My Team 2015: Version 4.2

The NAB Challenge is over and now we can start finalising our teams. Whether it is your AFL Fantasy team, your RDT squad or anything else, My Team is where you can post your sides and chat about different players, strategies, etc.

If you’re using the DT Live Drawing Board, you can easily copy and paste your team in the comments. If not, please keep it simple. State which comp it is for, how much coin is in the bank and away you go!


Be a giver if you want to be a taker! Hit reply on someone else’s comment and give your two cents to keep this community strong. It’s going to be a big few days as he head towards the first lockout on Thursday 7:20pm AEDT.

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  • Dylan Shiel or Ryan Griffen?

  • MID:Rocky, Lewis,Sidey,Parker,Neale,Newton,Cripps,Yolmen

    Is it worth me downgrading Rocky to Barlow/Beams or any Premo that you think could kill it rd1 and watch and wait to see if i want to upgrade that promo back to rocky/ablett after their RD1 Performance?If Rocky/Ablett don’t perform i will use the money to upgrade Z Smith to a Ruc who performed well in RD1

  • Rocky,T.Hunt,Dumont



  • Newnes, Lumumba, Taylor, Kolo, Goodes, Saad (Mcintosh, Hamling)

    Rockliff (c), Sidey (v), Beams, Parker, Fyfe, Langford, Newton, Cripps (Yolman, Vandenberg)

    Belly, Leuy (Pierce, Nankervis)

    Bartel, Martin, Gray, Swan, Salem, Honeychurch (Clark, Lambert)

    All thoughts appreciated ill give feedback in return :)

    • no hibbo???

    • Lambert not named .. not going for McCarthy with a better JS?

    • Solid team there. Very well rounded. Well done. And have backed yourself in with the Captain choice.

      • Thanks boys i traded lambert to Mccarthy and i don’t have enough money for hamling to oxley pretty peed off

    • Not sold on Beams mate. When he was tagged at Collingwood he didnt score well. Surely he’s the first to be tagged at Brissy?

  • gah, I hate this early game. How would you feel not slotting jaksch into your team after finding out pretty much all Def rookies not named this week lol.

  • Fantasy

    Def: J.Newnes, H.Shaw, H.Lumunba, K.Kolodjashnij, B.Goodes, A.Saad ( J.Hamling, N.Brown )

    Mid: J.Lewis, J.Macrea, L.Parker, N.Fyfe, T.Cotchin, P.Dangerfield, B.Newton, P.Cripps ( C.Ellis-yolem, A.Vamdenberg)

    Ruc: T.Bellchambers, M.Leunberger ( J.Holmes, T.Nak)

    Fwd: J.Bartel, D.Martin, R.Gray, D.Swan, C.Salem, M.Clark ( McCarthy, K.Lambert)


    Thoughts please (overall) last tiem in posting so some good THOGHTS will be appreciated

    • Cotchin is a risk, as hes coming back from injury. If thats a calcul;ated risk and you think he will be top 6 mids this year, go for it.

      Danger is another POD, and so is Macrae. Possibly a few too many PODS in the mids? I dunno, I like those choices.

      The rest of the team is cut and paste from nearly everyones :)

      • What you mean ( I dunno, I like those choices ) but besides that so you think I’m set

      • +1 Macrae, Cotchin and Danger are not worth getting. I’m assuming you are looking for unique players. Not many have Prestia, JPK, Priddis, Selwood, Redden, Ward. Or you can go someone a bit cheaper like Griffen and get a rookie who will play instead of vandenberg.

  • Ok going cross-eyed from staring at my team too much. Have $100K left in the kitty and dont know where to spend it. Help please

    DEF: Newnes, Lumumba, KK, Geary, Goodes, Ox (Saad, Mcintosh)
    MID: Rocky, Lewis, Sidebottom, Parker, Stanton, Rich, Newton, Cripps (Acres, Yolmen)
    RUK: Bells, Berger (Holmes, Phillips)
    FOR: Bartel, Dusty, Gray, Swan, Honeychurch, Salem (Clark, McCarthy)

    Cheers people

    • nice but geary to taylor or gibbson
      please help me with my team above

      • Cheers! TRockliffe
        Gibbo is just out of my price range. With H Taylor I know he’s had a good preseason but is it just that? He is going to average better than his 70ish?

  • All suggestions welcomed…..

    Simpson, Burgoyne, Newnes, Ibboston, Goodes, McIntosh (Oxley, Saad)
    Rockliff, Ablett, Watson, Swan, S. Mitchell, Rich, Newton, Cripps (Ellis-Yolmen, Lambert)
    Bellchambers, Leunenberger (Phillips, Griffen)
    Martin, Gray, Bennell, Bontempelli, Walters, Salem (Clark, McCarthy)

  • AFL Fantasy
    DEF: Simmo, Newnes, Lumumba, KK, Geary, Goodes (Saad, McIntosh)
    MID: Lewis, Sidey, Beams, Parker, Griffen, Neale, Newton, Cripps (Vandenberg, CEY)
    RUCK: Belly, Berger (Holmes, Cox)
    FWD: Dusty, Gray, Swan, Bonts, Salem, Honeychurch (Clark, McCarthy)
    Cash: 4k
    Last time I’m posting for tonight pretty happy with my team but open to any advice thoughts.

  • how big will these premo’s go

  • thoughts on heeney?

  • Anyone considering Cameron Wood? Only 93k more than Leuenberger, and no Stefan Martin to contend with…

  • DEF: Newnes,Lumumba,Geary,Pearce,Goodes,Oxley (Saad,McIntosh)

    MID: Rockliff,Ablett,Cotchin,Sidebottom,Prestia,Sheed,Newton,Cripps (Acres,Ellis-Yolmen)

    RUC: Maric,Bellchambers (Holmes,Nankervis)

    FWD: Martin,Deledio,Swan,Lynch,Menzel,Clark (Salem,McCarthy)

    151k remaining, Thoughts on this team guys?

  • Hi guys. Don’t know what to do with spare cash of $164,000.

    DEF: Hibberd,Newnes,Taylor,Sutcliffe,Goodes,Saad (Oxley,McIntosh)
    MID: Rockliff,Lewis,Sidebottom,Beams,Ebert,Newton,Cripps,CEY (Vandenberg,Lambert)
    RUC: Bellchambers,Leuenberger (Griffin,Holmes)
    FWD: Bartel,Martin,Gray,Dahlhaus,Salem,Honeychurch (Clark,McCarthy)

  • Seems as though Lambert isn’t named, are there any other basement price rookies in the forward line apart from McCarthy?
    And is it worth going Geary down to Pearce to allow me to go Lambert up to Hineychurch and put him on my field instead of McCarthy or Clark?

  • Cotchin or Perstier

  • Thoughts please on where to put my spare $174,000
    DEF: Hibberd,Newnes,Taylor,Lumumba,Goodes,Saad (Oxley,McIntosh)
    MID: Ablett,Lewis,Sidebottom,Redden,Wines,Newton,Cripps,CEY (Vandenberg,Lambert)
    RUC: Bellchambers,Maric (Phillips,Holmes)
    FWD: Bartel,Martin,Gray,Bont,Salem,Honeychurch (Clark,McCarthy)

    • Great team. Don’t change a thing. Keep the cash, you’ll need it sooner or later

    • Great team mate!

      Just want to know why are you starting without swan?

      I like you pods in the mid I think they will pay off good I am looking at them myself. Plus I like the Taylor pick in the backline I think he will be quite good this year for the cat :)

      Overall awesome team!

    • taylor is great for category based leagues but will struggle to average 70+ points, for the same price and a lot more upside i would go with KK personally

  • best to worse

  • Berger, Nvb, then either one of Kolo to Suckling/Shaw or Dahlhaus to Bartel
    Mumford, a mid rookie under 160k and either Kolo/Dahlhaus

  • HI All,

    $172,000 left….
    AFL Fantasy
    DEF: Hibberd, Newnes, Lumumba, Kolo, Goodes, SMedts (Oxley, McIntosh)
    MID: Rockliff, Lewis, Beams, Parker, Fyfe, Newton, Cripps, Ellis-Yeoman (Adam Saad, E Kavanagah
    RUC: Bell, Leuy (Phillips, Holmes)
    FWD: Bartel, Dusty, Gray, Bont, Salem, Honeychurch (M Clark, C. Mccarthy)

    After any advice, not happy with kavanagh in there, or smedts at the moment.
    Cheers in advance

  • AFL Fantasy Team:

    DEF: Hodge, Malceski, Simpson, Lumumba, Goodes, Saad (Clurey, Hamling)
    MID: Ablett, Barlow, Pendlebury, Johnson, Beams, Newton, Cripps, CEY (Vandenberg, Smith)
    RUC: Bellchambers, Leuenberger (King, Cox)
    FWD: Martin, Goddard, Gray, Swan, Salem, Clark (Byrne, Lambert)

    What are your thoughts? Any improvements?

  • Fantasy suggestions welcome…

    Def: Simpson, Newnes, Lumumba, KK, goodes, Saad (Oxley, mcintosh)
    Mid: Lewis, Sidey, Parker, Redden, Prestia, newton, cripps (Vberg, acres)
    Ruck: Goldy, Leuy (phillips, cox)
    Fwd: Dusty, Grey, Swan, Zorko, salem, Honeychurch (Clark, Mccarthy)

    70k in the bank

  • Z Smith and Simpson or Goldstein/Maric and H Taylor, I’m really unsure as I think both combos will score similarly, thoughts greatly appreciated!

  • The green dot over Clem Smith is sooooo alluring…

    it screams…”pick me, pick me, Im a bargain basement rookie who is getting a game”.

    • I know but he played all nab games and his highest was 27 in nab 3

    • Probably get the vest too…however….Im already scraping the barrel for mid rookies lol. Especially since lambert isnt playing.

    • I think if you’re happy with your team atm and there aren’t any richmond or carlton players you want you should just wait for teams in case a cheap rookie is named.

    • if no rookies are named im going to have to go mumford to either Smith/Berger and get nvb, wallis or wells. Has to be nvb if i get smith.

      • Sounds like a good plan.

        As I have belly/berger combo I cant downgrade in that possi lol.

  • Taylor Hunt named as follower – anyone interested?

  • My AFL fantasy team: only changed it about 100 times during the week

    DEF: hodge, lumumba, KK. Newnes, Goodes, Smedts (Saad, Oxley)
    MID: beams, Lewis, sidey, swan, Griffen, Newton, Anderson, cripps (vandeberg, CEY)
    RUC: bellc, Berger (pierce, o’reilly)
    FWD: dusty, bartel, gray, buddy, bont, Salem (Clark, McCarthy)
    $69,000 left

    Areas to improve? Expensive fwd like but pretty happy with it
    Start with Gaz? Upgrade the defence?

    Appreciate any advice!

    • too risky to name Smedts as D6 as we wont know the final squad for Monday’s game. Plus against Hawks I reckon Cats wont rush him back from back soreness as Bews can cover his role in the back half.

      • Fair call! Would you play saad as D6 or trade out Smedts all together?

        • based on JS and potentially not being named for Rnd 1 .. I’d give him a few games to gauge on his JS . You can consider Jaksch or Talia or even Brown at that price or go for like McIntosh (120k rook)

  • Z Smith so I can upgrade def to Simpson/Hibberd, or Goldtein and keep Lumumba/Taylor?

  • Close to finalising my Fantasy team .. any thoughts??
    Def: Newnes, Lumumba, KKolod, Geary, Goodes, Talia (Oxley, McIntosh)
    Mid: Rocky, Sidebottom, Beams, Parker, Prestia, Sheed, Newton, Cripps (CEY, Saad)
    Ruc: Goldstein, Leuey (Holmes, Cox)
    Fwd: Bartel, Dusty, Gray, Lynch, Belly, Salem (Clark, McCarthy)
    63k left

  • Nvb, Wallis or Wells?

  • Lumumba or H.Shaw?

    • Lumumba just. Lumumba will be thrown more in the midfield and Demons seems to like playing the ‘chip and kick’ game style.

  • Fantasy:
    Def: Hibbo, Newnes, Lumumba, KK, Goodes, Saad (Oxley, McIntosh)
    Mid: Lewis, Sidey, Parker, Fyfe, Griffin, Bontempelli, Newton, Cripps (CEY, vdbg/?)
    Ruck: Goldstein, T.Bell (Griffin, Cox/?)
    Fwd.: Dusty, Gray, Bennell, Dahlhaus, Salem, Honeychurch (McCarthy, Clark)

    $18,000 left

    Thoughts? No Swan, Bartel, Rocky or Ablett just has me uneasy :/

  • Def: L.Hodge, J.Newnes, H.Lumumba, KK, B.Goodes, A.Saad (A.Oxley, K.McIntosh)

    Mid: G.Ablett, J.Lewis, S.Sidebottom, D.Beams, L.Parker, B.Newton, P.Cripps, C.Ellis-Yolmen (J.Anderson, A.Vandenberg)

    Ruc: T.Bellchambers, M.Leuenberger (J.Griffen, M.Cox)

    Fwd: J.Bartel, D.Martin, R.Gray, D.Swan, M.Clark, C.Salem (M.Honeychurch, K.Lambert)




  • Which option looks the best?
    Smith and NVB (45k left)
    Mumford/Goldy and mid rookie under 180k (about 15-20k left)
    Berger and Wells (50k)

  • Bellchambers or Leuenberger


    Goldstien or maric

    ATM I have got Bellchambers and Maric



  • Which set of players on field would you rather?

    Option 1: Goodes, Saad, Swan, Honeychurch

    Option 2: Goodes, Ibbotson/Geary, Bontempelli, Clark

  • Alright this is it Final Team
    Please give feeback will give you some back
    DEF= Hibberd, Newnes, Lumumbaa, KK, Goodes, Oxley (Saad, Mcintosh)
    MID= Rocky, Sidey, Beams, Lewis, Boak, Newton, Cripps, Yolmen (VBerg,Amon)
    RUCK= Maric, Bellchambers (Holmes, Nankervis)
    FWD=Gray, Martin, Bartel, Swan, Salem, Clark (McCarthy , Lambert)
    6k left
    Please give feedback
    Cheers Legends

  • Think im finally settled on a team

    Def: Hibberd, Newnes, KK, Geary, Goodes, Saad (Talia, McIntosh)

    Mid: Rocky, Ablett, Lewis, Sidey, Parker, Newton, Anderson, Cripps (C.E.Y, Vandenberg)

    Ruc: Bellchambers, Luey (Phillips, Cox)

    Fwd: Bartel, Martin, Gray, Swan, Salem, Clark (Honeychurch, Mccarthy)

    11k in the bank, let me know what you think

  • Hey Guys, there’s still room in my league if you’re interested/

    AFL fantasy: 3PWWP4MN

  • Thoughts on this team everybody?

    Def – Hibberd, Newnes, Lubumba, kolo, goodes, McIntosh (Oxley, hamling)
    Mid – rockliff, Ablett, Pendles, beams, Heppell, Newton, cripps, Saad (yolmen, Vanderberg)
    Ruc – bellchambers, leuenburger (Holmes, nankervis)
    Fwd – bartel, Martin, Gray, Swan, salem, Clark (McCarthy, Hogan)

    Thanks for your replies!

  • Ahmed Saad or Christian Salem?