Jordan Lewis – Deck of DT 2016

Name: Jordan Lewis
Club: Hawthorn
Position:  Midfielder
AFL Fantasy: Approx. $610,000
AFL Dream Team: $641,900
Bye Round: Round 15
2015 Average: 110.74
2015 Games Played: 19
Predicted Average: 110

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Why should I pick him?

What is it with always looking to upgrade to a newer model? The newer model might look nicer, sound nicer, smell nicer… but more often than not, we ‘upgrade’ just for the sake of ‘upgrading’. Sometimes, the older, more reliable model right under our noses is exactly what we should stay with. You know what I’m talking about – women, cars… women… and invariably, with our fantasy stars. Whilst we all rave about young, future stars like Wines, Cripps, Heppell, Treloar, O’Meara, Crouch (the list goes on) we forget about old reliable, trusty Jordan Lewis.

Between 2007 and 2013, Jordan Lewis showed he was an above average, consistent fantasy scorer, averaging between 83.1 (2008) and 94.7 (2007), whilst never topping the 100 average mark. The issue was, whilst he was a prolific midfielder, an integral part in the Hawthorn midfield rotations, he probably wasn’t as fit as he needed to be to run out games as he, nor the hawks, would have liked.  In 2014, we saw a leaner, fitter and noticeably determined Jordan Lewis. He went on to average 109.6 in 2014 from 21 games, including 8 scores over 120 (and two of 119 if you don’t mind).

He backed it up in 2015, averaging 110.7 from 19 games (ill-discipline cost him a couple for a right whack to Goldy’s chops). He started off like a house on fire in 2015, scoring 156, 119, 152, 130 and 117 (average of 134.8) from Rounds 1-5 (that 117 was the game against North where he was subsequently rubbed out for 2 weeks).

He could not sustain those dizzying highs upon his return to the senior team, as he went on to average only 88.25 over his next 4 games. After that mid-season slump (SLUMP?!) he returned to form, managing 7 100+ games over his next 10 (and the 3 he missed out were 98, 98 and 94).

The hawks (as you would expect) have a pretty tough draw in 2016, playing West Coast, Sydney, North Melbourne, Richmond and Melbourne (not so tough) twice. Don’t let that deter you though – in 2015 Lewis scored 118 and 114 (in the Grand Final) against the eagles, 116 and 98 against the swans, 117 against the kangaroos and 109 against the tigers. He didn’t play the demons in 2015 (and if he did, I’m sure he would’ve gone OK…).

Still only 29 years old, he certainly has another 3-4 good years of footy left in him. The younger hawks midfield brigade in Langford, O’Rourke, Hartung etc will be looking at trying to establish themselves in 2016, but it will not be at the expense of the next captain of the club.

Why shouldn’t I pick him?

To put it bluntly, I don’t think there is any good reason to not pick him. We know there is no question with hunger, with the hawks winning the last 3 flags, they are always striving for improvement. His starting price is obviously up there with the other premium midfielders in the competition, and with the likes of Fyfe, Steven, Pendles, Hannebery, Rockliff, Beams, Treloar, Ablett (the list goes on), it’s obviously pretty hard to narrow it down to 4-5 starting premium midfielders.

I think he will likely miss 1-2 games (but who won’t?), be it through injury (the dreaded general) or suspension – we all know he can get a little carried away at times.

He also shares the round 15 bye along with other premium midfielders such as Beams, Rockliff, Selwood, Dangerfield, Fyfe, Mundy, Shiel, Ward, Swallow etc. But let’s face it, while bye planning is important, invariably bye planning goes out the window throughout the season with LTI’s, form slumps etc. You’d also try and have a completed premium team by Round 15 as well… Don’t let the Round 15 bye deter you from picking Jordan Lewis.

Deck of DT Rating.

ACE – Whilst not an official Fantasy Pig, his last two years he has been nothing short of sensational. Looks to be a lock to average over 110 again in 2016, and remain one of the premium midfielders in the competition. He has the runs on the board – he’ll be one of my first picked – look for him to be a top 5 midfielder come the end of the season. Don’t forget – those newer models will always try and roll you for your cash!

Is Jordan Lewis a starter for you in 2016?

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  • Whilst it is probably true that JLewis will give you a 110 average for 2016 (which is good) you are paying for it.
    I am looking for those who will potentially give me that type of average but paying less for it to start with. Ablett and Rockliff are the obvious ones with Libba and Crouch possibles. SelwoodJ, Heppell, Adams, Murphy, Parker, Barlow and Watson all fit that criteria as well.
    After picking the midfield rookies that we need in order to generate our cash it doesn’t leave a lot more room.

    • My thoughts are my three premiums are Pendles, GAJ and Rocky

    • I don’t think Libba or Crouch will go anywhere near a 110 average. I think Jelwood and Murphy will improve, but not enough. Adams the only one of those likely to get near a 110 average IMO. I’ll be locking in Lewis, he’s a gun.

      • They may not get to 110 but they are far too cheap not to have in your starting squad imo.

  • Barlow wont even go close to that average, i wont be going anywhere near barlow this year

  • Meh he’s fully priced with little upside


  • Look at how he went last year… Might of got the odd 100 but theres were alot of below 70 scores, this year will be the same i dont even see him getting midfield time

  • This site is starting to bore me I loved jock but he’s gone to. We need a good fantasy afl site that covers all formats properly with good podcasts.

    • Thats it I have had enough! All of last year we copped it and it has already started this year if you do not like the websites around go do your own but please do not come on here whinging and whining about every little thing.

      Now i do not know the boys and they do not know me but i have followed them for years and I love what they do and very thankful that they are still around even though they had got the gig with AFL Fantasy. They could have said get stuffed to all the critics last year and shut down the website but no they stayed and improved the website at the same time so thanks guys.

      As to all you dumb arses grab a brain and show some gratitude.

      • I’m with jamabadar! The name of the site is DTTalk and it is set up to cater for Dream Team and AFL Fantasy which was formerly one with DT. There is no one site that I know of that covers all versions of Fantasy Football. I suspect that’s because it is just too big an ask. You’re on a site with a specific job description. If it doesn’t do what you want, stay off it and don’t pollute it with your complaining. Why do you think Jock is gone? Could it be that he found even catering for just one form of fantasy too much work.
        Just look on the bright side – instead of wasting time being bored on this site you can spend the time improving your English so that you know to spell Jock’s name with a capital and can tell the difference between to and too.

      • Agree,Agree. Would love to see peoples rankings based on there own research.DT talk is where its at!I finished 980?ish,would love to take all the credit but it was this websites info that aided me.Keep up the positive info peeps.Loving it

    • Coaches Panel dot com dot au (previous link was deleted by mods for some reason…)
      is an excellent alternative that covers all formats.

      They also have a very informative podcast with a slightly more serious approach.

      However there’s nothing wrong with the way the guys go about things here, especially if you know that there are alternative offerings out there.

  • Love the deck when they are relevant!
    Surely a lockity vanilla pick like lewis is not one for the deck.. If he is then i look forward to the Tom Rockliff card coming out at some stage…

    Would have thought the deck is for more riskier/contentious/mid pricer picks( yes i know we’ve had gibbs and sinclair) for example kreuzer, max gawn, tom mitchell, matty boyd, birchall, barlow, sloane, jaensch,enright, bartel, b crouch even daisy and ben reid plus many more and not the likes of Pendles, steven, lewis, hannebery mcveigh, montagna, dustin martin etc..

    Cheers for the hard work and i look forward to the upcoming DODT!

    • The beauty of the Deck of DT is that the writer can choose to do their piece on anyone… lock or not! I feel like we get a comment or two like this every year, and don’t get me wrong – I appreciate it and this isn’t a dig back – but Jordan Lewis is quite relevant. I wouldn’t be surprised if he has less than 10-15% ownership in 2016.

      Every player is relevant – even Rocky! (Haha – I’m not sure if there will be a DODT on him though – but will be part of plenty of draft discussion and midfield ranking stuff. He’s #1 mid, but does he go at #1 in drafts?!

      • Agree Warnie. The posts indicate people are looking elsewhere. If he starts like he did in 2015 (and other more popular picks start like they usually do) the 10-15% of coaches who have him will be a long way in front.

  • the last 1/3 of ’14 Lewis was a savior for me and I went on the ride a couple times with him in ’15 and it felt like he didn’t quite live up to premium status for me (pretty sure first time was the around month Crutton referred too) but the numbers absolutely dispute that.

    Likely a very nice POD for those that want to go Guns n Rooks

  • lets not forget 4 games in tassie, at this price I would be wary.