Thanks Maxy!


It’s not a popular opinion for a lot of people… whether it’s because he’s from Collingwood, he’s just a battler or for some here, not a Fantasy star… but we love Nick Maxwell and wish him all the best in retirement.

Maxy has been great to us here at DT Talk. He’s appeared on our show a few times (see below), in person and on the phone, gave up his time to help us shoot the pilot to The Fan Show and gained us changeroom access, got Swanny along for a pre-season video this year and set him up with our stubby holders a couple of years ago. Maxy has also done a lot of admirable things behind the scenes for us. Given some of our special school students gifts from the club, sent messages of support for our football teams we’ve coaches, taken our students on guided tours of the Westpac Centre… the list goes on.

Huge thanks from us at DT Talk for everything you’ve done for us, Maxy. Legend!


  • Hated him…. a tool on the footy field, eg: hit on Pat McGinnity.
    Congrats on the career tough. collingwood champ

  • Obviously has a generous side to him that the general public don’t see, I would say good luck to him, but as a former Collingwood (Premiership) captain I know he will be looked after and do well.

  • His only 2 attributes were leadership and spoiling a mark. No doubt he will be missed by Collingwood though.

  • Went to the Gabba in 2005 to watch Collingwood play and couldn’t believe how courageous he was. Three times I saw him back into marking contests, twice he got smashed and got straight back up again. The blokes who hit him were J. Brown (twice) and Clark Keating… can’t think of too many people who would live to tell the story when those two were in their prime. This type of stuff obviously didn’t go unnoticed by those who mattered at the Maggies either. Well played Maxy, great career and all the best!

  • An absolute champ! All Australian defender, Premiership Captain, regular DT Talk contributor.

    Good luck Maxy!

  • Nick who ?

  • Thanks Maxy. A great captain (tho totally fantasy football irrelevant). His highlights package from Collingwood’s 2010 finals campaign alone should be enough to establish his credentials as a star. In the drawn GF Goddard had the mark of the game in the last quarter, but the second best was Maxy’s last quarter pack effort to save a goal, plus 2 spectacular savings of near-certain goals (one in the last quarter) were crucial. Scarlett’s ungenerous and self-demeaning critcism of Maxwell in his autobiography was based on the fact that he was 4 times rejected by Geelong before going on to a All-Australian anointed, premiership captaining career. Embarrassing!!!!!!