Jeppa’s Juniors – Round 3

‘Kia ora’ (hello in Maori) Fantasy coaches. I’m on holidays in New Zealand this week so this is a short, Q&A version of Jeppa’s Juniors…

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Just Quickly

There is no denying Jacob Weitering’s talent but I suspect Jake Stringer will give him a touch up on Saturday. Remember, young key defenders usually give us yoyo like scores.

Clay Cameron has been the surprise ‘junior’ thus far after averaging 75 Fantasy points over the first three rounds. Those looking to trade him in should note that if Schade isn’t named for the injured Rory Thompson then Cameron will likely play a stopping role at full back which will significantly affect his scoring.

Don’t panic about Darcy Parish. Blondie was handball happy against Port last Friday night, which is a trend that I do not expect to continue.



Hewett. His days seem numbered after Longmire used him sparingly last week. Remember Mills is a jet yet to play a good game and I’m confident that those 70+ Fantasy scores aren’t too far away.

Go with Ruggles first. He didn’t look out of place and was named amongst the Cats best players on debut! 76 Fantasy points that included 0 tackles can be seen as a positive also.


Awesome trades! I highly recommend banking the cash now so you can bring in the big guns next week or the week after.


Aside from Ruggles and Byrne, next on the list would be Ben Keays. Keays is a big ball winner and he’ll be a very handy cashcow. The young Lions midfielder has a breakeven of 33 in Fantasy so it’s not a train smash if you don’t bring him in this week. Nathan Freeman is a while away from senior footy.


Given that the Cats play Essendon, I’d start Ruggles. As for the mids, it has to be Menadue and Davis. Menadue will enjoy the vast spaces of Subiaco Oval on Friday night and Davis is likely to do well against the Lions.


Keep Your Eye On

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 10.36.13 PMChristian Petracca and Ben Keays are on the cusp of making their AFL debuts after another strong week in the reserves. Petracca is all class and he’d dominate against a loose checking Magpie outfit. As for Keays, well I’m flabbergasted as to why he wasn’t named in Round 3. Keays had another 30+ possession game in the NEAFL and is miles ahead of guys like Claye Beams and Ryan Lester in my opinion.

Darcy Tucker was the Docker’s emergency held back from the WAFL last week meaning he’s very close to playing senior footy. He’s a ball magnet and Fantasy relevant but I’d like to see what he does on the big stage before trading him in.

Note that Josh Dunkley is at good odds to replace injured warrior, Bob Murphy so don’t trade the youngster out just yet.


Jeppa’s Trades

AFL Fantasy

With no injury concerns, Hewett is in my firing line. I’ve already got Byrne so Hewett to Ruggles (via Jesse Lonergan who should do well against Brisbane) seems sensible. I couldn’t offload Barlow last week and even though he scored 99 against West Coast, he’s still not convincing me. Barlow to the cheaper Mitch Duncan (via Ben Kennedy) makes sense. The big positive with these trades is that I’ll have $129,000 to play with next week for my first potential upgrade! Here’s my Fantasy team after trades…


AFL Dreamteam

Starting with $132,900 in the bank gives me a look at bringing in a big fish and in the limited trades game, you make changes for the long term! Unfortunately, the Seedsman experiment hasn’t worked out so he’s offloaded to Ruggles (a week early I know). I can now upgrade Hewett to guaranteed Top 6 forward, Zach Merrett. The negative here is that I need to keep Harwood for another week. Here’s my Dreamteam after trades…



Feel free to ask me a question below and don’t forget to add me on Twitter @JeppaDT for all things Fantasy and more. Happy trading!


  • I still have Macaffer in my mids, would you trade him out before hewett?

  • So you would play mills ahead of meandue on AF?

    • Play Mills. GWS can be hard to score on, which the swans played last week. They got Adelaide this time, which the Richmond defence racked in the fantasy points on last week (Houli & Ellis playing in defence). Mills will be playing in a similar place this round.

      Will Menadue even make the trip to Perth to this round, and if he does I’m sure how he would go versus the eagles.

    • Yeah im backing Mills ahead of Menadue

  • which 3 to start out if tippa, dea, ruggles and cameron

    • I’d go dea, tippa and ruggles

      Cameron’s scores will drop due to his role change

      • Due to his “possible not yet confirmed” role change

        • As Jeppa is away, he hasn’t been able to do his research. Cameron will play Trent “the cannon” Mackenzie’s role, not Thompson’s. Source: Gold Coast newspaper, yesterday. Look it up! Play Cameron IMO

          • If they don’t bring in a key defender to replace Thompson though – which is what Jeppa said – it is extremely likely that Cameron gets his place.

          • My knowledge and research is elite, you just don’t read too well Screech 😜

          • Well I’ve got cc on the field and that’s where he’s staying. According to Harbrow in an interview earlier in the week with a gc newspaper, he will be playing across half back in place of Mackenzie, as he did last week.

          • Gotta love it Jep!

    • Dea, Ruggles & Cameron (if he’s note playing fullback)

  • Walla or ruggles in defence?

  • Great write up as usual Jeppa. Was thinking of downgrading Hewett to via some DPP and upgrading Viney to Merret again via some more DPP. Would leave me 54,000 for next week again. Solid trades?

  • Make ya own choices and back them in

  • Thanks Jeppa for your effort while on holidays – enjoy. Also for the tip to consider using the Lonergan DPP to the mids. Guys how about we just leave Jeppa alone for now & let him enjoy his time off.

  • callum mills —> petracca or keays
    or hewett —> petracca or keays

    then s.gray to zaha or scully

    • Hewett to Keays & Gray to Zaha. That second trade options seems like a waste, surely there are better improvements that could be made?

  • parish vs polec ?

  • B Crouch > Hunter and have no cash left in the bank?
    Or B Crouch > Kerridge/Parish and save the cash for upgrading Hewwet/Mills?

  • Can someone lend me $1???
    My first trade this week is Harwood to Ruggles.
    I want my second to be Hewitt to ZacMer, but I fall short by one lousy dollar.
    I could go Hewitt to Scully but I think it important to get Merrett before his price goes through the roof. Should I
    1. go Hewitt to Scully,
    2. go Hewitt to a cash cow and save the cash to get a (more expensive) Merrett next week or
    3. Trade out one of Mills (BE 40) or Graham (BE 59) and get Merrett right away?

    Advice desperately needed.

    • You could go Harwood to Byrne if you don’t have him yet, then you could get Zach

      • A lot of people are jumping on ruggles but wouldn’t Byrne be the better option? Wouldn’t imagine the ball being in geelongs back line to much in there next couple of games compared to the blues,which would lead to more byrne tackles & possesions surely. especially the way the dogs locked it in against Hawthorn?? Food for thought.

        • Ruggles still managed 76 though didn’t he?

          • True. I’m not saying ruggles is a bad option, I believe that Byrne should have greater opportunity to score higher if he commits for 4 quarters is all.

          • Ruggles = AFL ready

            Byrne = couple of years between games

            I think I picked Byrne two years ago after some pre-season hype and he sat on my bench the entire year. His first game since I picked him was last week.

          • Ruggles was the falcons best and fairest last year.Byrne debut round 3 last year and done his hammy,never recovered from then on. Both have reasonable competition for there spots ATM.Maybe DPP to get them both??

          • “As we can’t rely on any mids so far this year”

        • Thanks Cody & Bigfoot. Duhhhh!!!! How could I miss such an obvious solution. If Hewitt is out then Byrne is in.

  • Choose two out of Mills(Adelaide), Menadue(West Coast) and BenKen(Collingwod) to play on field

  • What do you think about Jayden Short in RDT? Apart from Deledio I dont see anyone that can take his spot and Lids is still “several weeks away” according to Hardwick and then again Short has been playing lock down roles throughout matches, so not really a like for like replacement for Lids. Hes gonna slot in at F8 and I know he will only average in the 50s (maybe 60, that might be pushing it). Allows me to bring in Hall this week (silly me for missing out on him since pre season). So you think he can suffice as an F8 and stay in the Tigers line up?

  • envious of that RDT fwd line

  • How do you do DPP with Lonergan and Hewett? It’s not letting me trade Hewett out for Byrne because it says I can’t move Hewett to defence??

    • You should be able to select Hewett to trade out. Move lonergan to mid and pick byrne in the vacant def position.

    • You still trade Hewett, but before selecting a player, you substitute Lonergan into the Mids first.
      You then have a vacancy in the Backs to fill with Byrne.

      • So click “T” on Hewitt and before selecting a player (so while Hewitt’s place is blank/black) I drag Lonergan to that blank spot? Because that isn’t working, it just automatically puts Lonergan back in defence :( any advice would be appreciated!

    • Beat me to it Bigfoot !!

  • Advice needed
    Lonergan > ruggles
    Hewett > Duncan


    Hewett > ruggles via lonergan dpp
    mills > Pettraca freeing up 120k
    Gives lonergan extra week to prove his worth

    • 2. Even if Petracca doesn’t play downgrade him to another rookie of some sort.

    • I would do 1 unless you really want to keep lonergan, ruggles will keep going up and petracca might not play this week and at his price and b/e you can wait a week for him.

  • Pick 1 to play

    Kent (pies), Mccarthy (dons) or Papley (crows)

    Menadue (eagles), Davis (lions), Mills (crows

    • Currently going McCarthy and Mills for me. McCarthy loves dominate inside F50, picking up a few goals and possessions. Mills fantasy friendly role along the half back flank is too god to ignore, and should be able to push 65-75 this week.

      • *good

      • didn’t mills play a lock down role?

        • Yes he did, but only for that game. Offers more upside than the other two is what I simply believe. At least 65 on the table IMO. Menadue a close second, although he plays a dominant WCE side. See what I mean?

    • McCarthy

  • That forward line is one to die for.

  • Jeppa, are you holding Cowan on your bench in AF for any particular reason? Do you see a need to rid him? Currently have dead wood with Broad on my bench. D’you think he’d be able to get a game at the Tiges? Cheers.

    • Why do you have Broad?

      There’s been no talk about him debuting any time soon.

    • It was a stuff up on my behalf. We went away over Easter and I had shit reception. Was going to change him to Cameron but I had to drive to the main town to get reception to do it, instead I hoped Cowan was gona make the 22 in R1. He stays for now.

  • Lonergan to weitering

    And either :

    Neale to danger
    Neale to Duncan
    Mills to Keays

  • Clayton Oliver, Davis or Mills on the field?

  • Can someone answer this question plz! Why the hell is Mason Cox not playing seniors but played all 3 nab cups and blitzed? Considering probably over 50% of coaches have him as an emergency???

    • They might as well give him a run. Cloke off to the seconds and cox up fwd Can’t hurt. I’m sure he can kick more than 1.

    • Maybe he gets a run instead of Moore this weekend?

  • Jeppa said “Given that the Cats play Essendon, I’d start Ruggles.”

    This doesn’t seem to make sense, as the ball won’t be in the cats defence much.

    Longer term I prefer Ruggles, but this week Byrne will likely outscore him.

    • + and certainly all the more reason to NOT start Ruggles on ground if you select him this week.

    • This is a myth. How did he manage to score well against the terrible Lions with this logic?

  • Menadue on the open expanses or Davis against the witches hats?

  • Do i use the cash I have to upgrade J McGovern to Houli, and leave me with $12k or downgrade to Ruggles – who will have to play on the field? and bank the cash for a potential double upgrade next week

  • James Kelly almost a certain to gain defender DPP status??

  • Hewett to either
    Zaharakis with $194,000 in the bank
    Ablett, or any premo with around $100k in the bank

    • You dont have Ablett? WTF? have you been on holidays and auto-filled your team?

      Anyway in all serious definitely get Ablett. Zaha can give you a price increase but won’t keep scoring at his current rate. unless you need the cash difference to upgrade someone else (but there are a lot of rookies worth bringing in depending on your team)

  • Who to bench out of ruggles, tippa, Dea and Mitch brown

    Fwd menadue, McCarthy, McGovern, kerridge

  • Should I trade out Graham from Carlton?

  • Heard that Dea has a face now, my fantasy still has him blanked out ????
    Am I missing something..

  • Who to start in the foward menadue or papley??

  • For RDT/Sportsdeck: Gibson $525k, Johanisson $471k, Rosa $440k?

  • I can swap out Mills and Hewitt for C.Byrne and Ruggles via DPP, leaves me $236k in the bank for upgrades next week (when I have a 1st v 2nd clash in my league). What’s everyone’s thoughts on that?

  • Hey guys, RDT here. Due to my overseas travells i had a shocking time selecting defensive rookies for my initial team (stuck with Z Dawson and T Lee). And yes i know they’re bad now. Do you think Tom Lee will get a game with St Kilda? As thinking of keeping Lee and trading Dawson to Ruggles. Good idea, bad idea??

  • Which 2 out of Mills, Menadue and Davis??

    • Im wondering the same thing. Defs Menadue and its a toss of the coin between the other two. Would love anothers view.

  • Great stuff as always Jeppa.
    I saw your previous comments about why you have Cowan but is there any news on him? Thinking of moving him to Ruggles this week otherwise.

  • Hey Jeppa, How did you trade Hewitt to Ruggles via Lonergan when Hewitt is only a MID?

    • Yes I too need help with this please!

    • Hi Linda, “ProwlingTiger” just told me how to do it, good luck!

      “Do it via advanced trades tab
      Click on player to trade, click on sub of a current player to move and select player to trade in.”