Benjo’s PODs – Round 16

With ‘big boy month’ fast approaching, how are you going to make the finals? Are you going to crack the top 500 by the end of the season? Well, how are you going to do that? Uniques are so important! Are you going to risk it for the biscuit? Yes, you are!

This week, I’ll choose three interesting PODs from the back, midfield, and forward lines, while also talking about the returning Lion’s ruck.


Grant Birchall

  • Birchall had a whopping 116 DT points in Hawthorn’s massacre against the Dockers. Hawthorn love playing at Aurora, so don’t expect this every week!
  • On the weekend he recorded 31 disposals and 7 marks!
  • Birchall is renowned for his fast starts to the season, especially in the 2011 season, where he averaged 120 in his first four games!
  • Birchall has strung three games together, after missing three weeks with an ankle injury, so he is nearing full fitness.
  • Birchall has averaged over 80 four years in a row now, so he’s a good safety pick.
  • He’s only owned by 2.8%! This could be pretty risky though, especially if he knocks out a low score.
  • Birchall averages 14 kicks this year, and 4 marks as well.
  • Birchall is only priced at 414k! He’s got a break even of 65, so this is the week to jump on!

Despite facing Sydney this week, Birchall must be considered as a D4/5/6 option. Birchall has the security behind him, and I expect him to average 85+. Expect a total roller coaster ride though!


Rory Laird

  • Laird is only owned by 2.87% of DT coaches!
  • Laird has three scores below 70 this year. Two of these scores, a 54 and 49, have both been injury affected. He had a PPM rate of 0.96 in these two games!
  • Laird averages 98 in his last five games.
  • Laird averages 23 disposals a game, and he has only gone under this three times, once again twice in those injury affected matches.
  • He averages 5 marks a game as well, and 4 tackles.
  • Laird also has a relatively easy run home, facing the leaky Suns, Essendon, Brisbane and the Eagles.

Despite costing 483k, Rory Laird isn’t slowing down. Get him now!


Nick Malceski

  • Malceski recorded a season high 90 against the Bulldogs on Saturday.
  • He is currently priced at 359k, and is 162k cheaper than his starting price.
  • Malceski has a break even of 56, so he should sky rocket in price over the coming weeks.
  • He averaged a career high 92 last season with the Swans.

Malceski is now 162k cheaper than his starting price, and cannot be ignored. He is more than capable of averaging 80+ from now until season’s end.



Sam Mitchell

  • Mitchell is only owned by 5.2% of the competition!
  • Sam Mitchell hasn’t gone under 90 since round 4!
  • He averages 109 against Sydney in his last five games against them.
  • He averages 106 against Carlton in his last five games against them.
  • He averages 113 against Richmond in his last five games against them.
  • Above are Mitchell’s next three opponents!
  • When Mitchell goes above 100, he averages 118 this season!
  • Mitchell has recorded 8 tons, 3 scores in the 90s, and 2 scores under 90!
  • Mitchell averages 25 disposals this year, but has only gone under this number twice, with many games tallying in at 30+ disposals!

If your looking for a midfield POD, then Sammy is definitely your man! P.S. Last week, the number one ranked team in AFL Fantasy, Kyms Klan, traded in Mitchell, to be rewarded with a handy 142! Great stuff!


Andrew Gaff

  • Gaff has only went under 90 once this year!
  • Gaff has recorded seven consecutive hundreds!
  • Gaff put up a massive 152 against the Crows on the weekend.
  • He averages 31 disposals a game this year, and 6 marks.
  • Gaff loves his role on the wing, and loves uncontested marks!
  • He’s only owned by 1.3% of DT coaches!

It’s simple. Gaff has been enjoying his new role, and has been producing outstanding numbers. He comes at a hefty price though.


Daniel Hannebery

  • Hannebery is only owned by 4.6% of the competition.
  • Hannebery has scored under 90 points twice this year!
  • When Hannebery ‘goes big’, he goes big. He averages 126 when he goes above the hundred mark.
  • Hannebery averages 31 disposals a game this year!
  • Hannebery averages 4 marks and 5 tackles a game.
  • He’s recorded 8 tons this year.

Hannebery is in fine form, and looks to continue. He is very pricey and may break your bank, but he is a great POD.



Stefan Martin

  • Martin averaged 112 last season from 12 games, and is currently sitting on an average of 108.
  • Stef’s lowest score this year is 87, which came in round one against the Pies.
  • Martin has notched up 7 tons this season, including a monster 136 against Adelaide two weeks ago.
  • Stef is only owned by 8.3%* of the competition.
  • Stef ranks number one in the competition, for rucks, for disposals, tallying in at an average of 20 possessions a game.
  • Martin also ranks number one, for rucks, for marks, tallying in at an average of 5 marks a game.
  • Martin also enjoys a hit out average of 32 a game.

Martin is a great player to have in your team, because he is a ‘consistent koala’ (Thanks Warnie). Martin also has a high ceiling, and is a force to be reckoned with. Try and fit him into your side ASAP.


Jimmy Bartel

  • Bartel scored a massive 116 on the weekend, and notched up 41 possessions, his career best. I’m sure not many players have done that after returning from a ten week injury!
  • Bartel scored 114 in the VFL two weeks ago, so he is at full fitness!
  • Last year, Bartel scored 155 and 148, so he has a massive ceiling! Both of these games were played at Simonds Stadium, where Geelong play half of their remaining games at.
  • In fact, last year Jimmy averaged 121 at Simonds Stadium!
  • Bartel averages 6 marks a game, and roughly 25 disposals as well.
  • Bartel has not gone under 95 in a season in the last 9 years! Only 8 forwards are averaging above 95. Bartel has the potential to average 110!
  • Jimmy is priced at 489k! Your paying this for someone who shouldn’t average under 95!

Despite having a break even of 121, he must be considered this week at Simonds Stadium, against the Bulldogs! Your paying 489k for a certain 95+ average. You’d take that in a heartbeat! Absolute lock.


Jack Crisp

  • Crisp is only owned by 2.8% of the competition!
  • Crisp has scored 124 and 99 against Hawthorn and Fremantle respectively, proving that he isn’t a fluke.
  • Crisp averages 110 in the last month of footy, where his club, Collingwood, have lost three of their last four matches.
  • Collingwood face, West Coast, Bulldogs and Melbourne in their next three games.
  • Crisp averages 22 disposals, 4 marks and 6 tackles a game this year.

Greenwood is coming back this week, so Crisp’s role may change.
Crisp is priced at 529k, but he cannot be ignored any longer. Not really a risk anymore, so get him in!

Dayne ‘The Magician’ Zorko

  • Zorko has not been very impressive this year, but I feel any minute now he’s going to go bang!
  • The Magician averages 110 in his last three games! These were played against, Adelaide, Fremantle and Sydney!
  • Zorko should not get the tag by any means now. Rocky is back in, and Hanley’s joined him, while Beams is in stunning form.
  • Zorko has averaged 95, 74 and 88, so he can easily average 90 from now until season’s end.
  • He’s averaged 20 disposals, 5 marks and 4 tackles this year, as well as a goal a game.
  • Zorko has a massive ceiling as well, recording five scores over 130 last year.

At 460k, and with a break even of 40, this will be the week that you have to jump on Zorko. He’s a great player, but he does occasionally get the odd 50.



My team scored 2219 in Fantasy. This week, I get Docherty back from injury, but unfortunately Jelwood was reported for his chicken wing on Wright. Riewoldt could also be a late withdrawal for Maddie’s Match.
I’m looking at bringing in Bartel and Knight this week, for Sinclair and Jelwood.


  • Gazza and Rocky are cheap! There is almost no risk in this in AF, but in the limited trade formats, you should be careful, because one little bump, and their season is over.
  • The rookies that you pick up now should remain in the positions you pick them up in. For example, Steele should stay in F6, if you buy him in F6. Knight should stay in M10, if you pick him up in M10.
  • Don’t be fooled by Hawthorn’s DT scores across the board on Sunday. It’s not going to happen every week!


Good luck this week! I hope you enjoyed the eighth edition of Benjo’s PODs.

Comment your trade ideas down below and I’ll try to get to as many as possible! Also, my Twitter handle is @Benjodt, so feel free to ask me any questions!


  • Nice work as always Benjo, I need help this week
    29k in the bank

    DEF: Hodge, Mundy, Boyd, Mcveigh, Newnes, Ibbotson ( J.Kolo, Fields )
    MID: Pendles, Armitage, Fyfe, Parker, Beams, Treloar, Barlow, Wallis ( Dumont,Smith )
    RUCKS: Jacobs, Goldstein ( Cox, Holmes )
    FWDS: Swan, Gray, Dusty, T.Mitchell, Ziebell, Mckernan ( Lambert, Byrne )

    Which option >
    1) Dumont > Knight & Wallis > Rocky. 67k
    2) Ibbotson > Z.Jones & Wallis > Steven 91k
    3) Ibbotson > K.Simpson &Dumont > Knight 2k
    4) Something else ?

    • Thanks Paynton.

      Ibbotson must go. You have limited cash, so I would go down to Malceski, which is kind of an upgrade, yet you are downgrading :) That will give you around 60k.

      Then, you should have the cash to go, Wallis to Rocky.

      Your team is basically complete. All you need to do is get rid of Kern in the coming weeks, and you should be good to go!

      • Thanks mate. Am I alright to hold off on Knight for a week? Leaves me no bench cover .

        • It’s a bit of a gamble, but I think you should get away with it.

          Ibbotson must go, and Malceski and Rocky’s prices will sky rocket.

  • Thanks Benjo for another great read, one quick question.

    What are your thoughts on Sidebottom

    • I am a massive fan of Sidebottom, but he hasn’t been producing ‘Sidebottom-like’ numbers. He’s spending lots of time up forward as well…

  • What are peoples thoughts on Wallis to Ryan Griffen and Ebert to Ablett?

    • While I’m not looking to drop him anymore, I wouldn’t get Griffen in unless he gets Def status. He’s been better of late, but he’s not worth getting in as a mid in his own right, ceiling of 110 and with Shiel gone, he may end up back in the mids and score 50s again.

      • Thanks matt!

        Should I leave ebert or drop him?

        I have some issues in my backline that I’m going to fix next week with Ox, Thurlow, Ibbo and Taylor.

        I was thinking Wallis – Gaz and Ox – Fields – Make $180K in bank for next week.

        • Personally I don’t trade out underperforming premos/near premos if I have rookie issues to deal with (Thus I still have Griffen months after everyone else sold him), so I’d be holding Ebert myself.

          Would Ox to Superboot be on field? While his score was solid, it was from 10 touches boosted by 5 marks and 10 tackles. Not saying it’s a definite no go, I’ve got him in this week on a bench spot, and Jake Kelly had a similar case with 7 touches and 10 tackles in his first score then had a couple of massive 100s in his next few weeks, so it’s possible Fields could be good enough short term, but I’d be too scared of him getting Alex Pearce type scores if the marks and tackles drop off to have him in D5 or 6.

  • Well done benjo, nice work, very useful!

    I need some advice with my trades..

    Def: Hodge, McVeigh, Hibberd, Simpson, Newnes, Oxley (Brown, Hamling)
    Mid: Beams, Pendles, Armitage, Heppell, Ward, Barlow, Ebert, Wallis (Dumont, Dick)
    Ruc: Jacobs, McKernan (spuds)
    Fwd: Swan, Martin, Gray, Mitchell, Motlop, Daniel (Lambert, Marsh)
    Should I do

    1) Oxley to Mundy and complete my defence, although that means I miss out on rocky…
    2) Wallis to Rocky, even though I have a complete mid
    3) Oxley to Malceski, N.Brown to Steele (DPP)
    4) anything else you recommend?

    Thanks a lot, really appreciated mate!

    • 45k in the bank :)

    • Thanks Port. Your defence is stacked, so I’d be tempted to trade Oxley to Malceski. This should give you around 80k.

      I think in AF, you’ve missed the boat on Steele unfortunately.

      I don’t think Rocky is the ‘must have’. He only scored 128, whereas Picken scored 151, so surely Picken should be talked up more?

      I would trade Brown to Riley Knight, so you have good cover in the mids, a handy DPP link, and have 180k for next week.

  • Great read every week Benjo… Love the POD’s article… Thanks for all your effort!!

    RDT question if you can help :-)

    84K in the Bank
    Need to win this week… sitting in 8th Position…
    Only 3 Trades left (Burnt them as I do every year!!!!)

    This is my Team below:
    DEF: Newnes, KK, Hibberd, Simpson, Oxley, Ibbotson (Saad, Hamling)
    MID: Pendles, Fyfe, Heppell, Ebert, Parker, Lewis, Rockliff, Hodge (Boston, Amon, Kav)
    RUCKS: Goldy, Martin (Downie)
    FWD: Swan, Martin, Gray, Bont, Mitchel, Steele (Hogan. Krakouer)

    Do I trade Ibbo to Malceski / Birchall / Laird? Not enough money to go any higher…
    Do I move Hodge to my Defence via DPP Saad & get a Mid (McVeigh / Masten / Zorko / Hartlett)

    • Thanks mate! I only started playing DT three years ago, and I haven’t joined the RDT bandwagon as yet. Anyway, I’ll give it my best go.

      At the end of the season, you should try and aim to get all of your DPPs in their proper spot, or the spot that your happy with them to be in. Therefore, Hodge must be moved to your defence.

      I would trade Saad to McVeigh, meaning you’ve got solid cover in Ibbotson.

  • Benjo – good read.

    I’m currently playing Wallis, Cripps and Steele in my mids.

    Do I trade Wallis or Cripps to Rocky this week?

    • Thanks MD.

      Is there anything else you could do in regards to building your team around the premiums?

      I.e. Do you have an Oxley or a rookie that needs upgrading, on your field?

      As I said above, I don’t think Rocky is a ‘must have’. He’s a gun, but I wouldn’t go trading Cripps/Wallis ahead of Oxley/another rookie just to get to Rocky. Earlier this year I traded Cripps at around 330k to Rocky, while Cripps was still making money. I had a lot of problems in my side, so this was the wrong trade. It turns out Rocky got injured as well, so this trade cost me big time!

      • Great read Benjo!! As always :)

        Can u please help me on my trades for this week?? I’m quite stuck..
        Thanks :)

        AFL Fantasy

        DEF: Hodge, Mundy, McVeigh, Yeo, Saad, Hamling (Byrne, Flynn)

        MID: Pendles, Fyfe, Parker, Lewis, Heppel, Wallis, Cripps, Knight (Dumont, Amon)

        RUC: Goldy, Mckernan (Nankervis, King)

        FWD: Martin, Swan, Riewolt, Goddard, Gray, Steele, (Fantasia, Lambert)

        160k in the bank…

      • Cheers Benjo.

        My team looks like this before trades:

        DEF: Hodge, Mundy, Simpson, Newnes, Hibberd, Smith (Clurey, Hamling)
        MID: Lewis, Beams, Armitage, Parker, Sidebottom, Wallis, Cripps, Steel (Glenn, Stretch)
        RUCK: Goldstein, Jacobs (Downie, Cox)
        FWD: Swan, Martin, Mitchell, Gray, Bont, McKernan (Lambert, Fantasia)

        Open to suggestions… I’ve been out of the country for 9 rounds of footy so have missed the boat on a few trades etc.

        • Geez, you would almost be leading the competition if you made those trades! Great side.

          Steele still has money to make, so I’d keep him in there. Kern is your only non-scoring rookie left, so that is a great sign. Steele and Cripps can easily get to 80.

          Hamling is a bit of a waste on the bench, so I’d trade him down to Fields at 141k, and you’ll make 88k from that move.

          Although McKernan is still making money, he must go. Now… Steele has fwd status, so you can switch him to the fwd line and Kern to the mids, and trade Kern to… Rocky!

        • Stretch is still getting games, plus scoring 50s, so as long as he’s on your bench, you should keep him for this week.

          • Thanks Benjo.
            That’s a good take on this weeks trades.

            Can’t believe I traded in McKernan last week, only now to consider trading him back out!

          • I think it’s the best for your team though. Smith can average 80. Steele, Wallis and Cripps can all average 85ish, yet Kern can only average 70.

  • Great read Benjo!! As always :)

    Can u please help me on my trades for this week?? I’m quite stuck..
    Thanks :)

    AFL Fantasy

    DEF: Hodge, Mundy, McVeigh, Yeo, Saad, Hamling (Byrne, Flynn)

    MID: Pendles, Fyfe, Parker, Lewis, Heppel, Wallis, Cripps, Knight (Dumont, Amon)

    RUC: Goldy, Mckernan (Nankervis, King)

    FWD: Martin, Swan, Riewolt, Goddard, Gray, Steele, (Fantasia, Lambert)

    160k in the bank..

    • Glad you liked it Spag.

      You are going to cop two doughnuts in Hamling + Saad, and they are rookies anyway, so I’d trade them both out.

      Can you trade Saad to Smith + Hamling to Malceski? If so, that’s the trade your after.

      • what about getting rockliff?? When could i get him in?

        • I seriously don’t think Rocky is a ‘must have’, like everyone thinks he is. One big score isn’t going to cut it for me. Picked scored 151, why isn’t he getting any attention? He averages 120 over his last five games or so! Gawn as well? Two 140s, for a cheap ruck, and he’s getting no attention what so ever.

          You’ll improve your overall side by eliminating two doughnuts rather than one.

          I know the temptation of getting Rocky is big, but just trust me on this one.

  • Benjo!! I have a dilemma this week with one of your previous PODs haha.

    DEF: Hodge, Mundy, Boyd, Newnes, Yeo, Clurey (Colq + Byrne)
    MID: Beams, Pendles, Fyfe, Ward, Parker, I. Smith, Wallis, Stretch (Amon + Kav)
    RUC: Goldy and McKernan (Nankervis + Phillips)
    FWD: Swan, Dusty, Devon, Reiwoldt, Gray, Krak (Lambert + ROB)

    So unhappy with my team currently but Reiwoldts injury scares me alot.

    Option 1) Reiwoldt > Jacobs via Mckernan + Wallis > Rocky with 4k
    Option 2) Reiwoldt > Bartel + Wallis > Rocky with 22k
    Option 3) Wallis > Rocky + Kav > Knight with 66k

    Option 3 is probably the most sensible but hey who likes to be sensible?! Any advice would be great mate

    Keep up the great work. Awesome read each week!!

    • Thanks Power.

      I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but Krak has just been named to come back in for Amon, so you’ve got cover for Roo in Lambert, if he is a late withdrawal.

      How much cash do you have before your trades? I’m assuming it’s around 30k.

      Clurey will score 30 max, so that’s effectively a doughnut, same with Stretch. So to prevent this, you have to take them off your field.

      Colquhoun is worrying. He hasn’t gotten a game in two weeks or so, and only scored 76 DT points in the reserves, and wasn’t in their best. Colquhoun to Malceski is a ripping trade. This means that you can field Malceski, and take Clurey off your field.

      Then you can trade Kavanagh, who doesn’t look like getting a game anytime soon, down to Knight, meaning that you’ll have around 60k for next week. Field Knight over Stretch, and keep Knight in your midfield 100%! If you move him to your forward line, and he is by any chance a late out, along with Krak + Roo in there, you’ll have a doughnut!

      • Thanks Benjo!! I do really like that option although only leaves 25k for next week. Was thinking if I go with option 3 then next week Colq becomes Malceski with that left over cash?!

        Thanks for your time and some food for thought!!

        • No worries. I like option 3 as well.

          This week:
          Clurey = 30 points.
          Rocky = 100 points.

          Wallis = 85 points.
          Maleski = 85 points.

          So it’s basically Rocky vs Malceski trade. They are projected to go up the same amount of cash… Malceski plays GWS and shouldn’t cop a tag. Rocky plays Melbourne and should cop a tag.

          I kind of like my option a bit better, because in hindsight, there is less risk in my option, and more risk in option 3, and my option is also a bit more unique.

  • Cheers Benjo.

    My team looks like this before trades:

    DEF: Hodge, Mundy, Simpson, Newnes, Hibberd, Smith (Clurey, Hamling)
    MID: Lewis, Beams, Armitage, Parker, Sidebottom, Wallis, Cripps, Steel (Glenn, Stretch)
    RUCK: Goldstein, Jacobs (Downie, Cox)
    FWD: Swan, Martin, Mitchell, Gray, Bont, McKernan (Lambert, Fantasia)

    First thoughts:
    Stretch > Knight
    Wallis/Cripps > Rockliff

    Open to suggestions… I’ve been out of the country for 9 rounds of footy so have missed the boat on a few trades etc.

  • Hey Benjo awesome read as always!! Just wanted to get your opinion on my trades this week

    DEF:Mundy,Yeo,Kk,Newnes,Taylor,Smith (Hamling, Byrne)
    MID:Fyfe,Lewis,Treloar, Heppell,Telli,Barlow,Boston,(Dumont,Amon)
    RUC:Goldy,Kreuzer (Mkernan,Cox)
    FWD:Martin,Swan,Titch,Grey,Bont,Steele (Fantasia,Lambert)

    Got $50,000 in the bank

    Thinking of going Dumont>Knight and Cripps>Rocky which would leave me with $79,000 left over

    Then next week I could go of Telli>Ablett and Hamling>Fields


  • Well Benji I hope everyone takes your advicr. Birchall laird and Malceski are3 extremely iffy. Zorko is the gamble of all time. How did you get 2200 last round?