Aaron Sandilands – Deck of DT 2015

Name: Aaron Sandilands
Club: Fremantle
Position: Ruck
AFL Fantasy: $490,000
AFL Dream Team: $488,400
Bye Round: 12
2014 Average: 86.52
2014 Games Played: 21
Predicted Average: 85

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Why should I pick him?

If we exclude his injury riddled 2013 season where he only managed 10 games he has averaged over 85 since 2008.  At his price this certainly isn’t a bad thing.  Being the tallest guy in the competition, he is generally going to get his hand on the ball first and this is where he gets a lot of points!  Only two games of under 30 hitouts (and only just) means he only needs to get a few kicks and a goal or two and he can score you 80+ each and every time.  For $490k you can’t really argue too much (or can you?).  Prior to his injury year of 2013 where he only played the 10 games he was averaging between 14.7 and 17.4 disposals.  Then for 2013 it was only 9.2 and in 2014 it was back up to 12.4.  So there is no reason he can’t bring that up again to around the 14-15 mark given he has not got the toe issues that kept him from getting around the ground as well as we would like.  This could see him return to his days of an average of in the mid 90’s which is more than consistent enough for a set and forget ruckman.

Many of us picked him last year as he was going to make us some cash.  He could do that this year, but it won’t be as much.  He is fairly consistent with 4 games over 100 last year and 8 games under 80 which is what brought that average down.  But he doesn’t fluctuate wildly.  This is what you want from a ruckman.  Over the years he has been a set and forget option for us.  But is this year going to be the same?

Why shouldn’t I pick him?

One of the big problems here is that the big guy isn’t getting any younger.  He is 32 now and we all know that he has had a history of injuries!  I bet not many of us had heard of Turf Toe two years ago.  Having said that he only missed the one game last year with a back injury (which flared up in a minor way during this preseason), however that was against the Saints in Melb in R18, I actually think this was another of Ross Lyon’s little games where he likes to mess with us.

2014 was the first time he has played 20 games or more since 2009 and it was only the 4th time in 11 years that he has played 20 games.  And given he is now 32 his body isn’t going to get any more reliable (trust me as an old guy trying to do young guy things I am speaking from experience here!).  Over the last 5 years he has played 19, 13, 12, 7 and 21 games.  This simply isn’t reliable enough for me.

Without Hitouts Sandi struggles to get the points.  He scored only 7 goals for the year and averaged 3 kicks and just under 10 handballs a game.   This isn’t going to be enough to get you the points you need.

Possibly the worst going for starting the season with Sandi is the opening run for the Dockers.  Power (home), Geelong (skilled), West Coast (home) and Sydney (home).  I can see him not scoring brilliantly in these games and probably dropping dollars which means that if you are dead set keen on having mr 211 in your side then I would pick up a cash cow ruckman (if you can find one) and possibly then trading to Sandi after round 5.

Deck of DT Rating.

JACK – Sandi has long been a guy that we would just set and forget in our ruck department.  This year though I think there is more than enough evidence to suggest that you don’t go with the big fella this year.  I am not confident he can get the points nor do I think he will play enough games, even though last year he showed that he was over the injuries and his averages did start to increase again.  If he isn’t injured, I can see him being managed by Ross throughout the year, particularly I don’t see him making all of the long trips.

I simply don’t see him being reliable enough for me to start with him.  And if you are keen to pick him up then I would wait until he drops in price a bit first and you could perhaps downgrade to him from a ruckman who has an easier start to the year.

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  • Probably if you want him then you’d have Griffin on the bench. This is the only way I would take him (and it’s not a bad idea – from experience in draft leagues it is always nice to have your back up take over and score almost as well) but I already have anough of a quandary working out which of the other rucks I want.

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    • Great point mate, certainly I won’t be taking him in a straight up league, but in a draft league if you can handcuff him to Griffin it may be a good option to take the risk.

      • I agree with this point, especially as I think Sandi will be phased out (with retirement in 2015 or 2016)
        especially as Griff proved that he could score 80s when Sandi missed in 2013

        as for RDT, nope, if I’m taking a risk with Kreuzer/Leuey,
        then I don’t want to be taking a risk with a premo ruckman – particularly with the likes of Goldy, who’s virtually a cert to play every game

        and oof to that start, some of the hardest fixtures for ruckmen to go to (namely Geelong and WC)
        ideal for draft league (with Griffin)
        risky in AF (particularly with that start)
        and virtually a no in RDT (if you’re going with Krooz/Leuey in the rucks too)

  • *enough

  • No Dean Cox…sigh. Leunberger, Kreuzer, and buy an extra premium mid I think will be the overwhelming strategy. Perhaps Maric or Nic Nat might provide big scores?

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    • I think you are right with that thought on the strategy, It will be a popular one. I am still worried about Kreuzer, I had him in a draft league last year and it killed my season. I am intrigued by Nic Nat post Cox and what that will do to his scoring.

  • Come on guys, everyone has leuey and swan, nobody will have Sandi. Last three articles are pointless.

    • Disagree. I dont think everyone will have Luey and Kruze.
      Plus there is more than one version of the game so who you might not think is relevant in the AFL version, they might be relevant in RDT or a draft or whatever.

      • Correct. Sandi can be very handi (ha ha) in the Draft form if you have an adequate backup ready to go.
        I mainly chose Sandi to do simply because many people who are realatively new to DT may just pick him as a set and forget. He did bounce back last year and who knows, could get back to peak form. I thought he was a very interesting player to watch and I will certainly be doing so.
        Oh, and by the way, I am not picking Luey at the moment.

  • Sands won’t play every game he will be managed as freo will most definitely be going all out to try and get that flag for sands pav and mcpharlen so they won’t use him whole season to ensure he is good for finals. Well my opinion anyway lol

    • Exactly what I was thinking. He won’t play the long haul interstate trips where they are against a ruckman that Griffin can beat easily.

  • I do like the idea of having him and griffin but Leuy/Kreuz looks the better options.

    But some bloody good points

  • Thanks Kirk

    Keep an eye on him. I still think Kreuz has something to prove to me before I pick him.

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  • Would love to, but too much alternative value in the rucks, his bye round and the likelihood of him not being in the top 3 rucks for 2015 prompts me to decline.

    • for ruckman, his bye rounds actually pretty friendly
      remember that it’s the best 18 of the 22 actually on the field (rather than 18 of 30)

      shared with: Grundy, Bellchambers, Giles, ZClarke, Nicholls, Z Smith, Hickey, Pyke, Nankervis

      he’s the ONLY premo of the players that share the rd12 bye, so could be a decent shout

  • Seriously is anyone else dying to be different and not have leuy and Kreuz, But because they’re so cheap you lose out elsewhere? This is killing me having these two ruckman like everyone else

    • IF Krooz or Leuey go down early (before rd5) then you’ve actually made a good call going different

      Your choice, but if you start with both, then be wary of making that early trade (particularly as you’d have missed out on the must-have rookies by then as well)

    • I’m not taking either of them. Leuy no guarantee to be number 1 ruckman due to strong performance of S.Martin last year and Kreuz may spend too much time forward (or injured as always) so I’m not confident in either of them.

  • Thanks for that Dunny. Sandi has some credentials, but he’s almost in no man’s land when it comes to starting him. For mine, NicNat (or Minson or Maric if you like) is a tastier ‘value premium’ option. If you want a set and forget, I reckon it’s worth splashing out to get Sauce.
    If he’s having a strong season and looking fit, he’s there as an upgrade alongside guys like Goldy if necessary.

    • Thanks mate, I like your thoughts there, I will be looking very closely at NicNat and I also like Goldy, he has been good to me in the past.

  • Standard tactic in the ruck this year will be Leuey/Kruez, keep the best one and upgrade the other to Jacobs.