Calvin’s Captains – Rd. 17


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It won’t be funny. It’s not entertaining, but I’ll dribble some stats and try my best to answer a few questions heading into round 17.

VC OPTIONS – Swans v Hawks

On Thursday night, we have another Loop Hole and therefore it’s another ‘partial lock-out’. This means that only players in this game will be LOCKED in once the ball bounces.

Simply put a VC on a guy playing in this Thursday night game and if they score well, you can keep that score by putting your ‘C’ on a non-playing player (non-playing ruckman are the best)… and then your captain will then score a 0 and therefore your VC score will be activated and doubled.

If they score like rubbish… you can just select a captain as normal and solider on. Here are the best options for Thursday night.

#1 – Jordan Lewis is only owned by 10% of coaches and if you are one of those, lock him in this week with the VC. He goes for his 7th straight 100+ scores this week and against the Swans he has scored 73, 98, 116, 139 and 119 in his last 5 games. Danger had 139 on Sydney last week and Lewis should be at the top of your list if you are a lucky owner.

#2 – Luke Parker has scored 158 and 140 in his last two games at the SCG and even had 103 against the Hawks when they met in round 9. However, the Hawks are the hardest team to score on over the last month, but Parker’s form is just too good averaging 132 in his last three games this year.

#3 – Dan Hannebery scored 99 in round 9 and posted 90, 119, 82 and 143 on the Hawks before that. 127, 91 and 125 are his last few scores at the SCG and Hanna’s should be right to go this week

#4 – Tom Mitchell tagged Sam Mitchell in round 9 and will again this Thursday night. This restricted Tom to just 87. He does kill it at the SCG though where he has scored 3×130+ from 7 games there this year. He will tag though and this is effect his output, but a VC is a free hit anyway.

#5 – Sam Mitchell only managed 53 when Tom ran with him earlier this year, and this makes him an easy target again. There is a slight chance that Tom will not tag him but the risks are just too great. Mitchell had 77 and 117 on the Swans last year but if I was you, I’d be picking one of the these bloke above.

NOTE: The VC line for me this week is 114.5pts. Anything 115 and over  I’ll be placing in the bank. Hopefully if all goes to plan… you won’t have to read any more of this article.


Patrick Dangerfield
hits up the Dockers on Friday night from Domain Stadium and I’m expecting something big. top10touchesHe scored 147 on them last year but now they are the second easiest team to score on over the last 4 weeks, he could be bigger.

Melbourne didn’t struggle last week. Eight Demons cracked 110+ against Freo and as you can see by fancy my table to the right, there was plenty of ball won by the Melbourne side and therefore Danger should be amongst it.

When playing the west, he hasn’t struggled scoring 142, 66 (Crowley tag), 126 and 110.

The biggest concern though is a tag from Michael Barlow, who has already come out and said he’ll have the role.

Since tagging, Barlow has held Sidebottom (84), Gray (76) and Rich (74). We shouldn’t be overly concerned. Danger is far too big and powerful for Barlow to worry him and should score with ease, like the Demons did last week.

Joel Selwood is a solid option based on his record of 107, 130 and 138 on the Dockers. With all the attention towards Danger, maybe Joel is a sneaky option as he has averaged 111 in his last 5 games this year.

His opposition will be Lachie Neale who is coming off a nice 130 last week. Geelong are the 3rd hardest to score on at the moment so this will be a little tougher. He has 0x100+ scores against the Cats in his last 3 games. However, Jack (127), JPK (115) and Hannebery (103) all managed just fine last week.


No joke… I stewed on this for hours. Dusty Martin v Dangerfield as my #1 option this week.

Dusty had 123 in round 10 against the Bombers and on that day he managed just 1 tackle. The lowest amount in any game this year. He has been in ripping form finding the ball 38, 32, 35, 38, 22, 38 and 30 times in his last 7 games.

He scored 103 last week, with 6 frees against (could have been 121). The thing I really like here though is the fact the game is being played at the MCG. Dusty has scored 127, 137, 123 and 123 there in his last 4 games and they all happen to be the only 4×120+ scores he has had this year.

Jack Steven amassed 158 last week on the 3rd easiest team to clock up points against and if you are gutsy enough, I’d encourage you with all my pirate heart to take the plunge.

Trent Cotchin hasn’t cracked at ton in his last 3 games but that will change this week. He loves playing the Bombers and has scored 120, 108 and 113 in his last three runs against them.

Richmond are the 4th hardest to score against but stats like that haven’t been stopping Zach Merrett. He had 115 on the Tigers in round 10 and has racked up 126 and 123 in his last two games. I just can’t see him slowing down anytime soon.


I love a captain playing under the roof, so who do we have on offer this week.

Todd Goldstein will battle Trengrove and when I say battle, I mean smash.

Last week, Ceglar/McEvoy had 53 hit outs to Trengrove’s 15, and even Ollie Wines tried to help him out by coming over the top for 6.

Goldy had 103 on the Power last year and will dominate them so much, he nearly made my top 5 this week. The only thing that stopped it was his form with his best score being 105 in his last 5 games this year.

Nick Riewoldt posted 126 on the Demons in round 6 and 112, 124, 125 and 114 before that.

He averages 123 under the roof this year from 8 games and has been sensational. He has only scored 95 and 97 in his last two runs and has sat a little more forward than what I’d like to see over those games. It won’t matter though, expect Voldt to be back to 120+ again this week.

Form is totally against Leigh Montagna who hasn’t scored over a ton on his last three so we’ll pass on him and move straight onto Mr. 158, Jack Steven. Neale had 130 on the Demons last week so surely Jack can keep rolling here. He had 113 (only 23d) on Melbourne in that round 6 game, which happened to be his only 100+ score against them in his last 5 games.

Steven is one who truly embraces the roof though and has scored 130+ there 4 times in his last 5 outings. That’s top 5 material right there.

Finally we have big Max Gawn. The Saints are the 4th easiest team to post numbers against and his form has been great scoring 110, 100, 132 and 146 over the last 4 games.

He only managed 88 on the Sainters in round 6 though, but will be in triple figures again this week.



Lachie Hunter v Gold Coast @ CS – Last year in Cairns, Picken (151), Macrae (143) and Bont (129) all dominated. This might happen again and against the Suns, it’s very very likely.

Adam Treloar v Adelaide @ Adelaide Oval – Crows are the 2nd hardest team to score on and Treloar has only managed 96 and 75 in his last two games. Pass.

Stephen Coniglio v Brisbane @ the GABBA – Gold Coast had 7×100+ scores on the Lions last week with 5 of them over 115. Coniglio, Dylan Shiel and Heath Shaw will all have a field day on them here. Shaw has been very quiet in recent week due to back tags. These have haunted him in the past but I can’t see one coming this week, he’ll be huge and nearly made my top 5 this week.

Scott Pendlebury v Adelaide @ Adelaide Oval – Only one ton in his last four games, shop elsewhere.

Marcus Bontempelli v Gold Coast @ CS – averaging 116 in his last three games this year and even posted 129 on the Suns last year. His run will continue.

Rory Sloane v Collingwood @ Adelaide Oval – 123, 125, 139 are his last three scores ranking him #2 on form. He had 117 on the Pies last year, but the Pies have been in a little bit of a lock down mode, and only let the GWS have 1×100+ score last week. Sloane is running too hot though and at home he’ll be tough to stop again.

Tom Rockliff v GWS @ the GABBA – A rest week for the pig in my top 5 as he plays the Giants who are coming off a shocking loss. He has managed 101 and 101 in his last two games and scored 75 and 95 in his last two against the GWS. Good time for a rest little pig. See ya next week when you play the Bombers.



  • Did you not bother to research Sidebums history vs Adelaide or history at Adelaide Oval ?

  • What about Hall with no Gaz?

  • 6 Tons in 7 Games vs Adelaide
    2 Tons in 2 Games at Adelaide Oval

    How is that not number 1 let alone not even in the top 5 ?

    Yet Dangerfield with 3 Tons in 11 Games vs Freo
    and 3 Tons in 8 Games at WA is number 1 ?

    • He also only has 1 tonne in his last 5 games. You want a captain who is in form

    • I think you’re forgetting the fact that form is arguably the most important aspect to this article and choosing a captain.

    • Danger’s history pre last week vs Sydney was woeful.

      Form > History.

    • Hmmm, maybe has something to do with Freo being tough to score on over previous years and now playing like witches hat?

    • Freo haven’t been the same this year in case you just tuned in to 2016. Give Calvin a break.

      By the way, name your top 5 in order and lets see if you can out score Calvin’s top 5

      • Lets see whose top 5 scores higher
        I will put 6 here in order but finding it hard to bring it to 5

        1- Sidebottom
        2- Macrae
        3- D Martin
        4- Gibbs
        5- Cotchin
        6- Ward

        • Can’t wait for your full article filled with research stating why to pick/not pick certain players. Appreciate what Calvin does, rather than trying to one up him with brash statements.

          Also if we’re talking history. Check out the crows History of allowing scores this year.

        • Riewoldt

        • Will, go lock the most solid door in your house. take a Craig mcdermott like run up and jump head first into it. if you want sidebum in your team and as captain then very simple. make him your farkin captain.

      • My top 5 captains
        1. Selwood
        2. Riewoldt
        3. Bontempelli
        4. Boyd
        5. Cotchin

      • Well there you go
        4/5 tons for me
        3/5 tons for Calvin
        Cha ching

  • Sidebottom will get attention from Matt Crouch, whilst not a hard tagger, Sidebottom doesn’t do well when getting any attention at all and other teams have worked this out.

  • If you play a non playing player on the field as captain does that mean you would have to put a premo player on bench for example you have Gawn but to do loophole you would have to play non playing ruck and put Gawn on the bench wouldn’t you be taking a doughnut and only having 21 playing not 22?

    • you do know that’s what emergencies are for

    • Emergencies…………………………………………

    • John, here’s what I will be doing.
      Step 1: VC on Parker. Then if Parker goes big (120+):
      Step 2: Put Stefan Martin to R3 and press his emergency button. (I always like to use the rucks for this step if I can. There is less chance that my rucks will be injured, as there are only 2, than my mids where there are 8 players at risk of dropping out after lockout. The other solution is to, if say you use a non-playing forward as your captain, have emergencies at both F7 & F8. The ruck solution is neater.)
      Step 3: I will make Currie (on field because of Step 2) my captain.
      Result: Parker’s score counts double, Martin’s score counts. Easy.

  • Decisions decisions have all five in Calvin’s top 5 plus
    Lewis as loophole vc – poor me – lol

  • wouldnt the emergency score be doubled cause the non playing player on field was captained

    • Lets focus on the Rucks.
      If you bring a non-playing Ruckman onto the field and mark him as Captain, he will score 2 x 0 = 0.
      As per the rules of AF/DT, when a player scores 0, the Emergency kicks in.
      In that scenario, your Emergency should be one of your premium ruckman.
      That score doesn’t double. The premium ruckman is simply acting like any other emergency.

      • Actually it does count
        I made Swan my captain in round 1 and he got 0 it only counts if they do not play DNP

  • franklin loophole option?

  • Surely Hodge is worthy of consideration as a VC loophole and would certainly be ahead of Sam Mitchell ?

    • I know right?! I am VC on hodge (who i just traded in for Gaz). I also have smitch and titch but last time they matched up it was ugly! If I had lewis i would probably VC him but def hodge over the Mitchell twins.

  • midfield options for under 507k? Already got monty, hall and gray

  • Can you loophole if every player is player?

  • WTF is there a typo Rockliff not Number 1 choice for captain hes basically god on here i though???

  • Plenty of good options there Calvin. Cheers.

  • Ill show you all who the real captain pro is

    Mine Calvins
    1- Sidebottom Dangerfield
    2- Macrae Martin
    3- D Martin Sloane
    4- Gibbs Steven
    5- Cotchin Riewoldt

    • Dude, stfu! You sound like such a gimp going on about your top 5 captains being better, NO ONE CARES!! What are you 12? And don’t tarnish the name bro… Ffs…

  • Who to trade in hall or Zorko???????????? Iam thinking hall as gaz is now injured who would y’all pick?

  • JPK? Smokey as loophole, and as Gablett replacement.

  • Is zach merrett a afe option for captain this week. I have a MUST WIN game this week
    feedback will be appreciated

  • Zorko or hall?????

  • how does the loophole work????? very confused

    • Put the VC on a player from tomorrow nights game. If they score well enough, substitute a player who’s not playing onto the field and put the C on them. Then just make sure you’ve got an emergency in that line.

    • If your selected Captain doesn’t play then your VC’s points are doubled instead (this is standard). So due to change to lockout for Thursday night games (only) you have a chance to put your VC on someone playing in that game & if they score well you can then put your C on someone who isn’t playing in any of the remaining games that round.

      This loophole only exists due to Thursday night games & based on fact that all other team selections have not been notified so we are able to revert to normally trading & team selection including picking Emerg, VC & C except for those players who have already played on the Thursday night. Hope this helps (& as alluded to by Sterlo it’s probably safer to use your non-playing Ruck to put the C on to get a zero score but he obviously has to be in your starting 22 & therefore your normal ruck will be on bench as Emerg) cheers & best of luck

  • hey guys what do you reckon:

    gaz > hall & j.smith > markov = 197k for next week
    gaz > hall & collins > castagna = 129k for next week
    j.smith > markov & gaz > dangerfield/sloane = 37k – 90k left

    any thoughts would be much appreciated!!

  • thoughts on these trades guys?? any help would be great::

    gaz > hall & j.smith > markov = 197k for next week
    gaz > hall & collins > castagna = 129k for next week
    j.smith > markov & gaz > dangerfield/sloane = 37k – 90k left

    • Option 3 for me
      Danger is most essential this week (vs freo) get Hall next week IMO

  • Sorry for posting in this section – but I will be out of range in 2 hours until after lockout tonight so i need to make my trades soon if getting Gibson
    in RTD my last 2 trades are
    GAJ and Wagner out – either
    1 hunter and J Gibson
    2 Macrae and Broadbent?
    I really wanted Broadbent for D6 but I think Option 1 “safer”?

  • Should I get Zorko or hall in my fwd line

  • Got Danger and Dusty this week glad to see my decisions justified here. Think ill put the C on Danger if my VC Parker doesnt get more than 120.

  • im putting the c on rocky, mark my words he will go 140+

    • yeah opposition doesnt matter for rocky. unless my loopholer gets 120+, rocky for C

  • Sidebottom and Franklin or gaff and Robbie Gray ??

  • Would it be worth trading abblett for Lewis or jpk, then going Wagner to castagna but have to play castagna

  • Current team before trades –

    Def: Vince, Bartel, Laird, Williams, Biggs, Hammelman (Byrne, Broad)
    Mid: Danger, Titch, Neale, Gazza, Hunter, Steven, Lewis(vc), Blakely (Mathieson, Goodyear)
    Ruck: Gawn, Jacobs (Naismith, Frampton)
    Fwd: Zerret, Zorko, Voldt, Wingard, Suckling, Hams (Short, Reid)

    ATM im having to play hammer on the ground bc of byrne but this week ill swap suckling with hammer and play short. Byrne will be gone next week. What do you guys think of these trades?

  • Imagine if your loop hole backfires and the player you have selected for acting captain is a late inclusion.

    • That’s why you chose someone that’s injured or you don’t do it at all. Also Michael will be a late in for Leuenberger for those selecting him.

  • Barlow will sit all over Dangerfield, won’t score 100.