The Weekend Wash-Up – Round 8

Will it ever end? I feel as though we’re stuck in groundhog day, every week feels the same. New found positivity Friday night, hope Saturday morning, dread Saturday night, nausea Sunday morning, depression Sunday night, back sulking at work reading the wash-up Monday morning. Occasionally Tuesday morning. Forget about Fantasy for 72 hours. Repeat. Here we go again… It’s time for the weekend wash-up!



D.Martin (123) – Yep, he’s back! It’s about time Dusty becomes a power figure in our forward lines again, and you’d have to say he’s looking good. Time to get on board!

Merrett (143) – How about the forward line this season!!! And to think it was probably the hardest to select during pre-season. Zach Merrett has well and truly shut up any doubters with this monster score, what a gun. Lock and load. (It’s a shame I never get to enjoy his score thanks to his teammates)

Sloane (147) – I’m still not convinced of Sloane’s Fantasy scoring potential, but he’s a remarkable footballer. Consider him at his cut price, but he certainly won’t be a top 8 mid. Perhaps one to admire from a distance…

Dangerfield (129) – Nobody could ever doubt Dangerfield’s ceiling, but he’s starting to prove that he’s capable of being consistently dominant as well. It’s hard to see many teams stopping him, I’m certainly regretting not grabbing him cheaply!

Walters (125) – This is no longer a joke, Michael Walters is a Fantasy gun! He now has a 3 round average of 122 since moving into the midfield and doesn’t look like slowing. Sure he’s now priced at $490k, but the way he’s going that’s still value. Consider.

Shaw (132) – What more can I say? He’s just too good. Shaw was value in Round 1, however at his current price you’re going to have to deal without his service. I’d advise that you avoid watching most GWS games though…

Zorko (122) – Wow wow wow. I was 2 years early! Zorko has always had this kind of Fantasy potential, his debut season proved that. However no one could have predicted this kind of season… An average of 114?! 5 tons on the trot?! He’s yet another forward absolutely killing it!  Unfortunately for most of us who weren’t smart enough to pick him, he won’t be affordable until after the byes so target him then.

Treloar (131) – Talk about flying under the radar! 6 games of 30+ disposals. 4 scores of over 120 in his past 5 games. An average of 112. The numbers don’t lie, he’s right in my targets! What a pick.

Adams (119) – No surprise that Adams is doing this again to us. Last season he came back from injury and hurt his prior owners, this week was no different! It’s a little premature to be rushing him back in, however $550k is clearly good value!

Hannebery (120) – The things I would do to own a reliable midfielder worthy of my armband. The biggest regret I have this season was not grabbing Hannebery when he was cheap, sometimes saving cash isn’t the best option! Jet.

Viney (135) – Tackling machine! He has been awesome all season, and Jack just keeps getting better. An average of 106 is surely even more than even the most optimistic Demons fan could have imagined, huge!

Liberatore (142) – Speaking of tackling machines, does Libba know any other way? When I checked his score midway through the third term I thought 18 tackles was a typo. That record of 19 must be hard to break because he slowed down, but what an effort it was. There’s plenty of value left in him now if you help on!

Boyd (113) – Every week Boydy just gets it done. You want consistent hundreds? You buy Boyd. Yet most of us still don’t! Go figure…

Montagna (129) – Here’s an option to consider this week! Monty has shown this season that he still has some massive Fantasy scores left in him, @$537k as a forward you’d be mad not to have him in your sights this week. The problem is he’s not the only forward getting it done. Any defenders want to do the same? No? I’ll carry on then.

Carlton – Who could’ve picked this, the Blues are on fire!!! Not only are they getting results, their Fantasy scores are benefitting big time. Docherty (140) and Simpson (116) are both averaging 98 in defence, that’s more than 2 of my rookies put together. They work the ball off half back brilliantly and should be high on your radar if you’ve had enough of the defensive headaches. I have to put my hand up and admit I may have misjudged Gibbs (133) last week. I didn’t think he was capable of being a top 8 midfielder, but judging by these numbers he clearly is. He has a 3 round average of 131, that’s no joke! Cripps (115) and even Kreuzer (112) were also amongst the big scorers. I’m sure there were a lot of Carlton fans ranking highly this week! Fair play to them.



Sydney – Many of us have put a lot of our eggs in Sydney’s basket, and long term it should prove to be a good move. This week it wasn’t. Their midfield had an absolute horror show against Richmond, perhaps JPK is more vital than we realised. It was only on the back of his injury that I captained Mitchell (61), what a pathetic effort. I have done and will continue to back him in, but we need something in return Titch! I still don’t think he gets enough respect from Horse, his stats from the end of last season and the first few rounds should have spoken for themselves… Clearly they haven’t in the Sydney coaching box. Get him involved more! I also traded in McVeigh (58) this week, and after 10 the week before he couldn’t register a single +6. Cheers for that. Papley (36) let down thousands of owners who were relying on him for even a half reasonable score with so many outs. Thirty-six. I have to write these numbers out to digest how pathetic they are. Parker (69) has been a legend all season, but he has been slowing down lately. With this score his average has dropped under 110 and his price is plumetting back to where it started. He was still a brilliant selection by his owners from Round 1, but after that you’d be carrying some regrets. He’ll be a cheap pickup around the byes. All in all it was a week to forget for Sydney, let’s hope they bounce back next week…

Duncan (66) – Mitch Duncan is a strange player. I traded him in cheaply 3 weeks ago, but I’ve never felt comfortable owning him (Even with 2 great scores). He doesn’t get involved in too much of the grunt work and relies a lot on uncontested footy. In Geelong’s only loss this season, he was on 16 midway through the third term (Before being polaxed). He only just bettered that in a tough game this week. He is capable of scoring 50 points in a quarter, but is just as capable of not scoring in the next. Continue to ride the wave, but as an owner I know I’ll be looking to dock ASAP!

Selwood (82) – Is this the real Joel Selwood? 130 one week, 70 the next? It’s the problem that has always held him back and kept him priced around the 100 mark, and it doesn’t look like changing at the minute. Dangerfield definitely has the better Fantasy game and should be your Geelong midfielder of choice!

B.Smith (32) – What happened to the All-Asutralian Brodie Smith? This must be his career low point, managing just 6 disposals in one of the most woeful individual displays you’ll be likely to see aside from Zac Dawson. Yikes.

M.Brown (31) – Seriously? I would usually cut him some slack considering how awesome he has been over the past few weeks, but 31? He now has to go this week, as if we didn’t need any more forced trades!

Leuenberger (53) – My god this makes me ill. I was that close to getting Scott Lycett, but had to settle with ‘Leuey’. Get out of my team before you rot it to the core, it’s time to make a stand. LAY A DAMN TACKLE. Or don’t, doesn’t bother me anymore. He’s Goldstein for me now and I suggest any fellow owners do similar.

Fantasia (54) – Thank god I had the luxury to be rid of this disease last week, come on Woosha release him on a wing! Playing in Essendon’s forward line is a punishment suitable for no man. He simply has to go this week, non-negotiable.

Zaharakis (57) – I’m less tempted to give Zaha a spray, he has been so good this season and this week wasn’t entirely his fault. What kind of ruthless bastard tags a bloke who is basically trying to carry a whole midfield in a team with little (no) hope. Brad Scott, that’s who.

S.Mitchell (74) – Reality has struck Sammy since returning from his week off, perhaps it has also struck those who traded him in for over $600k. I guess you’ve got to hold him! He’ll be a cheap pickup in a few weeks time that’s for sure.

Kolodjashnij (61) – KK this is not ok! Young generation banter… Actually that’s probably just awful regardless. Anyway, you’ve got little choice but to stick with him. He is capable of averaging 80+ and stormed home last season, don’t be surprised to see him do it again! Real kick in the nuts for those who got him in as a reliable option a few weeks ago… (I’m still copying and pasting his name)

Byrne (32) – When you play with fire you’re bound to get byrned. Many will have relied on Ciaran to fill in this week, I’d suggest it’ll be the last run he gets at it!

Kerridge (62) – It’s laughable to even think of trading Kerridge considering the amount of injuries and under-performers we are carrying, but in any NORMAL season he’d be on the chopping block. At $423k he has well and truly done his job, hopefully he can hold his price until the byes…

DBJ (32) – Byrne-Jones had a shocker this week. He is another rookie that deserves some slack considering how great he has been, but it’s these nothing efforts that get remembered. 32… Get out.

Daniel (65) – Phew. I nearly ended my season 2 weeks ago by grabbing Caleb Daniel, he was so tempting at $400k with such a low BE. Now he has made just $20k and looks like dropping! 2 weeks is a long time in Fantasy… (Another entry into sh*t football quotes)

Gawn (59) – 140’s or 60’s is what you can expect from big Max, at least he should end up averaging close to 100! He’ll be a top 3 ruckman and your journey together will certainly be an exciting one, but I’m happy to stick with Goldy and Stef. I don’t trust people with beards. Look what happened to Kade Simpson this season!!! Bachar Houli take note, this is a serious discovery…

Acres (35) – Lastly Blake Acres needs a mention for his square up for that 130 he scored a few weeks ago. You see Blake that’s sadly not how it works here, people trade you in AFTER your massive score. So basically what you now have is thousands of angry Fantasy coaches after your head. He’ll learn.

Brisbane – Sometimes you get 1 team with a list of losers so long it requires its own chapter. This is one of those times. Where to begin. Pearce Hanley (61) must have close to a record standard deviation between scores. Any danger of a solid 90? Tom Bell’s (32) days as a reasonable Dream Teamer were never going to last long, but this is taking it to the extreme. A draft shocker. Rich (61) continues to tease his owners, he simply shouldn’t be posting scores this poor. Once again the tagger got the better of him. Claye Beams (17) isn’t quite taking after his brother… His damn brother. Dayne Beams (66) looked set to go huge again, before his knee tendonitis flared up again. Having been on 40 at quarter time this was a cruel blow not only to those who traded him in Fantasy, but those who punted on him in their drafts! Let’s hope he’s back soon enough. Lastly word is Rockliff could miss the rest of the season! Whilst I doubt that will be the case, an imminent return seems unlikely. What you can take from this is Brisbane are bad and they look totally screwed. Amen.


It’s nominations time! There was some standout performances this week, it’s tough to pick a winner. Sorry if you’re favourite missed out! There was a lot of close contenders…

Merrett – 36 disposals, 6 marks, 8 tackles. Fantasy perfection.

Gibbs – There won’t be many Gibbs owners, but they’ll be loud! Another 30 disposals, 5 marks and 7 tackles. Gold.

Viney – 16 tackles!!! If that isn’t putting your body on the line for the cause then I don’t know what is. The Fantasy cause of course…

Treloar – Treloar finally gets his moment in the sun, get behind him! Well deserved after another 36 touches and 3 goals. Superb.

Shaw – As good as everyone else in this list was, surely Headache Free Heath comes through for his first stubby! Another 25 kicks and 12 marks this week, he’s putting on Fantasy clinics.

Who gets your vote?

This Game Sh*ts Me


Is there anything worse than a new recruit that lets you down? Take Jarrad McVeigh for example. Here’s a player who has averaged 97 for each of the past 3 seasons. Back in form with a big ton. What does he dish up? ZERO MARKS. Duncan. Looking in great form and still under-priced. What does he serve his new owners? A nice Friday night platter of sweet f**k all. Did you jump on Gawn? The next ‘big’ thing scored you a handy 59 points. Handy of course if he cost $400,000 less. How good does Selwood look though! Answer: Not as good as last week. And don’t get me started on the blokes who continue to get a run in your team because of injuries. I’d rather have a pineapple shoved up my ass and pulled out my cock than watch Leuenberger again. That’s why this game sh*ts me.

The Other Bits and Pieces


After all that I ended up on a measly 1855…… You’re probably thinking that’s not too bad in the scheme of things, especially considering the Thursday carnage, but I literally dodged everything! Marcus Adams was my only ‘forced’ trade, and I didn’t even make it! I had the luxury of getting McVeigh in for Fantasia, that worked out well. Overall it was a seriously shocking week, bring on the next one hey?! Laughable.


  • Cheers Matt. Love these wash ups. Would you be going for Zorko, Merret, Treloar or Danger in the midfield? Obviously dpp would help but I think danger or treloar are just dominating.

  • Seedsman to Trengove and Ablett to Gibbs. Thoughts?

  • 1855 beat me easy. Last week Rocky C, this week Tich C. Brought McVeigh in for some stability. 1802. Two trades a week, and my team is dropping all the time. You’d think 2 trades a week would IMPROVE the side?

  • Can someone expand on Rocky? A source?

    • Stuff I’ve been reading on the ‘net suggests nerve issues, fresh tear, back-related hamstring, etc. He was meant to have scans yesterday and at least one more week on the sidelines. Probably more though. I’ll probably put a line through him either way unless he’s back for R10.

  • Lovely post Matt.
    This sums it up – “I’d rather have a pineapple shoved up my ass and pulled out my cock than watch Leuenberger again”. Hilarious !!

  • “I’d rather have a pineapple shoved up my ass and pulled out my cock…” So eloquently put that my coffee ended up on my keyboard. You, Sir, are a poet.

  • Absolutely great article – much to digest. Your pineapple request a bit fruity for younger readers though?

    • Haha, blog owners clear it it’s legit if you asked me. Their site, their call!

    • If that was a pun then sir I tip my hat to you. I used to always consider that, but then I thought if they’re capable of reading and digesting a 2000+ word article then they’ve probably been exposed to some profanity before!

  • I’d love to take Byrne, Mills, DBJ and Wagner all off field, but Laird+Boyd are both one week away. Sigh, another poor week for me this week

  • Ablett for a cheapy like jordy Lewis or spend up n play safe with treloar

    • Saves you about 100k. But will Lewis average about 105 from now on?

    • I take it you haven’t watched abblett play this year. He’s lacking his burst and crash & bash. I would go treloar 4 sure. Younger,hungrier & has the scores to back him in!! “The juice is worth the squeeze”.

      • I think you mis-read Benn’s post. He’s dumping Ablett.

        My tip this week: the most traded out players will be Ablett & M Crouch.

        • Ahh. Sorry Benny boy. I read it as you wanted to get Abblett on the cheap like Jordan lewis- assuming you got him on the cheap too.I wish I could offload Abblett. Houli just became a priority.

    • Lewis is overrated because people are thinking of his average from last year (110) as reasonable for what he can produce. However, his average after that 6-week burst at the start of last year till now is probably around 100, give or take 1-2, and this is the more realistic comparison to make.

      There are certainly better options than Lewis out there, and he’s currently cheap for a reason.

      • He was priced at about 80 last week, so you’re getting value by getting him in. May not be premo-deluxe, but better average / potential / ceiling than the other guys at his price.

  • No mention of Sam Gibson’s 149?? I guess I’m the only one who has him…

    • Yeah, didn’t mention him when he went on that 3-week run of 67-59-70 prior to his 149 either. Not fantasy relevant, surely? And have to ask… why the fark have you even got him?

      • He almost averaged 100 back in 2014, and dropped a lot last year as he often played a tagging role. POD.

    • I own him in Elite and trust me that score was well and truly overdue! Not relevant enough :( One more next week and he might get a mention!

  • Great read as always mate. Love the wash up! Question i have is who to pick in the forward line? Merrett montag or zorko. I Think zorko is to much and can merret keep it up? Who should i pick or is there another option. Already have hall and martin. Thanks in advance

    • Cheers mate! Such a hard choice… Monty is value, but you’d have to question his durability. I’d go Zach but there’s certainly Merrett (wink) in picking Monty. Agree Zorko is too pricey.

  • Matt, this article each week is the best thing about fantasy this year, hats off to you sir! And this article was the best of the lot – had me in tears!

    • It’s certainly been a good year for it! Good to hear it’s helping people get through the pain :’)

  • Love the article.

    Taking the gamble this week and getting in Trengrove for Fantasia. Can’t be any worse than Oreo.

    Dusty comes in for Paps. Meaning my backline remains a mess but forwards, rucks and mids (bar McPhearson at M8) are ‘done’.

    Still a potato farm out there looking at the bench.

    • I wouldn’t make that trade if I was you… So many comparisons between Trengrove and Fantasia. Role change… Potential to score 30. One bad week and suddenly you’re stuck with another problem to fix. Just because he’s a temporary ruck doesn’t mean he will average 70+, just ask Leuey! I’m avoiding.

  • Playing RDT?? Have 128k in the bank!

    Need help with trades this week??

    Shaw,Biggs, Birch, Kolo, Brown, wagner(Dea, Cameron)

    Tmitch, danger, selwood, pendles,ablett, liba, rockliff, smith(patracca. davis, Gresham)

    gawn, goldy,(Grimley)

    Hall, barlow, kerridge, wells,Roo, papley,( cox, kommer)

      • Predominantly an AFL Fantasy site Liam, so you’ll get limited feedback on RDT.

        I have a cash league in RDT, so that is my priority over my AFL Fantasy team. My AFL Fantasy team has also suffered the majority of the carnage.

        To restore some balance across the lines, you need another Premium in your backline.

        One option could be to downgrade Davis/Gresham to MacPherson and together with your $128k upgrade Mitch Brown to Simpson or Docherty.
        Think you have enough cash for that.

        If you wanted to hold your mid rookies, perhaps keep an eye out for Jeppas Juniors this week and see if there are any possible backline downgrade targets.

        I’d also be keeping an eye out for a Rocky injury update. If he’s a long term prospect or out for the season, he becomes your priority.

        Then you could look at bringing in either Dusty, Zorko, Z Merrett or Lachie Hunter via DPP. All are likely to be top 6 forwards by seasons end.

        • Cheers mate will look at that! Yeah and Ablett aswell but hopefully he can regain some sort of form

          • I’d posted a reply for you too, somewhere else… agreed with Sterlo but thought you might look at upgrading in your forwards too. Plenty of options, maybe only need one good pick to finish your FWDs off.

  • Does Sauce Jacobs deserve a mention??

  • You did pretty well compared to my 1740 with 13 players scoring under 70. Last week I traded houli and kent for macpherson and mcveigh. Decided to keep wells and laird. This game s**ts me….

  • Last week I traded in J Lewis and D Martin witch turned out to be great ins and this week I’m bringing in D McPherson and Montagna. I still have Ablett so if he doesn’t play this week Ill bring Menadue in off the bench.

  • Looking to move on Fantasia and Ablett (given he failed his concussion test this week) with ~$200k in the bank. Thinking of going:

    Fantasia > Simpson
    Ablett > Montagna
    with $53k in the bank

    At the moment Montagna looks underpriced and Simpson is the old school player in me, though I do really like Dochery’s ceiling and Bartel suits my bye structure a little better. But I can bring any 2 premos in for those positions, so any other ideas would be appreciated.

  • Was predicted to win my RDT match up by 290 and lost by 94. Says it all really

  • Great article Matt, as another EPL season comes to a close gotta ask, are you planning on getting optus to watch next season, do you already have it? Also if you could get any mid who would it be?
    Got Treloar Steven Titch Hunter Danger thinking gibbs or merrett

    • Thanks mate. To be perfectly honest if I have to stream it I’d rather do it illegally online. I’m not with optus and there’s no way I’m changing providers for it. Can’t see how they’ll run a profitable business by locking out everyone else, seems like a joke. You’ll be able to stream it online, I’ll probably share my websites with everyone!!!

      If I could get ANY midfielder at the moment it would be Treloar or Hannebery. Steven is good value though, he’ll bounce back.

    • Look for “Kodi”, everyone should have it!! Free streaming of everything!!

  • What midfielder should I aim to get? I already have Treloar, Neale and Dangerfield. Have just enough money to get Hannebery.

    • bit hard without knowing what other mids u have already viney is looking good at the mo so is jack steven saints have a decent run home too

  • Quick poll… anyone else not cracked 200 from their past 2 captains’ choices combined (Rocky – 66 and Titch – 122)?

    • Sorry dude, last 2 captains for have been Danger and Hanners.

      • Living the dream… nice work :)

        • Had Parker captain the last 2 weeks: 95 and 69 (was weighing up Parker and H.Shaw and went the midfielder :(

        • I’ve also copped dud scores from both of them earlier in the season. Balances out, I guess.

  • Hopefully Parker and T.Mitchell will follow Hannebery’s lead in the next few weeks- otherwise I picked the wrong Swan.

    Is S.Mitchell carrying an injury? Should I part with him before he loses even more cash?

    • The trick with Sammy is to not pick him up in the first place. I’ve owned him about 8 of the past 12 years and he always does the same thing. You made that bed tho hombre, now you gotta lie in it.

      • Yeah, I took Sam in S.C. Who knows why…

        Tom Mitchell should be looking for a trade to club where the coach appreciates him.

        • Carlton? His old man went all right down there. Or maybe even Hawthorn? One Mitchell to replace another? Sammy and Hodge and those guys can’t go on forever…

          • He probably likes the Sydney sunshine, but GWS don’t need him, and who in their right mind would go to either of those teams Further north.

  • Ablett –> Hannebery


    Ablett –> Viney

  • Walters or dusty
    gibbs or vince (boyd and houli on the bench)

  • Trengove perhaps the real deal now?
    Not many other choices in RDT unfortunately with Houli out for 8-12 weeks.

    • I’d avoid, think he’s fools gold. You’ve been warned.

      • Hey matt who should i bring in?
        Walters or dusty
        gibbs or vince (boyd and houli on the bench)

      • I Agree. Nicnat will smash him this week too. Lucky if he scores 60,Hopefully anyway. I’m 600pts in total ahead of the nearest team in a league,but only on 3wins 3loses due to guys like this.D Kent sunk me when he turned up for 1 game as well. Got to laugh or you’d cry.

  • Who to get out paps or mills

    • Probably Mills, BE of 68 this week vs 50 for Papley. I’m trying to figure out whether to unload Papley or DBJ this week.

  • Laird out again. I think I’ll wait to see the teams before deciding who to chop. Was thinking of getting rid of M.Crouch, but they’re playing Gold Coast, so might give him one last run. Do you think he’ll ever make it to 90? (Highest score 89.)