Round 19 Lockout Chat


lockoutDiscuss the round as it progresses in the comments. Post your scores at the completion of games but be sure to indicate how many players have played, including your captain. Follow the live scores all weekend via Chad’s DT Live website.


luxbetpuntAFL Fantasy Punt is back!

Very much like Match Day, but with prizes based on a competition pool – ie. betting like on lotto. – you can pick a side, enter it with a $10 entry fee and if you’re in the top few, you take home cash prizes… and for the high rollers, get involved in the $50 and NEW $100 entry game! The round game locks out before the first game of the round, but for the single match day games it just needs to before they start. This week we have Swans v BombersNorth v Cats (FREE ENTRY!), Pies v Port. Sign up to a Luxbet account by clicking here and then head over to the AFL Fantasy Punt website to log in and pick your sides. 18+ and gamble responsibly.

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  • is it time for swallow to go. if so my only options are hodge malceski or dal santo.

    thoughts would be appreciated

    • I’m trading Swallow and Stevie J. Stevie J has Fremantle (Crowley) and swallow doesn’t look good without gaz

    • I say yes. McKenna hinted that he had been playing sore/injured for the last month and his results show that.
      Hard to split those 3 other choices though

  • Traded in Sitchell this week… not looking good!

  • Will Woodward be the sub again today?

  • Unless it’s a private jet, I don’t think Mitchell would be flying in same day to play

  • DAYNE ZORKO. Um what?

  • Bloody Mitchell. Have X.Ellis emergency so wasn’t impressed to see him subbed after he had been killing it

  • Now why is Mitchell out? I just traded him in this week, and my bench cover is X. Ellis who unfortunately got subbed out while he was going good.

  • Lol I (and others) told people not to get in Mitchell because of his tough run of tags coming up and now look what happens

  • Fantastic. Just lost top spot on my league ladder thanks to Mitchell withdrswal .

  • Litherland TON coming up!! hahaha

  • In a hard league. Its tough all year. U are heading for top spot up by 201 then Mitchell drops out. We have the same players today but then he also has lobbe , dalhause and birchall. So unless by some miracle those 3 score under 200. I’m cooked and will wind up as low as 4th

  • whats par?

  • Since when was Langdon playing? He was omitted on the team lists and no mention of late changes.
    Took the E off him because of it so copping a donut with Mitchell out too

    • Yes, wondering the same.

      I put on a weaker player in my DEF, to priotise trades elsewhere, cause an opponent was playing Langdon – whom I thought was supposed to be out.


      • it was mentioned friday arvo that he was put back into the team.

        • okay, fair enough.
          Just miffed the afl didn’t update the team sheets with such a note. I set my teams friday before final teams because I was too busy then., Here i am all weekend thinking I had an extra 50 points on my opponent who had fraking Langdon.

          On a related note,…no rolling lockout pls.

          • They did update the team sheets. However, because it’s how things have changed from last week he simply wasn’t listed as an out any more. I happened to notice as I was looking through, but it didn’t really affect my decisions (although he’s now my replacement for Mitchell).

  • will jelwood get tagged next week by crowley?
    or am i better off getting in sloane?

    • Id get Jelwood, playing like a jet

    • I’d guess that Johnson will get the tag going by past experience. Crowley tends to destroy whoever he’s on out of the two of them though, so it’s a bit of a risk to punt on either.

  • Who needs to go first. Swallow jaensch or dalhaus

  • I’m so down I traded myself out of my own team. Sniff

  • Robbie Gray is stuck at full forward with gastro if anyone was wondering…
    meanwhile i trade out Westhoff for Jack resulting in Jack getting scores of 88 and 92 and Westhoff looking like consecutive 100’s

  • Would be nice for gray to start scoring. I just need him to not get out scored by ebert by 18 for the rest of the match. Need for a top 4 finish.

  • F you Goddard, Mitchell, Langdon (for being a late in after I traded him!), f you miles, zorko and finally Hibberd! F you all!

  • What about the beautiful conditions at aurora today warnie,free bags beanie an a seat on the hill to watch the hawks, life couldn’t be better haha