BBL Fantasy 2014/15 Best POD’s

All good fantasy teams need point of difference players (POD’s). Getting them right can be the difference between a good team and a great team. This article is going to go through a few players that could propel you to the top of the rankings leader board and a few players that’ll just get you through the season.

Every season there are players who perform above expectation. The biggest example of this is Ben Dunk in BBL|03. Dunk averaged just over 57 points from 10 games and was the player of the tournament. The question is – who will it be this year?



bbl_burnsBrad Hodge $61,100

The veteran isn’t exactly going to be a unique pick but Hodge is at a new club and is very capable of averaging over 50. Hodge is also incredibly cheap at just over $60,000. On top of this, he is probably better than most of the guys priced above him.

Joe Burns $50,900

Burns has been overshadowed in the Heat batting order for years now but now it’s his time to shine. The Heat are seriously lacking in batting depth and that could mean that Burns opens the batting. He’s shown that he’s capable in the past and if he bats in the top three, he’s probably worth a look.

Ed Cowan $44,500

Don’t give me that look. Cowan is arguably in the form of his career in the Sheffield Shield right now and while that form doesn’t directly translate to T20, it is worth taking into account. He’s basically at rookie price and on top of that, the Sixers barely have enough batsmen to fill a side so he is all but a certain starter. I wouldn’t have him anywhere but on your bench but you never know.

There aren’t many POD options in the batsmen ranks, I’ll be honest. With the likes of Cam White, Aaron Finch and Alex Hales being hard to ignore, it might be best to take fewer risks with your batsmen than in other areas.



All Rounders:

bbl_obrienDarren Sammy $93,500

This one all depends on where Sammy bats. We know he’ll most likely bowl his four overs but if he bats anywhere below five, it might be best to look elsewhere. The problem here is that the Hurricanes have plenty of batting depth and don’t need to use Sammy up the order. But if Sammy is used higher, he could be capable of anything.

James Hopes $90,700

Tad expensive for my liking but consider this. Without Luke Pomersbach and Craig Kieswetter, the Heat need to find two new openers. Joe Burns will probably slot into one of those positions, but Hopes could easily fill position number two. If that’s the case, he’s worth a look.

Aaron O’Brien $58,400

O’Brien has been used primarily as a bowler in his time with the Renegades and will probably bat at seven or eight again this season. However, O’Brien showed in BBL|02 that he is capable of averaging above 40; taking wickets and being economical as a spinner. After a reasonably quiet BBL|03, he might be worth it, especially since Murali is gone.

Marcus Stoinis $40,800

Stoinis is dominating in the Sheffield Shield. I can easily see him slotting in at number five or six for the Stars and getting a decent bowl more often than not. The only issue is that the stars have Faulkner, Hussey and Maxwell who are all talented all-rounders which could lead to limited opportunities for Stoinis.



bbl_cartersMatthew Wade $66,800

Wade is only a POD if you follow the advice from my previous article. You can easily get away with spending under Wade’s price tag for your entire wicket keeping line up and this is why Wade could be a great option. He’ll probably bat at two for the Renegades and he’s proven at international level. The only query is if he is even used as a wicket keeper. Read on.

Peter Nevill $36,000

Nevill is probably being overlooked because Wade is in the team but you could easily argue that Nevill is a better wicketkeeper. On top of that, Wade is probably a good enough batsman to make the team on that alone and Nevill isn’t exactly useless with the bat either. He could be a point of difference for your team if he’s selected. Watch out for the poor job security though.

Ryan Carters $36,000

With Brad Haddin on international duties, Carters is the Sixers go to wicket keeper and as I said above, they don’t have much batting depth. Carters is in outstanding Sheffield Shield form and will probably bat higher up the order than others in this price range.



bbl_boyceCameron Boyce $83,700

My tip for leading wicket taker in BBL|04 is Cameron Boyce. Yes, it’s not as big a call now that he’s played and dominated at international level but I’ve been on the Boyce bandwagon for a few years now. He has surpassed Xavier Doherty as the number one spinner for the Hurricanes and I believe he’ll be well worth the price tag. He also averaged 46 last season so I would hardly call this a risk.

Gurinder Sandhu $82,400

Sandhu is a talented young bowler and is probably being overlooked based on his hefty price tag. However, the guy gets better every season and after averaging 45 last season he’s proven that he can score high. He will definitely be a POD in your league and on top of that, the Thunder get bowled out a lot, so he may make a run or two.

Nathan Rimmington $76,200

Rimmington is an interesting one. With James Pattinson’s fitness still in doubt, Rimmington will most likely be the Renegades strike bowler. He’s averaged over 40 in the last few tournaments and I can guarantee you that others in your league won’t have him despite this.


Some of the guys in this article might average 15 and others might average 60. Regardless, a few things are certain. One, if you get your POD’s right you’re going to be beating your friends more than not and two, if any of these guys dominate, I will take full credit.

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  • Great article, all of the players are well worth checking out. Boyce and Rimmington are bowlers I’m looking at, and Carters is currently on my bench behind Hartley. Burns is also a strong chance for me for round 3, but I just can’t justify starting with him with the Heat’s bye in round 2, especially when it’s shared with all the Stars players. The POD I’m backing to come good for me at the moment is Usman Khawaja, underrated in the shorter forms I reckon.

  • Good write up. I am probably going in with exactly zero of those players due to my unhealthy focus on manipulating the double game weeks, but they could certainly prove to be great value. Not sure that Cowan will get a game for the sixers, but you’re right that they’re light on for batsmen with Smudge and Haddin on test duty.

  • Great article Nic, I have a couple of those guys in my team. First timer at this and would appreciate feedback on my team.
    BAT: Finch (vc), SMarsh, White, Hodge (Maddinson)
    A/R: Faulkner (c), Kallis (Turner)
    WK: Ludeman (Hartley)
    BOWL: Boyce, Starc, Cummins, Bollinger (McKay)
    $20,100 remaining

    • Looks very solid Elliot. Wait and see if McKay gets a game, if not I’m sure Beer or Feldman will be there for a quick swap before lockout. Also Marsh may be required in the test team, but it looks like Clarke might be okay.

  • Great article Nic!
    I currently have Hodge in my team because he is in for a good 50. Burns isn’t in my team, but if he performs, I will get him in after his bye in round three.
    I am not really looking at Sammy as there are millions of options in the All-rounders. I am looking at Stoinis though. He has been in sensational form in the Sheffield shield and at 40k he looks tempting for bench cover. But I have got Turner who has also been performing well in the Sheffield shield and costs about the same as Stoinis, but the only difference is that Turner has the double game, and Stoinis won’t get a spot in my starting 2 all-rounders before his bye.
    IMO, you are definitely right about Wade being a POD. I bet that half the competition has got Hartley and Peirson for the wicky positions, mainly due to their great form in the Sheffield shield and at 32k, it doesn’t get much better than that for cheap players.
    I am definitely looking at Boyce for my spinner. He has done really well in T20 comps around the world. Against SA in T20, Boyce averaged about 25/2 which is 40 points from wickets and maybe another 20 from a good economy rate, don’t forget the maidens. He is a very good option and I see him averaging 50.
    Rimmington… I mean geez I was looking at some teams with Rimmington in it and it didn’t look right. Boy was I wrong. His Sheffield shield stats have been bloody fantastic!! He has got many hat tricks = 60 points plus with an injury cloud over Pattinson, he could be the Renegades number 1 bowler. Expect him to average 50+ in this competition and at 75k, why not?!

  • Bat: Finch, White, Hodge, Hales (Maddinson)
    All-Rounders: Wright, Faulkner (Turner)
    Wicky: Hartley (Peirson)
    Bowlers: Bird, Laughlin, Cummins, Bollinger (Paris)
    Cash: 20k
    My Batsmen and all-rounds are all set. Although, I would really like to get the ‘POD’ Matty Wade and put Hartley on the bench. I don’t really like Bird and he is very expensive but he has the double game. Cummins is in very good form. So I can potentially get rid of Laughlin, Bollinger and Peirson.
    Thoughts are appreciated

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  • Thoughts
    Salary $2 500
    Bat- A Finch, E Morgan, C White, A Hales (J Wells)
    All- D Sammy, A Russell (T Lawford)
    WK- C Hartley (J Peirson)
    Bwl- J Bird, B Laughlin, N Rimmington, S Badree (J Paris)

    • Don’t like Morgan at all and is definitely over priced. Trade to someone like Hodge to generate more cash.
      Your all-rounders look pretty average. I would suggest trading Russell to Wright.

  • Who is the best option?
    Khwaja, Pietersen, Ryder, Bailey or Lynn?

    • Khanate – In outstanding form in Sheffield shield but doesn’t like the T20 format.
      Pietersen – Great player and looks tempting with the double game.
      Ryder – Don’t know much about this guy I am pretty sure he’s only playing the next half of the season.
      Bailey – Good option and could be a POD.
      Lynn – Love him. Brilliant strike rate but for me he bats low in the Heat side.

      So I would say Pietersen because of the double game.

    • Yeah agreed, Pieterson is probably the best option. Looks like he’s taking the tournament fairly seriously

      • Yeah would go with Pietersen definitely for round 1. The father of a good friend of mine is the Stars’ CEO and I’m pretty sure Pietersen will be playing every game except for round 3.

  • What are peoples’ thoughts on Hilfenhaus? Only 60k odd and will open the bowling for Hurricanes?

  • Bat: A.Finch, K.Pietersen, A.Hales, J.Burns (N.Maddinson)
    AR: L.Wright, J.Kallis (A.Turner)
    Keepers: C.Hartley (J.Pierson)
    Bowl: J.Bird, B.Laughlin, N.Rimmington, D.Bollinger (X.Doherty)

    Not sure on this team, bowlers not sold on. Any advice?

    Much appreciated.

    • Would look to upgrade Burns IMO but looks a very solid team. Very much similar to mine.

    • I would get Burns in after his bye in round 3 otherwise it is a bit of a waste seeing as though he isn’t playing a double game this round

  • I’m struggling to find a good All-Rounder combination. I currently have Pollard and Wright. Thoughts?

    • Yeah that’s pretty good. I have gone for Wright and Faulkner with Turner on the bench. They both are great with the bat and the ball and have a double game. I will then trade one of these guys to Henriques who has the double round the following round, bench one of them and field Ashton Turner who also has a double game.

  • Are people starting to consider Trent Lawford as an all-rounder reserve? Look at his Shield stats. Based on them he should be getting consistent games. Bowling very, very well lately.

    • I think there are better around that price range. You have Marcus Stoinis, mentioned above who has been killing it with many tons, Ashton Turner (double game next week) who is also killing it and even Abbott who is only 10k more expensive, took 3 and 6 wickets in his latest Sheffield shield match.

      • Don’t like Stoinis as job security an issue as well as bye in round 2. Had Turner but got Lawford just in case he plays early on. If not named for round 1 I will get Turner back in.

        • Yeah alright but I just think Turner has a higher job security and has the nice double game. Thoughts on my team above :)

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  • Cheers Benjo! That’s good too. I think I’m going for Pollard because I’m an Adelaide man. I have Turner on my bench as well to come on next week. Also, what are your thoughts on Pat Cummins? Anyone else better in that general price range?

    • I reckon Cummins is a steal at that price! def good for a couple of poles a game and usually reasonably economical. can swing the willow too if he gets a chance

    • I like Cummins as a pick, he’s cheap and should be pushing himself to perform. I reckon he could easily average 40+

  • Appreciate any feedback on this team.

    BAT: Finch, Simmons, White, Hales (Maddinson)

    AR: Wright, Pollard (Turner)

    WK: Carters (Peirson)

    BWL: Bird, Laughlin, Cummins, Doherty (Paris)

    20k left.
    Thoughts guys? Thanks

    • I think there are better options than Simmons at his price BUT he could also serve as a nice POD. Other than that, looks solid.

    • not sold on Simmons personally at his price but if he pays off he’ll be a great gamble! Same goes for Hales
      like your all rounders
      carters is nice and cheap just depends where he bats, reckon he might be down the order a bit
      nice bowling attack

  • Mitch Starc added to the Aussie squad for the gabba test!! if he flys there as the 13th man the sixers will hardly have enough bowlers to get through! Copeland injured, starc n hazlewood 12 & 13th man for the gabba, Lyon playing, they’ll only have Bollinger and lee as bowlers. Could be worth getting a sixers allrounder like henriques as hell almost have to bowl 4 overs

    • hey guys, good to have Fantasy back! Been a bit dull without AFL

      thoughs please?

      Bat: Finch, Pietersen, Hodge, Maddinson (Ferguson) – Had Burns but can’t justify having him until after the bye… thoughts?
      AR: Wright, Kallis (Turner)
      WK: Wade, (Peirson)
      Bowl: Boyce, Rimmington, Cummins, Beer (Paris)

      Rem. Cash: $12,500

      • Don’t want to say ‘light on’ but your bowling attack is very risky. Pretty much every starting player you have is a gamble or POD. Could very much pay off but could very well flop as well.

        Wicketkeepers don’t score enough in general to justify paying 70k odd for one. So, so many more options in the 30-40k price range who are likely to do just as well as Wade. Would definitely look to downgrade him to a Hartley, Carters or Nevill type.

      • Your bowling attack is very unique and I like it. Although, I would trade Beer for someone like Bollinger, Hilfenhaus.

    • thoughts on Sean Abbott?

    • oops sorry guys my team was meant to be listed separately not as reply.
      Abbott comment is in relation to The Man’s post. thoughts?

    • If Starc or Hazlewood don’t play the test (one of them probably will), the other will have plenty of time to get back for the sixers game on the 19th. They’ll just use some Qld 2nd X1 muppet as the reserve fielder. Should have bowling of Starc, Lee, Bollinger, and then SOK, Moises and Abbott to share the rest.

  • Have changed around my team quite a bit, what do you think?

    BAT: Finch, Pietersen, White, Hales (Maddinson)
    ALL: Wright, Kallis (Lawson/Turner)
    WK: Hartley (Peirson)
    BWL: Bird, Cummins, Hilfenhaus, Bollinger (Paris)

    SALARY: $40,200

    I know what you’re thinking about Hilfenhaus, but with Laughlin gone he’s sure to hold up an opening spot, and his Shield form has been terrific. I’m taking a chance on him at only 58k. Also, I’ve been studying Lawson’s Shield stats and he is doing very well for someone at his price, and if he is named for the Strikers in round 1 he’ll be my reserve, if not then I’ll go for Turner.

    Anyway, would appreciate some feedback. Cheers.

  • Gollo: personally I’d look at upgrading Hales or Hartley. Not convinced Hartley will get much batting but depends on where he plays. Wade should surely open which would make him a lock IMO if he does. Just not sold on Hales but this could be his season who knows!

    • Funny you say that, IMO Hales and Hartley are two of the biggest locks this year! I’ll tell you why.

      Basically, Hartley will likely open for the Thunder, as will Hales. Hales is the no. 3 ranked T20I batsman in the world, and Hartley’s in amazing form coming out of the Matador Cup. Not only will that mean they score well but they will also have great job security.

      Also, both of them are ridiculously underpriced. If Hales and Hartley can perform to their potential, they’d easily be worth around the same mark of Finch and Wade respectively IMO.

      • Bat: Very nice! Particularly like the inclusion of Pietersen. Keep Hales, he is underpriced and look at his latest T20 matches in England and you’ll see.
        A/R: Like the look of Wright but my only concern with him is that in his T20 in NZ, he got a lot of high 30s but also managed 4 scores out of 11 below 10 and he didn’t bowl once in 11 games for Auckland so take caution there, although I still have him and favour him over Faulkner. I reckon your best off getting Turner as you could use him on your field for his double game next round.
        WK: Not too confident on Hartley ATM. Have him on bench and Wade on field, just because he could produce the occasional score under 10.
        Bowl: Interesting choice but I like it! POD written all over it.

        • Cheers. Reckon I’m gonna stick with Hartley, just have the feeling that him and Peirson together are too good to pass up at their price, which also gives me more money to spend on other areas.

  • Batsmen – Finch, Hales, Burns, Maddinson (Wells)
    Allrounders – Wright, Smith (Lawford)
    Keepers – Dunk (Hartley)
    Bowlers – Arafat, Sandhu, Laughlin, Bollinger (Doherty)

    Remaining Salary – $800


  • Ben Foster: bats look a little light on to me, not sure Smith will get much go as I think he’ll be busy with test duties, like the keepers but if you want to generate some cash maybe look at swapping Dunk for Wade, wouldn’t wirry about Arafat until rnd 2 as Scorchers have rnd 1 bye

  • POD’s:
    Bat: Adam Voges, Burns (after his bye).
    A/R: ten Doeschate (great form), Hopes (after his bye).
    WK: Wade, Paine.
    Bwl: Boyce, Sandhu, Rimmington, Hilfenhaus.

  • Should I get Kallis in my team? As an all rounder you want them to bat high in the order and bowl a good 4 overs, but will Kallis bowl much for Thunder?

    • For examples his last 5 games in the IPL his stats were 1, 54n.o, 6, 6 & 0/39- not that consistent

    • Honestly not too sure if he will bowl much. Plus, as you said, when he did, his numbers where like 0/35, not very economical plus almost no wickets. And his batting isn’t too flash either. There are so many good A/R options this year around that price range so I would be thinking about many more.
      I am thinking about Faulkner, Pollard, Henriques and ten Doeschate for my final A/R spot.

    • I have Kallis. Think Thunder are smart enough to bowl him 4 overs, and wouldn’t be surprised if he batted around no. 3. I wouldn’t pay too much attention to his IPL stats, as he will get much more of a go at Thunder, who are a weaker team. Also, there is an article I read which says that he has been focusing heaps on Twenty20 cricket leading up to the Big Bash.

  • Pierson scored 31 off 23 in a practice match, good signs for a cheap wicky. Christian scored 48 off 21. He is not cheap though at 96k

    • Finch made 96 off 60 in the Renegades practice match. Wade only made 5 off 4 and Neville made 25 off 23. Neville might get the number 1 spot as wicket keeper for the Renegades this season.

      • Pietersen made 45 off 28 at the Stars’ practice match today. David Hussey got 42 off 14, James Faulkner got 38 off around 15, and Luke Wright made 60+. Good signs for all.

  • For anyone wanting ten Doeschate, I’m pretty sure he’s only playing in the second half of the season when Kieron Pollard is not. Correct me if I’m wrong

  • Love the article mate. I especially like the looks of Rimmington and Boyce but unsure of how I can squeeze them in.Also would like Hales, Hodge and Hartley.
    My team:
    BAT: A Finch(vc), K Pietersen, C White(vc), M Lumb, (N Maddinson)
    ALR: L Wright(c), M Henriques, (A Turner)
    WKP: M Wade, (T Ludeman)
    BWL: M Starc, P Cummins, K Richardson, C Mckay, (D Bollinger)
    Cash left: $8,400

    Not sure how I can work in these guys with my current efficient bye structure. Any thoughts/suggestions greatly appreciated and encouraged!

    • might run into a bit of trouble in the byes with (starc, bollinger) (pietersen,white) (Maddinson, Lumb) in the same teams and position with byes early on.

  • How do you guys rate?

    Batsmen: Finch, Hales, White, Hodge (Maddinson)
    All-Rounders: Faulkner, Wright (Turner)
    Wicket-keepers: Wade (Hartley)
    Bowlers: Boyce, Laughlin, Cummins, Bollinger (Paris)

    Salary: $9,600


  • BAT: Finch, White, Hodge, Hales (Maddison)
    ALL: Faulkner, White (Turner)
    WKT: Hartley (Peirson)
    BOWL: Bird, Laughlin, Rimmington, McKay (Bollinger)
    Cash: $1.6k
    Not sure whether to take full advantage if the Stars DGW or have structure to begin with. Not sure about my bowling lineup and all-rounders. I think Faulkner might bat a bit too high and would like Pollard, but I know if I don’t get him he will take a heap of wickets and maybe even bat. Not sure about Bird and McKay either. All thoughts appreciated.

  • Need some advice chaps Ludeman or Hartley for WK? Have Carters on bench to come in for double up WK2…

  • BAT: Finch, White, Pieterson, Hales (Maddison)
    ALL: Faulkner, Kallis (Turner)
    WKT: Hartley (Carters)
    BOWL: Bird, Boyce, Bollinger, McKay (Paris)

    Thoughts please 1st timer on BBL fantasy having played alot of NRL and Premier league fantasy games. As above toying between Ludeman and Hartley? Trying to maximise Stars double week 1 looking to trade out a couple for GW2…

  • Thoughts?
    BAT: Finch, Pietersen, Hales, White (Maddinson)
    ALL: Faulkner, Wright (Turner)
    WKT: Hartley (Pierson)
    BWL: Bird, Cummins, Bollinger, McKay (Doherty)

    Cash: $30,00

    • Team looks really solid. Just not sure on McKay, hasn’t played any cricket for ages and wasn’t at the Stars’ practice game today. Also, could easily get smacked around like last year. I would downgrade him to someone like Paris and play Doherty OR upgrade him to a 60k type player.

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  • For those who don’t have Cam White, he bowled 3/29 with the ball, will bowl some overs in the season

  • Wow Ashton Turner smashed 75 off 38 and got a wicket great option for bench cover

  • 372032

  • pierson, hartley or carters what two do i have

  • HarrisonT16: I’d prob say Carters & Pierson but depends on where they bat…. Go with who ever looks likely to bat high!