Fantasy Freako Pre-Season Review 2016 #1

freako_download_2015The first preseason edition of the Fantasy Freako Rave for the 2016 season is now ready for download thanks to our friends at Champion Data.

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  • Good article
    But any advice on witch rookies and mid pricers you think are absolute locks ?

  • Pendles as a ruck, I wished but I think thats a mistake

  • Hey guys opinions for on field combo

    Duryea(Def), Keays(Mid), Brown/Adams(Fwd) – No Bird or Mills
    Brown/Adams(Def),Mills(Mid), Bird(Fwd) – No Duryea

    • Good Luck in tonight’s game against the Tigers CW
      How much are wishing to spend??
      Mills is a must so base your selections around him
      Bird has been VERY ordinary in the NAB games and there are better options WELLS/KERRIDGE/CONCA/MENZEL
      Adams may struggle to get games??
      Brown and Hartley will see plenty of the ball – always in the Dons backline
      Gleeson is a great price for $308k that saves you $126 to upgraded Bird to a $450k player
      All depends what you want to do structure wise??
      Are you looking at DPP??
      Good luck in 2016

    • Chad, only one name here I would lock – Mills. Bird’s role has a big ? There is better value elsewhere, eg. D Howe, N Broad (DEF), D Menzel, D Wells (FWD), etc
      Loved the game last night … real glimpes of the sizzle we expect from PA.

  • Warnie/Freako

    This is the BEST article on your site which ALWAYS get overlooked
    Thank you all your efforts are appreciated