to bounce back.

          • Taking risks is the only way to succeed. Hannebery has been the second highest AF scorer over the last two years, and has had no change of role, just a form slump that will reverse itself along with Sydney’s form. Admittedly I would want to see another good game from him before bringing him in however.

            I would be highly surprised if Roberton averages anything over 90, and also if he makes anything over 60k in the next 5 weeks. After this week, he will basically cost the same as Hanners and I’ll eat my shoe if He has a higher average at the end of the year. I know playing the BE’s is all the rage at the moment, but by round 19-20, you want to have a team of 22 premiums if you wanna be right at the top, and you can’t do that if you are constantly using sub-premium stepping stones. I mean, Roberton looks good and all but there’s so many more important players to be looking at, especially with the DPP’s to come this round.

          • Re: ‘no one is paying $500k for a player they plan to trade out in a few weeks.’

            I am. Yeo for one. He is my step up from Roughy to Roo. Or he scores amazingly and stays.

          • Meant for Crow

      • If you buy a fallen premo when he’s priced at 80, then even if he only averages 90 from here on in it will still be a successful trade. People forget that if the price changes then so should your expectations. If he then bounces back to his best you end up with a 110+ player that you bought at 80s price. I’d take Hanners over Roberton every day of the week. There’s only one way for Hanners from here and that is up whereas Roberton could easily fall.

        • +1

          get in hanners

        • Different positions so comparing the two makes no sense. If you get in Roberton for 500k and he drops his average to mid 90s you still have a top 6 defender. If you bring Hanners in at his 80s price and he goes on to average 90, it is not a successful trade, you’ll need to burn another trade at some point to bring in an uber premium. I would need to see back to back 100s from Hanners and some confidence from the rest of the Sydney side before i would even contemplate bringing him in.

          • What happens if Roberton starts pumping out 60s? We’ve seen this far too many times from defenders playing a similar role. Don’t need another Bachar Houli in your team. Not saying Roberton is a bad pick but definitely far more risk in my opinion. When looking at value you need to consider what the price of the player will be when you plan to trade them out if not a definite keeper. Agree that Roberton will make cash in the short term but no one is paying $500k for a player they plan to trade out in a few weeks. If he spuds it up you could quite easily lose cash on the trade by the time you’re ready to sell. Very little risk of this happening with a fallen premo who is playing the same role for the same team as previous years where age and injury is not a factor, just current form.

          • Your right Hanners aint gonna be a top 8 mid whereas Roberton might be a top 6 defender

          • Pretty good debate here… certainly feels like a different approach this season.

  • 1365
    With these guys to go: Adams, Treloar, Merrett, Watson, Grundy, Nank, WHE, ANB, Butler
    Looking at 2300 if they get around their averages
    Danger captain and Murphy underscoring is ok,
    Roughie will leave my team this week and EVW was an ok substitute.

  • well i’ve realised how crap i am at fantasy footy. 12/22 played and only one has cracked the tonne, and the worst thing is he’s sitting on the pine

  • Just gotten home after driving all day from family camping trip to find myself on 17/1814 with Treloar, Watson, Neal-Bullen, Nank and WHE still to play. Feeling pretty good with that and to see Tuohy go for 131…nice:) What happened to Riewoldt? Steele’s 101 is nice though:)

    • Voldt was playing injured for most of the second half, and spent long sections of time off-field. He had around 50 at half way.

    • If your captains still to play that could be huge…even if he has and it’s 18/1814 that’s still a bloody good score on the way…

      • yeah sorry, captained Rocky this week. Had Hampton, Otten, Tuohy and Laird in the backline with Vicker-Willis and Marchbank. That definitely helped. Lowest score so far after Vicker is Swallow’s 60.

  • Not really sure where I am at this stage …

    I’m on 14/1319, left to play are Butler, Nank, ANB, Oliver, T Adams, Grundy, WHE and Treloar (C).

    I’m hoping I can push on beyond 2150, but I’m certainly wishing I had Jelwood instead of Danger after this arvo’s effort.

    Just hoping I picked the right Pie to hang the captaincy on.

  • 1849/18 (inc cap), still got adams, nankervis, WHE and butler to go. Ill be looking at 2150ish i reckon and from the sounds of it that wont be enough to keep my ranking :(

  • 1781 with Adams, Grundy, Spencer, Nankervis, WHE & Butler to go. Hoping 2300

    • Shit man… I’ll be lucky to crack the 2k this week. Josh Smith’s sub is Stewart, started EVW and Zac Fisher, have Swallow, and Roughie and Touk failed to bounce back. Even with Rocky as C, I’m on a lowly 1500ish with 6 to play. Was top of my league but will get pumped by about 300pts this week.

      Have too many of those guys everyone is saying to hold… Newman, Barrett, Preuss, JOM, etc. Might have to start getting ruthless!

      • I feel your pain man, Ive got Berry, Polson, Pickett all playing on the field plus other spuds such as Rough, Parker, Fyfe not scoring as well as they could and I only have 1 playing bench player, that being Stewart.

      • I’ve had a pretty lucky round so far, my backline with laird, zjones, hampton and otten all performed, marchbank went ok. Mids killed it with rockliff (c), danger, tmitchell, beams, mcrouch, hall & macrae but swallow at m8 was my only let down. And my forward line so far who have played is dahl and steele who scored well and rough who is first in line to be traded this week.

      • Traded Nank to Spencer this week too. I’ll just be deleting my team if anyone’s looking..

  • Hoping to jump into top 1500 this week 16/1823 sloane (C). Got Adams, Dusty, Oliver, Nank, WHE and ANB. If dusty plays 2400 plus is on the cards otherwise I get Pickett’s 25.

  • Thinking of going Swallow to a premo mid, my choices are Sloane, Zorko, Selwood, or Merrett
    If I get Sloane I’ll have Laird, Hampton, Otten and Sloane, 4 Adelaide players
    Any thoughts

    • He looks incredible at the moment. If I’m you I’d get him.

    • Swallow to anyone who’s last name isn’t Swallow seems like an upgrade at the moment!

      Crows are flying, but so are those other 3 mids you mentioned. Of the 4, I like Jelwood the least. Only because there’s Danger, Duncan and Menegola floating around taking points off him. Same could be said for Zorko tho, but his scores haven’t suffered.

      Hard to go wrong, but I like them in this order: Sloane, Zerrett, Zorks then Jelwood.

      • funny, I picked jelwood at start of season because of being in same team as danger. he has been captain for me in every game bar one.

        as for mengola and Duncan eating into his return, cant see that happening

        I would rate jelwood 2nd only to rocky this year and then it is only just

        • Jelwood 2nd to Rocky? I’m a Jelwood fan and have started with him 4 of the past 5 years… But he shat me last year and a 175 doesn’t suddenly put him above Danger, Zerrett, Sloane et al.

  • No particular game, seen three games with questionable umpiring decisions so far this weekend.

    Some so bad it makes you actually wonder if there is any hidden agendas.

    • You have to put it down to gross incompetence.

      also, what it with boundary umpires completely losing the ability to throw the ball in?

    • Game’s over-officiated these days. I miss the good old days when there were about 4 things you’d get a free for. Umps are constantly over-thinking everything… like when Montagna said yesterday the ump’s decision against him was for a “soft bump” but the ump heard “soft c–t” and penalised 50m for abuse.

      Get the fark over it umpy. Cry at home later ffs and let the big boys play footy!

      • Don’t think anything will ever beat Rance giving away a FK for “throwing the ball back too hard”

        • I dunno, I saw a deliberate paid that was kicked and on second bounce did a right angle over the line.

          pay it for everything or don’t pay it at all, cannot have it changing round by round, heck, it changes game by game now

        • I think the free kick would have been cause he’s a flog. As as overrated as they come.

  • On Track for 2331 if averages are achieved, the projected scores put me at 2252 (WHE and ANB scoring mid 70s) – so hoping for somewhere in between. Looks like the best players (and most popular) have all come to the party this week.
    Big movements down from teams with PODS from the Essendon and Carlton midfielders (so called roses) as normality is restored and top spot by year’s end is still up for grabs by anybody in the top 5000.
    Anyone agree?

    • I’m on track for 2348 if remaining guys achieve averages and I have no danger, rocky, zerret. I do agree with you that top spot is very much open this year though

      • Good luck, it remains to be seen what the best strategy is this year. I have Rocky and Danger, no Zerret yet but they are all top 8 mids IMO. How you get them and how quickly is another question!

    • I was ranked 31 at this start of this round and I have no chance of finishing first. Anybody in the top 5000 is a bit of a stretch I’d say.

      • Why do you have no chance

        • Presumably mid-priced madness and low cash generation from rookies

        • I was already 300 behind first. Lot of points to make up.

          • Considering how many points can we gained and lost in the byes and then the big scoring 2400+ rounds down the back end of the year where scoring 2100 could lose you 300 points in a round.

            So long to go, nothing is determined yet.

          • A massive year for points. My lowest score has been 2050 and last time I checked I’m -800 points from first. 2 (2000+ scores) & 2 (2100+ scores) should make 2300+ this week but still getting burnt off.

      • Yeah, but possible. Obviously everything has to go right to win this type of competition.

  • +3 playing selwood as captain, -3 Gaff, Fyfe, Swallow, Picket(on bench)

  • atm my score is 1516 with 7 players still to come and Polsen on field (35) should have picked black.

    so hopefully trelor (my captain), Adams and Grundy dominate and ANB WHE Nank and Butler have solid 70-90’s (unlikely butler will get there but can hope).

    looking at upgrading Miles to Black and sideways Barrett to Myers next week as Myers will come in after the VFL showing on the weekend

    • Barrett to Myers should make some money – not entirely sideways.

      • true atleast he will play.

        just they are around the same price and means i can upgrade a defender or forward to a premium. maybe by the times the bye rounds roll around

  • who is a good cheap defender to replace newman from sydney same price or just a bit more not fussed cheaper all the better

  • heeney worth picking up or wait a few weeks they have carlton this week and should win.

    or Steele worth picking up against hawks?

  • not sure why on earth i’d trust a bloke for r2 that looks like he lives off hungry jack’s coupons

  • Preuss to Spencer lol fmdt

    • Thanks mate, you’ve just put yourself further down the overall ladder,
      Never trust woolie Mamoths,.., they’ve been extinct for 100’s of years

  • Trade Swallow or Roughead first? have 311k in the bank

  • Up against ANB as a unique, so watching him like a hawk… He’s been given at least 4 tackles for stuff that doesn’t count for anyone else. Except maybe Libba

    • He just lost one 10 min after game ends!

      Good Luck

      • He needs to lose at least two others that were basically Dusty fend offs, not tackles. I’m trying to lose by less than 300pts dammit!

  • 2050 with WHE, Treloar and Adams to go, pretty pleased. If I had two other than Swallow and SPP maybe would be a shake for the weekly. Firmed into the top 1000. Similarly, looking to decide whether to ditch Roughie or Swallow for Hannerberry or Parker next week

    • im 2268 with WHE and Adams left. thiught i might be pushing for the weekly top, but there are a few monster scores out there already. will be more than happy to crack top 1000 though.
      id go one up one down with decent rooks to choose and grab a premo until sydney show signs of life

  • Is ANB a sure thing to maintain his spot in the Dees side? Despite scoring well I thought he had a poor game tonight.

    • Did have 10 tackles which is normally a good sign for a coach – two injuries as well (even though one is the big ruckman) probably will help. The concern is Bugg and Lewis next week but I wouldn’t think he would be the one to go

  • 2036 with Treloar, Watson and WHE to come.

  • 2300 will be minimum to move forward this week

    1900 with Captain Adams, Treloar and WHE to come I will be disappointed if I don’t make it

    Already planned for Hampton, Otten, NAnk, PP or Hannan to go this week and it is now definitely PP and Hannan (subject to no surprise injuries). Touk gets 1 more week or Nank goes forward and Grundy is welcomed

  • 1843 with treolar captain and adams whe to go

  • 2065 with Adams, Treloar, WHE to come. Projected score of 2356. Is that just par this week?

    • Will be a little above par I reckon….2300 sounds about right,..i will be lucky to break 2100!! I must of been delusional thinking my team was on the improve before this round started…

  • With enough good premos on every line except forward, do you see anyone worthwhile gaining forward status?

    Anyone gaining mid status is just pointless

    Only one I can think of is Robbie Gray

    • AFL Fantasy tweeted that four midfielders who have averaged 93 or more in previous seasons will get FWD DPP. However I think Gray will be the only relevant player. The others will probably be underwhelming options such as Kieran Jack, Mitch Robinson and Travis Boak.

    • Should be a few, see the latest Traders podcast. Even guys like Otten going forward (good scoring, decent JS) will be useful for team shuffling.

      • Yeah Otten and Barrett (if he ever comes back) getting FWD DPP will be extremely useful. However in terms of premium options gaining FWD DPP, I think Gray will be the only relevant player.

  • When did Pendlebury become such a shit cunt?

  • 2308 and jumped from a bit over 9,000 to 514 it says. Happy camper here:)