Fantasy Preliminary Finals Carnage

In all of my years of playing Fantasy football, I have never experienced a round like this… ever! And what makes it even more nuts is the fact it’s preliminary final weekend!

We’ll compile the news of the week here in this post with sources for all of the information so that you know where you sit with your team. Discuss your carnage in the comments.


Steve Johnson – Geelong has ruled out Steve Johnson according to Footy Feed. Earlier in the day Chris Scott said  “I think given we’ve talked about how conservative we’re going to be, I wouldn’t be putting him in my (fantasy) team this week.” (source)

Michael Barlow – The Fremantle midfielder broke his thumb in the third quarter last weekend (making his 128 points even more impressive – and will miss the last two rounds of the season. (source)

Dayne Beams – The knee injury that ended Beams’ night on Saturday will keep him out for the rest of the season. (source)

Jamie Elliott – Unavailable again this week after being a late out on the weekend with a hamstring. (source)

Travis Cloke – “Cloke is unlikely to figure unless the team progresses deep into September”. (source)

Callan Ward – Will miss this week with a calf injury. Listed as 1-2 weeks on Giants’ injury list. (source)

Ben McGlynn – After missing last week, he is set to stay on the sidelines again. “We probably won’t run him until Friday, which means he’s going to be out again this week, but things are looking really good for him playing next week.” (source)

Craig Bird – A knee injury will keep him out this week. (source)

Brent Harvey – Suspended for 3 weeks. (source)

Nat Fyfe – Although he challenged at the tribunal, Fyfe ended up with 2 weeks suspension. (source)

Dyson Heppell – HepD fractured his hand today at training and has had surgery. They say he is ‘expected to miss’, but surely that means he’s a confirmed out. (source) UPDATE: Won’t play this week but likely to play in round 23.



Scott Pendlebury – Pendlebury is reported as ‘touch and go’ for the game – along with Herriter Lumumba. There were reports today that he didn’t do much at training. (source)

Josh P Kennedy – Apparently he’s pulled up well and will run Wednesday or Thursday. Looks like they may name him on Thursday night and “see how he is by Friday”. (source)

Dale Thomas – An ankle injury saw Daisy subbed out on Friday night but the club says he escaped serious injury and is a chance to line-up on Friday night. (source) UPDATE: Apparently he didn’t get on the plane to fly to Adelaide.



Jimmy Bartel – Looks set to play this week along with Jordan Murdoch who missed last week. (source)

Matt Suckling“Early signs he’ll be fine, he’ll need to do a test on Thursday. I’m pretty certain he’ll be available.” (source)


Such a tough week to navigate through. If you’ve got a full side, nice work… and well played with having bench cover. Let us hear your tales of woe in the comments. Can anyone beat this midfield below?




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  • I have 7 of the 8 in the photo (not Fyfe) and Suckling in doubt too. GONESKI

    • Worked hard to be in a solid position, and now this…
      MID: Fyfe, Barlow, JPK, Pendles, Heppel, Beams
      FWD: Harvey

      Only consolation is last week I got rid of McGlynn and benched Bartel. All I can hope is Fyfe gets off, and Pendles takes the field. Even with both bench players available (Crisp, Sheehan), I still have me 1 donut.

  • (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

  • I am screwed. Harvey, Beams, Pendles, Barlow, Daisy, Kennedy…can only trade 2..done, done, doneski.

    • Just had a look at my mate who I am playing this week in the prelim…of his 8 midfielders he has Beams, Kennedy, Fyfe, Heppell and Barlow so looking at at least 3 donuts…going to be closer than I thought.

  • Cheers Warnie for the latest on the injury news! I might ring up FanHub now to demand 2 extra trades for 50k fantasy money! I have shit cover in Honeychurch and O’Brien so best I can do is trade Beams and Barlow, field McGovern and bench Harvey, praying that Pendles and JPK both play!

    • Zac O’Brien may possibly get a call up.. here’s his NEAFL report from

      His first half was very, very good. His second half was very good. Had 42 possessions and 13 clearances. Conditions suited him, because he’s low to the ground. He’s played well all year, but he’s really cashed in with some big numbers in the past few weeks.
      Stats: 42 disposals, 13 clearances, 5 tackles

      • Yeah! I’d imagine that would be about 120 DT. Week after week he produces some great DT scores in the reserves but just never gets a call up! I was worried about this because he is a great stats player just like Rocky but can he change a match like the likes of Gaz? He surely should get the call up!

      • Hope he does Warnie. Would be a guaranteed starter for me this week.

  • If they are all out i will be fielding L.Taylor, A.Riley, McGovern and copping a donut… and i was ranked inside the top 1000 :/

  • I can either trade:
    Option 1: Beams and Fyfe to Cotchin and Priddus
    Option 2: Harvey and Beams to Buddy and Cotchin

    I do have charlie cameron (FWD) who would cover for harvey is i use option 1
    Dom barry (midfield) to cover fyfe if i go for option 2

    So it comes down to who is better for this week.
    Buddy or Priddus?

    • Option 1 if it means you don’t have to field spud barry. Priddis and Buddy will probably score in similar ranges.

  • Knew the lack of carnage up until now was too good to be true!

  • What more does Devon Smith have to do to get a mention? :P
    Absolute massive POD with 2.29% of teams with him, and you guys seem to like the GWS boys for the run home, can go big as he showed against melbourne and surely wont cop the macaffer tag. Depleted Collingwood side should mean huge points for most GWS players

  • Meant for the podcast post, my bad :3

  • Now I wish both my mid bench players were playing. Praying for Morabito to get called up and Pendles JPK to play.

  • Those who played the premo bench strategy are laughing.

  • Hanging on by the skin of my teeth. I have Beams & Harvey (I’ll trade these two), Barlow & Pendles. If Pendles plays I still have an emergency on each line, except for the rucks (B Martin, C Beams & C Cameron). I thought I was travelling well until I heard the Barlow news today. But the difficult part is that my 3 opponents this week (I reached the prelim in all 3 of my leagues)each have only one of Warnie’s “confirmed outs” – wouldn’t you think with 22% ownership at least one of them would have Barlow? More than that, by a very strange quirk, my likely opponent should I make all 3 GFs is the same player and he has only 2 of the confirmed outs. My team is the highest rated in the 3 leagues (I am currently ranked exactly 400)but I can see disaster looming this weekend.

    There! I’ve had my whinge. I needed to unburden my soul and had no-one else to tell. Thinking of going to a shrink.

    • It’s frustrating when your opponent doesn’t have these players, because these are players that sit comfortable inside the top 6/8 for their position for average and total points (depending on games played), which means your opponent has some how made it through without selecting these guys. And now they get rewarded for not having them?? It’s and absolute joke. At least my opponent has Beams, Harvey and Pendles. I have JPK, but he has Lumumba (yes he has lumumba and made it through to prelims), so it all balances out. But one of the guys in the other prelim has Stevie J and Mcglynn held from the last round, plus has barlow, jpk, pendles, boomer and beams. It’s disgusting.

      • “It’s frustrating when your opponent doesn’t have these players, because these are players that sit comfortable inside the top 6/8 for their position for average and total points (depending on games played), which means your opponent has some how made it through without selecting these guys.”

        ^^^This x1000

        I have McGlynn, Beams, Pendles, Elliot, Barlow. My opponent only has Fyfe and Barlow :/ he gets rewarded for not having good players like Pendlebury & McGlynn.

  • Zaha or Gray in?

  • I’m bringing zaha in for harvey and Priddis for barlow, beamer to the bench and c beams to m8, another 68 woukd be awesome but against freo might be difficult, my opponent has stevie, beams, barlow, ward, and harvey with only kersten and honeychurch as cover

  • If Pendles or JPK out I need one of Morabito, Honeychurch or Fantasio to play.

    I was playing a premo bench strategy until last couple of weeks where I traded Zorko and Mumford out on the bench.

    I couldnt have timed it any worse

  • Im trading Beams to HepD and Barlow to Zaha, and switching to fwd line via Honeychurch putting Crisp on field.

  • So I traded Barry in two weeks ago for cash cos he was the cheapest mid & now I’m hoping he’ll be my saving grace!

  • Beams and Barlow to Buddy and Heppell. Tex and C.Cameron on for McGlynn and Harvey. Aidan Riley on for JPK. No donuts (yet), hoping Pendles gets up.

  • Thank god I built up my bench cover. I have Pendles, Beams, Barlow, JPK and Harvey out. Zorko and Bartel can cover two of the mids and I’ll trade out two. Kersten will need to cover Harvey though, unless one of Pendles or JPK play.

  • Beams, Barlow, Pendles, JPK and Harvey possible outs for me… also add Macrae to that list (will he play?). Miles really the only cover in mids, do I play Hale, Kersten or BBrown for Harvey?… Did I really just ask that?

  • Add Butler to the ‘doubtful’ list……

  • yeah, I’m f*cked. I have Beams, Pendles, Elliot, Barlow, McGlynn..

  • hey guys can someone tell me if i can do a double emergency in the midfield and keep pendles and jpk on the field? im doubtful that either will play so if they both dont will i get both of my emergency scores counting?

    • Yes I think this is correct, I am thinking about doing the same thing. (assuming Honeychurch and C.Beams are named.)

      There is a down side to this though, say JPK plays but Pendles doesn’t if both your bench cover players play I believe you get the lower score of the two scores.

    • what a f*cking joke these injuries are! Plus I just backed him to win the brownlow on Monday night :(

      Par will be 2000 this week, that’s if you can field a full side – geeeez

    • Someone put Rocky in an isolation chamber and only let him out 10 minutes before bouncedown…

    • Bahaha, and of course non of my opponents have him!!

  • Lol Heppell gone. Lucky I don’t have him.

  • I am stuffed!! Beams, Barlow, Fyfe, Johnson, Harvey, Mcglynn all OUT
    2 trades done and dusted. will end up with a zero or 2 I think :(

  • Well that makes my decision easier, get in Greene or Heppell…. Bet Greene is a late withdrawal now!

  • Um with Barlow AND Fyfe out, someone has to get the footy in the guts… WELCOME DAVID MUNDY. Plus Brisbane don’t tend to tag. Worried about Cornes getting a hold of him next week though…

  • Sooo, now it’s bloody frickin Heppell now is it. Does this list of outs ever stop?

  • Spewing I traded out wingard for sheehan last week, could have used the dpp and had good cover everywhere

  • Made a big mistake last week. I was in the prelim so didn’t really need to trade, but tried to set myself up by eliminating a POD. Traded Roughy to Harvey! So angry at myself.

    • I hear that – I couldnt decide between buddy and harvey for my dalhaus trade last week and ended up getting harvey due to a good run and his consistency as a mid. well that cost me 66 points and $40k. i’m trading in buddy this week anyway now that boomer got himself rubbed out for 3! snapperhead!

  • Ahhhh man, Heppell was my IN this week.

    Who to get under $550k? I’m considering all these mids below and can’t decide. tell me where I’m wrong or right

    I’d like to get Priddis, Jelwood, or Sidebottom, but just can’t afford them

    Watson – not fully convinced – 30 disposals for 98 points? one tackle? hmmm
    Macrae – what a gun, but last game was a bit poor for only 74. plus his team WILL get flogged by the swans this w/e, then he’s playing GWS who love to run multiple tags. not sure about spending $545k on him either, would to save some cash for trading our Harvey next week.
    Greene – good form, but not sure about any of the giants mids. prone to a bad game where they get flogged and only score a 60 DT.
    Gibbs – pretty consistent, probably my #1 selection at the moment due to frequent 110+ scores
    Greenwood – not killing it anymore, although still doing alright, producing around about 100
    Treloar – as per greenwood
    Crouch – very consistent, usually good for a ton or more, but doesn’t go huge
    Nathan Jones – incredibly consistent. lowest score in last 12 games is 89, and his only score under 90 since then too. hasn’t gone big since round 5
    Swannnnyyyyy – the pig at $468k. but not the same pig he used to be, and the pies are in struggle town at the moment, this one just screams no
    deledio – looks good, although i already have Cotch and Ellis and just can’t bring myself to load up on tigers
    Ebert – just when you think he’s doing well, bam – 50. PASS.
    Mundy – someone’s gotta get all that Freo ball

    My current mids are

    Rockliff, Pendles, Sloane, Cotchin, Ellis, Goddard, Stevie J, Beams (crisp, honeychurch/caddy [dpp])

    • In regards to Freo having Barlow and Fyfe out – Lachie Neale and Micky Walters will tear it up if you are short of cash.

  • With Hep out, does this let Zaha off the leash?

  • Beams for any mid under $520,000

    Current mids are rocky, greenwood, trelor, c beams, shenton, pendles, Boak, (heppell, barlow)

    Already gone boomer to zaha?

    Was thinking swanny or sloane or cotchin?

  • I remember when we were saying just recently that it is time to make D8, M10 and F8 duds and cash up on the field.

    Oh things have changed…

  • Grover1974: is that Antoni Grover?? True Freo legend!! Respect what you gave to & did for our club if it’s you!!

  • Hollywood: Greene/Cotchin, Swanny, Sloane