DT Talk Stubby Holder – SOLD OUT!


Our brand new Stubby Holders are NOW SOLD OUT! Thanks to all who ordered… these will be posted out over the next week.

The “Keep Calm and Lock Swan” is our version of those “Keep Calm and Carry On” things that you see everywhere. We have two packages available for purchase. The stubby holder by itself for $10 or you can spend $15 and get a very LIMITED EDITION key ring that doubles as a bottle opener that has our slogan “Dream Team is alright with me… oh yeah!“. There are limited stocks so get in quick.




Thanks heaps to the great man, Dane Swan for posing with his stubby holders. Hopefully his Powerade and Jim Beam stays cold in these!


  • Done and done. Hang on…. Beer not included? Boo!

  • Just purchased it then!! whooooooooo!!!

  • Legendary. Purchased :D

  • I thought Swannie was a highly paid athlete….Looks like he is struggling a bit in that picture…Someone donate a razor and a clean shirt

  • Cheers guys! They are great… we are very happy with them! Hopefully get them out next week. We will be busy boys writing all of the addresses on packages!

  • Brilliant, been looking for a new bottle opener, mines worn down to the bone.

  • Just ordered mine! Will gladly support this site. DT wouldnt be the same without warnie , calvin , roy , dunny , griff , aki , rainman , Mcgrath , tbetta and the other great writers.

    keep up the great work lads and looking forward to future DTTALK merchandise! (and for the season to begin)

  • Swan is a bloody legend!

  • The keyring/bottle opener package is now SOLD OUT – making them very limited edition… thanks to all who have purchased. As of about 5pm on Friday, there are about 60 stubby holders left. Get in quick if you want one!

  • Hope the shipping cost covers all the way to WA! Warnie just ordered one under my wife’s maiden name paypal account – Carly James from WA. Gotta support my DT Captain…

  • We’re going to post off the first 100 orders tomorrow morning (after a BIG evening of addressing and packaging these stubby holders). The rest will be later in the week. Only 25 remain, so if you want one… get in today!

  • Im a huge coffee drinker. Any chance we can get these in coffee mugs?

  • Hey Warnie, I bought one on the 2nd of March – I’m still yet to receive it, payments been taken out of my bank…