NAB4 Fantasy Review – Ep. 71

The final, and most important round of the NAB Challenge is complete so Roy and Warnie (minus big daddy Calvin) look over the numbers that matter from each game. Dane Swan jumps on the phone to give his tips from the Pies. Click here for Roy’s article on the AFL site. The Fantasy sub-editor from, Tim Roman, is also on the line for The Dawgfather to chat all thing Elite following the AFL Media draft last week. Don’t forget to grab the Draft Kit as many leagues are holding their annual draft this weekend (click here to download). We have a big couple of weeks ahead, so tune in for a bumper podcast.

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  • Who to pick for F3: A.Hall, S.Gray, E.Betts, J.Stringer?

    Other 5 forwards are Franklin, Barlow, De Goey, Wells, B.Kennedy

  • awesome job lads keep up the good work

  • Did i dream this .. or did Sam Mitchell nail a North player in the face over the weekend? not reported nor even mentioned in incidents they’ve looked at?

  • Pendles or Hannebery?

    • I currently have hanners…first time I have ever left pendles out of my team! Will he average 100+ like usual or is there a new role for him?

      • My current mid is: fyfe, danger, Ablett, hanners, priddis, Libba, mills, patrecca.

        -It hurts to leave pendles out lol
        -would love to have s Mitchell or j Steven in but who for?

    • Same boys, I have Hanners instead of Pendles, Pendlebury been my M1 ever since I’ve started, first year without him!

    • Hannebery cause Pendlebury looks to be playing across half back

  • Houli and Crouch or Sheridan and Brandon Ellis?

  • Ooooohhhh… 1 hour 12 mins podcast!

    Cheers boys! :D

  • New Elite Draft League. Live draft on March 24th at 1pm. Have some fun while you’re finalising your other teams on the arvo of the first game of the season! No ghost ships please.

  • Congrats Calvin!

  • No mention of Tom Cutler?

    • He got 89 from 87% TOG against GWS
      Compare to his last game against GC where he scored 83 from 100% TOG

    • my team is midpricer city and he’s currently in it. but i’ve got the least confidence in him of all my midpricers.

      • I know the feeling I haven’t looked into a play like I have with cutler!
        He played 11 games last year with 3 above 90 (91, 97, 107),
        He scored three times under 47 but he wore the vest in two of the games, the other he scored 34.
        Hope this helps! And doesn’t put up his stock too much!

  • Warnie why is my fantasy pulse not allowing e to compare teams anymore?

  • Jesse Lonergan or Nick Graham at M6??

    Also, if anyone would like to donate their back line to me, ‘id be grateful…

  • Deledio(for) and sheridan(back) or Franklin(for) and Rosa(back)

  • Got a $100 Cash league (AFL Fantasy classic not playing byes) with a few spots left.

    Winner GF $750
    Loser GF $200
    2 x Eliminated 3rd Week Finals $100
    2 x Eliminated 2nd Week Finals $75
    2 x Eliminated 1st Week Finals $50
    Minor Premier $100
    Highest Score of Season $100
    Total Prize Pool $1600

    Let me know if you are interested.

  • Choose one hunter, libba, crouch , gray and why

  • Hey Warnie do you have a Facebook chat page? Reckon it would be a great idea. Easier to use.
    On Fantasy mate I want your thoughts on a couple of smokies who are flying under the radar.
    They are Josh Kelly and Johannison. In no J Jo has been talked about a little bit since that big 129 in the Nab but these guys are picked in less than 2-3% of teams. And T Mitchell is a tad under 5%. Bit of a joke considering I think he will be the number 2 fantasy player this year. What’s ur thoughts mate?

  • Kent F6 +125k with 6k
    Menadue F6 + 125k with 55-60k