Fresh Meat – Ep. 61

The boys may have failed their skinfolds after a big off-season, but they are back for a podcast discussing the NAB AFL Draft – including a chat with’s Nat Edwards, the 2016 fixture and take a look at some potential bargains we should be keeping our eye on over the pre-season.

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  • You guys were on fire in this podcast.

    Very, very polished now

    • Don’t know how polished, but we had some fun dribbling some shit! Haha. Thanks for listening! We’ll have some more stuff to say very soon!

  • Warnie
    The one who returning from injury whose an absolute lock (for everyone) is C Petracca
    What price will he be??
    Fanfooty has him priced at $142 – we can only hope!!!!
    Great podcast as per usual – great listening from the other side of the world!!!
    PS your segment should be named Dawg’s DPP -decisive productive prabble

    • Although slightly different, Jesse Hogan didn’t play a game in 2014 and was still priced at $194K to start with. I think Fanhub go with a 30% discount on their starting price (ie. fake average). So I’m thinking Petracca might be somewhere between $150 to $200K. Time will tell! But agree, he has to be a serious option if under $200K.

      Thanks for tuning in and the kind words… like the DPP!

      • Surely Petracca is a lock if in the side? Should play round 1 given how built he is and how well his rehab has gone. FWD/MID should also be incredibly handy.

  • My fan footy team so far (some of positions are probably wrong).
    Def: Laird, Newnes, Yeo, Seedsman, Wigg, Byrne (Brown (Ess), Brown (WCE))
    Mid: Titch, Fyfe, Rocky, Gaz, Crouch, Thomas, Freeman, Wells (Fiorini, Gresham)
    Ruc: Martin, Goldy (Currie, West)
    Fwd: Dusty, Barlow, Bell, D Menzel, Perracca, Kerridge (Sumner, Hipwood)

  • Any chance at all of you guys bringing DT Talk Live back? Missing the old days, would love to see a return!

  • How in god’s name is Calvin a teacher? My condolences to the youth of Tasmania.