Dayne Zorko – Deck of DT 2016

Name: Dayne Zorko
Club: Brisbane
Position:  FWD/MID
AFL Fantasy: $500,000
AFL Dream Team: $523,600
Bye Round:15
2015 Average: 90.3
2015 Games Played: 22
Predicted Average: 95

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Why should I pick him?

In 2015 Zorko went past the 100 on 9 occasions, and 3 of those were 120+ which is pretty handy going for a likely POD.

From rounds 13 to 23 he only went below 80 once, and averaged 102 over this stretch of 11 games – that’s definitely  premo territory for a forward! It may just be a coincidence but there is a general pattern of when Rocky was going huge in 2015 Zorko seemed to score better as well….

Without the likes of Swan, Titchell and Robbie Gray in our forward lines this year there are a few spots to fill. Yes he is a mid/fwd- but lets face it he will only be selected as a forward in our teams. His dpp may come in handy over the bye rounds but other than that he should be firmly anchored somewhere around F4.

He played all 22 games in 2015 so we can tick the box of durability which is important- particularly in the limited trades Real Dream Team.

With Redden leaving the club it should open up the opportunity for even more time on the ball for Zorko, and with Rocky and Beams generally copping the attention from any taggers little Zorks is often left free to zip around and pick up those lovely little uncontested plus 6’s.

Why shouldn’t I pick him?

In 2015 Zorko only averaged a tick over 78 ppg from rounds 1 to 12, well below what you would like from a player who will cost you over $500k.

The Lions have a lot of players they can rotate through the midfield, with recent recruits like Beams, Robinson and even Christensen likely to push for more mid time if fully fit this year as well as guys like Lewis Taylor likely to also push onto the ball.

Deck of DT Rating.

Joker! (ok Queen) – If what we saw in the second half of last year is bought to the table from round 1 this year – Zorko is every chance to be challenging for a spot in the top 6 forwards for 2016. It may be a more popular decision to wait and see how he goes early on and keep him in mind as an upgrade target – at this stage I will be starting with him.

What does Dayne Zorko average in 2016?

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  • From what I remember from last year, Zorko does get tagged. Beams will be number one tagged, but isn’t Rocky a more Priddis-style accumulator (and tackler) than a damaging player?

  • Ok. I’ve thought long and hard about this post and welcome criticism.
    The Lions through the midfield would be Stefan, Rockliff, Beams and then the 3rd major onballer I think would have to be new recruit… Tom Bell. That replaces Jack Reddens spot. Pains me to say it, but I think its true. Big body, can run all day. Like the 2 meter midfielders Freo have. Plus he couldn’t play as a key forward, which sucks for Brisbane. Also recruit Ryan Bastinac. Whom is also mostly a midfielder, where is he going to line up?. The Wingers would have to be Pearce Hanley & Allen Christensen. That leaves Mitch Robinson, Dayne Zorko to play up forward. I think early in the year, teams tend to stick to there structures more and try and make it a winning formula. Thus some players have terrible fantasy scores early on. Before injuries, suspensions occur and players like Zorko & Robinson get to rotate through the midfield more regularly. Rather than just a chop out for one of the big dogs.
    I’m really concerned in picking either Zorko or Robinson early on. I will no doubt have both in my team come years end but does anyone else feel the same.

    • Bastinac might play a defensive locked down role..And get regular stints through the mids. Zorko and Robbo will play that Half Fwd role that will push up regularly.


    • I agree with you 100%

      I’ve had Zorko the last couple of years (DT and SC) and both times his name is a swear word until after the bye rounds when he has picked up.

      Averaged around 6-9th best forward overall depending on which game and my memory hahah.

      I’m thinking of him again. He’s a bit of a Houli type. Will look silly till it comes to the end of the season and you haven’t had to use a trade and they make the all star team of the year!

      Stoked to see Robinson do well. He’s know’s he get’s a spot because he’s so hard at it. Tassie bogan living the dream. All the best to him.

    • Typically, a good midfield needs an inside midfielder (Rocky), an inside/outside midfielder (Beams) and a quality ball user (Hanley). I see Bell playing a similar role to last year, forward who pushes up into the midfield when the midfielders need a rest. Robbo will start lined up on half forward, but will play mainly as a midfielder. Christensen on a wing, and Zorko as a forward. Bastinac will start off half back and rotate through as well.
      But, I’m not a Brisbane supporter, nor do I watch them often enough to make a well educated guess on their structures. These are just gut feels.

  • I’m a Fitz/Bris Fan, and go to all the Melbourne games. One thing that bugs me with Zorko, is that if he has an injury cloud or has the Flu, he is unable to play under duress. There have been a couple of games where, due to injury or illness, he has barely got a touch and scored less than 20 or 30.

  • Robinson I think over Zorko

  • Lefty, interesting article.
    An appropriate choice as I think he is a little bit from left field – not quite a premium but certainly not a mid price or rookie.
    The 7 games he had last year under 80 concern me, particularly the 33 he scored against Carlton from 81% game time when he was tagged.
    I think Brisbane now see him more as a small forward rather than a midfielder hence it is a NO for me.

  • So are u saying Tom Bell is of interest?

  • Out of interest will essendon team selection hold up the start of. DT

  • I am gunna say yes Fantasy are quite slow anyways so this will slow them more

  • Does anyone know the cut off date essendon has to name their squad

  • What’s LY average for Kelly stokes etc

  • Cut off date I believe was like 15 Feb roughly

  • locked in my team, yes you have to ride the wave a bit but his ability to go big is what tips me over