Lampe’s Price Watch – Round 20

For most of us round 19 turned out to be a high scoring round. Hopefully you did enough to push yourself into the top eight, ideally with a second chance in the top four. If not, you can still play for pride and overall rankings, as the bottom half of the ladder still plays off during finals.

Here is a look at some of the best and worst players to trade-in this week, with an emphasis on value and the run home.



Kade Simpson ($447,000): I’ve had a few people ask me who my pick of the defenders under 450k is. For me, that man is Kade Simpson. He hasn’t been lighting the world on fire with a three and five round average of just over 80, but he has a fairly favourable draw ahead. Simpson faces Brisbane this week, a team he has a very good recent history against. He has scored 104, 87, 111 and 119 in his last four matches against them. He then takes on Melbourne, GWS and Hawthorn in the remaining three rounds, with the potential for good numbers if he can avoid a tag. I think the odds are in his favour to avoid tight attention against Melbourne, but he may cop some against the Giants. Simpson was rendered completely ineffective by a Tom Bugg tag last year, holding him to just 11 touches and 26 fantasy points. Simpson owners will be hoping Bugg remains out of the Giants line up for the rest of 2015.

Simpson has the potential and draw to average 90+ throughout the finals. If you are worried about a tag, James Kelly would be my second defender target under 450 grand.

*Side note*- Of the big four, Matthew Boyd ($536,000) is the one I would go with this week. He is the cheapest he has been all season, and is coming of 120 last weekend. He just pips Mundy who has been in terrific form lately, but has a slight injury concern having gone in for scans earlier this week.


Sam Gilbert ($357,000): Gilbert is one straight out of left field, who has been quietly getting back to good form. He is priced just above 350k, and has scores of 87, 90 and 94 in his last three matches (albeit with a week off due to a small niggle in the middle). Gilbert’s break-even is a lowly 31, so it is highly likely that he will be in for some significant price rises in the coming rounds. Although it’s been a long time since his glory days as a fantasy defender, he still has some solid potential. If he could average 80-85 from this point on it would be a massive win, but are you be willing to take the risk this late in the game?

He is an extremely unique option with just 1.53% ownership, and is slowly getting back to his best. Personally, he is too risky for me at this stage of the season, but he is worth considering if you are strapped for cash.


Nick Malceski ($384,000): Unfortunately, Malceski’s run of form has slowed in the last two weeks. It seems like this is primarily due to a leg complaint that seems to be hampering his movement. Last weekend fox commentators mentioned that he didn’t look 100% on the field, and there was speculation leading into the match that he could be a late withdrawal. With scores of only 60 and 53 in his last two, coupled with a break-even that’s risen to 88, this could be the ideal week to upgrade him before he loses significant money.

I honestly believe he was set to average 80+ before his newest injury worry, but alas it seems likely it wasn’t meant to be. A mini upgrade to one of the big guns could net you an extra 30-40 points weekly.



Tom Rockliff ($533,000): I believe that Rocky is the number one midfielder to trade-in this week. Since coming back from injury he has posted four hundreds from five matches, three of which have been 120+. Rockliff presents unbelievable value if he can get back close to the form of last year, and he is currently down a staggering 230 grand form his starting price. He faces Carlton and Adelaide in the next two weeks, teams he scored 153 and 180 on last season (although he did have only 95 on Carlton earlier this year after being knocked out the week before). The only real concern about Rocky is his small susceptibility to a tag. He was kept to just 53 points against Bastinac a few weeks ago, but I am predicting for him to break through any attention he receives and average 120+ for the remainder of the year.

Although he hasn’t been able to reach the lofty heights that made him the stand-out fantasy player of 2014 (mainly due to injury), he is still one of the best options for the run home. There is a very strong argument to be made that he is the most under-priced player in the competition, and I would advise all coaches to have a real look at trading him in before he loses some of his current value (b/e 88).

Lachie Neale ($540,000): Neale is a player many of us gave serious thought to in the pre-season, but few had the guts to actually go with. For those who took it on, they have been rewarded with an average just shy of 104 and some monster scores along the way. It is the diminutive Docker’s final four opponents that could see him end the season with a bang. He faces West Coast, North and Port in his next three, teams he monstered for 162, 151 and 125 respectively, earlier this year. He faces Port in the DT Grand Final, a team he only had 59 on in the season opener, but he did have scores of 99 and 124 against them before that.

If you are looking for a point of difference that could possibly end the year with gigantic numbers, Neale could be your man. He has a break-even of just 85, so there is every chance he won’t be any cheaper again this year.


Brent Stanton ($597,000): It is probably a bit harsh putting Stanton as a 50/50 given his incredible form, but he has burnt us so many times in the past I can’t in good conscious put him as a must have. Despite his roller-coaster nature and checkered history, Stanton is having one of his best fantasy years to date. His second half of the season has been particularly impressive, notching scores of: 100, 143, 124, 122, 112, 114, 58, 113 and 153 since round eleven. This has resulted in him becoming the third most expensive player in the competition, behind only 2015 standouts Hodge and Picken.

I can’t bring myself to do it, largely because it’s Brent Stanton, but he has rewarded those that have taken the punt handsomely. He has a good draw ahead with matches against the Crows, Suns, Tigers and Pies and could give you something brilliant in the DT Grand Final, with scores of 130, 150 and 143 in his last three encounters against Collingwood.

*Side note* If you are looking to save money, Rory Sloane ($446,000) and Pearce Hanley ($450,000) are two unique options. They both have the potential to average 100+ for the remainder of the year and have reasonably favourable draws ahead.


Once again I found it too difficult to signal out one particular midfielder this week. Luke Parker ($508,000) is well down on his mid-season form, averaging just 87 in his last five matches. I can’t completely advise you to avoid him however, as he has possibly the best run home of any of the popular Mids. As good as David Armitage ($511,000) has been this year, he is clearly playing hurt and only has one hundred in his last five matches. His break-even has jumped out to 120, and he could be under 500k next week. Dyson Heppell ($500,000) also has one hundred in his last five, and is seriously suffering from Jobe’s absence. He cops the hard tag every time the opposition decides to dish one out, and it has resulted in a five round average of only 86.



For those coaches looking to upgrade Naitanui, McKernan, Leunenberger or any other ruck, here are my top three options this week.

1) Todd Goldstein ($673,000): I almost went with Martin due to value, but I simply can’t look past how good Goldy has been. He is now the highest averaging player in the competition, and is coming off another massive score of 155. Goldstein now has ten consecutive hundreds, incredibly six of which have been 130+. He faces St Kilda this week, a team he had 130 on last year when he wasn’t anywhere near the fantasy player he is now.

2) Stefan Martin ($591,000): Martin has been in incredible form lately, scoring 138 and 134 in his last two. He may average slightly less than Goldstein for the rest of the year, but at 82k cheaper he provides great value. Martin hasn’t gone under 90 since round one.

3) Sam Jacobs ($482,000): If it wasn’t for the unbelievable form of Goldy and Martin, Jacobs’s value would be getting him a lot more attention. He hasn’t been quite as consistent as 2014, but he is still averaging just a shade under 96. He must be very close to his basement price (b/e 90) and should smash Giles or McKernan this week.


Jonathan Giles ($359,000): If you are looking to save money (which I wouldn’t recommend unless you have to), Giles is possibly the best option in the rucks. He is coming in with scores of 74 and 90, and as long as McKernan stays out of the side he should be solid. His break-even is only 47, so he has money to make and there is a good chance he can average 75+ as the lone ruckmen.

Giles has shown his capabilities in the past, averaging 82 in his debut season with the Giants. He isn’t anywhere near my top options, but he should be solid enough if you desperately need to upgrade elsewhere.



Luke Dahlhaus ($523,000): Dahlhaus looks like the man right now, and is back close to the brilliant form he began the year with. He has a lowest score of just 94 in his last five matches, and has two hundreds (both 120+) during this period. Dahl is another player who has a strong history against the remaining sides he takes on this year. He pumped out 113, 113, 110 and 108 against the Dees, Eagles, Kangas and Lions respectively, earlier this year. The only concern about Dahlhaus, is his susceptibility to a tag. Melbourne loom as the only team that use a tight checking, run with player, and although he plays them this week, there is a high chance The Bont will be tagged ahead of him.

Dahlhaus seems to be working through his attention issues, and is riding the Bulldogs strong wave of form. His break-even is 88, so this could be the cheapest you see him for the remainder of the year.


Lachie Hunter ($394,000): I’ve had a number of people ask me about Hunter, so here is my take on him. He is coming off three big scores, 89, 122 and 127 in his last three, and has increased 106k during this period. The key to his transformation has been his markedly increased possession tally, racking up over 30 touches in each of these matches. Hunter has a break-even of only 22 and has a lot of money to make if he can continue his current form. Having said all this, I won’t be going with Hunter this year. It’s not that he doesn’t have potential or couldn’t pull it off, he’s simply too risky for my liking given that finals start this weekend.

It basically comes down to whether you think he can keep up the big scores, and how much risk you are willing to take. He’s not for me, but quite a few coaches may be willing to take the punt on the young Bulldog.

Be very wary:

Devon Smith ($427,000): Smith is another player there has been a bit of talk about this week. This is primarily due to his low price. Smith is now under 430k, and is down over 100 grand from his starting value. Unfortunately for those that took the punt on him, 2015 has not been his year. His first half of the season was solid enough, but his second half has been well below average. Smith has only produced one score over 100 in his last six matches, including scores of 69, 54 and 49 in three of his last four. With a break-even of 96, he may not have reached his basement price yet.

A player with enormous potential and a good fantasy game, but it’s hard to justify his selection right now. He does have 133 and 110 in his previous matches against Port and Sydney (his next two opponents), but it would take a very brave person to join the 1.53% of coaches who currently have him.

Final Thoughts:

Lampshade’s Lads scored 2377 in round 19, moving me up 477 places to 2154th overall. Unfortunately this still resulted in my second league loss of the year, both times in which I have been the second highest scorer of the round. Sometimes these things just happen. In regards to my trades this week, I am looking to downgrade one of my mid rookies in order to generate the cash needed to upgrade Malceski to Simpson.

If you have any trade questions I will happily respond to you in the comments below, or on twitter @David_Lampe1

Good luck to everyone in the first week of finals, hopefully you either get yourself straight through to the prelim, or keep your hopes alive with a spurring victory over one of your mates.


  • Nice work Lampe, I got hunter last week and happy with his score and favourable draw ahead!

    Quick question: I have 276k to upgrade with my last trade this week.
    1) McEvoy to Goldy (play Lambert, 33k bank)
    2) McEvoy to Stef (play Lambert, 115k bank)
    3) Malceski to Picken (play Lambert, 58k bank)
    4) Daniel to Neale/Fyfe (Lambert bench, no rookies fielded, very little $$)

    Do you think Lambert can score well v Suns this week?
    Cheers mate

    • Or another option worth considering is
      5) Hamling to 504k any position which means I could bench Malceski/Lambert??

      • I would possibly even go with this option mate, assuming you can find a player you really like for that value. If not, I would stick with option four just ahead of the others.

        • Malceski on my ground scares me a bit so I would love to get him on the bench at least,

          Do you like Hamling to Higgins (who should ton up against the Saints) and bench Malceski, who I can sell next week, swing Dick back in defence, and get a premo MID? That would solve the Malceski problem and set up my team for next week.

          What do you think?
          Thanks Lampe!

    • I’d go with number 3, McEvoy has been pretty good lately and with Lambert coming up against GC this week he’s very likely to do well. Malceski has been average lately and Richmond are just going to restrict him further, Picken has been a jet all year and he has an awesome run coming up.

    • Thanks Port. Yep he’s been good, hopefully he can keep it up.

      I would go with option four mate. This would have your team fully upgraded and ready for luxury trades next week. I really like all four options to be honest though. Great trades.

      I do think Lambert will go well against Gold Coast this week (assuming he’s not the sub, which he shouldn’t be) and score 65+.

  • Hi Lampe. Out early today. Informative reading as usual. My quandry for this week:

    1. Kavanagh to Sloane or any other mid under 454k. Keep Lambo on the bench.

    2. Lambo to Fyfe or another mid up to 530k and hope Kavanagh gets a game so that I have cover

    What do you reckon?

    • I just noticed that Fyfe has the Roos next week and Dees the week after, two good tagging teams.

      • Very true. I would avoid Fyfe for now anyway, as we can’t be certain if he is 100% over his injury worries yet.

    • Thanks Toasted. Yep early rise mate. I would go with Kavanagh to Sloane. I like Sloane’s run ahead with matches against Essendon and the Lions, who he had 160 on last year. I think Lambo should be good this week against the Suns, make some cash and he is still a good bench option.

  • Should we be worried about the possibility of Boyd being rested for one week?

    I know the doggies are fighting to keep top 4, but they rested their captain Murphy last week, and with only a few trades left, we can’t afford to trade in someone who might miss a game during finals.

    As of now, I’ve got Picken but I’m tempted by the value of Boyd.

    • I have been thinking the same thing. I have Yeo and considering trading him to Boyd this week, but would hate for him to be rested come the semi or grand final.

    • It’s a possibility for sure and he’s more likely to be rested than a lot of other players. However, I think that fighting for the top four spot will see him play the remaining games out.

      Is this for Real Dream Team? If it is, I would probably go with Picken just for the added security. If not, toss a coin. Both are fantastic options.

  • Which cheap mid to come in at M8: Sheuy, or Hanley?

    I could consider Sloane but the aforementioned two have higher ceilings.

    Also Pops Kelly as a good cheap defender option with the potential to avg 90 for the rest of the season?

    • Out of those two, I’d say Hanley. Just more reliable, Sheuy still hasn’t been able to make the next step up, and Hanley has moved lower down the tag list than Rocky so far this year. Personally I’m going Sloane mainly due to his former consistency/tag safety, he’s replacing an absolute spud so reliable 90s-110s is a massive improvement, not to mention a generally pretty friendly draw.

      Yep, he sure is, I don’t know if I’ll ever be that well off to bring him in for Yeo/Griffen, but it’s on the cards for me.

    • Hey Psych. Tight one, but out of those two I’m just leaning towards Hanley. He has a good draw ahead. I would have Sloane as my number one option though mate. Should be good against Essendon this week, and he had 160 on the Lions last year.

      I like the Kelly pick as a cheaper defender. He should average between 80-90 for the remainder of the year imo.

      • Thanks Lampe. You guys have started to swing me towards Sloane given his draw, but Hanley should clean up with no Beams now. Lions draw is favourable for fantasy scoring too.

    • Real tight one between Slone and Hanley. I’m getting 1 of them this week and have never been so 50/50 on 2 players. Hanley has a higher ceiling with decent fixtures, Sloane will be more consistant with great fixtures. Sloane tackles, Hanley marks.

      I can see Sloane getting something like 100, 115, 95, 105, and Hanley 130, 75, 120, 90
      So torn.

      • Yeah that’s pretty much exactly the scoring break down I can imagine, they’ll average about the same, but Hanley will go bigger on the good weeks and lesser on the middling ones. As I said, I’m getting this player in for a frequent 60s spud (Swallow), so the (admittedly not proven since his injuries) reliability of Sloane is more suited to my needs.

  • Boyd or McVeigh this week?

    • Boyd, hopefully won’t cop a rest while the Dogs try to steal 4th.

    • Definitely Boyd mate. Even with the chance of a rest I would go with him ahead of McVeigh. McVeigh has lost his consistency and form of late.

  • Hey Lampe good stuff as usual!

    I am looking to trade out Yeo this week, thoughts on the following trades:

    Yeo to Boyd, Dumont to Barrett (knight at M8) I am worried about Boyd being rested
    Yeo to Fyfe, Dumont to Atkins and Atkins at M8.
    Or hold Yeo and double downgrade this week Atkins and Markworth/Barrett to come in and have enough cash to upgrade Knight to Hunter next week to move to F6?
    This weeks game is winnable wither way I go, my proj 2111 without trades vs 1865 proj.

    • Thanks Kingzy. Getting of the Yeo-Yeo coaster hey:P

      I would probably go with Yeo to Fyfe, and Dumont to Atkins mate. Both Fyfe and Boyd have their risks, Boyd being rested and Fyfe coming off an injury layoff. They should average similarly though, and I believe Atkins is at least as good of a rookie as Knight and he saves you 73k. That will be very handy over the coming weeks.

      Hopefully you get up then, you should by the sounds of it!

  • Yeo to Mundy or Piggen? Worried about Mundy’s injury concern but my opponent has him too…

    • I’d go with Picken, Stuart. He should be the better player and doesn’t have Mundy’s injury concern right now.

  • Sidebottom to neale or sloane?

    • Can afford dangerfield but sloane will free up cash to upgrade kolo next week who is my last rookie playing.

    • I’d be keeping Sidebottom personally, but Neale out of those two mate. Unless you have a specific plan for the extra 100k.

  • Colqohuon to Boyd or Higgins? If i go to Boyd then next week I will only have around 495k to upgrade Lambert, if I go Higgins i’ll have 545k to upgrade lambert.

    • Hey Cayz, I’d still go with Boyd mate. Next week you should still be able to find an option that should average 100+.

      If you really want to work it out, try and determine what you think the players you will choose can average. Then pick the highest combination.

      • Thanks Lampe i’ll look into it. I could also afford Picken, but then i’ve got peanuts left to upgrade Lambert next week. Ah fantasy coaching is a challenge.

        • No worries. If you need some cash to upgrade Lambert with next week then I’d definitely go with Boyd mate.

  • Go Higgins cayz, gives you more options with lambert.

    Nice read again. Early this week too! Pleasant surprise. ;)

    Def: Newnes, Mundy, Hodge, Yeo, McVeigh, Malceski (Clurey, Edwards)

    Mid: Pendles, Armitage, Bartel, Adams, Dangerfield, Lewis, Rockliff, Lambert (Amon, Knight)

    Ruc: Goldstein, Kruezer(Holmes, Brooksby)

    Fwd: Bont, Hunter, Gray, Martin, Riewoldt, Titchell(Cox, McGuane)

    $199K in my bank.

    Option 1: Kruezer + Brooksby > Martin + Atkins leaves me with $85K

    Option 2: Brooksby + Amon > Sloane + Atkins/Barrett leaves me $9K

    Option 3: Brooksby + Malceski > Picken +Atkins/Barrett leaves me with $35K

    Option 4: any other good value options out there?

    How crazy has his year been to date. Gets worse every year. Cheers in advance..

    • Thanks, that was my thought too. Also I don’t want to get burned by Boyd getting rested.

      I’d go with Option 3 as i think Malceski is a bigger issue than Kreuzer, and Lambert plays the Suns this week so I would think he’d outscore eski, I don’t think Richmond will give away a lot of points to the Suns. Plus Bulldogs have an easy run home so Picken should score big from here.

    • Thanks Stat, hopefully it was;)

      I’d go with option three mate. I am quite worried about Malceski right now and Picken is a fantastic addition to any side. After that I’d go with options one and two, in that order.

      It really does, this is the craziest season I can remember with injuries. My theory is the speed of the game!

    • Kruezer has been getting solid 80’s but with Martin in the form he is, could be 30plus point the better every game. Eski seems to be srugglin gwith an injury so put him on the trade table. Picken is s solid pick. Doesn’t seem like the type thta would want to miss a game to rest up

  • Hey lampe, I’m torn and strapped for cash. Would you back b smith or s Gilbert? They are all I can afford :(

    • Hey Leighroy. To be honest I’d probably take the punt on Gilbert. Smith is probably lower risk (if you can say that), but I just don’t rate him right now.

  • I’m still struggling with this…should I buy:
    Fyfe: WCE, NMFC (Jacobs tag), MEL (Vince tag), Port
    Thompson: ESS, BL, WCE, GEL
    Fyfe obviously superior in consistency, but those taggers have me worried.

    • Hey Sammy B. I’m a little worried about Fyfe returning from injury and consequently taggers if he isn’t 100%, but I would still back him in over Thompson. Thompson has been good this year, but his odd stinker puts me off for finals.

      • Thanks Lampe! I might stick with Fyfe then, though even Sloane for his value is tempting me now. Cheers for all your replies during the season too.

    • Fyfe has played all those teams before this year and has toned up I think. Lock him in., he’ll go bananas this week against WCE

  • Yeah cayz Higgins and the Roos are looking good too coming into the last couple of games..I would go higgins but I have the cash to go Picken and he’s really a must have.

    Thanks for your reply bro. It’s weird, when it’s about your own team you start to second guess yourself. But with advices to others it’s a clear decision. Haha

  • For everyones thoughts out there- prepare for Mundy and Neale to be rested before the year is out. I was personally looking at Neale this week but advise against.

    If Dockers beat the Eagles- top 2 guaranteed and only need one more win for top spot (round 22 at home against Melbourne)

    Do not be surprised of Rossy Lyon rests up all players at some stage.

    Why bother flying players to Melbourne (v roos) or Adelaide (v power) if no need?

    • If it’s guaranteed it’s definitely a chance Nathan. I personally think Mundy is the more likely of the two right now, given his injury scans earlier this week.

  • Also was trying to play the price game by bringing Martin in this week because he’s going to jump in price where as Picken might drop a little..

  • Have locked in Kreuzer/Krakouer to Markworth/Stef.

  • whats peoples thoughts on nic nat to sam jacobs and krakouer to deledio as richmond have a pretty easy run home and he has the form to boot too leaves me with 12k in the bank. Any other suggestions appreciated

    • sorry 29k in the bank was lookin at real dt price haha

      • will deledio play?

        • yer man he was ill last week with a tummy bug is all all reports are hes fine now and been in smashing form and the tigers will be out for blood after last weeks loss

          • *sorry* jeez I knew that… why did it slip my brain.

          • Surely he can’t miss two weeks with a cold/flu! Certainty to play, unless he is carrying something else which it doesn’t look like he is imo.

    • Love the trades Dardymen! Jacobs is very good value, and Deledio should be good against the Suns after a week off due to the sniffles.

    • Sandi has been dominating too. Not getting the love like he did last year. Possible he could get rested round 23 though

      • He’s been awesome in the second half of the year. He could be rested but only if top position is sewn up.

  • After a few days racking my brain, still a little lost what to do. In Defence I want to trade Yeo, Eski or Calq. Which is the higher priority. Current thoughts are Eski. I can DG Maynard to Rory Atkins on MID bench. Then have 218K to play with. Thinking Eski out, Higgins DPP to DEF, Taylor Adams to FWD and then Pendles to MID leaving a few K in the bank. I could do this with Yeo and bank $70K plus, if I trade Calq, I won’t have as much cash but could still DPP higgins to DEF and get in someone like Delideo or Goddard. What to do?

    • Hey Mate. With Colq out I think that determines it for you. If you have 218k that leaves you the exact amount to get Boyd, which I would advise you to do.

      • Boyd is very tempting. Still up in the air at the moment. Do have DPP available to allow me to get Fyfe. Wait to see how I feel in a couple of hours :)

  • DEF: Picken, Mundy, Boyd, Shaw, Hibberd, Yeo (Maynard, Schade)
    MID: Rocky, Lewis, J Selwood, Ellis, Heppell, Barlow, Parker, Bonts (Atkinks, Dawson)
    RUC: Goldy, S Martin (Griffin, Cox)
    FWD: Swan, Dusty, Gray, Goddard, Mitchell, Bartel (Lambert, Edwards)

    Mr Lampe please give me some word of wisdom. Which mid would you trade out of Bonts, Hepp, Barlow or Parker? I’m strongly considering Bonts out as the Dees held him to only 45 in R8 with a hard tag from Vince, who i’m assuming will go to him again. Wegles and Norf are also tough fixtures for him in the next 2 after that (every chance Jacobs goes to him aswell). Even though Hepp, Parker and Barlow have been spudding it up lately, would you trade Bonts and back them to come good? (Will be traded to either Hanley/Sloae)

    Second trade is Yeo for obvious reasons. Can’t afford Hodge, so would you get Mcveigh or Kelly? I know Mcveigh has been a bit down lately but he did post a 130 just 2 weeks ago and has some real easy fixtures. Kelly has a lower ceiling but shouldn’t score below 80. Mcveigh worth the 50k more? Leaning towards him! Cheers mate

    • Hey Gambler. Firstly, fantastic team! One of the best I have seen all year.

      I would trade Bont out of those. I don’t like his draw with multiple potential tags ahead, and although the others have been down,they should be slightly better in the run home. I also think McVeigh is worth the extra 50k given his fantastic draw coming home.

  • Stefin Martin and Matty Boyd + $17k


    Sauce Jacobs and Mundy + $108k


    • Stef and Boyd. Mundy might be touch and go to recover from his ankle, and Stef is miles ahead of Jacobs at the moment

    • I’d go Martin and Boyd. Get the best now that it’s finals time, and there must be some doubt on Mundy having gone in for scans.

  • Have 35k in the bank. Please help me
    DEF: Boyd, Smith, Hooker, Gibson, McVeigh, Edwards (Kolo, Byrne)
    MID: Pendles, Bont, Sidebottom, Whitfield, Cripps, Adams, Rocky, Fyfe (Knight, Dumont)
    RUC: Naitunui, Jacobs (Griffin, Cox)
    For: Martin, Dahlhaus, Swan, Gray, Goddard, Dale (Karnezis, McGrath)


    • You could field Jon Griffin and then downgrade Nic Nat to a 120ker giving you 413k to go Dale to someone like Montagna via Adams dpp

    • Assuming Nic Nat is going to miss again.

      • Also a solid option this week, as long as you can get Griffin to someone solid next round.

    • Hey Destroyer. I would trade Dumont to a 120k rookie whose playing, leaving you with 133k in the bank. I would then trade out Dale to avoid a zero and sub Adams into the forward line. I would then get the very best midfielder you can. Possibly Dangerfield, Steven, Hannebery or Macrae.

  • Hi Guys! Who would you play on field out of Lambert, Yeo and Malceski?

    I have to start one of them.

  • Lambert vs Gold Coast easily

  • Hey Lampe.

    There have been murmurings about Mundy not playing. If that is the case should I rely on Lambert or trade Mundy to Hanley. I have also traded Sloane already as my other trade. I will only have 10k left after this trade.

    • I would hold Mundy. It’s only a gut feel but I think he’ll play. Lambert should be a solid back up against Gold Coast regardless.

      I like the Sloane pick for an under-priced Mid this week.

  • Who is the highest priority to trade out of Yeo, Griffen, Wallis or Lambert?

    • Tough one. Possibly Griffen actually. Lambert will probably be the worst on average for the rest of the season but he should be good against Gold Coast this week. He also has significant money still to make.

  • Thoughts on Toby Greene as a unique FWD/MID? Only 468k and coming off the back of 100 and 120, we all know what Greene can do. Toughish draw but I’m willing to take the punt.

  • Hey Lampe. Look forward to reading this article every week!

    I finished top in my Fantasy League and won the first final on the weekend so get this week off. I need to set up my team for the prelim next week. I only have $2K in the bank so slightly restricted! My team is:

    D – Hodge, Shaw, Newnes, Kelly, Malceski, Colquhuon (Edwards, Hamling)
    M – Pendles, Montagna, JPK, Priddis, Lewis, Selwood, Rocky, Fyfe (Lambert, Glenn)
    R – Goldy, Jacobs (Holmes, O’Brien)
    F – Swan, Martin, Dahlhaus, Ziebell, Bont, Gray (Steele, Knight)

    As you can see my defence needs some work – I need to upgrade Malceski and Colquhuon. Having the week off I was originally going to do a double downgrade of Steele and Hamling to get some cash for a double upgrade next week. But your comments re Malceski have got me thinking as to whether I should go one down/one up this week to avoid any loss in value.

    Steele to Markworth gives me $216K to spend. I could go Malceski to Boyd/Mundy but that wouldn’t leave much for Colquhuon next week. My other option is to look for value in players like McVeigh/Higgins/Hibberd/Laird/Simpson.

    Would love to hear your thoughts re a double downgrade vs one down/one up. Thanks.

  • Right, so I’ve tinkered with the team after teams and I think I’ve nailed the alternatives together!

    Here are my options:
    1) McKernan to Evans/McGuane, Malceski to Picken (Hamling D7)
    2) McKernan to Evans, Hamling to Higgins (Malceski D7)
    3) McKernan to Evans, Daniel to Mundy (DPP)

    Which final option would you pick, and who is better downgrade target of Evans and McGuane? Cheers Lampe, appreciate your help!

    • Always smart to do.

      I would go with option one mate. I really like the Malceski to Picken upgrade and would have it slightly ahead of Daniel to Mundy, given Mundy’s injury concern. I would avoid Higgins for now, who is also doubtful for this weekend.

      I would go McGuane over Evans if money isn’t an issue.

      • I was leaning towards one, that has assured me of it! Thanks mate, good luck this week!

  • Thanks Jess, I appreciate it. Finals already huh? Ahead of the rest of us.

    I would downgrade Steele with the first trade, maximizing the cash you can get with someone who is playing. Either Dick, or McGuane if you are prepared to spend a little more to have a safer option.

    With the second trade, I would upgrade Colquhoun (who is out) to Either Boyd, Simpson or McVeigh. Boyd should be the best of the bunch, but it depends how much money you want to leave to upgrade Malceski next week. I would probably go with Boyd myself, and then use Lambert to generate the funds to get another good defender next week.

    But go with your gut feel on the second upgrade.

  • Great read Lampe, you’ve help me a lot this year and hopefully can a little more throughout finals

    I can trade Amon to Atkins and Yeo to a any promo def, mid or fwd under 526k (DPP Mcviegh/ Lambert)

    Who is the best trade in target this week who will increase in price and should have a big output + good run home
    (Was looking at bartel and flicking fwd or simpson and make some money down back or just bring in a decent gun)

  • No worries mate, hopefully I can.

    My top three from best to worst would be: Goddard, Bartel and Dahlhaus.