Round 19 Lockout Chat

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Did you have a crack at Moneyball last weekend? The all-new daily fantasy wagering game went great guns with plenty of members of the DT Talk community getting involved.


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  • Bloody macrae :( :(

  • Last nights Cats V Dogs game I done ok, but C Smith could of scored more points but that’s the game we all play.

    I had 4 play and I scored 386 and dropped 96 places.

    • I had a dream that C Smith was gonna spud it up, I just hope that playing him over Mathieson doesn’t come back to haunt me…

  • Am watching GWS V R. I have both B Ellis n T Greene and I would’ve thought that they weren’t going so well.Half time Ellis 60 Greene 49 or so.You never can tell.

  • Big thanks to Lep for resting Stef Martin so I couldn’t get Taylor Adams.

  • Fucking rockliff. The one time I’m playing against someone who doesn’t have him and he’s doing fuck all.

  • Archie Smith going alright, he is on track for a ton! Finally rewarded my patience after holding him for 19 rounds!

    • This is not good – the only player playing okay for Brisbane, could mess up Stef Martin’s scoring if he keeps his place

  • Done his shoulder.:

  • Rockcliff….wtf

  • Danger VC… well damn it !!

  • Steven asleep also.I guess the saints dont wanna make the finals.

  • 3 100’s out of 16 played + captain Rockliff…awful round.

  • 1203/12+C

  • 1393 with Laird, Vince, Sloane, Merrett, Titchell, Jacobs, and Gawn (c)

    Hoping for 2250

  • What happened to Rocky? Didn’t see the game. Did someone tag the untaggable?

    • Just looked like he was sick of it to be honest. Same with Hanley. Almost looked like they were playing in protest to Stef not playing haha. He did have 26 touches but he wasnt running to space or tackling like he usually does.

  • 1632 with TMitchell, Parker, Hartley, Franklin, Hams, Merrett to come

  • I know pig status shouldn’t get thrown around lightly, but surely Danger is edging close!?

    • There’s a certain sort of play style needed to become a pig imo. The sort that gut runs to get link-up chips over the top, always finds themselves open for in-board kicks when theres no other option, and just generally does anything they can to get the ball. Think Rocky, Swan, even Stanton wouldve been pig status imo if he was a little more consistent.

      I think Danger is almost TOO good of a player to be a pig. Completely different play style to those other guys.

      • He has become far more piglike over the last 2 months though. He is picking up far more of the cheap ball than he used too.

        I also thought there was no chance of him getting pig status, but watching him play recently, he is in with a good shout.

    • Danger’s only done it for one year so far. Beams, Stanton, Pendles, Boyd have had similar years in the past, and not maintained it over several years. Need more of a sample size (in years) before status should be given

  • Traded Vince in this week for Suckling…sitting on 14 halfway through the second quarter. Pretty much sums up the round for me πŸ˜€πŸ”«


  • So fun to watch Gawn go huge, yet so painful to watch Vince have 0 intentions of going for the footy or the contest in general. First game of the season live for me, it’s a weird one

  • This whole round is a shocker I have all premos nearly all have failed me

  • 14 at 1/2 time for Vince. More than doubled his score in the first few minutes of the third quarter. I hope he now triples that score (and hopefully more!!!)

  • 1450 with Gawn Vince Petracca Playing and Franklin Sloane Z merret Naismith Dea.. All premos have played and haven’t scored to well I was 900 overall before the Bye rounds lol then didn’t I got down hill. I am 56 put love and try to keep up to all of this I scored 2278 last week with one donutn I usually get around the 2100 or more. This week could be different..

  • Holy crap frost goes from 29 to 75 in less than a quarter. Held Stef and fielding Frost, talk about lucky

  • I look to be dropping from third to eighth on the ladder in my league, guess from what? Thats right you guessed it, Rock pig as capatain. Maybe Rocky don’t like being called a pig anymore.

  • Nice to see Jacobs get injured when he has the best ruck run home.
    So fucking shit fuck off.

  • Anyone worried about Stef again now that Archie did so well. Who is the best trade… Gawn obs but who’s next? Goldy a bit out of touch, Jacobs hurt, Blicavs shit house…. Shit Naismith is good for 80s and 90s. Maybe trade him to a 125k??!

  • thanks rocky and especially cockhead pittard!!!!fell from third to 5th in my league!!!

  • rocky is no pig he is a idiot..and calvin never picking his captain ever putting c on danger and i don’t care what happens…