The Friday Scramble: Round 5

FridayScrambleAnother week, more problems! I know I have said it before, but this year has been one of the most difficult I have ever encountered. We have seen so much carnage, but not only injuries we have had so much inconsistency from our rookies too.  Poor old Jeppa is doing a great job, but trying to predict who will have a good week and who won’t is near on impossible.

We got Rocky back last week, but with that score he will drop a heap in price, so wait for a good game and a low price before you bring him back.  Ablett says he is back in two weeks.  Not sure about that, I don’t see it.  Once again I want to see him back and laying tackles before I consider him.

Well done to those of you that are having good seasons, but I just can’t seem to get my mix right, and I think Roy is having exactly the same problems as me with this!

Rookie Pickups.

Well not quite, but there are a few guys that you may want to look at trading out, mostly because there are guys that are knocking on the door and are ready to come in.  Krakouer is the one that everyone is talking about.  He is on the bubble in RDT and SC, but of course he has had two price rises already in AFL Fantasy.  I certainly plan to bring him in. The only thing that you need to consider with him is that he is a rookie listed player and as a result if Frampton comes back from the Long Term Injury list then Krakouer gets demoted again.  However, we just don’t know when Frampton is coming back.  He is listed as 3-5.  With Krakouer’s form they may not rush Frampton! At $108k in RDT and $189k in AF he is a steal.

Robbie Tarrant is the other one that people are talking about this week. He is a forward only and is a bit more expensive $172k in RDT and $210k in AF.  Averaging 84 and a BE of -70 in RDT and -27 in AF you can’t really go wrong.

I was going to mention Whitecross here…. but see next section!

Team Selection

Isaac Heeney was our saviour, but now he is the villain.  His red vesting and ankle injury which led to his score of 17 and now his BE is 44 in RDT and 68 in AF.  This means his cash making days could be over if he can’t get a massive score this week. Although, he won’t lose you any money this week as he is out of the side.  So you don’t need to trade him in RDT if you don’t want to.  However, in AF if you have no other bigger issues then trade him out this week.

Brendan Whitecross was being looked at, but strike him from your plans as he is out for the Hawks this week and it isn’t an injury, he has been omitted.  This is one of the reasons we always like to see two weeks from a rookie priced selection, if you brought him in last week then you could find yourself using another trade or being one short on the bench.  Mitch Clark is out this week for the Cats but we are being told that it is only a one week injury!  We also don’t see Minson back this week either.  Matt Rosa is out with a Hamstring.  I know he isn’t the most popular guy, but he is in Draft leagues.  Scott Lycett being omitted is interesting.  This may mean Nic Nat will need to do more around the ground and hopefully that will boost his scoring.

But a big in this week for the Swans with Tom Mitchell named!  Now you probably don’t have him in the salary cap formats but in the Draft leagues you may have him sitting somewhere on your bench!  Similarly Robbie Gray has been named in the squad for the Power. Chris Judd and Adam Goodes are also both back.  I am going to go out on a limb and suggest that Goodes won’t get the vest since he said he wouldn’t play seniors with it.

Injury Worries?

Swanny in a moon boot all week is a concern.  Word is that he will play, but make sure you stay tuned to the twitterverse on Friday avo to see if he is actually in.  Robbie Gray is the other one that may pull out on Friday.  However, I suspect that Port will wait all the way to Sunday afternoon to give him every chance of playing.  Taylor Hunt copped a knock last week but is still named but is third on the bench, so that could be a concern.

Just a Blip on the Radar?

Michael Barlow has been terrible in the last two weeks with a 55 and then a 44.  Hopefully this is just a blip and he will return to his very best this week against the Dee’s.  I have him in Draft and also in RDT so I am praying that this will be the case!  With a premo you need to back them in, unless he has another terrible score this week then chuck him out like last night’s empties!

Things To Remember

  • Swanny plays Friday night, so make sure you are all over that.
  • Read CALVIN’S CAPTAINS.  Lewis isn’t his number one this week, so go see what the Pirate has to say.
  • Roll back of your team will put your captain and emergency and bench players all back!  So don’t be like Roy, make sure you either just reverse trades or do what I do and double check everything when you need to reverse your trades.

Hopefully we get a bit of stability in the coming weeks and we can start to look at our trading strategies.  As the rookies fatten we are getting closer and closer to that time.

Best of luck and I will catch you all next Friday.

Cheers Dunny






  • Krak and Taz in for me this week Dunny. Locked in about half an hour before reading your article. I’ve given Heeney the flick, won’t make any more cash IMO. Also glad I didn’t select Whitecross from the outset, even though he was in my pre-season plans. Always a great read to make sure the team is right heading into Friday night. I’m worried about Gray and Swan. Fingers crossed they both play.

  • Lumumba to Talia for me and Redpath (yes, I know) to Krakour freeing me up some $112,000 for next week, unless Lumumba actually comes to play this week!

  • Nice article Dunny. Thoughts on which rookie to downgrade. Honeychurch or Martin to Taz so I can trade Zac Smith to Goldy so I can have set and forget rucks of Goldy and Jacobs

    • Love those trades, nice work

    • assuming that’s Jack Martin, then I’d consider trading Honeychurch

      Jack won’t be sub vest, cause GC have noone else available (Swallow, Gaj, JOM all out) which I think is a pretty big risk with Honeychurch

      • Cheers mate. That’s what I was thinking. Or Mitch Clark could be traded. Atleast honeychurch is playing. Tough decisions im sure I’ll get it wrong lol

        • thing is clark may get ruck dpp and if honey is sub again he will be losing money with a b/e of 43

          • I had the same problem in AF.
            I traded out Honeychurch to Taz to give more cash but after looking into it I reversed the trade and traded out Clark. Simple reason: deal with the facts, assess the risks and don’t get sucked into speculation.
            Honeychurch is named on the bench so it’s a slight worry but he’s still named and has every opportunity to achieve his BE when he plays. If he fails to make BE his cash value, will only go down slightly but this should be offset by the projected gains from trading in Taz.
            Clark is injured and not playing. It doesn’t matter if it’s only a “minor” injury in AF you can always trade him back in next week next (more likely 2 or 3 weeks). In limited trades in RDT and SC this becomes a different issue. Clark might get R/F DPP next week, then again might not, bonus if he does but like I said deal with facts.

          • Not sure if this was what you were getting at but I don’t think they do position upgrades in RDT do they? will change a lot of things for me if they do…

    • Yep agree, nice trades

  • What about McInnes instead of Taz? 70k cheaper in Fantasy

  • Heeney>Krak worth it in RDT?

    Wil be my only trade this week if I go ahead with it, have no other (non-def) rooks worth trading out yet but still think Heeney has money to make.

    • He may make a bit more but not too much, he may also be in and out the side a lot from now on.
      I’ve gone with the same trade to get the DPP link, it will be helpful through the byes

    • You’ve got to get Krak imo, even if it’s just for that initial 40k price rise (and that’s if he scores under 10)

      Heeney’s MAJORLY stalled with that 17 in his rolling, and I’m not too convinced that he’ll make that much more cash anyway (seems a bit impact-y, or good for around a 75 average)
      will probably be good for around another 100k, but will take till around the byes to make it

      • should’ve clarified that I too am making that trade (was either Heeney or Janderson) but am monitoring late-cuts for an omission (don’t think so, think he’s pretty secure with Impey out of the team)

  • Krak is the last named interchange, and that often means omitted.
    Just a thought.

    • looks like they’re named by order of jumper number

      • I initially traded him in mid-week. Last night when I saw the order, I changed it to Tarrant. With Mitch Clark out, I can’t afford to take any chances with a possible omission.

    • Not necessarily, I’ve seen players named on the field end up with the green vest

  • If krak does play, would it be alright to field??

    • Robbie Gray is back, but this won’t effect Kraks playing position… Nor will any other ins they have. Sure he’s a chance for the vest, but only if he plays badly/tactical change. There’s a risk, there’s always a risk

      • I’d be surprised if Gray was a sub. He is a champ and surely if he is back in is fit enough for a full game

    • It really depends who you else you have on the bench IMO…. Ie, are they more or less likely for a vest

  • Does anyone here have Brad Sheppard in their DEF?

  • So you are obviously a fan of holding all 3 of Beams, Parker and Barlow? Barlow my biggest concern with his slight role change.
    Also, torn as to what to do with Heeney in RDT…

  • If I had Heeney, and didn’t have any other obvious trades. I would get rid of him…. He’s done well, and will obviously be a jet! But the Swans midfield has so much depth, and it’s not as if they need him in order to play well. My point is, they certainly won’t be rushing to get him back in.

  • So my options with a couple of injuries are

    Trade out Smith and Josh Gibson (due to the role he’ll now have) and get clever with DPP I can go

    Bellchambers and Stanton.. Lets see if Warnie is bang on

    Jacobs/Martin to go with Goldy… But I’d have to field a rookie

  • So I’m doing a double down grade this week as it’s the first time this season I’ve not had a forced trade!

    I went Goodes to Schade.
    I also downgraded Mitch Clark to Tarrent.

    My thinking is that Tarrent should make some coin this week and with Clark hopefully getting Ddp I can bring him back next week for ruck bench cover.


    • Would work – or if you have honeychurch, trade him for Tarrant instead, then next week Trade Clarke to a ruck if he gets it and bring in another forward?

  • Play tarrant over krak incase krak is the sub or take a risk and play krak?

    • WHy take the risk either way? What’s wrong with Tarrant’s scoring so far? Easily done over Krak so why look too deep. If you are thinking because he’s KPP therefore he won’t always score 80+ that’s up to you but he has been good. Plenty of KPP defenders score well if they play the right role and equally, plenty of small defenders don’t.

      I have owned Tarrant since the start as he scored at 70+ pts/100min in preseason and have had him on the ground for the two weeks and hoping he gets DPP next week so i can put him where he will really make a difference to my overall scoring. he is already my second highest averaging defender (please make it happen Warnie – we all know you can pull something)

  • How do I get Dahl in?? Switch Swan to Mids and trade out Neale?


    Wait, downgrade 2 rookies and then go for it?

    Surely Swan and Dahl is better than Swan and Neale going fwd?

  • My Team

    Def: Gibson, Newnes, Hunt, McIntosh, Oxley, Saad, (Goodes, Hamling)
    Mid: Lewis, Heppell, Parker, Barlow, Beams, Motlop, Cripps, Vandenberg (CEY, Newton)
    Ruc: Jacobs, Belly (Holmes, Naismith)
    Fwd: D. Martin, Swan, Gray, J. Martin, McCarthy, Salem (Honeychurch, Clark)

    I am stumped and need help. Should I bring in Bontempelli this week for Barlow or back barlow in this week and sort some bench out aka Krakour or McGinnis for Honeychurch.
    Also want the cash for boyd in DPP next week


    • I would do whatever gets you the cash. I think Boyd in your defence is more important than Bont in your mids or fwds to be honest

    • Personally I would keep Barlow, I don’t like sideways trades unless there is an injury

  • DEF- Hodge, simmo, newnes, hunt, kmac, oxley, (Saad, goodes)

    MID- Heppell, pendles, parker, sloane, prestia, rich, vandenberg, cripps (newton, wallis)

    Ruc- Goldy, belly

    FWD- swan, dusty, bont, salem, mccarthy, hogan

    Trades im thinking are wallis–>krak
    then parker–>lewis
    leaving 12k

    or go wallis–>krak
    leaving 140k for an upgrade next week

    any other suggestions?

  • Lumumba to Gibson and Newton to McInnes (Krakouer to the mids) leaving 133k

    Holding Parker and Barlow for now, they should come good – if one does crap next week they’re going straight to Boyd

    • I wouldn’t get gibson. Who at hawks will have main lockdown

      • Who should I get then?

        • Who have you already got and how much money do you have to spend

        • You could consider keeping him, defenders have been crap this year so as average as Lumumba is, you could do worse than having someone with good job security averaging around 70

  • Does everyone think that Krak will actually play?????

    • Tough to say Leighroy, but he looked pretty good last week. I am bringing him in instead of Tarrant, so he bloody better.

    • I don’t see why not. The little time I saw him playing he looked really comfortable at that level and is coming off an 18 possession game

  • I have him on my field yarmo so fingers crossed. My trades this week were lumumba swap with saad then got A swallow in And Newton to Krak.

  • is there any chance J.Glenn from GC wont get sub?

  • Thoughts on my trades
    Neale to Hepell
    Newton to krakour (if named)
    Also do I play McCarthy or honeychurch??

    • Good trades, Krakouer will play, and pick McCarthy

    • Great trades

      • Good – I decided to trade Clarke and Honeypot to Krak and Tarrant. My next in line was Newton, I have decided to give him another week to max out.

  • Please, someone…Boyd or Coniglio this week? It’s killing me.

  • Hey lads!
    Thoughts on my trades please?

    R.Griffen –> Krakouer
    I.Heeney –> R.Tarrant

  • @sammy boyd IMO. Can u pls help
    Me above

  • Is it worth going Lumumba to Hodge this week? Leaves me with 7k in the bank though

    • Depends if you have other trades to make mate..
      I would wait and just go straight to Boyd next week.

      Are you the same Nick the gunner as on FFS?

    • Yeah if there are no other issues great trade. Hodge is averaging 117 (which is valuable in a shitty year for defenders) and Lumumba’s break even is 68 so probably won’t make any more $$$

  • Who to pick to replace Goodes?

    Kelly or Schade?

    • wait and see if kelly is playing or not

      • I think he will. no real notable ins … but if he doesn’t the decision will be made :)

        • I think Kelly probably will, although It appeared Kelly came in for Cheney who was injured. Cheney is back this week, however Hartigan was omitted, so it would appear Cheney is in for Hartigan and not Kelly

    • I’m not convinced on either… I’m going for Tarrant and Krak instead. I’m keeping Goodes until Byrne comes back – I’m worried Kelly will only play one more week anyway. So watch him ton it up this week!

  • Clark to Glenn – his bio says he spent 2 years in the SANFL so should be solid and coming in to the worst AFL team

    Van Berlo to Heppel thanks to the combination of cash made last week and this week

    I really hope Swan plays, it would suck to have to delay getting Heppel in another week. I might even keep Swan regardless and hope it’s a one week injury

    • if swan is out it will be a maximum of one week, he trained yesterday and looked fine by all the footage I have seen. Unless he has pulled up sore then it’s a no brainer to keep him

      • Cheers for the feedback. I’m glad he is playing the Friday night game so I will know

  • Changed my trades again!

    Neale out (worried he won’t play) Heppell in
    Van Berlo out, Swan back to mids, and Tarrant in and on field.

    This takes care of the Swan/Gray conundrum and I can keep Clarke, but have to keep Honeychurch.

    However, if Neale named, Swan plays and Gray is in then I’m back to Honeychurch to Krak and NVB to Blicavs. Might be overthinking this (yes I am) but then I could go, when ripe, Salem out, shift Belly up to forwards, shift Blicavs up as second ruck, and get elite mid in. Or Blicavs to SJ – straight swap almost in a couple of weeks…

    Too much to think about… need to relax and wait for teams I think

  • I know teams came out yesterday, but when do final teams drop??? Like when do we actually know if players like Krak are actually playing???

  • @leighroy

    You won’t know about krak because that’s Sunday changes all games Friday and Saturday to be final teams half an hour before kick off

    • Sunday games have extended squads announced Thursday til Friday around 5pm, when the teams are reduced to the final 22. Any late changes are announced 90 minutes before the game

      • SO, does that means all Sunday games will have interchanges/emergencies updated BEFORE lockout time?? Late changes (up to 90 minutes before games) is the same for EVERY game, even on Saturday… The only game we can account for late changes is Friday night games, as this falls before lockout….

        • Yeah, everything will be there except very late changes of course.

  • Thank you for replies ^ :)

  • What do you guys rekn about a double downgrade in RDT

    Heeney to Krakouer and
    Griffen to Tarrant

  • Feel like it’s an appropriate time for some double d’s

  • Hi lads need help with trades please:
    DEF: hibbo, gibbo, newnes, hunt, mcintosh, saad ( kelly, byrnes)
    MID: lewis, barlow, hep, sloane, parker, newton, CEY, cripps (o’brien, vandenberg)
    RUC: goldy, belly (holmes, cox)
    FWD: dusty, gray, swan, bennell, salem, clark (mccarthy, lambert)

    Best options lads? Thinking barlow to rischitelli and bennell to dahlhaus OR barlow to boyd (dpp next week) and bennell to bont?

    • Hmmm… Your bench isn’t making you much money…
      Byrnes NOT playing (injury)
      O’Brien NOT playing (potato)
      Clark NOT playing (injury)
      Lambert NOT playing (injury)

      Either option is ok, but I’d be wanting to fix up my bench first so you can maximize your profits. But that’s just me!! For others, points come first :)

    • id go lambert to krakour and bennell to dahlhaaus , barlow will come good and lambert aint making you cash

  • Are Zac smith>Blicavs and Honey>arak good trades? next week i will be able to go newton>a rookie and Lumumba>Boyd.

    Choose 2 to field out of Salem/mcarthy/krakouer

    • krak not arak*

    • That is the exact same trade as I am doing bar next week plans.

      It sounds solid to me, Blicavs came outta nowhere, no one is talking about him, could be a great unique especially if the cats start winning games!

    • bang on, blitz is playing as a ruck but is more a utility/onballer, pretty much i see him as a not as good version as steffan martin as martin gets more hit outs.

  • CEY or Vanders on ground?

    • prob vanders he looked in good form last week hopefully pump out another 100

  • I’ve gone

    Smith to Bellchambers

    Then Gibbo to…. Stanton, he’ll also be my captain

  • Lewis or Heppell for captain? Only other choices are Parker or Barlow.

    • hard to go past lewis with his average but i have gone heppell oven him seems to be in good form as well

  • Honeyhurch to either Tarrant/mcinnes/mccarthy, am leaning towards Tarrant as he shoulld have better js than mcinnes and pretty much missed the boat with mccarthy.

    any thoughts??….

    • If I had to choose, I would go McCarthy. Still has a low BE and plays an under-manned eagles defence. Could have a big game (note: I am an eagles supporter) and Tarrant plays the Hawks.

  • My team
    Def:Hodge, Newnes, Hunt, C.Pearce, McIntosh, Oxely (Saad, Goodes)
    Mids:Lewis(C), Sloane, Barlow, Parker, Neale, Rich, CEY, Cripps (Vandenberg, Newton)
    Fwd:Swan, Gray, D.Martin, Bont, Salem, McCarthy (Honeychurch, Clark)

    Thinking of going Newton>Krak and Neale>Pendles (just short on cash to go Honeychurch>Krak and get pendles).
    I think pendles is gonna be huge tonight!
    Thoughts or any better ideas?

    • backs look a bit weak, is a bit of a knee jerk trading neale out after 1 bad score but being a mid price he can throw that up, could get dangerfield in instead and that would give u enough cash for honeychurch with a bit left for next week