My Team 2016: Version 2.2

A new week is here and after 1800 comments in the last seven days, it’s time for a┬ánew My Team post! This pre-season has been crazy over on DT Talk with the best Fantasy based discussion on the world wide web. Let’s keep it that way!

Once you have picked your team, post it in the comments below (in a nice format would be preferable). Now that we have My Team cranking, discuss any players, team structure, etc in the comments. As always, keep it civil and if you’re advice, make sure you dish out some of your own (make sure it well thought out and not blatant trolling – we’re totally over that after 10 years of DT Talk!). Make sure you name up which competition your team is for as there are different prices and a different strategy for each.

Get keen for a massive season ahead.

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  • Okay I made as much improvements as I can, and I have a lot of salary left, if you can tell me which players can be switched it would be very much appreciated (this is the final time I’m going to show my team).
    DEF Kolo, Mackenzie, Broad, Brown(ESS), Yeo, Simpson [Byrne, Hartley]
    MID B.Crouch, Rocky [c], Ablett, Pendles, Mathieson, Mills, Rosa, Liberatore [Menegola, Jansen]
    RUC S.Martin [VC], Lobbe [Cox, Currie]
    FWD Barlow, Bird, Wells, Dusty, Kerridge, Greene [Kommer, Phillips]

    • Just to let you guys know as well, my remaining salary is $135,000

      • UPDATE: I put Greene out for Robinson, Tucker in for Hartley and Shaw in for K.Kolodjashnij

        • I wouldn’t make those changes solid, it’s a nab game and both sides lacked their best midfielders,
          The players who have played for 3-4 seasons even took the game lightly.
          Don’t write off kolo yet and don’t jump on Robinson because he tonned up without Rocky, Stef, Hanley, Zorko and a few others

  • Footy is back, and I’m lovin it :) Started my own league for the first time this year, and you are welcome to join the new TasBest league with code X5TPXMEZ. Obviously it’s very early and the rooks will be scrambled in R1 and R2 as we see who is selected.

    McVeigh, Simpson, Aish, Harwood, Brown, Mullet (Tucker, Hartley)
    Rockliff, Abblett, Ellis, Adams, Crouch, Mills, Anderson, Gresham (Keays, Phillips)
    Goldstein, Martin (Frost, Lowden)
    Barlow, Gunston, Hall, Bird (?), Kerridge (?), Simpkin (Kent, Cox)

    104k available, but that’s unlikely to be the case once the rooks are sorted.

    I feel I have too many rooks in the backline, but am unconvinced that backline premos or mid-pricers (i.e. Yeo/Rosa) will give me value this year. I have been killed in previous years with ruck injuries, so figured I should take points from Stef and Goldy. If either go down, then switch to the best profit/value ruck available or fallback with Frost and the Ruc/Fwd option selected as F8…

    Aside from Kent and Simpkin, everyone in my forward line is still TBD.

  • What are people’s thoughts on best bench options for each position? Cheers.

    • DEF: Broad, Hartley
      MID: Menadue, Mathieson, Gore, Menegola
      RUC: Currie
      FWD: Kommer, Phillips, Ellis,

      • Yeah at the moment have on the bench in defence Broad and Hartley, in the midfield Menedue and Gore, ruck is Currie and Soldo, forwards bench is Kommer and Phillips.

  • Bird Kerridge or Wells for F4

    • Between Bird and Kerridge, at this stage Bird at F4, I have Bird at F4 and Kerridge at F5.

      • Do u have Anderson?
        Thinking of Giing Bird F4 and wells or Kerridge F5?

        • Yeah Anderson at F6 mate.

          My forward line is Martin, Barlow, Greene, Bird, Kerridge, Anderson, (Kommer, Phillips).

          • That fwd line is identical to mine but I’ve got Wells instead of Kerridge yet.
            What’s your other lines like?

          • Still up in the air about my backline but am thinking this:

            Yeo, Rosa, Smith, Harwood, Brown (ESS), Broad, Tucker, Hartley.

            Kennedy, Ablett, Gaff, Rockliff, Wines, Liberatore, Macaffer, Menegola, Macpherson, Gore.

            Martin, Jacobs, Currie, Soldo.

            Martin, Barlow, Greene, Bird, Kerridge, Anderson, Kommer, Phillips.

          • What do u think of mine.

            Shaw, Bartel, Simpson, Yeo, Brown, Broad (Hartley, Byrne)

            Pendles, Rockliff, Ablett, Wines, Libba, Caffer, Keays, Mathieson (Meneloga, Jansen)

            Martin, Lobbe (Curry, Cox)

            Martin, Barlow, Greene, Bird, Wells, Anderson ( Kommer, Phillips)

            Btw I joined your league too

  • Can I have some feedback on this backline please, cheers.

    Birchell, Docherty, Howe, Harwood, Brown (ESS), Tucker, (Broad, Hartley).

    • Obviously it’s very light.

      I would probably be just acceptable if your midfield and forward lines make up significant points that would be lost. JS is also a big concern as Tucker and Howe are no certainties to play round 1 and after that consistent games.

      • Is it better to go Howe to Aish? Also thoughts on McKenzie? Cheers.

        • How about this, Yeo, Rosa, Smith (ADE), Harwood, Brown (ESS), Broad, (Tucker, Hartley).

          • Personally don’t like either Smith or Rosa as picks. The rest are safer than previously, though.

            Any reason why you want to go this light in the Defence?

  • Is Ryan Harwood best 22 after todays performance? He played in the side with Cutler who play similar positions. I believe that they both will be in the backline and Pearce Hanley will play more mid time. That is just my thoughts, would like to hear yours Fantasy community!

  • Don’t base your team on NAB cup scores!

    • 100%. Don’t jump on someone, (especially a mid-pricer) that you had not previously considered to be in your team. Rookies are obviously a different scenario though.

    • Only people i’ve got in my team so far from NAB, are Mills – M7, & Mathieson – M8. Oh, as well as Gore as a bench option, as long as he still gets games, that is.

      • Gore is safe as mate
        He will play

        Yer only rookies are ones to watch

        The only player I’ve picked up from nab cup is Matt crouch as a crow supporter I know he will be needed through the mid

  • Is anyone else interested in Nicholls more now? I’m still unsure, like he looked good, but I just don’t see a high ceiling for him.

    • If anything I’m more unsure about Nicholls now. He didn’t dominate like I expected against a rookie ruck like Archie Smith. Currie also seemed to go pretty well and I wouldn’t be surprised if Suns run with both in the season proper. As you said he doesn’t seem to have the high ceiling due to the fact he doesn’t rack up the possessions around the ground.

      Currie 100% a lock, Nichols personally if going a 350-450K ruck I prefer Tippett over him (and Stanley/Vardy if they impress next week)

  • Lobbe and Sinclair
    Martin and burger

  • Any thoughts on this squad guys?

    DEF:K simpson, KK, Yeo, aish, WCEbrown, Broad (Hartley, byrne)

    MID: Gablett, JSteven, Rockcliff, parker, libba, hutchings, mills, menegola (gore, matheison)

    RUC: Smartin, Blicavs (currie, Frampton)

    FWD: Dmartin, barlow, Tgreene, C bird, J Anderson, Menadue (m cox, phillips)

    70k salary remaining.

    unsure on hutchings and maybe def a little light?

  • What are some options for the R4 spot? Cheers.

  • Team Boom Shakalaka

    5k Left

    H. Shaw K. Kolodjashnij B. Smith E. Yeo M. Hibberd N. Broad – Bench B. Rice, C. Byrne

    S. Pendlebury, N. Fyfe, T. Rockliff, M. Priddis, B. Crouch R. Gray, J. Gresham, S. Kerridge Bench: D. Gore, S. Menegola

    S. Jacobs, M. Leuenberger Bench – B. Frampton D. Currie

    L. Franklin, M. Barlow, C. Wingard, C. Bird, C. Petracca, J. Anderson Bench – N. Kommer, L. Sumner

    Whats Everyones thoughts?

  • feedback would be very thoughtful, cheers

    def: R.Laird, K.Simpson, E.Yeo, J.Mcveigh, M.Brown(ess), E.Mackenzie, (Bench) R.Bonner, M.Hartley.
    mid: S.Pendlebury, N.Fyfe, C.Ward, T.Rockliff, G.Ablett, J.Simpkin, B.Macaffer,C.Mills, (bench) S.Menegola, D.Gore.
    ruck: S.Jacobs, B.Grundy, (bench) S.Frost, D.Currie.
    fwd: L.Dahlhaus, JJ.Kennedy, D.Wells, S.Kerridge, C.Ellis, M.Adams, (bench) J.Beech, N.Kommer.