Shouldbemydayjob – Ep. 18, round 18A

The boys are lucky enough to chat with the number one AFL Fantasy coach in the land, Ward about his team ‘Shouldbemydayjob’. They also look at the split round and what it means for your team.

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  • Dump Sandilands? Am I hearing Warnie correctly?

    • Yes, your ears don’t fail you… what would be wrong with trying to have the best ruckmen in your side rather than someone averaging sub-80 with more and more ruck-time going to Clarke. Especially too, if there is a rest coming up.

      I would feel at ease doing that.

      • Did it last week. Shifted S.Martin into R2 brought Sandi fwd and turned nim into K.Jack. Immediate reward and helped me crack 2300+ for the round.

        • +1 except downgraded him to Ben Brown for the DPP link and now have the cash for the double upgrade next week to set my team.

          Stefan Martin is bringing the goods at the moment and until the changes he’ll be my R2

  • When someone asks to dump a player with a 90 average or higher, the 1st question I would ask is:

    ‘Who else is in your team?’

    I’m sure you can find someone worse to upgrade.

    If you KNOW Sandilands is injured say so and enuff said, he needs to go.

    Dane Swan: Yes he is being used as a makeshift forward. Yes it sucks he isn’t averaging 130. But he is averaging 97+ , he has gone back to the midfield earlier this season after playing forward. If Collingwood had dominated the midfield battle, Swannie may have scored a monster, it just didn’t happen this time.

    Again surely you have bigger problems in your team.

    • Agree that most MAY have bigger issues in their team… but remember that a lot of teams are getting close to being ‘complete’. You should know this better than anyone due to being ranked so highly.

      A lot of Fantasy is about shuffling the deck chairs these days… you don’t like that, but that’s the new game we’re playing. If that means that trading a forward playing Swan who has been averaging poorly over a prolonged period – yep, it has been prolonged – for someone who is basically a 105+ midfielder, guaranteed, then I am all for it. Better than a Suckling to Mitchell in my opinion.

      I’m considering either Ebert or Swan to Rockliff this week. I am prioritising that over trading Jaensch or Birchall.

  • Can u still do VC loophole with no one not playing on ur field but people playing on ur bench for both weeks

    • Nope. You need someone who isn’t playing in the second week. For example, my side is pretty limited. If I make Stevie J my VC this weekend, my option would be limited to Zac O’Brien (MID) and Clay Cameron (FWD). I would normally go to someone like Daniel Currie or Alexis Georgiou but they will be locked on the first lockout (this Friday night).

      There is some risk with this for me… if go through with the loophole, it would mean that I couldn’t name an emergency in MID or FWD as you need to sub someone onto the bench and take the E score.

      I probably won’t go through with even trying the loophole… too much risk.

  • Awesome podcast guys! I have started listening to them this year and they are extremely helpful! Keep up the awesome work and best of luck with your teams!
    Just curious, do you think Sloane is a player I can keep till the end or does he need to go?

    • Falcon you should have thought about that when you brought him in.

      When you trade in a player from now on, look at his run home. It should be one of the major factors in trading in a player.

      Once you commit, you dont start asking if you should trade him out.

    • Sloane a keeper at this stage but if he is your M7/M8 and you have no other trade to do, then you can look to upgrade him. I don’t mind the Crows’ draw though.

      • @Milansta: I have had Sloane since the start, every round of this year. That is the reason I was questioning.

        @Warnie: I was hoping you would say that! Makes my trades list shorter hopefully. Thank you very much!

  • Btw a good rookie for this round: Dean Towers, 160kish Mid/Fwd

    Who cares about his job security he provides a dirt cheap DPP link and allows you to play 1 emergency short by stripping your bench for $ to get the edge.

  • Sandi–Zaha,Jack,Boomer?

  • I reckon u can. Do u know the answer to my question

  • Sandi to boomer.dorry my reply was to he know the answer to my question

  • A note on rookies i dunno if this was mentioned enough:

    Rolling averages are 2 weeks. But if its the 1st week a player has played, a 0 is included in the average.

    So, Morabito plays his first game dropped about 18k because he scored a 31. This is because 31 was averaged with a 0.

    The next week, he scores 41 (not a far cry from his previous score) but he average is much better and he only bleeds 2k.

    The point i’m trying to make is: You can essentially wait a week for rookies now. I saw so many people get in Morabito 2 weeks ago when it was too early to get him unless you expected 100+ from him.

    Ditch those old DT habbits!

    <3 Milansta

    • Yep – we can wait a week on rookies… not sure that the ‘0’ is the real reason behind it – a lot has to do with the TPP.

  • or Suckling–Mitchell?

  • What trade should I be prioritizing out of suckling to S.Mitchell and Swan to JPK?

    • Probably Swan to JPK if you are set on that. Sam Mitchell still has a breakeven of over 100 so his price won’t move too much… plus he has the Swans this round.

  • Defintly swan to jpk.pls help above at top

  • Sorry warnie I meant Can u still do VC loophole with no one not playing on ur field but some people also not playing on ur bench for both weeks.if so how

    • Mate – you are confusing me… probably don’t even bother trying if you can’t work it out. It’s going to be hard for people to do it this week unless you have a bench player from a team playing in the second weekend that WON’T play.

  • Sorry guys had a mental blank and can’t remember how to use DPP trades? ie: how do I trade out Sandi for a FWD and Martin to RUC?


  • Great stuff lads! Where do you get your information about previous matches against certain opposition? Also, should I trade Suckling to Mitchell, or Sandilands to Buddy (8k short of Jack)? Cheers

    • is my go to place for past scores… get onto the player profile and click on ‘Scores by opponent: DT’. That gives you their history against each club.

      Hmm… interesting trade choice. Sucking to Mitchell is the obvious one, but if Sandi gets the rest we’re all waiting for (yep, even with a week off coming up), then the trade to Buddy could be the way to go.

      • Cheers for that Warnie! That will be very helpful for future research.
        Alright, thanks. Even if Sandi is playing?

  • I have 3 options but unsure in which order to do them.

    1 – Trade Langdon/Langford to Mitchell(Langdon dropping value/form but plays)
    2 – Trade Ebert to Sloane (Home game for Ebert this round)
    3 – Trade Lecras to Jack/Motlop (Home game for Lecras this round)

    Any help would be appreciated.

    • 3 first for sure and to jack
      Hold off on Mitchell for a week, if you are desperate than i guess trade him in. Are either of the Langs on your field?
      Ebert to Sloane isn’t a bad option either.

      • I will have to play either Langdon or Langford. I will then upgrade one of them to Mitchell next week but unsure which one to choose.

        • Langdon appears to have much better JS. Langford only has a BE of 47 so he should get that and will be worth a bit more. Make of that what you will.

  • Whats the likelihood of sandi being rested this week?

  • Want to get rid of Tex, Swan, Sandy and Suckling in the near future but not sure who to get rid of first, any thoughts?.

    Thinking Ward/Motlop for Swan/Tex this week, getting bored of my league so only looking at getting of people who have <10% ownership.

  • Warnie Please Help!!!!
    i have Reiwolt, Tex and Wingard in my forward line. I’m bringing in Zhararakis and Jack. Which two get the cut?

  • Hey boys great podcast as usual, do you think macrae has now elevated himself above libba in the tagging order at the dogs?

  • What’s a higher priority?
    Suckling –> Mitchell
    Swan –> Stevie J

  • how do you trade sandi out and move martin from fwd line into ruck? Does this require another dpp player to move martin into rucks or does afl fantasy let you do this without burning another trade?

    • Mentioned by Warnie above

    • Is this harder (or more complicated) than I think?

      On the trade page, after you have selected Sandilands to trade, hit the ‘S’ button on Martin to sub him into your ruck, then choose a FWD to bring in.

      Not taking the piss here, but I thought this process is pretty basic… if it’s not, please let me know so I can pass onto the developers.

  • I’m one of the poor suckers that didn’t bring in S Martin when they should have! if Sandi doesn’t play and i have no ruck cover, should i trade to Martin (even though he’s almost peaked)for the season or Mummy/McIntosh/Goldstein… i already have Jacobs.

  • Sandi to Ryder or Jacobs