BBL Fantasy 2014/15 – Premiums Guide

Hey guys,

The BBL is nearly upon us. The time has come to finally decide the composition of your team. Last time, I went through the players under $55k. Today, I’ll review the so-called ‘premium’ players in the game, telling you once again who to KEEP, WATCH and AVOID. Let’s get started!

Batsmen (> $80,000)


Finch ($102,500) – The most expensive bat in the game – and rightly so. His breathtaking knock of 156 off 63 deliveries against England blew the cricketing world apart. He’s explosive, but he does have a documented weakness just outside his off-stump that opposition bowlers will look to exploit. I won’t be starting with him due to the DGW but I’ll look to  get him in shortly afterwards. I won’t be starting with hi due to the DGW, but I’ll look to get him in shortly afterwards. I wouldn’t say must-have, but he’s pretty damn close. 

Khawaja ($91,100) – Wow. Professional sport can be cruel. I was going to predict that he would be raking in the runs this season, but a reported ACL injury has pretty much ended that. My condolences.

S. Marsh ($85,900) – Arguably Perth’s best batsman in the first two seasons, Marsh is a brilliant t20 player. He makes his runs in a similar way to Khawaja (exquisitely-placed shots and well-run singles) but he brings experience and a bit more power to the table. I’m hoping he plays as many games for the Scorchers as possible.

Bailey ($82,200) – One of my favorite cricketers. Always has a smile on his face and has one of the best straight-drives going around. Literally. He murders those drives. George is guaranteed a spot in the Hurricanes line-up (most probably at four) and while I normally don’t advocate buying players lower than three, Bailey doesn’t need a long time to make an impact. Great fielder too. He’s also at a decent price. I’ll look to get him in.


Pietersen ($93,500) – He stirs the pot more than most professional chefs, but that’s why I love him. Belligerent, confident, arrogant – all words that describe his stroke play and attitude to the game. Most Aussies like him because he now flips the bird at England full time and continually slags off Alastair Cook. 

On a cricketing note, he’s in WATCH because I’m not totally sure how he’s going to go after so much time off.

Carberry ($92,500) – Probably not the type of player that the Scorchers needed, but Langer has this awesome ability to get the best out of his charges. Averages over thirty in domestic t20, he could be a fantastic POD in the second round.

Ryder ($85,000) – Mmmmm. Picking him and Simmons is like loading three bullets into a six-shooter, spinning the chamber, aiming at your head and firing. Half the time you’ll look like a magician, but the other half will leave you looking like an absolute f*ckwit. Pick at your own peril, but Ryder does bowl, so maybe he’s a marginally better option than Simmons if you’re determined to get one of them.

Simmons ($81,500) – See Ryder.


Morgan ($91,100) – A fine exponent of the reverse sweep, organ is a great player. He bats at five for the Thunder so in years past I’d say lock him in, but the Thunder actually have a semi-strong top order this season, so I’d pass. 

Wicket-keepers (> $60,000)


Dunk ($105,600) – Awesome player. Terrific form. Reasonably strong team. What’s the problem then? His price. Considering the abundance of cheap keepers can you justify spending big bucks on Dunk? Your call. 


Wade ($66,800) – Like I’ve mentioned previously, he could and should open. He has a bit of experience in that position so I’d say he’ll go okay. Could also be completely shit, so take your pick. 


Paine ($68,500) – One of Paine or Dunk will fire and it could be Paine. Is that likely? No. 

Haddin ($72,500) – Didn’t even play a game last year, so nahhhhh.

Allrounders (> $89,000)

Okay, there are HEAPS of all rounders over $90k. To make it easier for me, I’m going to take the six players priced at over $100k and say that they are absolute keepers (which they are). These guys are your premiums and ideally, you want at least one of them. The only exception is perhaps Steve Smith, who is not totally proven on the t20 stage. 


Christian ($96,300) – He was a terrific pick-up last year, batting in the top four and sending down two or three overs. Consequently, he had an average of just a tick over 52. Expect the same again this season. 

D. Smith ($89,000) – I’m frothing at the mouth because I believe the Sixers have pulled off the biggest signing of the tournament. Smith is one of the best t20 opening bats going around. He topped the run-scoring charts at one point in the IPL. $89k is a BARGAIN!!!

R. ten Doeschate ($92,500) – I’ll start by saying that if RTD played for a test nation, he’d be revered. Because he plays (or played) for Holland, however, people were like ‘what?’ and ‘who’s this?!’ when Adelaide announced the signing. Trust me, he’s Shane Watson 2.0.


Henriques ($92,500) – Should bowl at least three and bat at four. Moises is your perfect all rounder. There’s no doubting that he’ll get the opportunities, but can he make the most of them? So far in his career, the answer has been a resounding ‘no’.

Hopes ($90,700) – This one could bite me in the ass, but I’m going to tell you to steer clear of HOpes for the time being. He’ll bowl four great overs, yes. But he will also likely bat down the order, as a finisher. HOWEVER (and this is a BIG however) he has batted high in the order before and if there are indications that he will do so again, think long and hard about getting him in. He could be one of the bargain buys of the season.


Pollard ($98,600) – Make no mistake – Adelaide didn’t buy Pollard to bold an innings. He’s there to hit. The problem is that he’ll be coming in late and he most likely will not bowl. His batting alone is not enough to warrant an all-rounder slot for me. Pass.

Russell ($93,500) – Bowling all-rounder. Exact opposite to Pollard in that he’ll bowl but he won’t get a huge bat. There are better options out there.

Cutting ($92,500) – I should’ve just created a separate category for these guys! In a test match I’d almost pick Cuttsy as an all rounder, but in t20, no. He has a tendency to be expensive and won’t bat higher than six. If hew was a bowler though… I suppose you can only dream.

Sammy ($93,500) – To me, Sammy is the best of the above lot. He should bowl four because Hobart are seriously short on quality bowling options. He will, however, still bat in the lower/middle order. That’s why I have to pass BUT I think he could average 45+ if you’re willing to take the risk.

Kallis ($92,500) – Too old and hasn’t played in a while. He’ll most likely bat at first drop, but he probably won’t bowl at all. Was never a brilliant t20 player in my opinion and now he’s definitely past his prime.

Hastings ($90,200) – I honestly have no idea how Hastings averaged 49 last year. He is basically a more economical Andre Russell.

Bresnan ($90,000) – This is getting ridiculous. I don’t even rate the guy as a bowler, let alone as a batsman. I’d be all over him if he was classified as a bowler, but I want someone who’ll come in before the seventeenth over to take my all rounder slot.

Bowlers (> $80,000)


Arafat ($101,200) – Possessing a huge variety of slower balls, Arafat is a terrific death bowler and is one of the few true ‘premiums’ in this game. He’ll always grab a wicket or two and keeps the runs down. A great option.

Behrendorff ($90,600) – The unsung hero of the Scorchers. I’ve lost count of the number of times he’s nipped out an early wicket or two. He averaged 49.2 last season and this year he should transcend the 50 mark and into ‘true’ premium territory.

Boyce ($83,700) – Boy, isn’t this kid a prospect? He broke into the national side this year and believe me when I say that you’ll see him there for a long time to come! He’s so unlike any other spinner in this format because he’s not afraid to flight the ball in search of wickets. If you haven’t watched his delivery that got Carters on 198, I strongly suggest you do. Warne-like.

Sandhu ($82,400) – Another bowler that improves in leaps and bounds each year. Sandhu really impressed main the Matador Cup with his ability to change his pace without changing his action. He is quicker than he looks, gets good bounce and has a great off cutter. I’m debating whether to start him.


Bird ($104,900) – Bird surprised me and a lot of people last year by proving that line-and-length seam-up bowling still has it’s place in t20 cricket. He has recently come back from injury, so I’d suggest that he won’t at his best, but considering that the Stars have a DGW first up, I’ll risk him.


Pattinson ($84,200) – Injured.

Siddle ($102,700) – Not a noted short-form bowler, Sids will most likely be playing in the test series.

Lyon ($81,000) – Again, not a noted short-form bowler. There are guys better than him who are priced lower. If you’re looking for a spinner around the $80k mark, go for Boyce.

Gannon ($95,300) –  I started with him last season, but dumped him after he went virtually wicketless for three games. He then went on to grab more than ten. Would I pick him up for $95k? Hell, no! He’s not even assured a starting spot!


Alright, that’s basically it guys. Thanks for reading once again, and feel free to drop a comment. I might not be able to reply, because I’m currently finishing this off in my hotel’s business room in Bali, but I’ll have a look when I can.

Also guys, this is your LAST CHANCE for a BBL cash group. A few people have expressed interest, but we need a minimum of eight to run it. Entry is $20, but you won’t have to pay until later in the season most likely (round 2 or 3). If you know anyone who might be interested, please direct them here. If you are interested please either drop me an email at ‘’ or message me on twitter @homeofbanter_.  The more people we get, the bigger the prize pool.





  • How about Hales

    Advice on my team

    BAT: Finch, White, Hodge, Hales/Bailey (Maddison)
    ALL: Wright, Christian/Pollard (Turner)
    WKT: Ludeman (Peirson)
    BOWL: Boyce, Rimmington, Cummins, Richardson (Bollinger)

    Spare cash $37,200

  • Hey, would love some thoughts on my team, I’ve never done this before:

    BAT: Finch, Marsh, Cooper, Hales (Maddinson)
    ALL: Faulkner, Kallis (Botha)
    WKT: Wade (Hartley)
    BOWL: Arafat, Bollinger, Richardson, McKay (Paris)

    Have about 4K in my salary cap. Any advice?

    • I wouldn’t go Kallis and Boats is too expensive to sit on bench. You want some cash in the bank for trades
      Marsh is in the test team and got a bye first round. So does Arafat and Paris. I also think there are better options for the price of Cooper.

      Thoughts on mine I changed it

      BAT: Finch, White, Hodge, Hales (Maddison)
      ALL: Wright, Pollard (Turner)
      WKT: Ludeman (Peirson)
      BOWL: Bird (only this round because got 2 games then I’ll bring in Arafat), Richardson, Hilfenhaus, Cummins (Bollinger)


  • OdD thing I just looked on site and couldn’t find dwayne smith. Is this the same for everybody else?

  • Thoughts guys and advice

    BAT: Finch, White, Hodge, Hales (Maddison)
    ALL: Wright, Pollard (Turner)
    WKT: Ludeman (Peirson)
    BOWL: Bird (only this round because got 2 games then I’ll bring in Arafat), Richardson, Hilfenhaus, Cummins (Bollinger)


  • I can’t find Dwayne Smith and O’keefe on the all rounders list???

  • Bat: Finch, Hodge, Hales, Burns (Wells)
    All rounders: Faulkner, Wright (Turner)
    Keepers: Wade (Hartley)
    Bowlers: Boyce, Sandhu, Laughlin, Cummins (Reinbird)

    Remaining Salary: $300


  • I reckon Pietersen should definitely be in the KEEP slot. Trust me. He has not missed a beat. Saw him at the Stars second practice game – he got 45 from 28 and was hitting them a mile! Looks in really, really good knick.

    • Hey Gollo – I’m a massive fan of KP myself, so I was hurting a bit putting him there. The thing is though, he hasn’t played really serious cricket for a while. Practice games don’t really prove anything. Cam White got 3/29 but I guarantee he won’t bowl a heap in the actual BBL. Pollard hit six sixes in an over. I also guarantee that he won’t do that again. Most of these practice games as well are being played in rural towns on small grounds with flat pitches, so the batting scorecard needs to be taken with a grain of salt.

  • I just read Dwayne smith is out of bbl04 not honouring his contract, similar to what him did with the schorchers

  • Bat: Finch, Pietersen, C. White, Hales (Maddinson)
    All rounders: Wright, Pollard (Lawford)
    Keepers: Pierson (Hartley)
    Bowlers: Bird, Boyce, Cummins, Bollinger (Paris)

    Remaining Salary: $8,400

    Trades for the next week are:
    Pietersen to Carberry
    Bird to Arafat
    Lawford to Turner

    Thoughts are greatly appreciated :)

    • Start with Turner. Gives you flexibility with your 3rd trade next week. You won’t be needing your bench all-rounder this week so can carry someone.

      Paris is also injured so would go Doherty as bench
      I would also start Hartley over Peirson as should bat top 3 but otherwise looks very solid

  • What about Badree, is he playing from the start or what???

  • Who is the best bench player for the bowlers? Currently have Doherty, but I also have Boyce and I’m a bit worried about having two players from the same team in the same line. The only thing I can think of that can justify this is that they both only have a bye in the last round. Paris was the other option, but I heard he’s injured? Unfortunately I don’t have the coin to have Bollinger on the bench. Any options I’ve forgotten?

    • D.Hussey or Maddinson to start – only reason i have hussy is for the double game and get some $ from him hopefully. Will his double score out score Maddinson?

  • Rimmimgton or Laughlin?

    • And Peirson or Hartley on the field?

    • Both good options, I have both in my side, I’d go with Laughlin though, just, but again both are good options.

      I’d go with Hartley on field too mate.

  • Sorry mate but I have to disagree. How can Khawaja be in the keep category when he’s injured his ACL and will miss the whole tournament. Also you’d be crazy to pick Marsh, HE’S IN THE TEST TEAM AND WON’T PLAY. Also Christian won’t bat top 4, will bat at 5 or 6 at best. Also you’d be crazy to pick Hopes. Also Boyce won’t play regularly. I can’t really see Hobart taking 2 spinners into their games, and really, Doherty is a better bowler at the moment.

    Other than that, it’s a pretty good write up.

    • From the stats last year Boyce played 6 games of the BBL league averaging 45.5 and Doherty only played 5 games averaging 18.4 leading me to think they will opt for Boyce if only play 1 spinner?

      Lot of hype around Boyce at the moment. Why do you think they will select Doherty as 1st choice spinner?

    • pretty sure this was made pre those announcements (like on Monday)

      Khawaja’s injury was only yesterday, and otherwise would’ve been a keeper
      likewise Smarsh’s callup to the test side

    • They’ll play Boyce and Doherty

    • Hey Nathan – you make a fair point about Khawaja and Marsh, but they’re there for a reason. I wanted to show that Khawaja would have been in the side before his ACL injury, and I did mention it so that nobody went and picked him!

      Yes, Marsh does play for the Aussies, but if he comes back to the Scorchers, get on board. He’s there because he’s good.

      Christian batted four for a fair bit last year (and with a fair bit of success), so I’d predict they’d do the same thing again.

      I think Hobart will take both of Boyce and Doherty. So Sammy, Gulbis, Boyce, Hilfenhaus and Doherty.

      And re hopes, I only said pick him if he bats at the top of the order, like he’s done before.

  • Looking to jump amongst some leagues, so if you have a spare spot flick me the code and I’ll jump on, cheers.

    My league code is: 471171

  • League number 406844 for anyone

  • League code 287366 if anyone’s keen for a leauge.

  • Nice round off Zeusaaaa… Here’s mine;

    Finch, White (VC), Lumb, D Huss (Maddinson)
    Wright (C), Henriques (Turner)
    Ludeman (Hartley)
    Bird, Laughlin, Rimmington, Bollinger (Hauritz)

    Attacking the early DGWs here. Not a fan of Lumb or Bird but they’ll be out asap… Got 4 Stars, and 4 6’ers. 2 Stars will become Scorchers after GW1. Probably Behrendorff and Klinger or Voges. Then look at Heat’s DGW and another Scorcher for theirs, then plan for the final rounds DGW extravaganza!

    Good luck all!

    • Hey Baysie – I like it. I went for White, Huss and KP in the batting, so I’m loading up as well haha. Hoping to catch an early break.

      • What does your team look like for round 1 Zeus? (if thats ok if i ask)

        • Yeah now worries bud – I’ve loaded up for the DGW, so

          D. Hussey, KP, Maddinson and Head
          Maxwell and Wright
          Bird, Beer, Bollinger, Doherty

          That’s subject to change if team line-ups change, of course, and I’m still debating over Hussey, but it’s basically it

  • thoughts on new sixers keeper riki wessels?

  • bailey or KP?

  • Here’s my team:
    Finch, Bailey, Hussey, Burns sub: Head
    Maxwell, Cutting sub: Turner
    Hartley sub: Perison
    Boyce, Laughlin, Cummins, sub: Paria
    25k left, thoughts?

  • which pair would be likely to score better in round 1?
    Pietersen & Beer or Hodge & Rimmington

  • looking for leagues to join possibly?

  • 748715 join if you need a league

  • for anyone looking for live fantasy scoring and ball-by-ball updates.

  • Bit late but if anyone is looking for a league feel free to join, 985921