Steele Sidebottom – Deck of DT 2015

Name: Steele Sidebottom
Club: Collingwood
Position: Midfielder
AFL Fantasy: $612,000
AFL Dream Team: $609,900
Bye Round: 12
2014 Average: 108
2014 Games Played: 19
Predicted Average: 115-120

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Why should I pick him?

Steele Sidebottom, Funny name, serious player.

Sidey… put together a stellar 2014, finished the year as the 8th highest averaging midfielder but yet is in under 6% of teams.

Why is he not on many peoples radar?

Is it because his name can’t be said without a snigger?
Is it because he is ALWAYS, ALWAYS smiling? (Seriously, check him out on the footy field… once you see it, it cannot be unseen)
Is it because of the stupid Porn Star mo that he occasionally sports?
Is it because he plays for Collingwood?

Probably all of the above… But this Smirking Pool Cleaner with the name like a wheelbarrow is definitely worth a look.

Let’s look at his year last year. Took a couple of games to find his position, even playing in Defence in Rnd 2 (56 Points) before moving into the role that makes him so Fantasy relevant EPP…Everywhere Position Player. (Note from round 3 on he went on to average 113 Points)

Rainman.. What are you talking about you crazy MOFO? EPP?
Glad you asked… Let’s get all funky with some technology and look at some heat maps of where Sidey has picked up his possessions.

Rnd 3….21 Kicks, 8 Handballs, 5 Marks, 6 Tackles, 1 Goal, 1 Behind…126 points


Rnd 17….17 Kicks, 11 Handballs, 9 Marks, 3 Tackles……….109 points


Rnd 18 …..22 Kicks, 10 Handballs, 10 Marks, 3 Tackles ………123 points

Rnd 23….27 Kicks, 9 Handballs, 4 Marks, 3 Tackles, 1 Goal……..125 points


The above graphics show how much Sidey gets around… He is literally everywhere……Running around the back for handball receive, getting free on the wing for a +6, bobbing up for a goal. Junk.. or as I call it Fantasy Mud… and who likes mud? PIGS…… But more on that in a minute

Compare this for a second to some heat maps of other popular Midfielders


Gary Ablett




Josh P Kennedy



Joel Selwood



Matt Priddis



A lot more centralised.. they get plenty of the ball no doubt, but generally locate themselves around the middle.

Back to Piggery.. Last year we had a new Fantasy Pig born… Tommy Rockliff… So what does his heat map look like?


Look at all of that yellow, and where those possessions are and how they are scattered around the ground… remind you of anyone????

Now, for those who are very straight laced, who think a number is a number and lets not get too fancy with them, least of all draw ridiculous comparisons….If this describes you…… Look away now

Could Sidey move into pig status this year???
Laugh, go on… it is a stupid statement I know….. I am laughing writing it… but lets explore that ridiculous statement further.

I want to look at Rocky’s 2013 year, the year before he graduated to a fully blown pig. How does Sidey’s 2014 stack up against Rocky’s 2013….. Discuss…

Games Age coming into PIG season Ave Diposals Diff between Ave First ½  of Year to Second ½ Standard Deviation (Consistency)
Sidey (2014) 19 24 26.7 +13% 23.7
Rocky (2013) 21 24 27.4 +11% 25.2


Ave First 5 games Ave Ave when scoring 100 100+ Scores 120+ Scores High Score Low Score
Sidey (2014) 108 100 123.6 11 7 147 56(Playing out of position – DEF)
Rocky (2013) 103 105 126.2 10 6 144 63(Playing out of position – FWD)

Now this may be drawing a very long bow…but those numbers are very very similar.

We know that this game is way more than numbers and who is in and out of the team, make a lot of difference to how a player scores.

So how about the Pies players in 2015

He doesn’t have Beams there anymore so he will get the Tag…
Maybe, will it impact him negatively?. Not sure. He played 2 games this year without Beams..Scored 96 and 124. We can go back to 2013 when Beams was missing, but Sidey was playing a very different role, so not sure we gain anything from that.

Swanny is not getting younger, had a “putrid” season last year by his own account and from what Buckley has said

“He still has the capability to be a very good player in our side.

“I’m less worried about All Australians and B and F’s as I am about him being a very strong team-mate and playing his role.”

I read this as Swanny playing more up front like he did last year. Shouldn’t impact Sidey

No more Luke Ball…Sidey played 5 games in 2014 without Ball for an average of 112.

Pendles will do what Pendles does….Play through the tag and still dominate. Shouldn’t impact Sidey

Greenwood, Crisp, Thomas, Kennedy, Adams will all rotate through the midfield. Helps Sidey continue his EPP role.

Lastly he has an enormous tank….as evidenced by his heat map but also by the fact he has the 3rd highest Time on Ground % (88%) of all premium midfielders. Behind only Ablett (90.6%) and Stevie J (88.3%)


Why shouldn’t I pick him?

  1. Whilst he had a good year he did miss 3 games through suspension… Is this a sign of the Smiler becoming less smiley?
  2. No Beams/Ball – Whilst I don’t believe this will impact him, nobody knows for sure. Definite risk for him to get more attention.
  3. That Pesky Round 12 Bye – Shared with Ablett, Pendles, Barlow, Heppell, JPK, Parker, Prestia, Watson and Fyfe
  4. His Name/Smile/Moustache/Magpieness

Deck of DT Rating:

ACE – I really think that Sidey will explode this year. He showed great signs last year with those 7 scores over 120, 3 of them over 140. He has all the signs of being a pig…. I know it is an enormous call, but I think there is definitely more to this guy than you would think. Very confident that he will be a top 8 midfielder by years end and he has a great track record against his early opponents. Would be a nice POD to give you a leg up on the rest of the competition.

Steele Sidebottom is...

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  • Amazing article Rainman. Lots of effort clearly wet into that one.

    After how convincing that was, how can I not pick him now?!?!? Only question is, should I pick him in place of Pendles?

  • Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. Thanks Rainman! Awesome read. How can I not lock him now?!

  • Btw. Full credit to where I sourced the heat maps from. Just awesome.

  • Great article, will have to reconsider my midfield now as he looks like a perfect POD with so many choosing Pendles ahead of him.
    Surely there must be heaps of female DT Talkers out there, come on join my Female Footy Fanatics League and don’t let the guys have all the fun. Invite Code X7KT96T3 will get you in.

  • Brilliant article Rainman! As you said he smashed some scores in the 120s, 130s and even 140s!
    Now the question for me is would you have Sidey over JPK?
    Got me hooked!

  • Great POD, massive upside, he’s Iocked for me. This article just backed up my assumptions with great data. Thanks Rainman.

  • Hey mate, great article on one of my favourite players.

    Only concern i have is Sideys average is about 20ppg less when Beams isnt playing from memory- i did a article on him last year as a “Leftfielder” and it was a massive drop when Beams didnt play

    • Hey Lefty, you are right. In 2013 Sideys score were down, this coincided with Beams out of the team. As referenced in my article, I am not sure that you can draw huge parallels as he was playing a very different role then, but is certainly a factor that needs to be considered.

    • Very good point. When Beams when down at HT, Sidebottom only scored 29 that half, to his 57 in the first half. Although I worked out that he still averaged 100 without Beams, from Round 23, 22 and half of 21.

  • Very tempted to take him over pendles now, he does have incredibly bad low scores though, so I’m unsure whether I’ll be able to get him cheap one day like the last two years

  • M3 is between Barlow, Selwood and Sidebottom for me this year. Barlow just has the edge, but you never know.
    Great article btw!

  • Between him Treloar and Greene for D3 and D4. Got abblet barlow and fyfe with Greene and Treloar atm.
    Great article never even thought of sidebum till now

    • Sidebottom any day of the week.
      Just don’t know about those Giants. Approx 3300 points up for grabs each match, and if they continue their losing habits, the winning team will get 2/3 of the points, leaving the likes of Ward, Greene, Treloar, Griffen, Smith, Shaw, Kelly, Shiels and more to fight for the points. Although I think it would be a good option to have ONE out of the Giants midfield whether it’d be Treloar, Griffen, Greene, Ward and Shiels.

      • 3300 points up for grabs per match? This isn’t supercoach we are talking about…

        • I think he’s on about total DT points for the game

          and unless it’s a trashing (which I think we’ll see less of this season) then your splits are a little skewed
          DT Live gave scores of around 1900-1700 generally in favour of the winming team

    • Dirch Fyfe and Greene

  • Ripping article! Potential upgrade target for me. Will see how he goes in the first couple of rounds.

  • Sidebottom is football royalty, super fit and cool under pressure. A future Brownlow Medalist. Lock.