BBL Fantasy 2014/15 – Damion’s Cheat Sheet

We are lucky enough to have last year’s runner up, Damion, put together his guide to BBL Fantasy for this year. He looks at each club with who’s come in, gone out, their best 11 and who you should be considering in your squads. He also looks ahead to how teams will go during the season.

Thanks heaps Damion! It’s a privilege to have the guy who came second overall… out of around 30,000 players to help us all our with our BBL Fantasy teams. You can follow him on Twitter at @Damion23. Be sure to post any of your thoughts in the comments.

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  • Bat: Finch, White, Hodge, Hales (Maddinson)
    All-Rounders: Wright, ? (Turner)
    Wicky: Hartley (Peirson)
    Bowlers: Bird, Laughlin, Cummins, Bollinger (Paris)
    Cash: 140k

    Can I please have your thoughts on my side? I’m not sure about Hodge in my batsmen when there is Pietersen and Hussey who have the Double game. I’m also not sure about my All-rounders as there are lots of good options. I’m thinking maybe Maxwell/Faulkner because of the double game and also Henriques as he plays 4 games in 3 rounds. There are also many more good options for All-rounders.

    • I would stay away from Maxwell as personally i think he is overated and very over-priced, maybe look at Sammy who’s 1st bye is in round 8 and has a double round before then, Faulkner is a good option but you don’t want 2 all rounders from the same team.

      • I agree, Maxwell is over rated, I’d go Faulkener over Maxwell, bats anywhere and those out the back of the hand slower balls will come in very handy, just like what Bracken used to bowl.

    • In regards to Hodge, to me he is Mr Reliable, is a seasoned cricketer and very smart, knows the game and his game down to a tee, he’ll make most runs for Strikers this season, I’m a big fan.

      I like Wright in the side, opens the batting and can bat as low as 4, bowls a few overs here and there and is a decent fielder too, good selection, in regards to the 2nd all rounder, please don’t pick Kallis, I’m a one eyed South African supporter and Kallis is without doubt one of the greatest, but he won’t bowl much, trust me, he’ll bowl here and there, but to me he’s in the side to bat and will sit in slips and around the circle, other good all rounders up for grabs at a lesser price.

      Good keepers, both reliable, can bat, can keep, both will play for sure.

      Bowling, I like the inclusion of Laughlin, bowled well last season, not too sure about Bird though, bit pricey, Gannon perhaps? Bollinger and Paris are good selections.

      • Thanks guys! Maxwell does look pretty good but he has been in shocking form and for a player worth 130k, its a pass. I’ll probably choose Faulkner then as he has the double game.

        Fev – The only reason I am choosing Bird is because of the double game. If it wasn’t for this then yes I would probably choose someone like Gannon. I am going to trade him next round to a Scorchers bowler, someone like Arafat or Behrendorff.

  • Benjo, All rounder suggest maxwell then swap him for Henriques after r1. Paris not playing first game maybe swap to Doherty, too risky not having any bowling cover

  • BAT: Finch, White, Hales, Hussey (Maddison)
    ALL: Wright, Pollard (Turner)
    WKT: Hartley (Peirson)
    BOWL: ?
    Cash: $354,900 (5 bowlers required)
    Really unsure about the bowlers I should get. All thoughts appreciated and TIA.

    • Which Hussey? If its David I wouldn’t have him in there he could be fighting for a spot with guys like KP, Wright, White, Maxwell and even Quiney who hit a good 90 odd for Vic a couple of days ago even though it was a test match might get a spot for the stars. As for the bowlers maybe look at Hilfenhaus, Beer, (Starc or Bollinger) Cummins and Paris. That would give you about $80000 extra for trades later in the year.

    • IMO:
      -Bird- has DGW week one and can be traded to Arafat who has DGW rd 2
      -Laughlin- reliable who can get 2 wickets or more and has DGW and bye later in the season
      -Rimmington- doesn’t have DGW nor bye so he’s a set and forget
      -Richardson/Tait- both like Laughlin, the usual 1-2 wickets plus bonus should give at least 30 or more

  • Thoughts on my team leading into round 1? Maxwell or Faulkner for my 2nd All-rounder spot? Also which batter should i get out of Hodge, D Hussey, M Hussey or Pieterson??

    BAT: Finch, White, Hales, Hodge (Maddison)
    ALL: Wright, Maxwell (Turner)
    WKT: Hartley (Pierson)
    BOWL: Laughlin, McKay, Bollinger, Cummins (Doherty)

    Have 71k in the bank.

    After round 1 I’ll trade Maxwell to Christian/Pollard, McKay to Joel Paris and then just do another trade.

    • I brought in Pieterson over Hodge only because of the DGW. I will use my 3rd trade on trading out one of White or Pieterson

      • You’ve got a lot of cash left, I suggest upgrading your bowling attack, maybe Bollinger to Starc who has the DGW in rd 3, and then maybe Cummins to Vettori/Laughlin/Rimmington which leaves you with around 8-12k I think

        • Actually not Vettori cause he has the bye in rd 2, Laughlin has the DGW and bye later in the season and Rimmington has nothing at all, just a game a week

    • I’d stick with Hodge But i would get rid of Maxwell and put Faulkner but that would mean you’d have to trade one of them because the have the bye the next week so maybe trade 1 of them for Dwayne Smith who has the double round in round 2??

  • Tried to stack with Stars for the double round first up. Bowlers and keepers are cheaper but that’s where the value is I reckon.

    BAT: A. Finch, K. Pietersen, U. Khawaja, C. White (N. Maddinson)
    A/R: G. Maxwell, J. Faulkner (A. Turner)
    W/K: C. Hartley (R. Carters)
    BOWL: J. Bird, D. Bollinger, C. McKay, X. Doherty (J. Paris)

  • 372032

  • BAT:A.Finch,K.Peterson,C.White,B.Hodge
    ALL ROUND:M.Henriques,J.Kallis
    WK:T.Paine (S.Whiteman)
    BOWLERS:P.Cummins,G.Sandhu,B.Hogg,D.Bollinger (C.McKay)

    First time playing,appreciate feedback :)

  • Just thought it was worth pointing out this bloke absolutely nailed his ladder prediction. Scorchers came 8th right?