Throwback Thursday – ‘The Big Guns’

On the all-time Dreamteam leaderboard for highest individual player scores, two things stand out: 1) goal kickers; and 2) the 1990s.

The top 12 of DT game scores is literally owned by yester-year’s supreme spearheads in acid-wash denim – names like Dunstall, Ablett Sr, Lockett, Carey, Longmire and Lloyd, with only one of the top 12 occurring in the last 15 years and that was by Buddy. All of these super scorers had one particular thing in common: free drinks at Chevron. Oh and they all kicked more than 10 goals.

So what’s the number one DT score ever? Well hang on to your bananas because it’s ‘The Chief’ himself, Jason Dunstall with a score of 243. This came from the monster 17 goals he kicked against Richmond at Waverley in 1992, by which stage the helmet was thankfully long gone, although he did still have a fair ol’ mullet. Dunstall actually has four of the top 12 DT scores – in ’92 he also kicked 12 against the Tigers for 208 points, another 12 v Essendon for 200 pts and in 1996 a lazy 14 v Bulldogs for 199.

Meanwhile Tony Lockett’s mighty 15 goals in ’92 for The Saints against The Swans earned 209 points (with 20K, 0HB, 18M), while his 16 goals straight (!) for The Swans against ye olde Fitzroy Lions back in ’96 was worth a cool 196.

Aside from getting hammered by The Chief back in the day, the hapless Tigers and Bombers were also on the wrong end of God – a.k.a. Gary Ablett Sr – when his 14 goals in 1989 and 1993 registered 213 and 202 points, the latter from 25 kicks and 0 handballs.

Of all current day players, Buddy is the highest at 6th overall with 204 pts from that 13 goal game for Hawthorn v NM in Tassie 2012.

Next is Brent Stanton at 15th overall with 193 points v Brisbane in 2012 (32K, 17M, 8T). Perhaps surprisingly is Brian Lake next at 17th with 192 for The Dogs in 2010 (35K, 22M) while Tom Rockliff and Ablett Jr round out the top 20 with 190 each.

Rocky’s 190 occurred in last year’s Brisbane vs Gold Coast Q-Clash with 47 touches and 10 tackles, while Gaz’s came in 2012 when he roamed free for 53 possessions, albeit in a 97-point loss to Collingwood.

Incidentally in that Q-Clash of Round 18 last year, Pearce Hanley also had 45 touches for 182 DT, so with only 1% of all Fantasy Coaches currently owning him, he might be a genuine POD midfield option in the near future.

Next week’s Throwback: Hawks v Bombers? Or a bye.