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myteamv20articleThe DT Talk pre-season is in full swing and with the other post filled up, it’s time for a new version of My Team! Head on over the and use the Drawing Board to put together your AFL Fantasy Classic, AFL Dream Team (RDT) or SuperCoach team using the prices and positions for this year.

It’s free and easy to sign up and the site will continue to evolve over the pre-season.

Post your teams (via the simple copy and paste on the Drawing Board) in the comments and discuss your fantasy pre-season. Be constructive and as always, give and get! The Deck of DT has been awesome so far and it will continue into mid-February! The games will officially launch over the next few weeks so make sure you’re prepared and chat it up in the comments.

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  • TEAM NAME: Vodka Kruezer. (AFL Fantasy 2015)
    Used: $9,931,000 (99.3%), Remaining: $69,000 (0.7%) On Ground: $8,843,000 (88.4%), On Bench: $1,088,000 (10.9%)
    Expected Total: 1682, Site Expected Total: 2047
    Def: N.Malceski (92.05), J.Newnes (81.98), P.Seedsman (62.19), B.Waters (60.78), G.Ibbotson (59.36), M.Dick (21.20) (N.J. Brown (25.09), J.Kolodjashnij (21.20))
    Mid: G.Ablett (119.26), D.Beams (107.60), D.Heppell (107.07), T.Greene (103.00), S.Selwood (81.10), D.Rich (47.35), K.Lucas (45.76), A.Morabito (25.27) (N.Krakouer (25.09), A.Vandenberg (21.20))
    Ruc: M.Leuenberger (48.94), M.Kreuzer (43.11) (J.Griffin (25.09), M.Cox (21.20))
    Fwd: B.Deledio (96.82), D.Swan (93.82), A.Christensen (77.74), W.Hoskin-Elliott (67.84), M.Walters (62.37), T.T. Lynch (57.77) (M.Clark (27.56), B.Reid (25.80))

    Thoughts? have some uniques but are priced below their projected averages I believe

    • Like the backline though all of Seedsman, Waters & Ibbo could be a little risky. Will have to wait & see on your rookies.
      Nice first 4 mids. Think Scooter is too risky given the Eagles have said he may not feature in the NAB. Not sure about Lucas & Morabito – have to wait & see if they are likely to get opportunities. Krakouer & Vandenberg are unlikely to get early games as they are rookie-listed.
      Standard ruck combo.
      Forward line is too much of a gamble IMO.

      Hope this doesn’t sound too negative but I think you may need to consider a couple of less uniques especially in the forward line as there are so many good premo options available.

  • Beau Waters looked great at training today :) didnt seem like his shoulder was an issue and was running around with the main group. I know its still early but great signs! Lock for me at this stage

  • So, where have i gone wrong?

    TEAM NAME: West Coast United 15. (AFL Fantasy 2015)
    Used: $9,995,000 (100%), Remaining: $5,000 (0.1%) On Ground: $9,013,000 (90.1%), On Bench: $982,000 (9.8%)
    Expected Total: 2020, Site Expected Total: 2017
    Def: N.Malceski (94), S.Burgoyne (86.75), B.Waters (82), D.Roberton (71), S.Gilbert (71), B.Smedts (60) (N.J. Brown (48), T.Clurey (53))
    Mid: G.Ablett (120), L.Parker (105), N.Fyfe (102.30), T.Liberatore (107), S.Mitchell (92.93), S.Selwood (99), D.Rich (82), J.Lonergan (44.70) (A.Vandenberg (60), T.Dumont (63))
    Ruc: S.Mumford (98), M.Kreuzer (82) (M.King (42), M.Cox (53))
    Fwd: L.Franklin (99), D.Swan (93.82), C.Wingard (89), D.Thomas (88), J.Hogan (65), M.Clark (68) (K.Lambert (56), D.Markworth (57))

    • In answer to your question, firstly your team name! haha Go Freo!

      Some good defence PODs but I think its a little risky. Like the Roberton selection but Gilbert & Smedts are a bit risky for my liking.
      Different midfield to most. I like the Ablett, Parker & Libba options. Not convinced with Fyfe personally and I think there are better options than Mitchell. Selwood is looking risky with the Eagles saying he’s unlikely to feature much in the NAB if at all. Vandenberg is rookie-listed so don’t think he’ll feature early.
      I like the different ruck combo. Too locks if Kreuzer can stay fit.
      I’m a fan of Buddy & Swan, but not so sure with Wingard & Thomas – they should certainly be on our watchlists but I think with the premo fwd options available to us its better to upgrade at least one of them. Everyone is jumping on Hogan & Clark for good reason but I think it could be a bit risky having to KPP “rookies”

      Hope that doesn’t sound to nasty, just trying to give helpful criticism.

  • Is it better to have

    Membrey on the bench and then have Libba?


    Hogan on bench and then have B.Crouch?

    Other fwd beach is M.Clark

    I’m thinking first option



    • Hogan and Membrey will both be given opportunities. And they both scored well in their comps last year.
      Libba and Crouch is very close. Libba for ceiling, and Crouch for consistency.
      IMO, Libba might have a hard time without Griffen, apparently averaging 15 points below with Griffen.
      Crouch should step up his game this year, and could be a great POD if he fires.

      So I would go option 2, but there isn’t many ways to seperate the two options.
      Flip a coin if you want to, but IMO Libba will have a hard time without Griff.

      • I don’t think Libba is the safest option to be starting with this year to be honest. If you can afford someone a bit better like a Greene, Treloar, Sloane or even Parker I would go first option. Otherwise I actually like Crouch and I feel Hogan will do a bit better than Membrey this year, so it’s up to you, if you can get a better premo than Libba go option 1, but otherwise I’d be going the latter. Both are solid

    • I was going to say option 1 since I’ve got Libba in my side atm. However the other guys make a fair point. I had Crouch second half of last season and he was certainly consistent. Guess it comes down to if you think Libba can lift his consistency cos his ceiling is certainly great!

  • What are everyone’s thoughts on backline rookies?
    I currently have Edwards on the field + Brown and Clurey on the bench.
    Thinking that if Edwards doesn’t get a game at Essendon, will trade him to Goddard or Rainbow man who might get games

  • Def: Hodge, Simpson, Mayes, Vlastuin, R Henderson, Whitecross (Dick, Fuller)
    Mid: Rockliff, Lewis, Sloane, Cotchin, VanBerlo, Rich, Boekhorst, P Cripps (C Smith, C Smith)
    Ruck: Leuenberger, Kreuzer (Soldo, O’Brien)
    Fwd: Dusty, Deledio, Dahlhaus, Daisy, J Freeman, T Boyd (C Daniel, L McBean)
    Spare: 128k

    • note: before you criticise, understand that I’m limited to one round here, so my players are severely limited

      • it’s a rd11 tanking (scoring literally nothing) team
        actually think it looks pretty reasonable

        • While it’s actually a solid looking team, I think the round to tank would be round 12, where more and better premo options are available. Still keep the rucks because that’s the best value combination but apart from them if you’re looking to tank I’d go round 12. Swans, Gold Coast, Collingwood, Fremantle, Saints & Essendon. These teams present the best premium options I would think. Particularly the first three.
          That’s just my opinion, feel free to interpret it how you will

          • I’m really just having some fun, cause it’s Monday and I’m clearly a little delirious (in this Brisbane heat)

            I REALLY like that playing defence line too, shame they all share the same bye :(

          • and it’s the rookies that cause the problems

            had no trouble picking between premos (dime a dozen really) but it’s the rookies that I think will play that are hard to pick (especially for this round)

        • seriously here; can anyone tell me the pros and cons of tanking? That is, is there an argument for picking what you think are the best players, regardless of round, instead of worrying about the byes and having players you don’t want?

    • rd12:
      Malceski, Hibberd, Newnes, C Pearce, Gilbert, Z Jones (Goddard, A Johnson)
      Ablett, Barlow, Pendlebury, Steven, Neale, Heeney, Laverge, Acres (Morabito, Kavanagh)
      Sandilands, Nicholls (Nankervis, Cox)
      Goddard, franklin, Swan, J Martin, Bellchambers, Markworth (Sylvia, B Reid)
      Spare: 1k

      • rd13:
        J Kelly, H Shaw, Hurn, Lumumba, Yeo, Waters (Vickers-Willis, J Kolo)
        Priddis, J Selwood, Treloar, A Swallow, Caddy, Brayshaw, Newton, Dumont (Neal-Bullen, Vandenberg)
        Goldstein, Lycett (King, Read)
        Harvey, D Smith, J Kelly, Petracca, Clark, Hogan (D Menzel, Krakouer)
        Spare: 15k

  • Hey guys, I’ve been toying around with my side a little bit, mainly with the rookies. Any feedback or constructive criticism would be much appreciated. Cheers guys :)

    DEF: Hibberd, Newnes, Lumumba, Waters, Henderson, Z. Jones (Clurey, Dick)
    MID: Ablett, Pendlebury, Treloar, Swallow, S. Selwood, Rich, Newton, Freeman (Cripps, Dumont)
    RUCK: Leuenberger, Kreuzer (Griffin, King)
    FWD: Deledio, Smith, T. Mitchell, Adams, Kelly, J. Martin (Hogan, Clark)

    84k remaining. Bye Structure of 7/10/13

    • Pretty damn hard to fault mate.

      Being picky:
      Def – Z Jones, Clurey & Dick JS/early games?
      Mids – S Selwood unlikely to feature in NAB, too risky?
      Rucks – no back up but we’ll all have that problem
      Fwds – Love it! Maybe different rookies? Hogan an unknown, Clark currently injured & prone to break down

      Otherwise Lock & Load! At least until we know more about the rookies…

      • Thanks for the feedback mate :) Yeah Scooter is a little unfortunate, so if he’s not 100% by round 1 I can either sideswap to Lachie Neale or maybe find some more cash and upgrade him to a Libba/Fyfe/Prestia/Greene, otherwise maybe Brad Crouch?

        IN terms of rookies I guess we still don’t know a whole lot. If Trengove remains injured Clurey will get games but other than that it’ll come down to the NAB Challenge. I’m quite confident with Hogan and Clark is a bit of a worry but could always be replaced with Ben Reid if he’s fit or maybe Tim Membrey

  • The coots have had a few changes made to it over the past couple of weeks. Bloody DoDT has me considering a change every day.
    I keep changing from the four of Ibbotson, Whitecross, Henderson & Seedsman. Not sure which two I’ll finally settle on. Replaced Kreuzer with NicNat as I thing the eagle has more upsidewith Cox now gone and Malthouse’s insistence on trying to make Kruezer a key forward. Originally had Stevie J but I accept the fact he will get suspended & rested so better off with Heppell. Could be a bit of a gamble with both Greene and Treloar but I do expect big things from both. Griffen going there will help – not hinder imo.
    I am conscious of DPP availability and have always found it handy to have both your midfield rookies with DPP when one of your gun midfielders is injured.
    So, let me know what you think and where my holes are.

    TEAM NAME: The Coots 15. (Dream Team 2015)
    Used: $10,010,400 (99.4%), Remaining: $60,600 (0.6%) On Ground: $8,771,000 (87.1%), On Bench: $1,239,400 (12.3%)
    Expected Total: 1673, Site Expected Total: 2080
    Def: M.Hibberd (89.33), J.Newnes (81.96), H.Lumumba (71.05), P.Seedsman (64.12), R.Henderson (61.75), B.Waters (47.79) (M.Dick (22.08), H.Goddard (21.78))
    Mid: G.Ablett (119.14), D.Heppell (106.96), A.Treloar (103.45), T.Greene (102.94), D.Rich (48.00), N.van Berlo (40.96), C.Petracca (38.61), N.Freeman (22.08) (P.Cripps (36.34), J.Steele (20.89), D.McKenzie (20.89))
    Ruc: N.Naitanui (72.91), M.Leuenberger (57.60) (J.Griffin (43.98))
    Fwd: D.Martin (97.63), L.Franklin (94.74), D.Swan (93.71), T.Mitchell (78.01), C.Knights (36.69), J.Hogan (24.61) (M.Clark (28.81), P.Karnezis (24.84))

    • Love the defence. I think Hendo is a lock as he broke his leg which isn’t a typical recurring injury. Whitecross is too risky atm but if he is named rnd 1 then will be great value. I’d back in Ibbo (even though he is very fragile) over Seedsman but NAB form may change that.
      Sounds like you’ve put plenty of thought into the midfield so hopefully it works out for you :) Not sure you need to pick rookies purely on DPP but it certainly does help to have some flexibility but I think it should only be a deciding factor for two rookies of equal expected return.
      I’m not personally convinced with Nic Nat only because as a Freo fan I’ve witnessed my team dominate him all the time, however he is due to take the competition by storm & perhaps this will be his year.
      I like your first 4 fwds but not sure about Knights, esp. his JS & I think Hogan will have some very low scoring games so if you’re convinced in having him I’d prob look at playing him on the bench. Karnezis is an interesting one – will this be the year he shows the goods?!

      Overall pretty solid. Sorry about the essay, but hope that helps :)

      • To be fair Punchy, Sandi dominates everyone. Nic Nat is still a solid option and I like it. Went down to the open training session today and he was looking really fit and athletic, back him in for a big year.

        Defence is very solid, although you may have spent a little bit much in that area. I like all the picks there, I’d have those three above Ibbo and Whitecross because of injury and job security respectively.

        Great midfield premo’s but it lacks a lot of depth. I think you could throw in one more, maybe a underpriced midfielder, like a Selwood or Swallow, even Neale. Good rookies but I’m not convinced on Petracca, I see better value out there like Ben Newton but up to you.

        Solid ruck, I like the Nic Nat pick, good value and I reckon he could definitely push a 90 average with Cox out of the way and a solid, injury-free preseason under his belt.

        Forward line looks solid but I agree with Punchy that Chris Knights is probably not the best pick. I’d look at Tom Lynch instead or even Jack Martin. Solid bench cover there.

        Overall it mostly looks pretty solid on paper. Will generally just come down to rookie selections.

        • Matt,
          again, thanks for your thoughts.
          Jack Martin was originally one of my forwards and is quite likely to end up back there before season starts. I still think both Rich and Van Berlo are just too underpriced not to have even though it means they will need to be upgraded at a later stage.
          Petracca’s figures in the TAC says he is a ball magnet and his JS is 100 imo.

      • Thanks for your comments Punchy. Have taken them under advisement. Must admit that the NicNat pick is a speculative one and I’m not yet 100% over it. The NAB will tell me more about both Knights and Hogan. Knights was a regular in Richmond’s 22 until he was injured in 2013 and had a healthy 70+ average. If Hogan’s half as good as he is said to be, he is a nice cash cow at worst.

  • Made a few changes tonight after I gained some cash from Titchell’s price update and after some advisement from you guys. Hope it doesn’t seem too similar to previous teams I’ve posted! Any advice/thoughts much appreciated :-)

    TEAM NAME: Clive’s Allstars. (AFL Fantasy 2015)

    Remaining: $44,000

    Def: M.Hibberd (89.40), H.Lumumba (71.02), B.Waters (60.78), R.Henderson (58.13), D.Roberton (47.00), H.Goddard (41.70) (J.McGuinness (25.09), M.Karpany (23.50))

    Mid: G.Ablett (119.26), M.Barlow (110.78), D.Heppell (107.07), T.Greene (103.00), T.Liberatore (98.76), D.Rich (47.35), N.Freeman (30.74), P.Cripps (28.80) (D.Cavka (25.09), T.Dumont (21.20))

    Ruc: M.Leuenberger (48.94), M.Kreuzer (43.11) (J.Griffin (25.09), M.King (21.20))

    Fwd: B.Goddard (97.17), D.Swan (93.82), T.Mitchell (76.33), J.Kelly (69.79), M.Bontempelli (69.26), J.Martin (50.35) (C.Daniel (27.74), M.Clark (27.56))

    Maynard -> Goddard
    Acres -> Freeman
    Gray -> Goddard
    Salem -> Clark
    Extra $42K remaining

    • I love all four changes you’ve made, I think they’re all an improvement.

      Backline is very solid, I like Karpany back there, handy DPP and nice to see a Freo fan throwing in a couple of West Coast players :) To be honest, I can’t see him playing many games, nor early in the season, but at the open training session he looked really well built and fit, and he adds another dimension to the club so will hopefully make you some cash.

      Midfield is very solid with some great picks there. I have to say I’m still not convinced on Libba, I’d consider other options first. His 15 point drop compared to playing without Griffen scares me off a bit. Track his progress. Otherwise very solid. Great rookie selections, I like Cavka back there of course :)

      Is any comment needed for ruck?

      Forward line is very strong, I’d still consider Adams out of the 2 places for midprice forwards you’ve got both all should perform. Once again, solid bench cover, but I’d like to see Hogan in there. With Clark being injured I’d recommend upgrading him to Hogan.

      Otherwise a very nice team :)

      • +1 approve with everything Matt said. Will Max King the ruck on your bench get games for the Dees? He’s on my bench and just wondering if he will get games. Cheers

  • @Matt: I don’t mind Scooter to Neale but whether he can take his consistency to a new level is the question, from my experience I think his high scoring games are usually when Fyfe or Barlow are out so he could be limited in that regard. I’d love to back him in as Freo fan though :-P Otherwise in order; Greene (by a fair margin), Crouch/Libba (Crouch for consistency, Libba for ceiling), Fyfe, Prestia

    • Yeah thanks :) I think his consistency will improve from another year in the system and being so young just general growth. I noticed his best games were mostly at the end of the season and in finals where both Barlow and Fyfe were playing so we’ll see. I’ve been experimenting with how to get these guys in my team and I’ve managed to get Greene in but I’ve had to sacrifice Clark for Lambert and I was still 4k short so I had to downgrade Deledio to Swan. Both moves also hurt my bye structure :/ Otherwise I could get Crouch or Neale without having to trade anyone. I have to say, I hadn’t even considered Prestia on my watchlist until listening to the podcast. Averaging 125 with Gaz in the team is pretty huge, and hopefully he’ll play a lot of games this year. Still speculative but I think he’s worth watching!

  • @Bandicoot: I agree with Matt. I’d look to downgrade Petracca for someone like Newton & upgrade Knights to Martin. I reckon Martin will have a big year, maybe I’m a bit sucked in by all the hype surrounding him early last yr saying he was better than O’Meara but I think he has much better upside & JS than Knights

    • Such a shame the Gold Coast stole all of our WA talent, would’ve loved to see at least one of them playing for us back home. Swallow, O’Meara, Bennell, Martin. A little unfortunate really :/

  • @Matt: thanks for your assessment mate. Karpany & Cavka help my bye structure so hopefully they get games! I avoided Libba like the plague last yr cod of his inconsistency but convinced myself from the start this yr to back him in… My confidence is slowly fading, but he could be a nice POD if he can do good! Pretty keen on Bonts & Kelly but will keep Adams firmly on my watch list. Actually keen to get Salem back in for Clark but I’ll need to make a bit more cash. Although I’ve been a doubter, Hogan is now officially on my watch list!

    • No worries bud :)
      Also I just made my team and I realised Nankervis was only 120k!
      If I replace Griffin with him and then downgrade Clark to Lambert I have enough cash to upgrade Scooter to anyone under 601k!! Which means I can lock in Toby Greene and I’m pumped! Also it means that my bye structure is absolutely perfect with 8/10/12. So excited ahaha

  • @Benjo: thanks for the tick of approval! Max King is a 2nd yr rookie-listed ruck man so he is relying on an injury but I think he has more chance then any other players listed at the same price

  • Apparently an eastern state side has put a “border protection policy” in place in anticipation for Freo & WC swarming their WA players. Based on that I reckon there’s a fair chance it’s the GC Suns. Brace yourselves for a feirce 2015 trade period/free agency!

  • Dream Team Talk blog

    TEAM NAME: Mate 2.. (AFL Fantasy 2015)
    Used: $9,878,000 (98.8%), Remaining: $122,000 (1.2%) On Ground: $8,816,000 (88.2%), On Bench: $1,062,000 (10.6%)
    Expected Total: 2034, Site Expected Total: 2069
    Def: M.Hibberd (93), B.Smith (91), J.Newnes (87), B.Waters (76), G.Ibbotson (73), D.Viojo-Rainbow (53) (J.Kolodjashnij (21.20), T.Clurey (21.20))
    Mid: G.Ablett (118), S.Pendlebury (113), A.Treloar (108), B.Crouch (104), A.Swallow (102), D.Rich (77), B.Newton (71), N.Freeman (59) (P.Cripps (28.80), A.Vandenberg (21.20))
    Ruc: M.Leuenberger (82), M.Kreuzer (82) (J.Griffin (25.09), M.King (21.20))
    Fwd: D.Martin (103), B.Goddard (103), D.Swan (105), T.Mitchell (98), J.Hogan (62), T.Membrey (54) (C.Daniel (27.74), K.Lambert (21.20))

    Happy with my side but I would like to improve my forward rookies particularly Membrey.
    Thoughts are appreciated. Cheers


    • It says almost done

      • IM IN BOYS. I’ve made my team already and it’s glorious :)
        Also who knew Nankervis was priced at 120k!?! Bargain there. He’s replacing Max King as my R4 cause he might actually play a couple of games!!

  • hey guys

    this is my team- any tips would be appreciated

    DEF: K.Simpson, B. Smith, G. Ibbotson, B. Waters, G. Rohan, B. Whitecross (rookie rookie)

    Mid: Ablett, Pendles, S. Johnson, D. Beams, T. Cotchin , A. Swallow, D. Rich, N van Berlo (Rookie, Rookie, Rookie)

    Ruck: Burger, kRuezer

    Fwds: Franklin, Swan, Ziebal, J. Kelly, C. Knights, M. Clark. (rookie rookie)

    site average it says 2130, so i win?

    • DEF: Simpson is a great pick :) smith should be at around a 90 averagr this year. Ibbo and Waters should be decent :) not too sure about rohan tho… better options in my opinion, Whitecross is a great pick as well :) stacking up on mid price players is the way to go at the moment it seems. I have Whitcross in at this stage just because he makes my fwd stronger and he could end up playing R1.

      MID: Ablett is a jet, Pendles is mr consistent, Beamer should average around the same as last year.. Johnson tho is always either injured or suspended… has burnt me in the past when i did select him. He can score massive but when u need him the most he normally is not playing… I suggest getting in a guy like JPK, Grenne or maybe even a fyfe. Cotchin is up and down but hopefully he can become consistent this year.. Swallow still has question marks whether he is able to return from his injury in time for the opener, but should be good when he is playing, Rich and NVB are great value and should go up in cash quickly.

      RUC: Great Value

      FWD: Franklin is a solid option and loves to bag a few, Swan should be bak to his old ways, Ziebell im hoping can have his breakout year this season.. Kelly is a great POD i have him as my F5 at this stage. Knights should average well and Clark will be the same! :)

      Overall great team!!!!!

      • Gary Rohan was being moulded to play nick malceski’s role last year… i think he is excellent value. should average at least 80. but thats my POV/ i can swap cotchin for a mid pricer and upgrade one of my defenders into hibberd/ newnes or something like that. still tossing it up
        i cant resist stevie j. hopefully he grows up this year!

        • Oh ok didnt realise that! and oh ok fair enough :) And ahaaha lets hope so ay!

        • I’m very tempted by Stevie too. Tossing up between he, Beams, Macrae.
          Interesting re: Rohan. NAB watch for me.

          Cotchin is never again for me. More reliable options at his price tag.
          Ziebell over someone like Dusty or Goddard?

  • Thoughts on B.Ellis?








    • Ellis for ceiling but not consistent, but will definitely attract more attention this year.
      Crouch- consistent as a fair chunk of his points are from tackles. I’m very tempted by him. I liken him to a Barlow-type, not likely to pump out a 150, but relatively reliable 95-105.
      Neale- I think a touch behind the other 2.

      Crouch > Ellis > Neale for mine.

  • i reckon crouch

  • Alright, AFL Fantasy is up! First draft time.
    Seriously, Beau Waters is 344k!!

    DEF: Simpson, Hibberd, Newnes, R. Henderson, Ibbotson, Z Jones (Holman, J. Kolojad)
    MID: GAJ, Pendles, Treloar, Macrae, Wines, Rich, van Berlo, Cripps (Morabito, Dumont)
    RUC: Kreuz, burger (Lobb, Nankervis)
    FWD: Dusty, Swan, Goddard, Bellchambers, Boyd, Salem (Hogan, Clark)

    Remaining: 9k

    Thoughts/Not sold on-
    I think Ibbo will avg 80, which will be fine for D4/D5. Henderson though? The emergence of Jaensch and Smith worries me about decreasing Henderson’s output.
    Have I spent too much on defense? Also considering swapping Kade for Malsexy time.
    Mids- Am I crazy to ignore Stevie J? Not sold on van Berlo, if his ceiling is 80, wouldn’t that be similar to a rookie anyway?
    Ruc- stock standard. But definitely need a proper R3 this year.
    Fwd- Is Cooney going to affect Goddard? Bellchambers for the Ruc DP, and mitigates the ruck injury risk.
    Trying to fit Josh Kelly in somehow.

    • Trade simpson to lumumba. If anything henderson will decrease the other two’s output.

      Your not crazy to miss out on SJ. Most people aren’t starting with him.

      I think goddard will be fine. But if you want to be sure trade him to kids, smith or gray. The. Trade boyd to Kelly.

      Not a bad team for a first go :)

  • TEAM NAME: Jacks sparrows. (AFL Fantasy 2015)

    Remaining: $34,000

    Def: M.Hibberd (89.40), J.Newnes (81.98), H.Lumumba (71.02), B.Waters (60.78), R.Henderson (58.13), Z.Jones (25.09) (M.Dick (21.20), T.Clurey (21.20))

    Mid: G.Ablett (119.26), S.Pendlebury (108.48), A.Treloar (103.53), T.Greene (103.00), A.Swallow (89.75), D.Rich (47.35), B.Newton (33.92), N.Freeman (30.74) (P.Cripps (28.80), T.Dumont (21.20))

    Ruc: M.Leuenberger (48.94), M.Kreuzer (43.11) (J.Griffin (25.09), T.Nankervis (21.20))

    Fwd: B.Goddard (97.17), D.Swan (93.82), T.Mitchell (76.33), T.Adams (71.38), J.Kelly (69.79), J.Martin (50.35) (M.Clark (27.56), K.Lambert (21.20))

    Thoughts on my most updated team. This is my best so far. Thoughts would be greatly appreciated



    • Thanks for your feedback on my team! Here goes.

      I’m not sold on Lumumba.
      Beau Waters is a complete miss for me being the same price as Henderson and Ibbo! I’m not taking the risk.
      Treloar & Greene? Interesting, but could pay off big.
      I like the Swallow pick, Titchell pick, not so sure about Adams or Jack Martin. But point taken with Boyd, I wasn’t that sold on him but using him as a placeholder for now.

      • Lumumba should do a lot better at Melbourne coz of their game plan. E.g. “Keepy off”

        If waters gets to round 1 u scared he is a lock for me but otherwise he will turn into ibbotson or Seedsman

        I’m not to sure about Greene and treloar Either. Before I just had treloar without greene.

        Is there anyone else under 610 k I should be looking at?

        I think martin will have a big year and show us what he can do

  • Team name: Bloodbath N Beyond
    DEF: Hibbo, Burgoyne, Newnes, Ibbo, Whitecross, Goddard (Clurey, J.Kolo)
    MID: Rocky, D.beams, Greene, Crouch, Griffen, VB, Rich, Freeman (Dumont, Dick)
    Ruck: Berger, Kreuzer (Griffen, Nankervis)
    FWD: Swan, Martin, Goddard, Christensen, Petracca, M.Clark (McGuane, Garner)
    Must have rocky (man crush)

  • True Blue Belters

    DEF: Hodge – Hibberd – B.Smith – Waters – Goddard – Maynard (Clurey – J Kolo)
    MID: Ablett – Barlow – Lewis – Wines – S.Selwood – Rich – Newton – Freeman (Dumont – Cripps)
    RUC: Leuey – Kreuzer (Griffin – King)
    FWD: Goddard – Swan – T.Mitchell – Adams – Kelly – Clark (Hogan – Membrey)

    38k left

    First draft of the year, good to get back into it finally!
    Thoughts/comments greatly appreciated!

  • First team selection of the year always feels good!

    Enforcers ’15 (value – 9,991,000 w/ 9k remaining)

    Def: Newnes, Lumumba, Waters, Seedsman, Whitecross, Henderson (Scharenberg, Z.Jones)
    Mids: Ablett, J.Selwood, Watson, Griffen, Dangerfield, Neale, Cripps, Sheed (Krakouer, Vanderberg)
    Ruck: Luenberger, Kreuzer (Griffin, Nankervis)
    Fwds: Goddard, Swan, Cooney, Mitchell, Templeton, Blease (Karnezis, Lennon)

    I’m sure it will change about 10 million times between now and lockout so thoughts/opinions are welcome

    • I don’t like that you don’t have rich or van Berlo. I also would recommend getting adams/Kelly/Bontempelli for Cooney. Then you could upgrade blease or Templeton to another ,mid pricer

  • Hi guys just do Fantasy for fun but I want to beat my friends this year and make the finals for my league, any feedback would be great.

    Hodge, H.Taylor, Bugg, Seedsman, D. Talia, N.Smith (Lever, j.kelly)


  • Hey all,

    Thoughts on my list? Thrown together quickly at work.

    DEF: G. Ibbotson, B.Waters, B.WhiteX, G.Rohan, M.Hibberd, J.Newnes (A.Aliir, J.Kolo)
    MID: G.Ablett, A.Treloar, T.Greene, D.Heppell, N.Van Berlo, D.Rich, B.Acres, P.Cripps (T.Dumont, R.Atkins)
    RUC: M.Kreuzer, M.Leuenberger (J.Griffin, M. King)
    FWD: B.Deledio, D.Swan, L.Franklin, C.Knights, B.Goddard, T.Mitchel (T.Membrey, M.Clark)


  • I’m interested to know what strategy people are thinking of using for their team structure this year.
    Last year I went with:

    Back line: 4 premium, 2 mid priced, 2 rookies
    Midfield: 4 premium, 2 mid priced, 4 rookies
    Ruck: 2 premium, 2 rookies
    Forward: 4 premium, 2 mid priced, 2 rookies

    This strategy always works well during the season, and I generally finish too 2 in my league, but I tend run out of cash for meaningful trades in the league finals.

    What team structure strategy will you be taking into this coming season?

  • thoughts on k. turner from kangas ?

    Thoughts on tom boyd

    Thoughts on tex walker???

  • 2JSNRN9J – League code for those wanting another league to join

  • Jelwood, heppell, beams or ward?

    Pick one, Reason and why please :)


    Cheers :)