Price Leaks Part One – Ep. 62

Our AFL Fantasy pre-season is definitely under way! We’ve discussed the trade period, looked at the draft and now the price and position reveals are leaking. Roy, Calvin and Warnie take a look at the official prices and positions of the Blues, Lions, Suns, Bombers, Saints and Demons. The lads highlight a series of players who should (and maybe shouldn’t) be on your 2016 watchlist.

Next episode with the next six clubs will be released early in the new year.

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  • Jansen is another from Brisbane that could get some football depending on things

  • Guys, why are you dripfeeding the teams?

    Release them all, open the Fantasy site and start getting traffic going through the website. All you’re doing is making people lose interest in AFLF and focus on the other two formats.

  • Agree with that MGPT

  • One of the reasons for the drip feed is that the game can’t open until late January at the earliest (due to the permits for the competition). Yep, it would be great to put them all out there straight up but wants content through the site around fantasy throughout January leading into launch.

    This year, as we are doing the club focussed articles throughout the reveals, they should hopefully be much more informative over on the AFL site! We hope so anyway.