Making his Marc – Ep. 128

It was a round where things started evening out. Some of the players that exceeded expectations early on gave their coaches a reality check.

One man who is consistently getting the job done for his coaches is Marc Murphy. Carlton’s skipper started at $482,000 and after four rounds is now worth well over $600,000. Murphy is the highest averaging AFL Fantasy player following scores of 139, 125, 145 and 124.

While there has been a fast start to the year from our premiums, Murphy is the only player to have scored more than 120 in each game.

If you’re in the 73 per cent of coaches who don’t have him, is it too late to get him?

The Traders discuss the big movers of the opening four rounds and how to get the most out of the cash cows in your team. Roy, Calvin and Warnie dissect the best trades and discuss the selection dilemmas facing Fantasy coaches ahead of round five.

Also in this week’s podcast:

  • The highs and lows from round four
  • Fantasy news including injuries, suspensions, “Magoos news” and more
  • The dual position player watch list
  • Social media questions answered
  • A look ahead to Anzac Day and your Match Day teams

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  • pork knuckle haha

  • roughy > mcluggage (or hayward?)
    + touhy > lloyd
    + stewart > williamson & 165k

  • Poor Calvin copping a bit for the Dangerfield performance. I was one of the few with Rocky as Captain and moved up a bit as a result. Something for Calvin, I would be very interested to know how Dangerfield performs against lowly ranked teams; my theory is that he is a big game player (watching him as a crow), and I would suspect there be a correlation between his lowest scores and where the team is on the ladder. He doesn’t always score badly against the poorer teams, it is just that if he is going to bomb out, it is in a game when it doesn’t matter, i.e. his team doesn’t need him to perform well to get the win, and he knows it.

    My theory is that his previous form against Hawthorn (a champion side) doesn’t matter when playing Hawthorn V2 (bottom of the table). He just doesn’t care enough.

    • I also wonder if he’s not going as hard for every game this year as he was last year. I think now that hes got a brownlow hes mostly focused on team success and not racking up 30+ every week.. not to say he won’t just that he’ll do it less as he’s not hunting a brownlow and his team doesn’t need him to do it to win like you said.

  • Hunter surely deserves a mention about DPP?

  • Just made time to listen to your Podcast. Did I hear you guys say Tim Watson’s BE this week is 52??? If you did say this, you need to re-check. AFL Fantasy lists Tim Watson BE as 98. (The only player with a BE of 52 is Boekhorst.)