My Team 2015: Version 3.1

myteamv30nabBang! Version 3.0 went massive for the first week of NAB Challenge so here’s 3.1 for the second weekend. Chat about your team and players in the comments!

Head on over the and use the Drawing Board to put together your AFL Fantasy Classic, AFL Dream Team (RDT) or SuperCoach team using the no official prices and positions for this year.

It’s free and easy to sign up and the site will continue to evolve over the pre-season.

Post your teams (via the simple copy and paste on the Drawing Board) in the comments and discuss your fantasy pre-season. Be constructive and as always, give and get! The Deck of DT has been awesome so far and it will continue into mid-February! The games will officially launch over the next few weeks so make sure you’re prepared and chat it up in the comments.

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  • DEZtroyer:

    Def: lumumba, smith, newnes, KK, c.pearce, dick (saad, hamling)
    Mids: sidey, ablett, beams, a.swallow, griffen/ward, rich, newton, freeman (lambert, van’berg)
    rucks: lobbe, burger (griffen, king)
    fwds: bartel, martin, gray, titchel, clark, hogan (salem, markworth)


    • Solid defence though not sure about Dick. Possibly upgrade him to Smedts/Edwards but that one’s a wait & see.
      Solid midfield. Possibly risky playing Swallow & either Griffen/Ward. I’d look to upgrade one of those to a top 8 keeper.
      Solid rucks. Lobbe will be good early (assuming Ryder is banned) but will be interesting to see how his scoring is impacted when Ryder returns… Hopefully Leuy can improve on NAB form.
      Nice fwd line. Possibly swap Lambert into fwd bench, get rid of Markworth (pretty sure he’s injured again) & find a replacement bench rookie

      • thanks for the advice mate

      • went on your advice punchy and team not looks like this:

        Def: lumumba, smith, newnes, KK, c.pearce, smedts (saad, hamling)
        Mids: sidey, ablett, beams, rocky, p.cripps, rich, newton, freeman (prudden, van’berg)
        rucks: lobbe, giles (griffen, king)
        fwds: bartel, martin, gray, titchel, clark, hogan (salem, lambert)


        • Oh no I’ve convinced you to jump on the Rocky train! haha

          Very nice side mate.
          Midfield is dynamite! and rucks look stronger with Giles.

          Better balance IMO, what do you think? Happy with it?

        • No Swan? Good luck in 2016 :)

    • If Zach Jones is named for Round 1 pick him over Dick, otherwise try and trade up to Smedts, also not sure why you’d have Newnes in over Brodie Smith

      Pick Griffen over Ward

      Vanberg is gonna be a massive chance to catch the vest

      Replace Bartel and Hogan with Bontempelli and Lewis Taylor

      Or alternatively Lambert could easily average 75-79 if he stays out of a vest so I’d rather have him in over Hogan who really has to kick 3+ goals to score over 70.

  • Think this is the best side I’ve come up with so far. Thoughts please?

    Def: Smith, Newnes, Sheppard, Geary, Pearce, Edwards (Saad, Hamling)

    Mids: Rocky, Gaz, Barlow, Beams, Greene, Newton, Freeman, Cripps (Anderson, Vandenberg)

    Rucks: Giles, Leuenberger (Phillips, O’Brien)

    Fwds: Dusty, Gray, Swan, Titchell, Karnezis, Clark (Lonie, Lambert)

    Would like Jimmy Bartel in the fwd line instead of Karnezis but that would likely mean I have to remove a premo mid so think this structure/side is better.

    • Hey punchy, it might be worth a look at dropping Gaz or Rocky and upgrading some players in DEF? It’s tempting to have them both but there’s a good chance that Rocky will drop in price within the first few rounds.

      • Thanks mate for your thoughts.

        Yeh Rocky might drop in price but how are you going to afford to pick him up? You will need to have a fair bit of cash available.. That’s my conundrum anyways…not convinced with any of the defence premos, they could easily drop in price too or at worst stay at a similar price and would be easier to pick up. That’s where my thoughts are at.

        • Yeah very fair point. I guess what I think is that if Rocky is downgraded to a cheaper premo and you can manage to fit Bartel in FWD there’s a good chance you’d gain more points through that than you’d lose by removing rocky.

      • Or even downgrading Rocky for a cheaper premo and fitting Bartel in FWD? It’s a good team either way and it’s nearly impossible to tell who will be good to have half the time

        • Haha indeed. Cheers mate. Yeh my other option is Rocky to Hallahan (reckon he’ll go great guns) & Karnezis to Bartel. Only problem is I go back to how will I afford to get Rocky in later???….

          • If you end up starting without him you’d have to hope your cows skyrocket and he doesn’t perform for the first 5 rounds, lol. If you’re set on having him in your team I guess now’s the time. Can always downgrade him later if you need?

          • bloody hope I don’t have to downgrade Rocky! that would hurt big time…

          • Yeah… but that’s AFL Fantasy for you sometimes. Here’s hoping for your sake!

    • Or even downgrading Rocky for a cheaper premo and fitting Bartel in FWD? It’s a good team either way and it’s nearly impossible to tell who will be good to have half the time

      • rocky – sidey
        karnezis – bartel

        could work (if cash permits) well and you would have still a top team on your hands.

        if you can get rich in your mids this would give you the base of getting rocky earlier when your mid cash cows cash up quickly.

        • Thanks mate, unfortunately cash doesn’t permit :(

          Not sold on NVB/Rich personally think there will be cheaper rookies who will do just as well, though they probably don’t have as good JS…

    • What is really funny is no one is talking about Ablet. He hasn’t played a game since injuring his shoulder. You need one or the other at least Rocky is fit.

    • Giles -> Kreuzer and Geary -> Whitecross gives you enough money to upgrade Karnezis without comprimising scoring output.

      • Kreuz is injured/coming back and Whitecross probs won’t be best 22. Terrible trades!

  • Hey guys, I’m pretty new here and I’m looking for a little team validation. Been mucking around with ideas and haven’t quite settled on one yet, but here’s what I currently have:

    DEF: Hibberd, B Smith, Newnes, Goddard, Jones, Smedts (Saad, S Edwards)

    MID: Ablett, Pendlebury, Beams, Selwood, Fyfe, J Anderson, Heeney, Boekhorst
    (N Freeman, D Mckenzie, J Steele)

    RUC: S Mumford, Naitanui (T Read)

    FWD: D Martin, B Goddard, R Gray, Swan, Mitchell, M Clark (J Hogan, K Lambert)

    I’m still undecided about a few of them and would really appreciate a few critical comments/ideas for improvement from any and all as I’m so goddamn indecisive.


    • Nice first 3 defenders. Think all of Goddard, Jones & Smedts playing is risky. I’d look to upgrade Goddard/Jones to Pearce/Whitecross.
      Strong midfield though personally I think Fyfe is better suited to Super Coach but if you think he’ll improve this season then back him in. Just not sure with McKenzie or Steele but wait until after NAB.
      Like the Mumford & Nic Nat combo, though I’m a little nervous with Nic Nat given he’s got back issues so keep an eye on that – might be worth having a decent backup ruck at F5 to swing into R2 if you want to go with Nic Nat in RDT otherwise you could waste trades if he’s out for a week here or there…
      Nice, strong fwd line!

      • Cheers for the comment! I’m weary of putting 200-300k players in DEF as it burned me last year. I had Whitecross in there so I might throw him back in. I’m very interested in Nic Nat so I guess it’s all pending NAB.

        • fair call. hopefully Whitecross gets picked rnd 1 but there’s no certainty there unfortunately. I’d say Pearce would be the safer bet but there’s no guarantee there either!

    • nic nat has a sore back would wait to see if he gets a nab game before putting hm in your team, you could swap him to giles which would give you extra $$$

      hibbo i would clear away from with ASADA.

      your back line seems a bit weak maybe try to get either geary or sheppard in there.

      • +1 good points!

      • Thanks for that! Yeah, I will look to swap Hibberd for another Premo like Simpson if that’s the case but will have to wait and see. Giles was my second option for R2 so will see how Nic nat goes.

  • Hey everyone, just wondering what everyone’s honest thoughts were for Trent Cotchin this year? I have a feeling he good go back to his 2012 season push 110+? Another year to settle as captain and with a much stronger midfield group around him, does anybody think he could go big?

    • Could well do but he’s very much a roller coaster ride, definitely safer options but back him in if you think that’s how he’ll go!

    • he will be a roller coaster this year.

      i think he will be more 90’s

    • Swallow, Griffen, and Tyson are probably better options.

  • Yeah I know, what do you think he’ll average?

    • not sure but possibly 105?

    • Cotchin will be 100-105 I reckon. Not high enough to be Top 8 mid.
      He always has a few hot games, then he cops a knock, or takes a game off, or gets tagged successfully.
      He’s not unlike Pendles in this regard. Except when Pendles takes a game off, his floor is still abpit 90. Cotchin can go 50.

  • Thoughts please?

    16K in bank
    DEF:Smith, Newnes, Sheppard, KK, C Pearce, Jones (Tippet / Saad)
    MID:Rocky, Ablett, Barlow, Sidebottom, Priddis, Newton, Freeman, Cripps (Dumont/VanB)
    RUC:Lycett, Berger (Holmes/O’Brien) May go Belly for Berger depending on rnd 1
    FWD:Dusty, Swan, Gray, Mitchell, Krakouer, Lembert (Clark/Tarrant)

    Way I see it is if Jones / Krakouer / Lamber dont play Tipper / Clark / Tarrant will and will cover as emergencies, if they do play happy days.


    • Like the team, fwds a bit risky playing krakouer and lambert, i think krakouer could get vests.
      i would think about downgrading or trading priddis as i think he will cop more attention now and there are better options, e.g beams

    • Lycett?

  • Beams+Karnezis or B.Crouch+J.Martin??

  • any thoughts on cale hooker?

  • Barlow & Karnezis


    Hallahan & Bartel ?

    • 2nd one

      • Bugger I was hoping you wouldn’t say that… weakens my bench a little and I like having 5 set and forget mids, however a fwd line of Bartel, Dusty, Gray, Swan & Titchell is pretty formidable!

        • pretty formidable is an understatement.

          its FARKING scary FWD line ha ha

          only reason i went with option 2 was i dont trust karnezis as he has done this before, good preseason then the game really starts and the fairytale stops.

  • @Deztroyer haha! Ye can agree about Karnezis. Also I tink Hallahan will have a really big year. Maybe I’ll sit on it over NAB & see if I can be swayed one way or the other… Assuming my side doesn’t change much more….

    • both players carry a bit ??? on them.

      hallahan – what will happen when ablett, o’meara, pestia and swallow return

      karnezis – will he be able to keep it up this time, also what will happen when the stars of the pies are back (will he play much mid then)

  • Hibberd, Newnes,Kolojashnij, Sheppard, Pearce, Smedts (Saad, Dick)
    Ablett, Barlow, Sidebottom, Beams, Treloar, Van berlo, Rich, Newton (vandenberg, Dumont,)
    Bellchambers, Leuenberger (Nankervis, Holmes)
    Martin, Gray, Swan, Mitchell, Hogan, Clark (Tarrent, Lambert!
    $16.000 in bank,
    Please give thoughts!

    • I think van berlo or rich could go to cripps, which would free up a 100k to upgrade somewhere else, also playing hogan and clark could be risky

    • Hogan and Clark will be fine, it’ll not be risky seeing lots of people are doing it. I like Van Berlo and Rich and I think could be great cash-cows. However as Jack said you could go Rich (who will probably play off the half back) to Cripps who will probably average just as much. Then with the extra money I’d upgrade Bellchambers > Giles (And then maybe bump up the bench a bit with the extra cash) or anyone of your choice that you can afford. Overall Kacey I think you have a great team, one of the better ones I’ve seen.

  • AFL fantasy
    Thoughts would really be appreciated! Please also address my issues below:)

    DEF:smith, Newnes, lumumba, sheppard/KK, pearce, Smedts/edwards(dick,jones)
    MID: Rocky,Ablett,sidebottom,Greene,Crouch,cripps,Newton,Freeman(acres/vandenberg,Dumont)
    RUC:naitanui,kreuzer(If he’s named round 1)(Nankervis,King)
    FWD: gray,Martin,Swan,Adams,karnezis,Clark(lambert,tarant/mcinnes)
    90k in the bank(considering i have chosen the cheapest options on all my 50/50s

    I think I’ve come up with a very strong, well balanced team just some minor things I’m undecided about.For MID I’ve gone rookies and guns because IMO cripps can and possibly will score as much as rich/NVB and is cheaper. If naitanui isn’t 100% will replace him with lycett
    *not sure on crouch/wines/swallow/griffin/neale o rstevens
    *not sure on lumumba or docherty(lumumba will obviously give me an extra 45k)
    *not sure on edwards or smedts
    *struggling to look for a good FWD 8
    *can’t decide between KK/shepherd.will the injuries in west coast’s defence make him less attacive?

    • team looks solid as you said.

      i would go with KK.
      Salem would be a good FWD 8

      Crouch and wines im not keen on, but that just personal preferences.
      a.swallow i think he will have a good year this year so he is on my watch list.

      Karnezis is a maybe, watch him through out nab to see if he starts dying also not sure on his JS when the big guns come back in to the side.

    • Any of the midfielders I’m sure will average similar
      For Fwd 8 Hogan
      And id go shepperd – no real reason just liked his nab cup game.

  • Okay here goes… Any thoughts and comments would be very much appreciated. All * represent slightly higher level of uncertainty.

    DEF: M.Hibberd/J.Newnes/K.Kolodjashnij/S.Mayes*/C.Pearce/K.Jaksch*

    MID: G.Ablett/J.Lewis/D.Beams/T.Greene/O.Wines/D.Rich/I.Heeney/P.Cripps

    RUC: N.Naitanui/T.Bellchambers

    FWD: D.Martin/D.Swan/T.Mitchell/K.Mitchell*/J.Martin*/M.Clarke

    46K left

    • Nice team, i think you should trade Heeney to Newton, 50k less and will probably average more,
      Mayes could go to sheppard and K.Mitchell to bontempelli or adams also.

  • This is my team guys based on essondon players getting banned. Any thoughts much appreciated.

    DEF- Smith, Newnes, Docherty, Sheppard, Pearce, Edwards, (Jones, Dick)
    MID- Rockliff, Ablett, Pendlebury, Montagna, Rich, Newton, Anderson, Cripps, (Vandenberg, Saad)
    RUC- Lobbe, Berger,(Phillips, Holmes)
    FWD- D.Martin, Gray, Swan, Mitchell, Bontempelli, Clark, (Reid, Lambert)

    • You team is fairly strong however it has a few weak parts to it. Your backs are really good however I’d upgrade Docherty to one of those 521k defenders or Hodge (seeing you don’t won’t Hibbered due to ASADA) just to add more job security towards it. I love the other selections, similar to mine and with great potential to score well. Then the midfield, which I think is the let-down (even though you have rocky) of your team. Montagna (M4) and Rich (M5) along with 3 other rookies on the field is just to weak for the position that scores you the most amount of points. I’d look to either upgrade Rich to a more mid priced midfield or upgrade one of your rookies to maybe Nathan VB. Rucks is solid, could downgrade Lobbe for cash but I think he is a really good selection TBH. Finally your forwards which are really strong however if you were to think about doing the suggestions I’ve told you then you might have to downgrade Bontempelli to someone in the mid 200’s maybe even Hogan if you were to really strengthen up your midfield even more. These are just suggestions so don’t think you have to make them, overall I think it’s a very good team :)

  • TEAM NAME: Lewo’s Legends!. (AFL Fantasy 2015)
    Used: $10,000,000 (100%), Remaining: $0 (0%) On Ground: $8,976,000 (89.8%), On Bench: $1,024,000 (10.2%)
    Expected Total: 1757, Site Expected Total: 2048
    Def: M.Hibberd (89.40), B.Smith (82.16), J.Newnes (81.98), B.Sheppard (66.61), C.Pearce (49.47), M.Talia (80) (M.Karpany (23.50), T.Clurey (21.20))
    Mid: G.Ablett (119.26), S.Pendlebury (108.48), M.Priddis (107.95), D.Beams (107.60), A.Swallow (89.75), N.van Berlo (48.06), B.Newton (33.92), P.Cripps (28.80) (A.Vandenberg (21.20), T.Dumont (21.20))
    Ruc: J.Giles (60.42), M.Leuenberger (48.94) (A.Phillips (26.33), T.Nankervis (21.20))
    Fwd: D.Martin (97.70), R.Gray (96.47), D.Swan (93.82), J.Ziebell (84.81), J.Hogan (34.28), M.Clark (27.56) (R.Tarrant (25.09), K.Lambert (21.20))

    All thoughts greatly appreciated ;)

  • Team Name: Tobys Troops
    Def: Hibberd, B Smith, Newnes, Lumumba, C. Pearce, Whitecross (Z Jones, M Dick)
    Mids: Ablett, Sidebottom, Beams, Parker, Shiel, Rich, Cripps, Newton (Vandenberg, Dumont)
    Rucks: Leuenberger, Bellchambers (Griffin, Nankervis)
    Fwds: Martin, Goddard, Franklin, T Mitchell, Hogan, Lambert (Krakouer, Clarke)

    Let me know your thoughts! Thanks

    • You’ll have to really think about having Whitecross on your field seeing that you won’t know Hawthorn’s team till after lockout. And I’d probably move Lambert to your bench for Clark.

      • Thanks for letting me know, ill look into that. I think Lambert is going to be a gun, look for 70+ average! Anything else you saw?

  • TEAM NAME: mickgee2. (Dream Team 2015)
    Used: $10,070,100 (100%), Remaining: $900 (0%) On Ground: $9,126,800 (90.6%), On Bench: $943,300 (9.4%)
    Expected Total: 1736, Site Expected Total: 2061
    Def: M.Hibberd (89.33), B.Smith (82.19), K.Kolodjashnij (68.34), B.Sheppard (66.51), C.Pearce (50.89), Z.Jones (27.75) (M.Fuller (22.08), J.Kolodjashnij (22.08))
    Mid: G.Ablett (119.14), M.Priddis (107.83), T.Greene (102.94), O.Wines (91.23), L.Whitfield (79.18), D.Rich (48.00), B.Newton (41.25), J.Anderson (26.75) (A.Vandenberg (24.26), N.Freeman (22.08), K.Lambert (18.23))
    Ruc: M.Leuenberger (57.60), T.Bellchambers (54.57) (M.Cox (18.23))
    Fwd: B.Goddard (97.17), B.Deledio (96.78), R.Gray (96.37), D.Swan (93.71), M.Bontempelli (69.19), J.Martin (50.37) (C.Daniel (20.89), N.Krakouer (19.29))
    any help would be good

    • I’d like to see a bit more strength in the backline. Think you need one more premium, just to give you some balance. Probably Newness would be a safe bet, maybe for Kolo. Like the Whitfield pick, killed it on the weekend and hopefully can produce the goods for you. Nice forward line, obviously your building your team around here but maybe spent a little too much cash?

      • yer to much spent in forwards but if i get lucky with 1 of bonts or martin its set and forget until after byes.then i can down grade/upgrade in def quicker.
        thats the plan anyway.

  • AFL Fantasy

    Salary Cap – 57k

    DEF: Smith, Newnes, Lumumba, Sheppard, Whitecross, Edwards (Dick, Saad)
    MID: Ablett, Barlow, Pendlebury, Beams, Parker, Newton, Freeman, Cripps (Vandernberg, Dumont)
    RUC: Leuenberger, Bellchambers (Nankervis, Holmes)
    FWD: Martin, Goddard, Franklin, Swan, Martin, Clark (Membrey, Lambert)

    Not sure on Parker but does have the Dees first up. Unsure on Mid Pricers in Backline. The rucks i really have no idea, they’ll be the last finalised.

    Any thoughts?

    • Parker has Dons not Dees sorry

    • DEF: Just keep an eye on Whitecross and Edwards other than that good.

      MID: Very strong only thing is there are better options than Dumont.

      RUC: Not a fan of having two risky rucks so I think you will need to upgrade at least one.

      FWD: Strong, I would downgrade martin to a rookie because they will score similar and it frees up some cash.

      Overall very nice team.

  • this is for fantasy.

    who to kick out of anderson, freeman, newton or cripps?

    • Drop Anderson, the others are almost definitely best 21 while Anderson will be vested if he plays at all (probably)

  • I can’t decide over this dilemma

    Sidebottom + Karnezis


    Rich (or anyone under 285k mid) + Bartel

  • Def: J. Newnes, B.Sheppard, P.Seedsman, R.Henderson, B.Whitecross, B.Smedts (Z.Jones, M.Dick)
    Mid: T.Rockliff, G.Ablett, B.Crouch, D.Shiel, L.Neale, D.Rich, B.Newton, N.Freeman
    (A.Vandenberg, T.Dumont)
    Ruck: T.Bellchambers, M.Leuenberger (M.King, T.Nankervis)
    Fwd: D.Martin, L.Franklin, D.Smith, D.Swan, T.Mitchell, J.Hogan (M.Clark, K.Lambert)

    Salary remaining 160k – I would like to keep Rocky in my team because even though I’m sure he will go down in price but i think it will be too hard to get him in. Thoughts are greatly appreciated

    • Def is to shallow, work in a premo for Shep/Seedy/Hendo or another midpricer for WhiteX/Smedts (both will struggle for best 22

      Definitely keep Rocky(125), will get you more points with Crouch(105) than Beams(110) and Barlow(110). Not sure on both Shiel and Neale. Go for a more proven Swallow/Wells/Griffen or a proper premo.

      Is Bellchambers able to play? Has Berg done enough? I’d upgrade at least one of them

      Great forward line, especially Buddy and Smith, both extremely overlooked. I want both but can only fit one. Has Mitchell done enough? He scored well, but hardly started in the midfield.

      • Cheers I’ll probably look to upgrade henderson or seed if he’s injured to someone like brodie smith.

        I want to keep both Shiel and Neale because I believe they are in for a big break out season especially neale.

        I want to upgrade either bellchambers or leuey to nic nat

        Yeah I like my forward line but it might be too strong compared to the rest of my team. Who do you think I should downgrade twitch to, so I can get nic nat

  • Thoughts……???

    Everyones team is looking pretty similar. There are so many mids i think can go big this year. Even forwards.

    Let me know what you think of my team

    DEF: Smith, Newnes, KK, Geary, C,Pearce, Smedts (Brown,N, Hamling)

    MIDS: Abblett, Sidebottom, Beams, A,Swallow, Rich, Newton, Freeman, Cripps (Vandenburg, Dumont)

    Rucks: Naitanui, Belchambers/Leuenberger (Kreuzer, Phillips)

    FWDS: Bartel, Martin, Gray, Swan, Mitchel,T Hogan (Clarke, Lambert)

    Some constructive criticism would be great : )

    • Im certain that you’d have a fair bit of cash left over. Upgrade Geary

    • Solid backline, they all look great, except Pearce. Did do well in ONE Nab game. Keep an eye on him and have a back-up plan if he does not do enough

      Great Midfield, same structure as me. Agree with all.

      Is Naitanui fit? Will Bellchambers play? Is Leuenberger doing enough? Is Kreuzer to expensive for your bench? In other words, your rucks have a LOT of question marks.

      Good forward line. But has Mitchell done enough? He scored well, but hardly started in the midfield.

      Overall, good team. But if I was you, I would downgrade Kreuzer to a Griffen/O’Brien/Holmes/Nankervis type and use that money to upgrade Naitanui to Jacobs/Mumford or Bellchambers/Berg to Giles, planning to downgrade back if they look good.

      But, it is your team and if you like these players, lock them in

      • Ruck is the hardest to chose at the moment. Not many rookie options or mid prices that will score.

        • Thoughts on Ivan Maric?

          • Could be good, is fit and should be top 5 ruckmen. But if you can find about 70k you can get Jacobs or Mumford who will be the two best for the year (IMO)

        • If Essendon get banned Giles will fire on all cylinders.

  • TEAM NAME: Woosha’s Wishlist. (AFL Fantasy 2015)
    Used: $9,852,000 (98.5%), Remaining: $148,000 (1.5%) On Ground: $8,741,000 (87.4%), On Bench: $1,111,000 (11.1%)
    Expected Total: 1657, Site Expected Total: 2063
    Def: B.Smith (82.16), J.Newnes (81.98), H.Lumumba (71.02), B.Sheppard (66.61), B.Whitecross (45.58), B.Smedts (31.27) (A.Saad (21.20), M.Dick (21.20))
    Mid: S.Sidebottom (108.13), M.Priddis (107.95), D.Beams (107.60), S.Selwood (81.10), N.van Berlo (48.06), D.Rich (47.35), B.Newton (33.92), N.Freeman (30.74) (A.Vandenberg (21.20), K.Amon (21.20))
    Ruc: N.Naitanui (72.97), M.Leuenberger (48.94) (A.Phillips (26.33), J.Griffin (25.09))
    Fwd: B.Deledio (96.82), R.Gray (96.47), D.Swan (93.82), D.Zorko (87.99), T.Mitchell (76.33), M.Clark (27.56) (J.Hogan (34.28), B.Reid (25.80))

    Still have some cash and I know i dont have Rocky or Gablett but what do you think?

    • Good lineup but you’ll need to have a ‘set and forget’ captain if you don’t have Rocky or GAJ.. would that be Beams in your team?

      • yeah. I think Beams will do well up north with Rocky getting most of the attention and the money saved boosts the fwd line which this year seems to me to be the place to score

  • Still league spots open JJVK9HM9

  • A.Swallow or Crouch??

  • Best defender worth 521k?

  • TEAM NAME: Lewo’s Legends!. (AFL Fantasy 2015)
    Used: $10,000,000 (100%), Remaining: $0 (0%) On Ground: $8,976,000 (89.8%), On Bench: $1,024,000 (10.2%)
    Expected Total: 1757, Site Expected Total: 2048
    Def: M.Hibberd (89.40), B.Smith (82.16), J.Newnes (81.98), B.Sheppard (66.61), C.Pearce (49.47), M.Talia (80) (M.Karpany (23.50), T.Clurey (21.20))
    Mid: G.Ablett (119.26), S.Pendlebury (108.48), M.Priddis (107.95), D.Beams (107.60), A.Swallow (89.75), N.van Berlo (48.06), B.Newton (33.92), P.Cripps (28.80) (A.Vandenberg (21.20), T.Dumont (21.20))
    Ruc: J.Giles (60.42), M.Leuenberger (48.94) (A.Phillips (26.33), T.Nankervis (21.20))
    Fwd: D.Martin (97.70), R.Gray (96.47), D.Swan (93.82), J.Ziebell (84.81), J.Hogan (34.28), M.Clark (27.56) (R.Tarrant (25.09), K.Lambert (21.20))

    Would really enjoy some feedback ;)

  • Team Name: Stiffmeisters (AFL Fantasy) – $210,000 remaining

    DEF: Smith, Newnes, Geary, Pearce, Whitecross Smedts (Jones, Dick)

    MID: Ablett, Pendelbury, Beams, Crouch, Griffen, Anderson, Newton, Freeman (Dumont, Vandenberg)

    RUC: Bellchambers, Leuenburger (Griffin, Phillips)

    FOR: Martin, Gray, Swan, Franklin, Wellingham, Clark (Hogan, Lambert)

    Any thoughts/feedback? My only worry is I’ve spend too much on the bench with Hogan/Griffin and that I’m not buying into Rich/Van Berlo.

    Help would be appreciated! Thanks

  • Righto AF leagues need to be filled… spots left will be in brackets; general leagues… SHLTYJRM (1) 5RSKLX2D (2) victorian league… AMAXKAAX (9) blues supporters league… 4XAAWTCH (3) Go sick!!!

  • DEF: K.Simpson, J.Newnes, N.Vlastuin, G.Ibbotson, K.Jaksch, Z.Jones (Clurey, Hamling)

    MID: Ablett, Barlow, Pendlebury, Beams, Treloar, NVB, Newton, P.Cripps (Vandenberg, Ellis-Yolmen)

    RUCK: Bellchambers, Leuenberger (A.Phillips, J.Holmes)

    FWD: Dusty, Gray, Swan, Kelly, Bontompelli, Salem (C.McCarthy, M.Clark)

    34K left

  • Def:
    Hodge, Newnes, Lumumba
    KK, Goodes, Smedts
    (Byrne, Hamling)

    Rocky, Ablett, Pendles, Fyfe
    Wells, VB, Rich, Cripps
    (Ellis-Yolmen, Vandenberg)

    NicNat, Bellchambers
    (Griffin, Nankervis)

    Dusty, Gray, Swan,
    Titchell, Salem, Clark
    (Lambert, Krouker)

    Any thoughts would be appreciated