Round 17 Lockout Chat

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Did you have a crack at Moneyball last weekend? The all-new daily fantasy wagering game went great guns with plenty of members of the DT Talk community getting involved.


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  • AFL $1,000 Bulldogs vs Suns Special ($10 entry)
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It’s very simple and easy to play. Grab Tbetta’s tips here and make sure you listen to our weekly podcast.



  • Anyone hold or bring Barlow back in…gotta hurt

    • what happened Barlow?

      • Got hit in the pack on the shoulder while going for the ball. Either a stinger or dislocation. In the tracksuit now, and not going to play rest of the game.

        • Faaaark Barlow! Held like a sucker for three god damn weeks for this. No laird or Bartel. Finally crippled now its near finals… ouch!

  • Wtf is up with Neale? Tagged or shite?

    • I made him my f**king captain. Hill hogging centre bounces, Neale has earnt f**king 7 points from halftime to 18m thru 4th

      • Ouch. I brought him in this week over Sloane. Fair to say not the right call probably

    • watched the game – he became shite in the 2nd half. In the 3rd quarter, i think he got just 1 possession.

      Glad I dodged that trade-in bullet

  • L Neale: Barely doubled his quarter time score of 27, earnt 11 f**king points after halftime. Also earnt as much points as Barlow who had less than half of his TOG. And I made him captain. 1 mark 1 tackle.

  • Captain Neale. Awful. Consolation is Titch, Gunston, Danger, Duncan and Ruggles all flying.

  • Neale cant deal with a tag

  • Had Danger as captain. With the 3 blind mice his score will help. Obviously after tonight you can right off Geelong as a premiership chance if that’s the best they can do with the 3 extra helpers. No way they will get that much of a free ride against Hawks or Sydney. For the first time in history we won’t have Scott whinging

    • Really…..the umps were that bad??? Hmmm

      • Danger just shaded as most influential person of the night by Dean Margetts. Wayne Campbell is obviously just as respected by the prima Donna umpires as he was by the Prima Donna players when he was captain of Ninthmond. Dockers kicked/hand balled poorly but the game was ruined by the tossers in green. Normally I always defend the umpires as having a hard job to do, but there is no way they can be defended tonight. It is either massive sheer incompetence or a political AFL directive. Never been so pissed before

      • Considering one of Danger’s goals the ball went out of bounds then another time he handballed it deliberately out of bounds and the umps call it touched when it wasn’t.Then add on the bonus 10 points by the Ump calling the soft FK for holding off the ball. This ump btw was watching Dangerfield 30m off the ball rather than a contest 5 metres away from him. Fantasy wise equates to 22 bonus points (44), however main thing it indicates is there is no way he doesn’t romp home in the brownlow by 10+ votes.

        The Umps are obsessed with him, nearly to an extent mores o than Bruce and Mr Delicious.

    • Yes yes, it was all the umpires favoring Geelong, money has obviously changed hands. 20 – 20 freekicks for the evening, i suppose a true fremantle supporter such as yourself believes the umpires were wrong 20times.

      Seriously tho, take the umpire whining to bigfooty where it belongs.

      • Yes money did change hands… $642,000 to be exact….paid yesterday by me to get Danger in my side…gave him the added responsibility of captain too…Now i was concerned i had paid too much but now i know i have bought the umps as well i’m stoked…

      • I’m a freo supporter and was at the game last night, didn’t think the umpiring was too bad, they even missed a couple that Geelong should have got. Definitely nothing to whinge about. Stop making us look like whingers Grovers Guns.

  • Solid start for Wetdreamteam 822/7+C

  • At the start of the year I was tossing up between Danger and Gaff, ended up going with Gaff and now there is a 200k difference between the 2 players. FMDT

  • Good start foe Boot Laces with a score of 597/5.

    I did bring in Dangerfeild this week and made him my Captain. Pretty happy as at the mommoent I am ranked 5993.

  • Good start Zerrett!

  • Geez, regret my decision to bring in Hall over Zerrett to save the extra 100k to be spent elsewhere. 98 at half time…

  • AF is the bench mark…you don’t like it you’re not in the big league.

  • Dangerfield, Merrett & Dusty. Basically if you don’t own all 3 by now you’re in trouble

    the only downer is i didn’t captain any of these players this week – c’mon Steven……

    • Got all 3 with captain dusty, fair to say I’m a happy camper so far

    • Not wrong there. Had none two weeks ago but Danger last week, Merrett the week before and things are looking up.

      $150k sitting ready in the bank ready for Kerridge to Dusty at half past lockout. That’ll be the dream forward line of Dusty, Merrett, Riewoldt, Gray, Zorko and Hall.

  • Am in several elite GFs this week.Had Neale [c] in 2 or 3 ..goodbye. Merrett in at least 1 and Goldstein in a couple…if I Break 50/5o ok. Amazingly at least one opponent is a ghost ship.

  • 921 from 6+c

  • 1224/10+C

  • This will be a massive scoring RD. My scores so far..161 152 125*106 72.

  • C’mon Boyd lift your game !!

  • Had Dusty as my Captain. Enough said

  • brought in neale and JJ. fair to say i’m not too happy with those decisions so far

  • Brought in Goldy over Grundy,
    Fuck I’m thick

  • I was close to crying, when I saw Johannisen’s half time score. What a last quarter!

  • Grundy #gun

  • I think par this week will be massive…
    Currently sitting at 12 for 1336 (Danger(c) included in the count)…got a feeling there will be quite a few in quite a bit better shape considering I have had a 61,67 and 81 in there…but not complaining cause everyone else has tonned up…

    Hope the 11 I have coming tomorrow can bring it home for me…Matho & Kerridge the weakest 2 but the other 9 are all top 6 or 8 in their respective positions….Good luck all for the rest of the round….except my league opponents!!

    • Pretty confident of a win this week Rav (playing 16th in your league) Finding some form after stuffing up the byes. 1592 from 15 + C Danger too.

      • Zap…you should be confident, 16th is actually my best mates side and fair to say he has given up on a solitary win this season…Wont stop him from ignoring my advice again next pre-season…..
        Cant believe it though, Im having my best season of Fantasy but looks like Im going to miss the top 8 of my own league!!! AGAIN!! Im like the Richmond of my league…betcha I finish 9th!

  • very happy with my score so far 1584 13 played with danger C, have simpson,hshaw,vince,steven,rockliff,gawn,martin,montagna,kerridge to come in very nice shape to get a good score. Cmon boys bring it home tomorrow

  • There’ll be huge scores this week.. I’m 1259 with 11 to go, all premiums

  • Quick Question how long is Laird out for ? Anyone know?

  • Agree there’s going to be some monster scores this round. Even with Hanners and no Dusty I’m looking at 2300+.

    1198 with this dirty dozen on field to go;

    Heater, Vince, Doch, Simson, Rocky, Ross, Cripps, Martin, Gawn, Riewoldt, Zorko and Kerridge

    Don’t think I’ve ever had so many on a Sunday.

  • 1532 with 8 to go with Steven (c)

  • 1608 /16
    Injuries really hurt me this year
    Would be nice to get a couple of weeks of improving my side rather than fixing problems
    Holding Barlow looked great for half a game, Laird out as well
    Not bad score considering forced to play Collins / JSmith / Walters & Davis
    Good cash stocks so looking at JSmith (thanks for the early $$) to either Kelly/Docherty or DPP BEllis/ Hodge and Barlow to Zerrett then hopefully some clear weeks to offload my bench player for cash as I have quite a few $250-300k players sitting there unable to offload

  • 1645 / 14 RDT (c) played
    Cripps, Robbo, Zorko, Big Stef, Docherty, Montags, Stevens & Heater still to play
    Could I dream of 2400?

  • 1485 still 10 to come

    Shaw Docherty Vince Hammelmann Steven Rocky Gawn Stef Riewoldt Kerridge to come

    The Laird Bartel double whammy forcing me to field Hammelmann the only sad thing about thus week so far

  • Laird replaced by castagna – a good result. 1675 with danger Captain, still heater docherty, rocky steven, gawn martin, volt to go. Also hoping for a big score…

  • Good and great scores- looking like winning all of my games this week. Glad I didn’t go back to Barlow. (Luckily, I couldn’t afford him anyway…)

  • 1917 with Heater, Docherty, Vince, Rocky & Stef to go

  • 1274 with Steven, Nroo, Montagna, Docherty, Scully, Coniglio, Shaw, Hanley, Robinson, Gawn, Rocky, Martin, Vince. Possibly 2500 on the cards

  • Jack Steven you let the team down

    new rule = never captain someone on debut

    • I brought in danger and captained him :P Also brought in steven in rd 3 against the pies I think and captained him

      • nice. this is one round we all needed a decent captain

        i own dusty, danger and zerrett but Steven couldn’t even reach the ton.

        on track for 2300 but still didn’t move up any places

  • Getting ridiculous. 2425 with a qtr of rocky, Zorko, stef and shaw to go

  • LOL I was 980 overall before the bye rounds now 13000.. I am looking at 2120 this round but Dea and Kennedy[eagles] will leave my team that fast after this round you wont see then lol.. I am about 2 to 3 top players off top team.