Round 11 Lockout Chat

Discuss everything AFL Fantasy in the comments over the round.

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Did you have a crack at Moneyball last weekend? The all-new daily fantasy wagering game went great guns with plenty of members of the DT Talk community getting involved.


  • AFL $5,000 Kangaroos vs Tigers Special ($10 entry)
  • AFL $1,000 All of Round 11 SpecialĀ ($10 entry)
  • AFL $6,000 Saturday Slam Special ($15 entry)
  • AFL $1,000 Blues vs Lions Special ($10 entry)
  • AFL $1,000 Suns vs Swans Special ($10 entry)
  • AFL $1,000 Dockers vs Bombers Special ($10 entry)
  • AFL $2,000 Magpies vs Power Special ($10 entry)
  • AFL $6,000 Sunday Funday Special ($6,000 entry)
  • AFL $1,000 Saturday Specky Late ($10 entry)

It’s very simple and easy to play. Grab Tbetta’s tips here and make sure you listen to our weekly podcast.

MB-AFL-6K-Sat-Slam (1)


  • Sitting in 1170 overall having shit round 1621, with Kennedy [eagles] 36 Boyd 122 Libba 87 Dahlhaus 75 montagna still playing 36.. Hewett was on fire with a 10 tipawaddy whatever was down I cant remember but I had a few down as you would have had as well.I kept Kerridge and Wells so they did ok.

  • So what are the main injuries that have happened? I have Hewett (Davis on the bench with 98,fml)I have not watched all of the games.

  • Montagna doing enough to join Zaha, keeping me nervous not knowing if I’m winning or losing my leagues.

  • Calculated my score to be 2212. So happy for my first 2200 plus. Will be interesting the par score and how many ranks I change.

  • Anyone else having problems watching Footy on AFL live and having problems logging into AFL dream team or is it just me??

    • Yep can’t log into fantasy/sc/real. Also can’t log int nrl fantasy/sc.

  • It be back

  • Is anyone else having trouble logging on to fantasy?

  • Fuck you Montagna. 34 Halftime and is currently on 31….

    • I feel your pain. Was going to crack 2300. Then Montagna and Riewoldt happened.

      • Almost lost in RDT due to Montagna – thankfully Laird scraped together 1-2 touches at the end before they put him on ice.

        Despite having Rocky and Hunter in Elite, I got done by someone who had Jenkins and all midfield scores over 120.

  • Hickey is shity- 120 first game- nothing up to 90 afterwards, usually 50s or 60s.