BBL Fantasy 2014/15 – Copes’ Tips

bbl_copes1Trent Copeland from the Sydney Sixers loves all forms of Fantasy sport. He is a big AFL fan and exchanges plenty of messages with us here at DT Talk as he finds the edge over his mates as the commissioner of his league in the winter. During the summer, Copes takes part in the BBL Fantasy competition and last year experienced some success with a top 10 finish out of the 37,000 entrants.

As we approach the lockout tonight, Copes has posted his tips to help you finalise your team.

Overarching Tactics – look for players who are ready to step up on last year’s performance 

The simple fact of any sport based on a salary cap is that nothing beats value for money. Pricing is done according to their performance in last year’s competition, so if there are guys who will have a more prominent role this season based on form or opportunity, then they’ll present great value, and they’re guys who you should look to get into your side.

If you can find those diamonds in the rough that are underpriced due to lack of game time last year, or change of team, or even just guys who are already in red hot form so far this summer, they’ll help you go far in BBL fantasy.

Picking Batsman – Openers are your best value for money

Points are assigned based on the amount of runs scored, and then after that, it is based on strike rate and getting over little milestones on where you score your runs. Any opening batsman in this competition will be worth their price as they have the most opportunity in T20 cricket to score runs.

Anyone who is batting at position four through six needs to strike at around 150+ in order to make up for their lack of balls faced. Guys like Glenn Maxwell, Kieron Pollard, and Dwayne Bravo can fill that role, but otherwise most middle order batsmen simply don’t have the opportunities to make the runs needed to contribute strongly in fantasy.

Guys like Aaron Finch, Alex Hales, Cameron White, Dwayne Smith, Michael Lumb, Nic Maddinson; guys who open for their respective teams are going to be very good. Those guys who have the most opportunities but still strike at a good rate, that are playing in successful teams will be your best pick-ups.

Picking Bowlers – keep an eye out for bowlers who close out an innings 

Economy rate plays a big part in fantasy points for bowlers – it’s not all about taking wickets. In previous years I have incorporated a lot of spinners, guys like Brad Hogg, Stephen O’Keefe who have played a big role for their teams. It’s unclear on if that will change this year, but my tip is to look out for guys who bowl the last few overs.

They can go for more runs, but generally the batsman is less careful and more wickets fall in that time, which is when bowlers can really rack up the points.

Picking all-rounders – Batting All-Rounders are a safer option 

I generally favour batting all-rounders, mainly due to the amount of points you get through scoring runs. For example, if Henriques bats in the top three, he can get 20 runs and take no wickets and still get 20 points. If you go with a bowling all-rounder that bats down the order, if they don’t take wickets and doesn’t get a bat you will end up with zero.

The all-rounders spots are so crucial when you spend so much cash on them, you really need to prioritise guys who can get points. A player like Luke Wright, who doesn’t really bowl that much, is still a good player simply due to his batting prowess.

Picking Keepers – look for a top order batsman

For me, most of the keepers available are all going to play. Ben Dunk was an absolute steal last year given that the year previously he didn’t play, then went on to become player of the tournament. If you can find a diamond in the rough like that, and especially a player who bats near the top of the order then you’ll do well.

Trades – have a plan 

The double round is the key for me. In the first round the Stars have two games, so make sure you’ve got plenty of them in your team, but given there is only three trades per round, you need to make sure that enough variety and contingency to make sure you maximize your selection each round.

The Scorchers and Sixers both have two games in round 2 so a few of them on your bench would be smart.

Byes and double games for BBL04

Byes and double games for BBL04

Which players are a steal?

There’s always a couple. In the batting department Nic Maddinson is hard to go past. He’s a current T20 International player who will bat in the top order for the Sixers. He’s priced at $49,700 – I don’t think there’s too much better value out there.

Matthew Wade, having changed from the Stars which has a long list of batters, to the Renegades where he’ll bat somewhere near the top, he’ll have a big role to play for them.

Copes’ Must have selection for Round 1 

Must have for round 1 is Luke Wright. He bats, he could bowl, and with the Stars having two games in the first round, he could score a lot of Fantasy points.




  • Thoughts on my team please

    Finch, White, Hales, Burns, (Maddinson)
    Faulkner, Wright (Turner)
    Wade (Hartley)
    Boyce, Laughlin, Cummins, Bollinger (Paris)

    $19,800 to spare

    Could upgrade Boyce to Bird for stars DGW?
    And i’m not sure about my batsmen, they look a bit light, but not sure where to get cash to upgrade them.


  • Looking to jump amongst some leagues, so if you have a spare spot flick me the code and I’ll jump on, cheers.

    My league code is: 471171

  • How do you guys rate?

    Batsmen: Finch, Hales, White, Hodge (Maddinson)
    All-Rounders: Faulkner, Wright (Turner)
    Wicket-keepers: Wade (Hartley)
    Bowlers: Boyce, Laughlin, Cummins, Bollinger (Paris)

    Salary: $9,600


  • Thoughts?

    Batsmen: Finch, Hales, White, Hodge (Maddinson)
    All-Rounders: Faulkner, Wright (Turner)
    Wicket-keepers: Wade (Hartley)
    Bowlers: Boyce, Laughlin, Cummins, Bollinger (Paris)

    Salary: $9,600


  • Burns or Maddinson?

  • Thoughts?

    BAT: Finch, M Hussey, White, Hodge (Maddinson)
    ALL: Faulkner, Wright (Turner)
    WKT: Peirson/Hartley (Not sure Hartley will go much of a bat)
    BOWL: Bird, Laughlin, Cummins, Bollinger (Doherty)
    Cash: $4.1k

    • I reckon Hartley will get a bat, because the Thunder have a weaker (but still strong) batting line up with out Khawaja, however Peirson while bat down the order in Heat with all-rounders like Hopes and Cutting batting above him I reckon

  • Is it really worth jumping on Pieterson, cause I could easily get Hodge/Hales/White and use the 40k to upgrade one of my 30-40k bowlers to a 70-80k decent bowler

    • I like Pietersen, but when you have guys like them 30-40k cheaper it isn’t worth it. I would go Hodge, Hales, White in that order and upgrade one of your bowlers

    • I’m going White over Pietersen. Too much risk early on with Pietersen, if he goes well though bring him in.

  • BAT: Finch, White, Hales, Maddinson (Klinger)
    ALL: Wright, Faulkner (Turner)
    WK: Hartley (Carters)
    BWL: Boyce, Laughlin, Cummins, Bollinger (Fekete)

    26,000 left. thoughts?

    • I’d suggest not getting Klinger now until after his bye and leaving Maddinson on the bench. I would put someone like Bailey/Simmons/M.Hussey who are great batsmen then downgrade to Klinger if you wish

  • should i go with

    Option 1:
    BAT: Finch, White, Hales, Hodge (Maddinson)
    ALL: Wright, Faulkner (Turner)
    WK: Ludeman (Peirson)
    BWL: Bird, Rimmington, Cummins, Bollinger (Doherty)


    Option 2:
    BAT: Finch, White, Hales, Pietersen (Maddinson)
    ALL: Wright, Faulkner (Turner)
    WK: Ludeman (Peirson)
    BWL: Bird, Beer, Cummins, Bollinger (Doherty)

  • Final team:
    BAT: Finch, M.Hussey, White, Hodge (Maddinson)
    ALR: Wright, Faulkner (Turner)
    WKP: Hartley (Peirson)
    BWL: Bird, Laughlin, Cummins, Bollinger (Doherty)
    4.1k salary

    Help is appreciated

  • Hales and Rimmington or Hussey and Cummins

  • bailey or KP?

    • Maybe KP for the risk, because Bailey usually bats in the middle order but is good in the field though

  • any thoughts on sixers new keeper riki wessels?

    • I’m going to see how he goes first few rounds and then maybe pick him up after sixers bye.

  • His last t20 he got 62 off 56 but that was in August and hasn’t played a lot of t20 since then

  • Start Maddinson or Hales on the field?

  • Looking for some leagues to join, so leave your leagues codes here, thanks.

  • Just getting my team sorted and have a couple of leagues open, so here are some codes:

    DT Talk First XI: 623794
    DT Talk Second XI: 845606

    Please join just one.

  • Feel free to join my league, ‘B’ Grade Magoos.

    League Code: 410129

  • Here’s my team:
    Finch, Bailey, Hussey, Burns sub: Head
    Maxwell, Cutting sub: Turner
    Hartley sub: Perison
    Boyce, Laughlin, Cummins, sub: Paria
    25k left, thoughts?

    • Missing a bowler mate, plus Paris is injured.

      I like the bowlers, like the batting, just not sure about Head, don’t go with Cutting, not as a genuine all rounder, like ya keepers too.

      • Paris injured in October for 6 weeks so should play later on, plus don’t need a sub until round 4
        Yeah, forgot tonputnin bowl linger as my other bowler
        Who should I replace for cutting, considering I’m probablymgonna trade him out after this round

      • Paris injured in October for 6 weeks so should play later on, plus don’t need a sub until round 4
        Yeah, forgot to put in bolinger as my other bowler
        Who should I replace for cutting, considering I’m probably gonna trade him out after this round

        • Cutting bats too low, plus he’s hit and miss with the bat, you want a batting all rounder really, not Kallis though, he’ll hardly bowl I think, consider Wright, Faulkener, Christian, RTD.

          • RTD isn’t playing until pollard leaves, think I might go with Christian. Thanks

          • I didn’t know that about RTD, cheers.

            Christian will bat top 4 easy and should bowl 4 overs too.

  • Bat: Finch (VC), White, Hodge, Maddison (Head)

    All-A: Faulkner (C), Christian (Turner)

    Wicket: Wade (Hartley)

    Bowl: Boyce, Sandhu, Laughlin, Bollinger (Doherty)


  • My Final Team before lockout (hopefully):

    BAT: Finch, Pietersen, White, Hales (Maddinson)

    AR: Maxwell, Wright (Turner)

    WK: Hartley (Peirson)

    BWL: Laughlin, Rimmington, Cummins, Doherty (Fekete)

    6k left.

    Will trade out 2 of the Stars players after this week (1 from each POS) because of DGW. Not sure who to just a yet though.


    • Great mix of players with a few POD’s. If everything goes your way, you will be well on your way.

      Two things to consider:

      1. Pietersen is a gun of a player and should dominate. However, new competition and a lack of cricket at a high competitive for so long might mean a few weeks to get back into Pietersen form. Hold off for a bit.

      2. Remaining money may seem a little useless to start with but having at least 15k of rem. money to start off with will mean that trades (such as upgrades) will become much easier in the long term. Try saving a bit of money by downgrading someone. I would suggest Pieterson to a Hodge or a Hussey brother.

      Good Luck!!!

  • Heres my team.

    BAT: Finch, Pietersony, White, Maddinson (Head)
    ALR: Wright(C), Faulkner (Turner)
    WKP: Ludeman (Hartley)
    BWL: Bird, Laughlin, Cummins, Bollinger (Doherty)

    3k left over

    Only question is Ludeman worth the extra 10k over Peirson?

    planned trades faulkner to henriques, bird to arafat, and white to klinger

  • Where do we think Ludeman is going to bat guys? He and Travis Head both opened for each side in the Strikers’ practice match so it’s a bit unknown.

  • Hello all over at FanFooty we are running leagues across all three form AF DT and SC.
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    Have invited the Warnie Roy and Calvin to get involved in AF or all of them should they wish, would be great to have them onboard in 2015.
    Best of luck to everyone for the upcoming season.

  • May have posted the above in the wrong place :( sorry lads.

  • quickly, leagues to join?

  • Bird or Laughlin?

  • fekete and sandhu, or rimmington and bollinger? one on the bench for this week

  • Head or Maddinson?!

  • Gus is hilarious luv it

  • need a final batsmen, have enough money for any but Finch, who do we recommend? already have Pieterson, White and Hodge.

  • m9: Mike Hussey