New DPPs – Round 12

Another 18 players have been awarded DPP status. Not much else needs to be said. Head to for an article all about them.

We have worked closely with Champion Data on these and it looks like a pretty good list. Post your thoughts, comments and suggestions on who you think was close to gaining DPP and who we should be looking at for the next run in round 18.

(It is just a coincidence that 18 players were on this list again… it has fluctuated between around 15 to 25 over the last couple of weeks as we nailed down the changes).

First NameSurnameClubPriceOwnershipCurrentNew
Nathanvan BerloADE$36600020.12%MIDMID/FWD


  • Feels a little anticlimactic

  • Any backline is gonna look super sexy once it contains Hodge, Mundy, Boyd & McVeigh. Defensive scoring of yesteryear!

    • Agreed, however I think I might have to take out a margin loan facility to pay for it.
      We have that right?

  • My 4 trades in order :) Already got Boyd and Mundy… Hodge and McVeigh over coming weeks. Nobody is stopping that backline!

  • Annoyed Barlow didn’t get it…Dahlhaus will be solid replacement for him though. McVeigh and McGlynn next week.

  • What more does Steve Johnson have to do to get DPP? He plays as much as a forward as anyone

    • SJ’s not relevant anyway

      and besides, he flats through HF when he has the ball, but the majority of his possessions (which is the main ruling here) are from within the centre square
      and he’s not attending bounces either (Selwood, Stokes and Kelly [probably SJ now] are the ones mainly there)

      he’s more of a Wing/HF role, which isn’t DPP worthy imo

      • I admit that he does rest forward (because he’s old and slow) but he doesn’t get that many possessions there – it’s mainly a long kick to Hawkins and then maybe SJ crumbs it

      • He’s bloody close, let me tell you that… just the justification isn’t quite there as it would throw up too many questions about others. If things keep going like they are, then I would suggest he will be in the round 18 additions.

        If CD were doing 2016 positions right now, he would almost definitely be a FWD/MID.

  • Thought Karl Amon would be in there, would prove to be very handy having another MID/FWD rookie

  • Who to choose as a defense upgrade: Boyd, Picken or McVeigh? Don’t care abouth the byes…

  • i have got toby greene in my midfield, yet my fwd line is already complete. do I keep him in the mid ‘s and then eventually move him fwd in order to rotate him with some others at f7 once everything else is done?

    • That would be the best plan from here. Use the DPP link while you can and then get him to F7.

      • with tom lynch it is actually stacked 8 deep, but I will cash in on him after the byes…and then there is mcglynn now as well, too many dpp’s!

        • then wait on Greene

          upgrade the rest of the team and then axe Greene/Lynch if he hasn’t fired (which I don’t think he’s likely to do)

  • Any chance of seeing the heatmaps for these guys? proved interesting viewing last time around.

  • Can anyone tell me in just a bit more detail how the captain loophole works for Thursday night footy?

    • Pretty much, because there is a partial lockout there is the opportunity to change you team after a game has already been played, which essentially allows you to have 2 shots at picking a captain.

      You can put you VC on a player who is in the first game (e.g. this week Lewis or Dangerfield). After the game depending on what your VC showed you can choose whether or not you want this players score to count as your captains score (as VC counts when the C does not play). You then have a decision to make

      a) Choose not to take score of VC and choose another player to put the C on and take their score, or

      b) Take your VC score by choosing a captain who will not play (e.g. this week a player with the bye) therefore allowing you to have your VC score doubled. This can be done in the time between the partial lockout and full lockout as only the Crows and Hawks players will be set and every other player can still be moved

      The mark at which you choose to take the VC score over the C score is generally around the 120 mark, but it could be lower this week with so many top premos out.

  • Was Wellingham close to Def/Mid/Fwd status?