Lockout Week – Ep. 124

It has been a long, hard pre-season for AFL Fantasy coaches. Some who were seeking redemption from last year, like Warnie, started as soon as the 2016 season finished. While others have been quietly absorbing information over the last couple of months and are happy with where their squad sits.

For quite a few, this is the week when the first virtual step is taken on the Fantasy training track.

Teams need to be finalised before the first bounce on Friday night, but if you wish to have a Tiger or a Blue, then they’ll need to be locked away before 7:20pm AEDT on Thursday night.

The Traders guide you through every step of the way on the all-important final podcast ahead of round one.

Also in this week’s podcast:

  • The Traders’ team is unpacked.
  • Roy discusses team structure.
  • The best of the sub-$250K players.
  • Calvin’s captain tips including the loophole.
  • Team Vanilla – the most popular picks this year.
  • Warnie catches up with Russell Shore, the winner of Fantasy Classic in 2016.
  • Your social media questions answered.

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  • My incomplete leagues, looking for people to join: 6ZWMF3SX (Space Monkey Mafia)
    RJUY9MYN (coffee league)

  • Very interesting hearing from the winner. A lot of what he says seems to go against what the masses preach, especially regarding mid pricers. There is no way I would be touching Brodie Smith or vardy.

  • We did our draft last night. 10 team, 3-4-1-3/4 setup and i had pick #3. Somehow I ended up with max, treloar & hanners in 1st 3 rds. I’ve been offered Grundy and z.merrett for gawn & hanners. Yay or nay?

    • Big yay.
      Gawn will share ruck duties, Grundy easy start and should improve this year
      Zerret is a gun and will be top 3 where as Hanners will be top 10 somewhere

  • 3 mid pricers within $5k of each other. Who would you pick..

    Murphy, Billings, or Watson

    • Watson clear leader then toss a coin and pick the other one.
      Personally wouldn’t go near Murphy

  • anyone got a spot left in their money league? Facebook me at (Jacob Halse-UBWH Australia)

  • Looking to create a really strong league.. if you think you got what it takes!?. C5FMC75W.

  • J.smith or j.lloyd ? Also what do you think they will both average

  • I have this league, please join 37NVTRHP

  • 3 days to go before this spreadsheet goes into lockout for everyone: https://goo.gl/QarwOv
    remember to check it out! it keeps all your team history for the whole year in one place and has a Brownlow counter!

    anyone who is using currently can you please comment what you think? thankyou

  • I got a q for all you dt heads. Im currently in some leagues that start in round 2 and im also in the club league that starts at 1. Will ill be able to rotate the entire squad in round 2? Or will i only be allowed 2 trades?

  • Can I please get an opinion on the following:

    1. Rucks: Gawn Nankervis
    Forward: Greene Dahlhaus Miller Roughead Taranto Butler

    2. Rucks: Gawn Nankervis
    Forward: Macrae Dahlhaus Billings Roughead Taranto Butler


    3. Rucks: Martin Kruezer
    Forward: Dahlhaus Miller Steele Roughead Nankervis Taranto

    Thank you!!

  • In my opinion the best pods in each line:

    Def: Josh Smith $461,000 | BE – 76 | PA – 85

    Killed it playing off half back last year and looked comfortable from his debut. Had a great pre season and JLT running through the midfield, and scoring in the top 5 on ground in each game he played. In my opinion he is on level with Mills and will get oppourtunity in The Pies engine room to show his worth. Current ownership – 2.16%

    Mids: Matt Crouch $564,000 | BE – 93 | PA – 104

    Crouch had a small breakout last year and will need to have another for Adelaide to stay competitive in the finals. Contested beast and can rack up quickly. Decent pre season and less midfield depth, I believe he can stand up and deliver a good return in the low 100s. Current ownership – 2.26%

    Rucks: Tom Hickey $471,000 | BE – 78 | PA – 83

    The rucks are so unknown this year, and as a result the ownership is spread out much more evenly, making it hard to find a good pod. Hickey has the #1 spot in St Kilda’s lineup, and may ruck alone for periods throughout the year. I can see a slight increase in his average, but probably not enough to warrant a selection in classic. Current ownership – 3.15%

    Fwd: Jack Gunston $530,000 | BE – 88 | PA – 92

    I would probably pick Tom Lynch from Gold Coast to be the best premo POD option (ownership – 4.07%) but he was mentioned in the podcast and I don’t want to pile on. With Roughead back, Gunston was running through the midfield quite a bit during JLT. With that being said, he is The Hawks best key forward, and as a result won’t leave the forward line too much. I predict that his basement will rise, but that’s about it. A good draft slider. Current ownership – 1.45%

  • my line up has only four on field and 2 bench differences to the traders team and two are bench rooks.

    is that a thing?

  • Why has everyone gone off Docherty? Because of his average preseason?


  • Marchbank or Horlin-Smith?? (can switch Hibberd between positions)

  • Callum Mills or Zac Jones for D3? is it risky having laird,hampton and otten all in defence for bye structure thoughts???

  • Docherty and david swallow or Mills and Jobe Watson??

  • Anyone looking for a draft league

    8 team league, 5-6-2-5/4 format… Draft time tomorrow 1:30pm

    Code is ASVAT5XN, public league name: Draft League

  • experienced player looking for league code if anyone has spots

    • C5FMC75W.. I’ve called for really strong players.. Hope to have a strong league. only 2 spots left. hope you get in :)


    Draft league, draft Wednesday 7pm

    16 players, 3-4-1-3/4, no captains

  • League that needs filling P4JVZU7Z

  • Does anyone know if the person you are playing as one of my leagues starts rd1 will be able to see my whole team at first lockout Thursday night?

    • Possibly as it is on Thursday lockout, but not changes made after it unlocks Friday morning

    • I don’t think you’ve been able to do that in previous years. All other teams in your league are hidden until after full lockout

      • Not a 100% but you must be able to view the opposing team Thursday night as head to head begins? Is it worth throwing up a dummy team if this is the case until an hour before full lockout?

        • I’m pretty sure in previous years when I’ve tried to check my head to head match up, it only lists your own team until after full lock out. I’m 99% sure that’s what happened anyway.

  • is McLuggage for real?! lock in my team based on name…VC McLuggage

  • Touhy or Mills?

  • I have a couple of RDT league codes if anyone wants to join. 427993 for serious players and 687444 👍

  • What would you rather
    Riewoldt, Macrae, Dahlhaus and Marchbank


    Macrae, Dahlhaus, Steele and Tuohy

  • Invite code WYUETJZX fantasy classic league one spot (of 12) left good fun league competitive been playing a few years.

    = starts round 1
    = includes byes best 18
    = top 8
    – play until round 19 then finals

  • Parker or save the money and go fyfe.

  • cheers ant hill mob you
    r in

  • tom philips or jack steele?
    reasons for either choice
    cheers fellas

    T. Adams
    Z. Tuohy
    C. Mills
    S. Savage
    C. Marchbank
    C. Hampton

    A. Ottenv GWS
    T. Stewart@ FRE

    P. Dangerfield C
    A. Treloar VC
    T. Mitchell
    N. Fyfe
    D. Beams
    L. Dahlhaus
    J. O’Meara
    J. Barrett

    J. Pickettv RICH
    M. Hibberdv WCE

    A. Sandilands
    T. Nankervis

    D. Cameron
    B. Preuss

    J. Kennedy
    T. Miller
    J. Steele
    J. Roughead
    T. Taranto
    W. Hoskin-Elliott

    B. Eddy
    C. McCarthy


    • I can’t do A Sandilands. I think he deserved a better price drop for the risk of taking him. If he’s up and about and can play a full season he will be decent but still prob only putting up max 80 – 90. and not priced at much less. For extra 100k you can basically take martin. Kreuzer is proven 100+ scorer as long as he’s healthy and better priced.

      Can also look into potentially taking a west coast boy with wc rucks on long term injury list.

      Don’t start kennedy he historically starts seasons slow.

      can’t fault midfield but theres to much value to have dahlhouse in there atm even with the dpp. start him forward for now. donno about tohuy so much value in the backline andrew mackie, bob murphy might even be better mid price options. wait and see on that one.

  • Calvin you legend
    What’s your thoughts on this team.
    Gone guns and roses plus rookies with job security

    Backs: Adams Boyd laird JJ Hampton
    Stewart often vickers Willis

    Mids: penduls gaz Bont Fyfe beams Watson omeara barret hibberd pickett

    Rucks: Steff, nankervis pruess ?

    Forwards McRae Dahlhaus Roughead Taranto Bowes miles eddy black

  • Calvin ya legend!

    Hannebery m2 stef Martin r1 and I.smith f3
    Danger m1 kreuzer r1 and macrae f2

  • J.lloyd or z.tuohey? To get j.lloyd will need to downgrade W.H-E to b.eddy

  • And the downgrade is on my bench

    Andrew Mackie given his JLT form and enright bartel gone.
    Bob Murphy – will he get back to pre injury fantasy form
    C Mills – will he really take the next step?

    Stanton – proven 110 scorer. projected to go 106 this week priced well under?

  • only not 150k rookie on field and feeling very good for this years comp. Big year coming lads

  • cripps or hall?

  • Guys, where is the 2nd edition of the fantasy freeko?
    i.e. the one that covers the full pre-season?

  • @Calvin, Warnie, Roy.

    Im sure that this may very well be covered in the upcoming Calvin’s Captains, but I thought I might ask just to be sure.

    Does the loophole apply to your draft team? Right now, i have no C or VC. If I just select a VC and am happy with what they score, can i not select a C and have the VC scored doubled?

    This loophole only can really work for the first week, but thought I might give it a shot.