AFL Fantasy Drawing Board 2017

While we are waiting for AFL Fantasy Classic to open in January, our friend Chad at has got the 2017 version of his popular team picker, the Drawing Board, opened for coaches to start building their teams.

The prices are being revealed every couple of days via – with some great little articles with our hot tips to read – but all of the information around how prices have been calculated are now public. A quick recap on how prices are calculated.

  • $11,000,000 salary cap has been confirmed.
  • Players are priced based on their output last year. eg. 2016 average x magic number (approx 6036 for 2017).
  • Essendon players receive a discount of 10% on their 2015 average.
  • Players who missed a full season receive a discount of 30% on their 2015 average.
  • Players who have missed two or more seasons received a discount of 35% on their last available average.
  • Players playing less than 10 games receive a 3% discount on each game under 10. eg. Play 5 games in 2016, then they receive a 15% discount. This is applied to the higher of their season average from the last two years.
  • Dayne Beams and Nat Fyfe qualified for a discount due to minimal games played, but they have not received a discount.

Head to and under AFL, click on Drawing Board to start picking your squad of 30 players now. You will need a free account to get started. The easy to use and mobile friendly site has plenty of information including what average a player is priced at, their bye round, early opponents and an ownership percentage for registered teams on DT Live. Also, don’t forget to put in your projected average for your own user as well as compiling a site-wide projected average.

Copy and paste your team into the comments below simply from DT Live.

Click here to start picking your AFL Fantasy Classic team for 2017 over at Chad’s




  • Can anyone tell me what price Heeney-Redden-sheed are in fantasy please

  • TEAM NAME: D35TROYA. (AFL Fantasy 2017)
    Used: $10,872,000 (98.8%), Remaining: $128,000 (1.2%) On Ground: $9,672,000 (87.9%), On Bench: $1,200,000 (10.9%)
    Expected Total: 2118, Site Expected Total: 2003
    Def: T.Adams (105), S.Docherty (102), J.Johannisen (98), J.Thurlow (76), A.McGrath (73), J.Berry (70) (M.Hibberd (62), L.Ryan (62))
    Mid: T.Rockliff (120), T.Mitchell (115), N.Fyfe (105), D.Heppell (105), D.Beams (100), J.O’Meara (90), D.Swallow (85), D.Myers (70) (J.Barrett (62), J.Graham (62))
    Ruc: B.Grundy (105), T.Nankervis (80) (M.McCarthy (50), W.Buzza (50))
    Fwd: J.Macrae (103), J.Caddy (100), T.Miller (95), H.McCluggage (70), J.Bowes (70), J.Pickett (60) (B.Eddy (50), H.Balic (50))

    • Nice team few mid priced ex injured players but we need to have them and we have two trades nice opening site projection too

    • Imo I’m not sold on the rock as team has changed and new coach. Time will tell at his price he will hopefully come down a little – I went dangers as my premium as no changes to team really or coach and he’s fit with no injuries recently imo

      • Wont you be sorry…

        Last 9 games v Suns he’s averaging 111.4 including his round 5 2015 0 score!

        Take that game of 0 away he averages 125.3 V Gold Coast!


        Good Luck

        Good Luck

      • Yeah I’m not sold on Rocky either, and like you I chose Danger as the beast for midfield! Danger has to be the better option based on bye round and previous scores. Last two years Rocky has failed at the beginning of the season, and I know that as a starting owner of him for both those years… With possibly a new role with the team with a new coach coming in, I don’t understand why he is hyped so highly at the moment.

  • why is everyone so keen on the bont? what has he done to show that he will improve on in his last years numbers at all?

    • Agreed I love him but can’t see any improvement coming

    • 109 from his last 16 games, young so improvement to come as well. Hard to tag as he’s that big bodied enforcer. Dogs will be up there again. I think he’ll go 105 minimum

  • Dream Team Talk blog

    TEAM NAME: Euman Tigers. (AFL Fantasy 2017)
    Used: $10,989,000 (99.9%), Remaining: $11,000 (0.1%) On Ground: $9,694,000 (88.1%), On Bench: $1,295,000 (11.8%)
    Expected Total: 2108, Site Expected Total: 1942
    Def: S.Docherty (100), J.Lloyd (100), M.Hibberd (87), A.McGrath (73), C.Hampton (65), L.Ryan (62) (L.Keeffe (50), E.Vickers-Willis (50))
    Mid: P.Dangerfield (120), A.Treloar (113), T.Mitchell (112), D.Heppell (105), J.O’Meara (96), D.Swallow (90), S.Powell-Pepper (65), J.Foote (65) (J.Barrett (65), J.Graham (65))
    Ruc: M.Gawn (108), B.Grundy (102) (J.Holmes (50), M.Eagles (50))
    Fwd: J.Macrae (100), I.Smith (90), J.Caddy (95), I.Heeney (100), H.McCluggage (70), R.Knight (70) (B.Eddy (65), J.Pickett (65))

    • Looks like a good team at this point of time.

      • Cheers draft of course. I changed Holmes in Ruck to Tim English at Dogs? is wait n see – early days of course I have reasons for picking each player which may change when we see JLT

    • liking the Hampton pick, I feel he will pick up substantially this year

  • Dream Team Talk blog

    TEAM NAME: Lightning Bonts. (AFL Fantasy 2017)
    Used: $10,992,000 (99.9%), Remaining: $8,000 (0.1%) On Ground: $9,792,000 (89%), On Bench: $1,200,000 (10.9%)
    Expected Total: 2139, Site Expected Total: 1910
    Def: T.Adams (105), S.Docherty (102), L.Montagna (98), A.McGrath (70), J.Berry (65), C.Hampton (70) (M.Hibberd (60), L.Ryan (58))
    Mid: T.Rockliff (119), S.Pendlebury (110), T.Mitchell (111), D.Heppell (105), J.O’Meara (96), D.Swallow (90), S.Powell-Pepper (68), D.Myers (72) (J.Barrett (65), J.Graham (60))
    Ruc: M.Gawn (108), S.Martin (104) (B.Frampton (25.29), L.Pierce (25.29))
    Fwd: J.Macrae (103), L.Dahlhaus (99), I.Heeney (95), H.Bennell (88), R.Knight (70), W.Hoskin-Elliott (70) (J.Pickett (25.29), B.Eddy (25.29))

    Tried a new team, anyone got an opinion? Fixed all my rookie priced players to ones who will probably play Round

    • Looks like a reasonable side at this point of time. I’m unsure if Bennell will be fit for Rd 1 or not due to his calf issues.

    • Good team this time of year – thoughts as follows and is only IMO.
      DEF – great, not sure who Berry is maybe you can tell me more.
      MID – Im not sure on the Rock nut is up to you, I just worry with Beams back, the kids coming in and a new coach anything can happen, but he is the pig, I went Dangers instead due to fact nothing really changed, that said he may get Browlo hangover.
      RUCK – I like it, I agonised over Martin but had cash for Grundy so went Gawn and Grundy. Martin is over 30, new coach and it will depend if they play two rucks that said Smith got stung by stingray so maybe under done, I went Grundy he finished on fire and is young and is NO change of 2 rucks in Pies. But you gotta have the cash is $71k dearer.
      FWD – Agree Roger on Bennell – otherwise spot on, I have Heeney as well.

      Only other possible point is although we have 2 trades per week you have 4 players back from injury Omera, Swallow, Myers, & Bennell – just saying is food for thought.

      Overall good team and I think you could expect between your expected and site total 1910 -2139 so is still over 2,000 and for round one with room to improve is great first round assault on the prize

  • Game: AFL Fantasy
    Def: T.Adams,S.Docherty,M.Hibberd,A.McGrath,C.Hampton,L.Ryan (A.Otten,M.Hibberd)
    Mids: P.Dangerfield,A.Treloar,S.Pendlebury,T.Mitchell,D.Heppell,J.Bowes,D.Myers,J.Graham (N.Freeman,J.Barrett)
    Ruck: M.Gawn,B.Grundy (W.Buzza,L.Pierce)
    Fwds: J.Macrae,J.Caddy,T.Miller,I.Heeney,W.Hoskin-Elliott,C.McCarthy (S.Weideman,J.Pickett)
    $6000 remaining

    • what stood out to me 1st are the bench players, all good pick ups. made me look at mine a bit closer.

      liking the squad, guns and rooks over mid priced

  • RDT, thoughts as always appreciated

    TEAM NAME: PowerAde. (Real Dream Team 2017)
    Used: $10,685,100 (99.9%), Remaining: $14,900 (0.1%) On Ground: $9,737,600 (91%), On Bench: $947,500 (8.9%)
    Expected Total: 1760, Site Expected Total: 1924
    Def: T.Adams (102.93), S.Docherty (101.01), J.Lloyd (86.33), M.Hibberd (71.62), J.Thurlow (46.72), C.Hampton (28.92) (E.Vickers-Willis (22.32), Z.Guthrie (18.43))
    Mid: P.Dangerfield (117.97), T.Rockliff (116.66), D.Heppell (91.65), D.Beams (86.01), S.Selwood (55.77), J.O’Meara (55.62), D.Swallow (50.41), D.Myers (23.00) (S.Powell-Pepper (24.16), H.Greenwood (21.13), J.Deluca (18.43))
    Ruc: M.Gawn (106.51), B.Grundy (100.91) (M.Eagles (18.43))
    Fwd: J.Macrae (98.84), I.Smith (89.11), J.Caddy (85.63), P.Ryder (68.86), C.McCarthy (35.00), J.Pickett (22.32) (B.Eddy (18.43), B.Jarman (18.43))

    • Love the defence. For the midfield I would downgrade one of O’Meara or Swallow and upgrade S.Selwood. Love the rucks. Bench players need some work (as commented on mine)

      • yeah, I get sucked in every year on mid priced fallen premos.

        take two –

        TEAM NAME: PowerAde. (Real Dream Team 2017)
        Used: $10,673,200 (99.7%), Remaining: $26,800 (0.3%) On Ground: $9,594,200 (89.7%), On Bench: $1,079,000 (10.1%)
        Expected Total: 1736, Site Expected Total: 2007
        Def: T.Adams (102.93), S.Docherty (101.01), J.Lloyd (86.33), M.Hibberd (71.62), J.Thurlow (46.72), A.McGrath (37.06) (C.Hampton (28.92), E.Vickers-Willis (22.32))
        Mid: P.Dangerfield (117.97), T.Rockliff (116.66), L.Neale (111.14), D.Heppell (91.65), J.O’Meara (55.62), J.Bowes (30.23), D.Myers (23.00), J.Barrett (22.73) (S.Powell-Pepper (24.16), M.Hibberd (22.32), J.Graham (21.13))
        Ruc: B.Grundy (100.91), S.Martin (89.06) (W.Buzza (22.32))
        Fwd: J.Macrae (98.84), I.Smith (89.11), J.Caddy (85.63), P.Ryder (68.86), H.McCluggage (35.54), C.McCarthy (35.00) (J.Pickett (22.32), B.Eddy (18.43))

        • Alot of people do.

          Mids look better now. A point regarding Neale is that he doesn’t score as well with Fyfe in the team. If Fyfe is not playing, get Neale straight in.

        • Rookies will change in all teams come round one as long as u have a few 150-200k in there it just helps at this stage with structure. Agree comments on Neale I really love ones hard but took him out

  • Advice on how to improve my team would be greatly appreciated thanks
    Used: $10,971,000 (99.7%), Remaining: $29,000 (0.3%) On Ground: $9,771,000 (88.8%), On Bench: $1,200,000 (10.9%)
    Expected Total: 1768, Site Expected Total: 2019
    Def: T.Adams (104.87), R.Laird (98.47), J.Johannisen (94.92), A.McGrath (42.15), L.Ryan (25.29), M.Hibberd (25.29) (B.Rice (25.29), E.Vickers-Willis (25.29))
    Mid: T.Rockliff (118.70), M.Bontempelli (100.32), N.Fyfe (100.32), D.Heppell (92.40), D.Beams (87.51), M.Murphy (81.27), J.O’Meara (61.37), S.Powell-Pepper (36.42) (J.Barrett (25.29), J.Graham (25.29))
    Ruc: M.Gawn (108.24), B.Grundy (102.68) (B.Frampton (25.29), L.Pierce (25.29))
    Fwd: J.Macrae (100.49), I.Heeney (74.52), J.Steele (72.84), H.McCluggage (41.48), J.Bowes (39.12), W.Hoskin-Elliott (38.78) (B.Eddy (25.29), J.Pickett (25.29))

    • Defence is fine.
      IMO in the mids there are too many players coming back from injury and is too risky.
      Love the rucks and the fwd line looks a bit weak.

    • Just imo
      DEF – good mix I like it
      MID – too many ex injured players have look closer at them
      RUCK – great
      FWDS – need one more gun maybe Beams or Omera to a Myers or similar and then upgrade either Steele or Heeny to gun

  • First draft guys, thoughts?:

    TEAM NAME: Smokey’s Spearheads. (AFL Fantasy 2017)
    Used: $10,998,000 (100%), Remaining: $2,000 (0%) On Ground: $9,753,000 (88.7%), On Bench: $1,245,000 (11.3%)
    Expected Total: 2015, Site Expected Total: 1971
    Def: T.Adams (105), S.Docherty (102), L.Montagna (100), J.Thurlow (65), A.McGrath (60), J.Berry (55) (E.Himmelberg (25.29), L.Ryan (25.29))
    Mid: P.Dangerfield (120), A.Treloar (110), J.P. Kennedy (105), D.Heppell (105), D.Beams (100), J.Bowes (65), S.Powell-Pepper (55), D.Myers (60) (J.Foote (32.88), J.Graham (25.29))
    Ruc: M.Gawn (110), S.Martin (100) (P.Hunter (25.29), S.Draper (25.29))
    Fwd: J.Macrae (105), J.Caddy (93), T.Miller (90), T.Taranto (70), H.McCluggage (70), J.Pickett (50) (B.Eddy (25.29), H.Balic (25.29))

    • Pretty good team. I’m unsure on starting with JPK as he starts scoring heavily after the bye rounds.

      • I like the JPK pick he finished season well and is fit no Titch may help or hinder not sure

        • Defs started slower, but you have gotta have one of the Swans IMO and JPK is always the POD every year that ends up being a potential match winner (ownership 3-4%) – whether that’s from the start of season or a touch later remains to be seen but he has the biggest ceiling and is super consistent across the stretch. Definitely questioning it now though :p!

  • Dream Team Talk blog

    TEAM NAME: Team 1. (AFL Fantasy 2017)
    Used: $10,993,000 (99.9%), Remaining: $7,000 (0.1%) On Ground: $9,793,000 (89%), On Bench: $1,200,000 (10.9%)
    Expected Total: 2116, Site Expected Total: 2022
    Def: T.Adams (105), S.Docherty (102), R.Laird (99), A.McGrath (70), M.Hibberd (60), L.Ryan (58) (A.Otten (25.29), B.Rice (25.29))
    Mid: T.Rockliff (119), D.Martin (110), S.Pendlebury (110), T.Mitchell (111), J.O’Meara (96), D.Swallow (90), J.Graham (60), J.Barrett (65) (D.Clarke (25.29), N.Freeman (25.29))
    Ruc: M.Gawn (108), B.Grundy (105) (L.Pierce (25.29), B.Frampton (25.29))
    Fwd: J.Macrae (103), L.Dahlhaus (99), T.Miller (95), I.Heeney (95), W.Hoskin-Elliott (70), C.McCarthy (65) (B.Eddy (25.29), J.Pickett (25.29))

    Thoughts appreciated… Rough team, first one of the year!!

    • Looks really solid, bit of mid priced mayhem which might limit your $$ upside but this team will score from the get go. Just as an FYI Barrett is on the Lions rookie list, I’m positive he will see some action at some stage but will need to get elevated first if I’m not mistaken – maybe bench instead of M8?

      • Who would you say are the mid-pricers? I reckon most players will gain coin, and my premos will stay or gain…

        • Omeara, Swallow, Miller & Heeney, plus Hibberd is touch and go but could almost see him sneaking into top 6 def calculations so might not require an upgrade anyway. The value is certainly there and I’m still tossing up on a few too, tough one…

  • First draft would love some feedback:
    $39K left in the bank
    DEF:Adams, Docherty, Montagna, Laird, Hibberd, Hibberd (Rice, Ryan)
    MID:Rocky, Titchell, Heppell, Beams, Omera, Swallow, Pepper-powell, Myers (Barret, Freeman)
    RUC:Gawn, Martin (Pierce, Pruess)
    FWD:Macrae, Heeney, Elliot, McGluggage, Hoskin-Elliot, McCarthy (Weiderman, Eddy)

    • Pretty strong across the park except FWDs, left yourself a bit short there but might not be the worst option with the players available from R1 (few might pick up DPP (e.g Gray, Martin). Only other point would be maybe one premo mid short to start but the extra down back (incl Hibbo) offsets this a bit. Nice first draft…

      • Thanks for the feedback! I agree the FWD line is pretty thin, I just dont see to much value there in premos to start with. Round 6 DPP should bring a few upgrades.

    • hell of a backline

  • Who is J Bowes that all teams seem to have tell me more please?

  • I’m struggling to find why there is so much hype behind Myers.
    He’s 27 so he’s not really a young player that will develop
    Before the bommers were banned he had a season in which he managed two games due to injury in which 36.5 before that his best averages came in 2013 and 2014 were he managed 76.6 and 81.2 which are respectable numbers for his price however he got those averages in the years where the bombers were on drugs
    He has never played all 22 games in a season with his best being 20 in 2013
    After only playing 2 games in 2 years what makes everything that he will earn a spot in essendons best 22 which has seen the dons pick up better and younger players in his position in the draft (parish, mcgragh, Francis) he is understandable cheap for his potential capabilities however even if he manages to reach his 2017 potential of 66.7 your still bette off with going with a 150k rookie who will likely average roughly the same amount.

    • McGrath is training in the back-line, and Francis is a utility (and swings between the forward and back lines when he plays).

      Essendon don’t have many larger bodied inside mids (only Watson and Hocking – both of whom are the wrong side of 30). And Myers is more damaging than Hocking (a tagger), and is more likely to get games than a 150k rookie.

  • Anyone keen on Deledio?

  • TEAM NAME: Bonts Bulldogs. (AFL Fantasy 2017)
    Used: $10,993,000 (99.9%), Remaining: $7,000 (0.1%) On Ground: $9,793,000 (89%), On Bench: $1,200,000 (10.9%)
    Expected Total: 2007, Site Expected Total: 1970
    Def: S.Docherty (100), R.Laird (100), J.Johannisen (94.92), M.Hibberd (85), A.McGrath (70), J.Berry (50) (L.Ryan (60), M.Hibberd (60))
    Mid: P.Dangerfield (125), T.Rockliff (120), D.Hannebery (115), O.Wines (102.34), D.Heppell (105), J.Bowes (70), D.Myers (65), J.Barrett (60) (J.Graham (60), H.Balic (50))
    Ruc: T.Goldstein (105), A.Sandilands (90) (M.McCarthy (30), L.Pierce (35))
    Fwd: J.Macrae (105), T.Miller (95), I.Heeney (95), C.Wingard (72.84), M.Redman (28.83), B.Cox (28.66) (B.Eddy (40), W.Rioli (45))

  • Chopped and changed the team a bit, thoughts on this team?
    25K in the bank
    DEF:Adams, Docherty, Monty,Laird,Hibberd(Demons),Ryan (Rice, Newman)
    MID:Rocky, Hanners, Titchell, Heppell, Beams, O’mera, Hibberd(North), Barrett (Freeman, Graham)
    RUCK:Gawn, Nankervis (Pierce, Preuss)
    FWD:Macrae, Heeney, Elliott, McCluggage, Hoskin-Elliott, McCarthy (Weiderman, Eddy)

  • Which two players is best to start with?

    Dusty and Stef
    Heppell and Grundy