Semi-Finals Lockout Chat



lockoutDiscuss the round as it progresses in the comments. Post your scores at the completion of games but be sure to indicate how many players have played, including your captain. Follow the live scores all weekend via Chad’s DT Live website.

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  • Had the luxury of keeping Bartel. Fielding bews instead as I made the preliminary. I went Goddard to heppel and Kelly to Butler with the plan of upgrading butler and nroo next week

  • ffs Duncan picked the worst week to screw me. Been good lately but a 48 is flat out unacceptable.

  • Why the hell would I bring Kelly in?! His form in his last couple of matches has been shocking plus I could’ve gone with Malceski, Jaensch or Martin. The only reason I wanted to bring him in was because SJ was out yet Scott doesn’t even put him in the mids FFS. Anyway, after I went Bartel to Kelly, I have 246k in the bank so that is ok.

    • I did the exact same thing, unfortunately Scott put the likes of Caddy, Christensen and even Enright into the middle

      • Kelly still got 22 possessions, he just didn’t pad his score up with enough tackles/marks goals

        I just got him myself, not too concerned

        • That’s true, also went Kelly because I thought Malceski would be tagged by Curren because he tagged Rob Murphy last week – 27 at HT, he might not even beat Kelly’s score which would make me feel much better

  • Jake Lloyd is a gun!!!! Best bench cover for Stevie J

    • NOT FOR ME!!! :(

      I had Lloyd on the field for Johnson in RDT, but thought he might get subbed again, so moved useless Hooker onto field via DPP of Langdon & Bartel..

      Worst move ever – I simply should have played Lloyd over Kennedy.

      This semifinal is cooked for me. Opposition has Buddy too to rub it in…

    • but now do u have cover for pendles if u kept sj?

  • Thank GOD I’m already in the prelims….. First Bartel, then JPK and Pendles a late out!!

  • Me to JC. I rested Bartel on pine for bews. Traded Kelly to butler for a 1 week cash grab. So Butler’s injury 77 , Kennedys 14, no Bartel , and pendlebury out. So aiden Riley covers. If it wasn’t for mcviegh, parker, nroo, heppell and zaha. I would be stuffed

  • Wow… carnage. Bartel and SJ, now JPK, Pendles and Beams. Gotta love finals!

  • Oh yeah. I’ll be fielding Rohan, kersten and maiden Riley next week. Injuries galore

  • Who wins?
    Team A: Mumford and Ward
    Team B: Greenwood and Dom Barry (Pendles cover) +24

    Surely Team A right?

    • Idk about that. Mumford is in bad form and Ward has the potential to spud it up. If Barry is the sub he’ll likely score about 20 but if he plays the whole game probably 50.

  • Got Beams, Kennedy and Pendlebury (luckily had Crisp as cover 85), as well as Jaensch, Kelly, Swallow, Simpson, dusty and Chapman playing horribly. Got 4 to go and should get to the 2200 though.

  • 15th team on the ladder has 2 of the top 3 best averaging players as well as probably the rookie of the year (Crisp) and the would have been rookie of the year if he had of actually gotten a full game (O’Brien). Bad AFL season for Brisbane but a good Fantasy Year for them.

  • Thankyou very much to Rocky, S.Martin, Hanley and Zorko for pulling me out of a hole…
    1929 with Sitchell, Barlow, Barry and Dal Santo isnt looking as bad as i thought it would

  • 1744 with Sitchell, Barlow, Ward, Mummy, Boomer to come.

    2200-2250 for me.

  • The Steven Bradbury team of my league is somehow going to make it to prelims. Got into finals due to other team late withdrawals and injury scores in last round (finished 8th). Then last week same thing to beat 5th (won by 12 points after other team had carnage). Then blow me away is going to knock off 4th this week by bout 50-100 because 4th had JPK as captain and pendlebury withdrawal (no cover) and beams injured. This 8th place team is awful but is riding its luck ATM. I’m facing them next week so expecting carnage lol
    I am expecting carnage.

  • Who wins from here? Macrae, Ward, Dal Santo plus 8 or Heath Shaw, suckling and mitchell?

  • I wouldn’t be wanting to rely on dal Santo. So 50/50 call

  • Please help
    Pendles didn’t play so I had the E on jake loyd who scored 118 but I can’t work out why the E score isn’t added to my total score?
    Will it add today or not ?

  • I have crisp as my E for Pendles and it hasn’t added yet, should add on by the end of lockout……I hope !

  • Jack Macrae – OUT!!!!

    • NOOO was cruising to an easy win with him as cover for Pendles. Gonna be tight now fffss

  • Got excited when I saw he was out – then I checked the matches I’m not involved in. Annoyed to see none of my opponents had him.

  • I am absolutely sick of carnage and bloody late outs!! I reckon my rucks will score more than my mids. So far these have what my mids have scored: Rocky 330, Beams 46, Pendles 0, Barlow still to come, JPK 16, MACRAE 0!, Greenwood still to come and Burgoyne still to come. So I have no cover which I have to blame myself for but FFS name the outs before the round starts! Greenwood better score 110. I got in Macrae last week when I could’ve went Jelwood, Priddis or anyone. Macrae the gun scores 74 and a late out, cheers mate!
    Looks like my season is now over thanks to bloody carnage. FMDT, farewell lads I’ll see you next year (or maybe next week depends if I win my league match.

    My score so far is 1516/16 but it should be more like 1716/16

    • I’ll make you feel better mate…

      1) Brought in Macrae for the first time ever last week AND went the old Captain of Difference and whacked the C on him.
      2) Looking at Montagna @ 398k all week as a smokie but NOOOO, I went Stevie J to the ‘reliable’ 110 averaging Priddis meaning only cash enough for Bartel to Kelly – when I could have gone Bartel to McVeigh instead.
      3) Traded in Ebert, Goddard, Swan, Riewoldt, Jelwood ALL for their 4-5 weeks of pure shit after back to back to back 100s
      3) Top 5000 a few weeks ago and rising. Now will be lucky to stay in the top 10000

      So it’s not all that bad. If there wasn’t only 2 weeks left, I’d be searching for that DELETE TEAM button for the first time ever.

      • Yeah. My worst trade of my entire DT career (5 years) was when I traded Cotchin to Ebert. Now Ebert was on fire at this time and so I thought I should get on board while Cotchin was just getting 90s. As soon as I got rid of Cotchin, he had an awesome patch and he has only gone under 100 once in pouring conditions in like 7 rounds. Ebert he got: 90, 80, 90, 50, 100 which are not premium numbers at all.

  • Pendlebury, Macrae, JPK, Beams and Ebert!

    Total score from these: 114! At least I had Crisp’s 85 to replace one of the late outs.

    And at least I had Hanley, McVeigh, Rockliff, Franklin and Zorko to ease the pain.

    • Holy crap! Just realised that Crisp’s score hasn’t added yet. So despite the carnage, I’m sitting on 2026 with 2 to play!

      • It should add once the round is finalized. Just check you have only E in the mids, and it’s on him.
        The last thing you want is for your E to actually count a 30 from a muppet rather than Crisp.

        Ps – I will be fielding Crisp next week, as buying in a premium with all the carnage leaves me too short in funds.

        • Not worried, had just thought his score was already in the total and realised that my score might actually be respectable despite the carnage.

  • Caddy as cover for Pendles – laughing. Macrae out… not laughing anymore. Goodbye top 1k.

  • Double Donut, no cover for Macrae or Pendles!

  • well I have been knocked out in straight sets after winning minor premiership. On the back of JPK (C) 16 points!!!!!!, B.Smith 39, Beams 46, Duncan 48, Ebert 52, Goddard 61, Simpson 62. And of course he had Rocky C for 330 points. That’s where I have lost. all of them absolutely dud it in the most important round. That’s my luck for ya

    • I hate to point this out, JC, but those 7 players you mentioned (including the captain’s bonus) did not score as much as Rocky did for your opponent! Don’t buy any Tattslotto tickets this week.

  • Cheeky umpiring there!!!

  • CARNAGE all round.
    Mids all shot… Arch. Sort of feel glad I’m going on holiday for a couple of months soon and can put this all behind me. FMDT

    • join the club! finished all my leagues on top and went into this week in the top 150 overall and was pushing hard for a top 100 come end of year… but it wasnt to be.

      enter JPK, Pendles, Beams & Macrae!… + Malceski and Simmo doing thier best to kick me while in down. Ranking dropping like a sack of shit and no doubt i wont be able to field a decent team next week.

      Heading to America this weekend so i think i might just not bother logging in again until next year :P



  • Ahhhh time for a holiday from DT, just want to put in my 2 cents worth before warming down for the season.
    Minor prem in the bag for 4 out of 6 leagues and out in straight sets with JPK, Pendles, Beams, Macrae and Ward falling at the final hurdle.
    I apologise in advance to Barlow owners…he is probably going to get injured for a low score :p sorry.

    • Yep seems like Bsrlow has joined the crew and decided to just run a beep test all over Patersons Stadium…

      From a realistic 2200, dreaming of 2350… I’m looking at 1950 if i’m lucky.

      Best wishes to JPK, Beams, Macrae and Ward. Oh and the rest of my team because I’m calling a press conference Monday morning to resign.

      • Amen james!I don’t even want to look at my score…it’s going to be horrendous. Rage resign on Monday, i like it.

  • Into 5 prelims, only carnage was beams going down but ya get that ! Had decent cover for Pendles. Bring on next week

  • So glad I won my match last week and am into the pre-lims. Be lucky to make 2150.

  • yeah…Pendles, Beams, Lecras, Macrae, Kennedy! Feeling really good about this week!!! FMDT!!!1928 somehow!!! My draft team almost got more.

  • Damn. Was thinking of getting Devon Smith in as an extreme POD, but played it safe and got Jack. Oh well.

    But I’ll tell you what I’m really super dooper overexcited crazy about….. Nick……. Dal……. Santo. Ever since i got him in a couple weeks ago he’s been nothing but on fire. Scores of 70, 30, and now 65. That’s a combined total of 165 over 3 massive fantasy scoring weekends for him. INCREDIBLE…. AMAZING.