BBL Fantasy 2014/15 – Players to Avoid

The Big Bash League finally starts this week and that means you need to finalise your BBL Fantasy team. It’s time to make the big decisions that will inevitably determine where you rank and how many early trades you need to burn fixing mistakes, no pressure. Obviously, the best way to do that is to avoid players that aren’t going to perform well. I don’t proclaim that I can predict the future, but I will give you my thoughts on a few players that you should consider avoiding for your round one side. I’ve used different criteria to explain why you shouldn’t pick these players and that will be listed next to the player. This list won’t include players like Coulter-Nile who are injured and it also won’t include players on Australian international duty.



Ben Rohrer $72,500

Reason: Price/Batting Position

Rohrer is priced at over $70,000 despite averaging less than 20 last season. This is probably because he has shown in previous BBL tournaments that he can score high and they didn’t want to give us too much of a discount on him. At that price, I think it’s safe to say there are better options. The likes of Cameron White, Michael Hussey, Brad Hodge and Chris Lynn are all likely to average more. Secondly, Rohrer may even be pushed down to five or six in the batting order. This would greatly restrict his scoring consistency. I recommend avoiding Rohrer.


Alex Hales $59,600

Reason: Form

Hales is ranked number three in the world in T20 cricket, his price tag makes him incredibly handy, allowing you to spend money elsewhere. What’s the issue? He can’t make a run lately. With a high score of 42 since the middle of the year in international cricket, Hales is in a real sour patch. I understand the temptation here but I seriously recommend waiting at least two rounds before you trade him in. Let’s see if he can hit form in the BBL and if he can, downgrade to him and use the money later on. Of course, he could blast 100 off 60 balls in round one, this is T20 and form isn’t everything. Proceed with caution.


Peter Forrest $36,200

Reason: Form/Job Security

Forrest was once captain of the Brisbane Heat. Now he sits at rookie price having played three games last season. I don’t see him in the Heat’s best XII, the Heat have plenty of middle order options and Forrest will certainly be on the outside come round one. There are better players available for your bench position.


Side note: I recommend minimising the amount of Brisbane Heat and Perth Scorchers players in your side. They have the bye in rounds one and two and this could cause havoc with your side if there’s a late withdrawal or injury. Jesse Ryder is another you should not start you side with as he will be unavailable due to international duties.



John Hastings $90,200

Reason: Better Options

Hastings isn’t a genuine all-rounder, not in BBL Fantasy terms. He’ll probably bat at eight or nine and for this reason, you have to look elsewhere. He has a hefty price tag and Kallis, Dwayne Smith, Sammy and Henriques are all better options in the price range. Don’t be suckered into picking a Stars player just because they have the double bye. You still have to construct your team for the long term.

There are other players in the same boat here. I’d be wary with the likes of Ben Cutting, Ashton Agar and Tim Bresnan who will probably also bat between seven and ten. If you want full bang for your buck out of your all-rounders, pick ones that will bat and bowl with consistency.

Side note: The exception to this rule is James Faulkner who I believe is good enough to warrant selection, despite his batting position being seven or eight.



Ben Dunk $105,600

Reason: Price

Dunk was the player of the tournament last season and I’m not suggesting that he won’t be able to replicate that form but that price tag is too immense. If you spend over $100,000 on your total wicketkeeping ranks, that’s probably 30 to 40 thousand you’re missing out on elsewhere. Unless you’re going with Matthew Wade I recommend not spending over $75,000 total on your keepers. Dunk is just too expensive for my liking.



Dan Vettori $79,700

Reason: Lots

Don’t get fooled into thinking Vettori is an all-rounder who slipped through the cracks. With the likes of Hopes and Cutting, Vettori will probably bat at nine or ten. On top of that, he is incredibly injury prone, has that annoying round two bye, has an unknown availability and doesn’t do much besides restricting run rate, if previous BBL’s are anything to go by. Avoid.


Chris Tremain $64,000

Reason: Job Security/Price

Tremain had a decent BBL03 but with the addition of Pat Cummins to the Thunder side, I can’t see Tremain getting a consistent game. Nannes and Sandhu as well as Cummins will all be picked ahead of him. In addition, there are better players in this price range. Pat Cummins, for example… Cummins really has stolen Chris Tremain’s Thunder. Get it?


Shaun Tait $56,400

Reason: Inconsistency

Shaun Tait has gone basically unmentioned in the build up to BBL04 and he also hasn’t played First Class cricket since October. Tait is a big name and was once the poster boy for T20 cricket in Australia. Because of this, people might think, at that price, that he’s worth a spot in their sides. Avoid him. Tait will either take 3/10 or 0/50 and you don’t want that kind of inconsistency in your side. That’s if he even plays, he’s prone to injury and the Strikers have plenty of bowling depth with Sayers, Putland and Zampa in their squad.


James Muirhead $48,800

Reason: Job security

I rate Muirhead as a decent prospect. He was excellent last season to the point of international selection. However, with Bradley Hogg going around for one last season, Muirhead will probably be in and out of the side which is not what you want for your bench player. It has nothing to do with two spinners being played at the WACA as the Scorchers consistently named Hogg and Michael Beer in previous seasons.




  • Hales last T20 innings he smashed 40 off 26 balls…

  • can you rate my fantasy team and advice

    BAT: Finch, White, Hodge, Hales (Silk)
    ALL: Wright, Pollard (O’Keefe)
    WKT: Ludeman (Peirson)
    BOWL: Pattinson, Cummins, Laughlin, Starc (McKay)

    Can you tell me who to trade in and out

  • Lachlan: Starc got selected for the 2nd test for aus so get someone else like rimmington or laughlin, not badree as he had the bye rd 2

  • Any advice appreciated.
    BAT: Finch, White, Hodge, Hussey (Maddison)
    ALL: Faulkner, Wright (Turner)
    WKT: Hartley (Peirson)
    BOWL: Bird, Laughlin, Rimmington, McKay (Bollinger)
    Cash: $2.1k

  • Faulkner or Pollard? Will have to trade Faulkner out.
    Bollinger or Lee or Richardson or Hilfenhaus

    • Faulkner or Pollard, flip a coin. I would get Hilfenhaus or Bollinger.

    • I would say Faulkner – will bat around 5 or 6 for Stars and will bowl 4 overs. And from the bowlers I’d say Bollinger because he’s much more underpriced than the rest but I do rate Hilfy as well.

  • Polly and Richo

  • Any Advice would be appreciated

    BAT: Finch, Pieterson, White, Hodge (Burns)
    ALL: Maxwell(c), Kallis (Turner)
    WK: Wade (Hartley)
    BOW: Pattinson, Beer, Bollinger, Doherty (Paris)

    $23,300 remaining

    just traded S.Marsh out for Pieterson (giving AUS squad naming and Stars double up first game)

    • Planning on trading our either pieterson or White after round 1 for someone like Maddinson.

    • Not sure if Pattinson will play round 1 and Paris is injured I believe. Your team is strong but seemingly at the expense of your bowlers. I’d downgrade Maxwell or Pieterson and upgrade Beer/Doherty

  • Hi guys,any help appreciated

    Bwlrs-Bollinger,hauritz,bird doherty(paris)

    Have 75k left,should i look at upgrading a bowler

  • cheers,have seen hauritz talked up a bit,but he also can be costly

  • Bit of help please

    Current team:
    BAT: finch, Hales, hodge, white (Maddinson)
    ALR: wright, Henriques (Turner)
    WKP: Hartley, (Peirson)
    BWL: bird, Laughlin, Rimmington, Cummins (Paris)
    7.8k salary

    But without Hales and if Paris is injured:
    BAT: Finch, Pieterson, Hodge, White (Maddinson)
    ALR: wright, Henriques (turner)
    WKP: Hartley (Peirson)
    BWL: bird, Rimmington, cummins, Bollinger (Doherty)

    By the end of rd 1 I’m going to go White to Klinger and bench Pieterson, bench Wright, trade bird to Arafat and maybe something else not sure

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  • Nice write up! Don’t have any of those guys in my team. So far looking like:

    BAT: Finch, Pieterson, Simmons, White (Maddinson)
    ALL: Wright, Kallis (Stoinis)
    WKP: Ludeman (Carters)
    BWL: Boyce, Cummins, Hilfenhaus, Richardson (Rainbird)

    Any ideas for improvements????

  • *372032

  • I was at the Stars’ practice game on Monday and James Faulkner batted at 6 and made 38* off 12. Wouldn’t be surprised at all if he batted around there in real games – there’s not many others aside from Wright, White, Pietersen, Hussey and Maxwell who would be better batting above him.

  • How do you guys rate?

    Batsmen: Finch, Hales, White, Hodge (Maddinson)
    All-Rounders: Faulkner, Wright (Turner)
    Wicket-keepers: Wade (Hartley)
    Bowlers: Boyce, Laughlin, Cummins, Bollinger (Paris)

    Salary: $9,600


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  • Batsmen – Finch, Hales, Burns, Maddinson (Wells)
    Allrounders – Wright, Dwayne Smith (Lawford)
    Keepers – Dunk (Hartley)
    Bowlers – Arafat, Sandhu, Laughlin, Bollinger (Doherty)

    Remaining Salary – $800

    I want to get Dunk out and upgrade a batsmen.

    Thoughts on Dwayne Smith?

    • Any decent mid priced batsmen for me to select?

    • Get rid of Arafat, has a bye first round. Downgrade Dunk to Peirson and play Hartley OR downgrade him to Wade and try to upgrade Smith or a batsman.

      • Like this?

        Bat: Finch, Hodge, Hales, Burns (Head)
        All rounders: Faulkner, Wright (Turner)
        Keepers: Wade (Hartley)
        Bowlers: Boyce, Laughlin, Rimmington, Cummins (Doherty)

        Remaining Salary: $2300


        Bat: Finch, Hodge, Hales, Burns (Wells)
        All rounders: Faulkner, Wright (Lawford)
        Keepers: Wade (Hartley)
        Bowlers: Boyce, Sandhu, Laughlin, Cummins (Bollinger)

        Remaining Salary: $200

  • Ben Foster: IMO Dunk to Wade, upgrade Smith to Faulkner/Pollard. As Gollo said, hold off on Arafat

    • Like this?

      Bat: Finch, Hodge, Hales, Burns (Head)
      All rounders: Faulkner, Wright (Turner)
      Keepers: Wade (Hartley)
      Bowlers: Boyce, Laughlin, Rimmington, Cummins (Doherty)

      Remaining Salary: $2300


      Bat: Finch, Hodge, Hales, Burns (Wells)
      All rounders: Faulkner, Wright (Lawford)
      Keepers: Wade (Hartley)
      Bowlers: Boyce, Sandhu, Laughlin, Cummins (Bollinger)

      Remaining Salary: $200

  • Hey guys thoughts on my team please?

    Bat: Finch, Pietersen, M Hussey, Hodge (Maddinson)
    AR: Wright, Pollard (Stoinis)
    Wk: Ludeman (Peirson)
    Bowl: Boyce, Rimmington, Cummins, Beer (Paris)
    $200 cash

    Thoughts on which keepers will bat high – Ludeman, Hartley & Carters???


    • Ludemen will take Phil Hughes place as opener so he will most likely bat the highest. Paris is injured so I would look for an alternative. I would have Hartley as a backup keeper instead of Peirson but that’s personal opinion.

    • I would put a player like Burns in your squad instead of Hussey and with the money left over you can Upgrade Beer

  • Ben Foster: I think option 1 has better bench options

  • I think Turner has shown enough to justify being a very worthy bench player, if you spread the number of players from each team relatively easily I reckon you can trade around a lot of byes pretty well to cover if need be.

  • I’ve traded Stoinis for Turner which I means I had to trade Ludeman to Carters… Thoughts? alternativy I could get Hartley. Just think Turner is a better option than Stoinis

  • Alright, team changed thanks to advice last night – seems that pattinson is hoping to play back end of season.
    New team, any suggestions?
    $35,500 remaining:

    BAT: Finch, White, Hodge, Burns (Maddinson)
    ALL: Maxwell, Kallis (Turner)
    WK: Wade (Hartley)
    BOW: Bird, Cummins, Bollinger, Doherty (Paris)

    Is Paris Injured?

  • When do we know the teams for the Strikers Stars game?

  • Anyone know wether Paris will be available for the The Scorchers first game?

  • Help is appreciated, I’m tossing up between Hodge and Hales, Hales can smash it any day but can have some shockers and has Hodge still got it in him?

    BAT: finch, Pieterson, white, hodge/hales (Maddinson)
    ALR: wright, Faulkner (turner)
    WKP: Hartley (Peirson)
    BWL: bird, Richardson, Cummins, Bollinger (Doherty)
    9.8k salary

    • I would back in Hodge for consistency. Will bat high up and Hales hasn’t been in the best of form

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