Sub rule gone in 2016

The Herald Sun is reporting that the substitute rule will be abolished in 2016. The interchange is limit will be decreased from 120 to 90.

This will definitely make our Fantasy footy playing much more fun. You beauty. It’s now party time!


  • Rotations at 90 but may affect few player scores

  • Finally everyone will be on the same level…Now all they have to do is scrap the bye rounds and we’ll be in heaven!

  • All I’ll say is this: Yay

  • YES. This is the best news ever.

    Now all they need to do is scrap the ridiculous 3 round bye system. Just have a f**** week off for all teams mid season. How simple and good would that be? Too simple for the AFL though.

    • Very happy to see the sub rule go as it’s a lottery, but I like the MBRs – everyone knows what’s coming, and if you plan for them you tend to do OK; adds a bit of spice to the comp imo.