Round 6 DPPs confirmed

The new DPPs have been announced. Below is the table showing all 12. Look out for an article and video on tomorrow looking at the changes.

Clay CameronGC$26300062.8FWDDEF/FWD
Ryan DavisGC$21200052.5FWDMID/FWD
Nick GrahamCAR$37300071.5FWDMID/FWD
Robbie GrayPA$51700093.4FWDMID/FWD
George HewettSYD$24300065.5FWDMID/FWD
James KellyESS$508000104DEFMID/DEF
Will LangfordHAW$41400077.8FWDMID/FWD
Jamie MacmillanNM$37600066.8MIDDEF/MID
Kamdyn McIntoshRICH$37800072.8DEFMID/DEF
Callum MillsSYD$29800066.4DEFMID/DEF
Bernie VinceMELB$516000100DEFMID/DEF
Aaron YoungPA$31100066FWDMID/FWD



  • Have 5

  • When will they take effect

  • Whats bernies heat map look like. That stinks a bit like mundy last year

  • What a shit list,no real premos to be seen.

    • defenders averaging 100 aren’t premos? hmmm

    • Bernie is a gift which needs to be exploited. It’s more extreme than Mundy last year.

      • Bernie has been matched up 56% as a DEF this season (44% as a MID). He easily warrants it.

        • 4 goals for the year and 3 on the weekend though and the heat-map show the majority of the ball in the mid zone.

          To to fair Henderson was far more deserving of DEF status as was Fantasia of FWD status as they were clear mistakes in their position.

          Not complaining, but reasoning for Vince is not as strong as heaps of other guys.

          • He hasn’t even matched up as a forward in any game, only been MID or DEF. With more DEF than MID, it is a very justifiable pick for him to be a DEF/FWD.

            Fantasia – not enough conclusive data around him – for the record, he was mostly wing. Do you can’t give him FWD when he was playing that on Monday. He may get an addition come round 12.

            Henderson – I’ll ask more about him as his name was put up there.

            One thing to learn from this, where and on who the match up means more than a heat map. Brandon Ellis is a prime example – wingman that pushes back. Only played one game out of the five where he was predominantly a defender. In two games he recorded 0% as DEF match up, despite plenty of kicks in back half.

          • I tell u what lachie how bout u go start up ur own dt article, u seem to be mr fucking know it all about everything on every article, im sure im not the only one who is sick of it

          • I’m picking up Vince this week as I think he’s an awesome option now as a defender.

            I have also said before any one who doesn’t want me to give them advice just say and I won’t use my time to try and help. Heaps of guys don’t share your view, but I respect your opinion.

          • Seems your the only one Tigers

          • Agreed Lachie – I would love to get to Vince this weekend but won’t be able to. Not sure it is mor extreme than Mundy. Re “Tigers” – any advice is appreciated – if you don’t want it then you don’t have to read it…. let the chip go.

            And agreed Warnie – I don’t think heatmaps provide the whole picture considering how all teams now press in the forward half, with many half-backs and defenders picking up turnover possessions in front of square.

            All that said Bernie was a bit of a gift. Had him last year and he was mostly bank-able, but just not against other premo-mids. There are very few premo-defenders this year by the looks of the first few rounds. Put Bernie back and you have a top 8 defender, particularly considering the Demons change to a high possession (and lately high-scoring) game plan.

            I think I won’t hold Ellis now, and switch him to Pendles when I can.

  • Great DPP’s I will be getting in both Vince and Kelly in the coming weeks

  • Good work guys.
    How do we trade a straight defender out – move a new mid/def player from midfield to back – then be able to continue trade of straight def position player?

  • These position changes are fine for classic but I cant believe they allow it for elite. It creates a such a disproportionate advantage for those who were lucky enough to get a MID change to DPP. For example if I am able to move a player from my midfield to my defence (Kelly DEF/MID). I am then able to make a claim for a free agent midfielder averaging 80-90, whereas most available free agent forward and defenders only average 70-75 at best. This seems like an extremely obvious issue to me but perhaps you haven’t thought about it. Its ruining a lot of elite leagues in my opinion. What are your thoughts?

    • I get your point, but this has been a great feature of UF for years. We know that DPPs are coming. Yep, there’s luck in it but I drafted Kelly with the educated hope that he would be a DEF. Maybe you can suggest via the contact us section of the AF site to have the feature switched off for Elite (optional for your league). I think new DPPs should become restricted FAs straight up. Any other suggestions about it?

      Personally, it’s swings and roundabouts.

      • Did people draft David Mundy last year in the educated hope that he would gain defender status? I seriously doubt it, and those who drafted him were gifted a defender averaging 105.6, a first round draft pick had it been that way at the start of the season.

        Will definitely be sending this through to FanHub, needs to be an option in Elite leagues, destroys the game otherwise.

        • I know in some leagues I did this year though in the later rounds people were reaching for Hanley, Griffen, Kelly, etc. in hope they could potentially get DPP.

          Obviously always going to be curve-ball selections though.

          • I get the pre-draft speculation argument but based on that logic shouldn’t all DPPs that have been playing full time midfield roles lose their DPP status? Then when we draft we have to speculate about the possibility of DPP’s with high midfield time in the NAB becoming straight MIDS? Its just contradictory, and the reward for being randomly gifted a player like Vince as a defender is far too big.

    • The guy leading our elite comp underfeated had grey and vince. Might aswell call it now. Still shaking my head that vince gets dpp but kelly (gws) doesnt.
      They pretty much said because pendlebury played mid last week he didnt get dpp. Vince played mid half forward.

  • Kelly or Vince?

  • I play Elite with far more interest then Classic (Greater bragging rights!). The DPPs generally allow the more switched on coaches to get a leg up in my opinion. It’s a bit of a lottery when premiums unexpectedly get it (Vince) but Gray and Kelly were both drafted earlier then they probably should have been in my league by coaches anticipating this may happen (but it’s still a risk for the coaches that choose to take them early). Similarly players may be picked up off the waiver wire who aren’t necessarily the best available and held on benches or on the ground who don’t get DPP status.

    I picked up Oxley (68% DEF) and Josh Kelly (DEF) weeks back thinking they’d get it and they haven’t and now effectively I have a weaker midfield.

    I’d love to hear your thoughts on those two players Warnie. I know it is not just heat maps that DPP is decided on but both appear to be lining up along the HBF for the majority of games

  • Didn’t see Vince coming. Perfect inclusion for Tommy let down Sheridan. Stoked!

  • With Fremantles Midfield outs, do you think Sheridan could spend more time up the ground? Perhaps a wing, And therefore be worth keeping? Would prefer trading out my $300k DEF rookies first but if he’s just going to throw out 50s each week….?

    Chopping Block