The Friday Scramble: Round 18 Part 2

FridayScrambleWell after that allegedly boring first weekend of 5 games we find the second week.  No longer will people look at a weekend like that and suggest that it will all be too easy and boring.  Anyway, the main thing that we all care about is the amount of points our guys earnt!

Did you try and LoopHole anyone?  There were some great options for your VC loophole and some that probably didn’t quite pay off for you, but we will have a look at them shortly.

There are also some very important things to remember for this week in regards to trading etc also.  But all in all not much to talk about this week with only 4 games left in the round.  However, there are a lot of DT teams out there that have a lot of players left to go this weekend.

Anyway, enough dribble from me, let’s have a look at this weekend’s DT.

Did you Loophole?

Now our old mate Calvin has had an inordinate amount of queries about his patented Loop Hole.  His overriding piece of advice is that if you don’t understand how it works don’t try and use it.  But anyway, I will try and summarise a few things here for you and look at those guys that you would have picked.

If you have a good VC score and you want to use it then the most important things you need to consider are….

  • Make sure that you have a Non Playing Player that has NOT played yet that you can move onto your field;
  • If you have that Non Playing Player on the field make sure you have your regular field player on the bench with the Emergency on him.
  • Emergecny Warning…..   If you have decided to loophole and let’s say your only non playing player is in the midfield.  You move him onto the field but you ALREADY had the E on say Cameron Shenton on the bench.  If you move someone like Pendles to the bench and put the E on them, you will then have two players with the E on the bench.  If this is the case then you get the LOWER of the two scores of your two E’s on the one line.  Hopefully you haven’t got an E on that line you are planning to use.

Who did you pick?

Take these scores….

  •  Nick Riewoldt – 164.  I am sure that if you still have Nick in your team that you wouldn’t have VC’d him with the thought of McPharlin on him.  Anyway, well done if you did.
  • Stevie Johnson – 145.  Now this is a realistic situation.  He was a popular choice and didn’t let us down that is for sure.  Well done on picking him.
  • Joel Selwood – 140.  Joel has hit a bit of form of late, and beat up on the young Giants.  Lock that score in.
  • Jake Carlisle – 165.  After last week I can see why you may take a flier on Jake for the VC.  A ballsy move but a good one.  Lock it in as he may not score this many points for the rest of the year combined.
  • Jack Macrae – 129.  Another great effort from this young fella after he was berated by the coach a few weeks ago.  I wouldn’t be surprised if a few of you had him VC’d as a unique.
  • Dom Tyson – 130.  Not in many teams anymore and I seriously doubt you were on him as a VC.  You would have more likely used him as an Emergency loophole.
  • Kade Simpson -120.  Did you really VC Kade?  You must be related to him.  Anyway, if you did then yes 120 is enough.
  • Jarrad Waite – 135.  Now you are just taking the p155.  If you even have him in your team you must be his best mate or related to him.  Plus you must have known that he would come in as a late inclusion!   Nonetheless.  Yes take the score.
  • Rhys Stanley – 135.  See Jarrad Waite minus the late inclusion part.

Wow there were some great scores there.  I only had 3 of those guys and didn’t have VC anywhere near any of them!

Forget about it with these guys and find a new captain….

  • Nathan Fyfe – 99.  Disappointing was the theme of the day for the Dockers.  Fyfe simply joined in.
  • Michael Barlow – 97.  This is where my VC sat and it goes without saying I am looking at a new captain this week.
  • Brent Harvey – 89.  He has had a great year and I thought he could go big against the Blues.  Clearly I was wrong.
  • Marc Murphy – 88.  North don’t tend to tag and I thought Murph may have a good game accumulating in the midfield, but he just couldn’t get the points even though they won.
  • Brendon Goddard – 62.  Yuk!  A horrible score from Brendon.  I had him pegged for about 120 last week.

So there should be plenty of you making use of the Captain Loophole this week as there would have been plenty of guys on the two Cats Joel and Stevie.  Well done and just make sure before you go and move things around that you are in a position to do so safely.  Make sure your read Calvin’s Article this week for his best advice for a captain from this week’s games.  My picks would be Tom Rockliff and Josh P Kennedy.

Lockouts and Reversible Trades.

As we discussed last week there are different lockouts for this round.  However in summary now that we are in the second weekend things are effectively as per normal.  AFL Fantasy and Real Dreamteam both have full and final lockouts at the start of Friday Night’s game.  Supercoach continues its rolling lockout as per normal.  Remember that Friday Lockout and final subs will be a bit later as the game is in Perth.  So lockout will be around 8:30pm EST with subs at 7pm EST.

Reversible trades are a NO GO in both Supercoach and Real Dreamteam this week.  However I am advised that as long as your trade in AFL Fantasy didn’t include someone that has already played that you can reverse those trades still this week.


Remember also that if you traded last week, those trades count for this week too.  It wasn’t two per week, it is two per round and since this is part of the same round, then you don’t get any more trades to use no matter how bad your team is and how many trades you need to fix it!

 Things To Remember

  • Only 4 Games, but you still need to check your teams for any changes you may need to make.
  • See info on Lockouts and Trades above.
  • Only 2 weeks (1 and a half rounds really) before DT Finals start, so if you aren’t in the top 8 then no point saving your run anymore, you may need to start taking some risks.
  • If you plan to come to the DTTalk CatchUp in R23 jump on Facebook and RSVP so Warnie knows how many people are coming along.

So a short one from me today, hope your team had a cracking start to the round and you are on your way to glory already this week.  I’ll be back again next week with a look at the full round of games before the DT Finals start up, hard to believe we are nearly there again this season.  Catch you all soon!



  • What if the previous emergency did not play e.g capt derricks this week and bench martin in rucks. Brown is also emergency but DNP.

    • That’s fine then

    • Be careful with this though. The word is if you have 2 players named as emergency in the same position, the player with the lower points of the two players will become active. You might be okay, but if Fantasy considers a DNP as the lowest pointing player, then you might be in a bit of trouble. (I’m not 100%, just words of caution)

      • A DNP with emergency on them will NOT count as the lowest scoring player in Fantasy. The emergencies will only count if they take the field, this does mean that they could play poorly scoring 0 and this score will count. If you have both emergencies in one area and one didn’t play, the lowest scoring emergency is the one that does play, I hope that’s clear enough for you.

  • Great stuff Dunny.
    Is pendlebury the next best captain option if we don’t have rockliff or Kennedy?

  • About loopholing: I find the safest non-playing player to use is a ruckman. This option means you have only 2 chances of having the whole thing come unstuck by an injury or late withdrawal. In the example Dunny uses, with the E on Pendles there are up to 8 guys who could be late outs. This week I have the vc on Stevie J and the C on Derickx.

    • must say I try to use ruckmen where I can.

    • True, but with the split round most people would have had at least some mids play in the first week so the risk is reduced.

      With 2 trades available this week, I had planned to downgrade Derickx to a cheap non-player and upgrade Miles to Rocky this week (I luxury traded him out for his week off). However, I want to take Ollie Wines’ score (110) as my mid emergency, so have instead downgraded Miles to Matt Arnot (will know ahead of lockout he’s a definite non-starter) and upgraded B Ellis to captain Rocky. There is risk involved as only 3 of my on-field mids (4 including Ollie) played last week, but as we’re coming off a bye I think the risk is relatively low. This leaves me with cash in the bank for a double upgrade next week and I’m hoping it will help me push inside the top 1K over the next few weeks.

  • Great article Dunny! No questions this week haha

  • FYI I made a trade last night in AFL fantasy and it isn’t letting me reverse it so be careful. I won’t trade until you are sure.

    • I traded last night (Swan to Kennedy, C. Beams to Lemmens) and checked- was able to reverse it. Should only stop you from reversing your trades if it involves someone from the first week of the split round.

  • Hey Dunny thanks for the great work as per usual,

    I just have a dilemma and am not sure what to do.

    Trade Jaesnch or Burgoyne to Sammy Mitchell
    Cloke to McGlynn/Buddy/Jacobs?

    It is doing my head in

  • I’m having trouble deciding.

    Shiels -> Cotchin
    Shiels -> B.Crouch

  • Any chance we find out if O’Brien is playing before lockout?

  • Not for Saturday games (unless the Suns make the change early i.e. before lockout)

  • Hey guys, tossing up with trades for Swanny, have enough cash for either Sitchell or B Crouch. If its Sitchell, move him to defense for Jaensch next week. If its Crouch, he’d probably be my M8 for a couple of weeks before transitioning to M9 for finals. Any thoughts?

    Leaning towards Sitchell at the moment (he’s a jet), but highish BE, next week might be the goer?

  • @Nathan, trade Cloke out to Jacobs.
    @ ES, get on Mitchell this week, should get close to his BE

  • Dunny,
    Have SJ as VC, but only B.Ross and Z.O’Brien available to be interchanged this week, both who have been named as emergencies. Do I risk bringing one of them on and captaining them to enact the loophole? I have Rockliff as my (backup) captain already.

  • Suckling or Burgoyne to play, thoughts? Thanks for your advice General just want some more opinions

  • Loophole K.Simpson 120, or back in Rocky?

  • Dunny… and all DT’ers

    Who should I field this week – Suckling, X. Ellis or Langdon?

  • What happens if you have 2 emergencies in the same position and 2 players on the field in that position don’t play? I have the VC on SJ and trying to do the loophole in the forward line. Ben brown is already on field with DNP and Ambrose is the emergency ready to replace him. I’ve got Charlie Camereon on field with the C on his name and Buddy Franklin in the emergency to replace his score. Will this allow me to successfully loophole SJ?

    • Tough one but I’m sure you would be fine with that. Both individual emergencies would work on their own so I’m sure they should work together.

  • Lock in the 120 if you got a safe loop cobba.

  • MD, suckling is safest, Xavier might out score him by a bit but not worth it in my opinion. Trade Langdon :)

    • Had planned on moving Langdon on this week… but with Swan and Sandi out I had bigger fish to fry.
      Langdon > Sammy Mitchell next week.

  • Suckling or janesch on field ?

  • Suckling scored 57 last time against swans and janesch 90 v pies but both have had role changes since??

  • It will be interesting to see how Swallow fares this week without Ablett again. His first week was poor and being that many sides have him, a POD may be to trade.

  • Hey folks, what to do with trade no.2?

    Balance of team to play this weekend as follows;
    BAC: Swallow, McVeigh, (Bench: Langdon)
    MID: Rockliff, Beams, Pendlebury, Cotchin (Bench: Miles)
    FWD: Parker, Martin, Dangerfield, Zorko, (Bench: McGovern)

    Any suggestions community? $310K in the bank. Zorko to K.Jack maybe? Cotchin to Kennedy?

  • upgrade McGovern to k jack and push zorko to your forward bench imo

  • What’s the go with the order of Emergencies?? B Ross is named #2 .. does that mean Duryea (#1 Emg for Hawks).. will definitely replace any late outs from the Hawks… and is there likely late outs from the Hawks at this stage? Cheers.
    Have Ross as the non playing mid and don’t wanna stuff it up if he gets a game as a sub and have the C on him LOL.

    • same with me, i have ross and o’brien (2nd and 3rd emergencies) but i really want to take stevies 145, is it worth it

      • I used the loophole on StevieJ as well.. with a score 145.. I’d take 145 as C any round of the year! My other bench is Shenton who already played.

        • yeah i think unfortunately the order of the subs doesn’t matter, they just bring in whoever they need (eg a small for a tall if its wet), so we may just have to risk it, if you have rocky, i’d go him, but if i dont do the loophole i’ll have beams as captain, not too confident about him…

  • A question about the loophole that wasn’t covered in your excellent article Dunny.
    If I want to keep SJ’s vc score can I use C Cameron as Captain with Dusty the Emerg on the bench but.. with B Brown from North who didn’t play already on the bench also with the Emerg? In other words does Brown’s 0 count even though he didn’t play?

    • I’m doing the exact same thing as you and asked the same question above. 90% sure that it will work and both emergencies will cover Cameron and Brown, allowing SJ to be captain. I’m gonna risk it anyway.

  • Scott Thompson is still on the field, with Ross only an emergency for the Hawks at this stage on my bench. Trade Thompson or will he pull up?

  • Just a quick Question guys…. can you trade a long term injured (J Anderson hawthorn) onto the field as C.. as I currently have Stevie J as VC and have placed Hodge on the bench as E (my midfielders). Hodge is my only E in my midfield. Just trying to figure out if it worth doing and take the risk in the loophole.

  • Jake Lloyd for Sydney – need him not to be the sub.

    What are the chances of this??