My Team 2015: Version 5.0

The partial lockout has kicked in, so we now officially own some players. Discuss your team before we hit the 1:40pm AEDT lockout on Saturday. Whether it is your AFL Fantasy team, your RDT squad or anything else, My Team is where you can post your sides and chat about different players, strategies, etc.

If you’re using the DT Live Drawing Board, you can easily copy and paste your team in the comments. If not, please keep it simple. State which comp it is for, how much coin is in the bank and away you go!


Be a giver if you want to be a taker! Hit reply on someone else’s comment and give your two cents to keep this community strong.

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  • DEF: Newnes, Lumumba, KK, Geary, Goodes, McIntosh (Oxley, Saad)

    MID: Rocky, Lewis, Sidey, Beams, Parker, Wallis, Newton, Cripps (VBerg, CEY)

    RUC: Belly, Leuey (Holmes, King)

    FWD: Bartel, dusty, Gray, Swan, Salem, H-Church (Clark, McCarthy)

    72k lefts, not quite sure what else to do

    • Play Clark over H-church as you can be certain he won’t get the vest. Other than that it’s a solid team.

  • D6 out of Ahmed Saad and Brett Goodes?

  • Who should I have as Mid 5? Scooter or Neale or any other player in the same price bracket?

    • I think griffen is the best around that price if you don’t have him. If not him there’s wines and swallow at 500k. I think id go scooter out of those two. Can I get some help below

    • Scooter seems set to have another tagging role this year, so keep that in mind making your decision

  • Please help above thanks ^^^

  • Def: Simpson, Newnes, Lumumba, Kolodjashnij, Goodes, McIntosh (Oxley, Saad)
    Mid: Ablett, Barlow, Beams, JPK, Griffen, Newton, Cripps , Vandenberg (Anderson, Ellis-Yolmen)
    Ruck: Mumford, Bellchambers (Naismith, Holmes)
    Fwd: Martin, Gray, Swam, Dahlhaus, Salem, Clark (Honeychurch, Mccarthy)
    about 20k left

    Because we can’t be sure on Anderson playing I’m considering going Anderson to wallis by downgrading mumford to Berger and then I have enough to change dahlhaus to Bartel.

    Thoughts on the team and changes I suggested? If you see something better let me know.

  • Bartel or Franklin???? Bartel is looking good as always, but I have a feeling about Franklin… someone sway me either way please…..

    • Bartel is more reliable but if you have a feeling about Franklin he’d be a great pod

      • thanks I will go with my gut…

        • I’ve got Bartel myself, but have a few doubts so I think you’ll feel better about yourself going for Franklin since he’s someone different :)

    • Franklin averages 5 goals a game against Essendon in his entire career.

  • Will H-Church be Sub??

  • My midfield is
    Sidey, Beams, Lewis, Parker, Fyfe, Cripps, CEY, Newton (Saad, Vandenburg)

    Is it worth using my 64k in the bank to upgrade Sidey/Lewis to Ablett which would leave me with no cash?

  • Ok think this is it:
    Fantasy, $0 left
    Def: Hibbo, Newnes, Higgins, KK, Goodes, McIntosh (Saad, Oxley)
    Mid: Lewis, Sidey, Parker, Fyfe, Ebert, S.Mitchell, Newton, Cripps (CEY, Vdb)
    Ruc: Bell, Berger (Griffin, Downie)
    Fwd: Martin, Gray, Dahlhaus, Bennell, Salem, Clark (Honeychurch, McCarthy)

    What do ya’s reckon?

    • Good team but starting with 0 salary isn’t always good should also start with at least 30,000 just in case soemthing happens round 1

    • only reason to have Mitchell is if you think he’ll become a defender. Not a fan of having no money left over, I would rather you downgrade him to someone like Griffen just for some cash in case you need it.

    • Mitchell for Heeney and keep the money in case…..not sure about Ebert, prefer Wines..Belly and Lueuy leave your rucks too thin…. Luenberger could be a huge problem …

  • Fantasy.

    Def: M.Hibberd, J.Newnes, K.Kolodjashnij, G.ibboston, B.Goodes, A.Saad ( A.Oxley, J.Hamling)

    Mid: T.Rockcliff, J.Lewis, L.Parker, N.Fyfe, D.Prestia, B.Ebert, B.Newton, C.Ellis-Yolem ( J.Nelson, A.Vamdenberg)

    Ruc: T.Bellchambers, M.Leunberger ( J.Holmes, T.Nak)

    Fwd: J.Bartel, R.Gray, D.Swan, T.Lynch, C.Salem, M.Clark ( McCarthy, M.Honeychurch)


    Thoughts please would appreciated

    • Rucks are too thin… take out Ebert for Heeney and up grade Leuenberger…not too sure about Lynch, but always go with your gut….

  • this is it…. opinions please…

    BACKS. Newnes, H.Shaw, Hurn, Kolodjashji, Goodes, McIntosh. (Saad, Oxley.)

    MIDS. Ablett, Lewis, Redden, Parker, Wines, Newton, Cripps, Heeney,
    (Vanderberg, Ellis-Yolmen, Miller.)

    RUCKS. Mumford, Bellchambers. (Cox.)

    FWDS. Martin, Grey, Franklin, Swan, Salem, Clark. (McCarthy, McGrath.)

    $26,800 in bank..

  • wallis and goldstein v wines and leuenberger

  • Which 2 of- Pendles Beams and Sidebottom?

  • Think my final post for the weekend so.. hope for some comments any changes i should make

    DEF: Newnes, Lumumba, KK, Geary, Goodes, McIntosh (Oxley, Saad)

    MID: Rocky, Lewis, Sidey, Beams, Parker, Wallis, Newton, Cripps (VBerg, CEY)

    RUC: Belly, Leuey (Holmes, King)

    FWD: Bartel, dusty, Gray, Swan, Salem, H-Church (Clark, McCarthy)

    72k left

    Cheers Bros and DTer’s

    • **H-Church on bench for Clark

    • Have been telling everyone that Bellchambers and Luenberg together are too much of a risk, especially as Luey will be sharing with last years best ruckman….

  • start Newton or Vandenderg?

  • 1. wines, dahlhaus, leuy

    2. griffen, swan, leuy

    3. wallis, dahlhaus, goldstein

    thoughts please! cheers

  • Which would you prefer? With these two options I’m leaning towards 2.
    Talia on bench, Saad on mid field, Mumford and Dahl
    Saad def bench, Wallis on field, Berger and Bartel

  • had worries about putting in Miller (Suns) because of J/S with O’Meara out, but he has done his knee in reserves…maybe all jump on him..

  • A. Scooter + Hallahan

    B. Sidebottom + Anderson

    C. Ebert + Hallahan

  • T.Adams or Wallis

  • Bennel, Zorko, Dahl or Ziebell?

  • Dahl

  • The fantasy website is a joke i can still switch Newton and Vandenberg.

  • Just saw on the news Sidebottom out for 6 weeks with a broken thumb, nothing was said on Parker though, think he’s OK, might miss a week just to play it safe though, haven’t heard anything on Gablett’s shoulder either, dare say Rockliff will be out for a few weeks with what looks like broken ribs, haven’t heard or seen anything on him though.

  • I have a problem.I Am going rocky to Lewis but do I go sidey to Barlow and get 88k or to wines or even Steven and get the 170k in the bank to upgrade kk/lumumba next week to the likes of hodge and simpson?88k won’t let me do much

  • What do these trades sound like.

    Ablett – Barlow
    Sidebottom – Parker

    Got $45,000 in the bank if i do these. Giving Kolodjashnij one last chance, if he fails then i will get rid of him.

  • i need help to bring the bont in

  • I need to get rid of kolo and bartel. I’ve narrowed it down to a few options

    Bartel > motlop / Dahlhaus? Both in form, motlop cheaper and having massive scores.

    Kolo > thurlow / whitecross? Both super cheap both should rise quite a bit, both have about the same job security but I just feel with how whitecross plays he will go up the ground a little more.

    I need some answers boys! Thank you.

  • To afford Neale > Fyfe should I downgrade M.Clark to R.Tarrant?