The WADA Appeal, how does it affect your Fantasy Players?

Yet again the Bombers are in the news, and the saga continues. Just when you thought it was safe to bring Heppell or numerous Bombers players into your team, the cloud of doubt now hangs over them …yet  a bloody ‘gain.
Remember the Tuesday before the season started, the ASADA decision of “Not guilty” ( well it actually found it could not be “comfortably satisfied” the footballers had received banned drugs in the injection program Dank oversaw) some of us decided that the Bombers players were worth the risk.

However the spectre of an ASADA appeal put many of us off players like Heppell (I regret!).
Just before round 4 ASADA decided it wouldn’t appeal, and DTers with Bombers players rejoiced, it was over, we could choose Bombers premiums without any problems…but we were wrong.


Recently news reports filtered through that WADA has decided to appeal the decision. But what does that mean for our Fantasy and Dream team sides?

How does this affect our DT teams?
First of all, which DT relevent players are affected?

From the list of players, the main stand outs are Heppell, Watson, Hibberd, maybe a Stanton as a POD in a few teams. Many have Bellchambers, but it might not be a factor if you plan to upgrade him. A few also would have Melksham, although many would have offloaded after recent performances.
Ryder is no longer with Bombers is another who will be affected.

Ariel Steinberg and Alex Browne are rookie priced player that could be a potential downgrade options should they get a game. Be aware if they come up that they carry this weight.

I’ve even seen Michael Hurley in one team or two (really?) as he has actually averaged 80 this season.

DT relevent players like Goddard are not affected, nor are the new bunch of rookies that may get a game.

What is likely going to happen?
I’m no lawyer, so this is what Justin Quill, Melbourne leading lawyer has to say.

“If Essendon and Hird want to argue about whether they should not have to pay ASADA’s costs, they have until October 1.”

I wasn’t completely sure what the worst case scenario would be for our Dream teams this year, so I asked the expert himself, and this was his reply.

If you are not aware, there are 24 rounds in a year. This means, worst case scenario, a decision will be made in the middle of DT finals. Possibly not as big an issue for fantasy as RDT, as there would be many teams by then with little or no trades left.

And lets say you have a Bombers stacked team for some reason, Heppell, Watson, Stanton, Hibberd, Ryder and Belly in the ruck maybe Browne and Steinberg are only downgrade options late in the season, your team could well be in trouble. (But why would you have that team?)

BUT…This is worst case scenario. I have no doubts Bombers will do everything in their power to delay this until 2016, after all, I doubt they would want half the team missing come the finals (unless they aren’t likely going to make the finals in which case the opposite). Its just something to bear in mind should you decide to …for some reason….stack the deck with the players mentioned above.

If nothing else, if you are like me, with a couple of the players above in your team, at the very least you will need to watch this space.

– Shags


  • Nice work Shags,
    There will be nothing like having a few more forced premo mid trades if Essendon get banned.

  • Most disgusting scandal in Australian sport deserves a grander ending than ‘not comfortably satisfied’ and the turd Hird walking off as a hero. Hopefully this time they all get rubbed out.

  • Even with this hanging over essendon do you think this would effect the players? Eg Goddard, thinking this week to bring him in with his low be but could also just play it safe and get pendls?


  • Hasn’t affected them that much in the past and unless something huge happens, eg a Supreme Court action to get Dank and others to testify, they’ll get off again on the current evidence. They know that so they’ll just play as normal, Goddard will be as huge as ever.

    • Even if Dank is made to testify, people forget the he’s already said under-oath to the ACCC that he did not give any performance enhancing drugs to Essendon players. To say otherwise would send him in jail for lying under oath. And no other potential witnesses are in the position to know.

      So I’m not losing any sleep having Essendon players in my team.

  • The oath is just something witnesses say before they give their evidence…

    • yes, but it’s also a legal thing that you are telling the truth

      to then swear under oath again and tell a completely contradictory story can see you jailed for “lying under oath” or “averting the cause of justice” which can prove fairly costly for compensation purposes

  • I don’t think there’s anything to worry about

    the local ADA have given their verdict, and the punishment seems about fair given the circumstances (missing out on finals in 2012 apt punishment, as well as drafting penalties)

    nevertheless, worst case scenario will see a backdated ban, essentially nullifying Mar13-Mar15 (2 years is pretty standard these days) which will have no effect on this season, as well as a lengthy term for Hird

    also missing that Essendon-fan Warnie would probably have that team come finals :P