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Finals Week 1 Lockout Chat

It’s the first week of fantasy finals. The second chance beckons those in the Qualifying Finals, but for those in the Elimination Finals, well… it is do-or-die. Discuss the round as it unfolds.



lockoutDiscuss the round as it progresses in the comments. Post your scores at the completion of games but be sure to indicate how many players have played, including your captain. Follow the live scores all weekend viaĀ Chad’s DT Live website.

The Tit-ed Cup is named after our mate Tit-ed who consistently missed the final 8. A consolation finals series was added a few years back and unfortunately. We’re told that it will be back next year in AFL Fantasy, however for this year, use the below image (click for a higher quality version) to keep track of for your league.

Click to download a larger version of the image to print out and run your own Tit-ed Cup.

Click to download a larger version of the image to print out and run your own Tit-ed Cup.


luxbetpuntAFL Fantasy Punt is back!

Very much like Match Day, but with prizes based on a competition pool – ie. betting like on lotto. – you can pick a side, enter it with a $10 entry fee and if you’re in the top few, you take home cash prizes… and for the high rollers, get involved inĀ the $50 andĀ NEWĀ $100 entry game! The round game locks out before the first game of the round, but for the single match day games it just needs to before they start. This week we haveĀ Bombers v TigersĀ (FREE ENTRY!),Ā Port v Swans, Eagles v Pies. Sign up to aĀ Luxbet account by clicking hereĀ and then head over to theĀ AFL Fantasy Punt websiteĀ to log in and pick your sides.Ā 18+ and gamble responsibly.

COMMENT AVATARS: Unfortunately these have disappeared over the last few weeks (some are still there if they are from Gravatar).Ā Head to your profile pageĀ and upload your own pic to add a bit of character to the site.




  1. Avatar


    August 10, 2014 at 4:40 pm

    At this rate Macrae could get dropped next wk. hope that doesn’t happen for his owners sake!

  2. Francis


    August 10, 2014 at 4:50 pm

    Need some Macrae magic to win. Two 60pt qtrs pls!

  3. Avatar


    August 10, 2014 at 6:04 pm

    Big finish coming, I need 127 points from Sidebottom to win.

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