Look after Gaz – Ep. 16, round 16

The boys are more impressed about Ablett’s 157 than Hodgey but the biggest love is for the new DPPs that will be announced this week. The boys reveal a few on the podcast.

The full list of 18 position adjustments will be named on Thursday morning on AFL.com.au.

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  • cheers guys great podcast. When i scored 2270 i was happy. But then i looked at other people with 2350+.

  • Damn I can’t listen for a couple of days, who’s dpp now?

  • Very interesting. Looking closely at Duncan, Dal Santo and KJack now. Not so closely at Zaka and Bennell.

  • whats peoples thoughts on jesse lonergan the suns seem to love the kid so js is no probs and he had 41 coming on as the sub

    • Legend. One of our boys! Love him. At $200K, you wouldn’t do too much better.

      • my thoughts exactly would have picked him up last week but i knew he would be sub


      • Would you take Lonergan over Jack Martin? Looking to downgrade Ellis his week to free up some cash but want someone who will be a decent M9

  • Dalhaus to buddy or kieren jack?

  • Great podcast as always boys! Who would be the best downgrade option in the mid and defence. Have currently got hallahan and griffiths and want to offload them both. Cheers

    • i went hallahan to jesse lonergan the kids hard as nails loves to tackle and more importantly the suns love him JS pretty much guaranteed

  • Selwood getting DPP would have been a godsend to my team. Oh well!

  • Huge changes. Even at this stage it’s still just as much about cash as it is points.

    Teams that have generated enough cash for these fwd upgrades are going to be unstoppable come finals time. Imagine going in with

    K Jack, Zaharakis, Dangerfield, Harvey, Parker, Martin (Duncan, McGovern)

  • Parker or K Jack??

    • In the same boat, was going to go suckers to bartel and gunston to parker but I will just be able to afford jack instead ($200 left over!). Will probably go jack as he has the better form/lower breakeven and look at getting parker another week.

      • Although I might also look at duncan who is a lot cheaper, is in good form and has a 76 breakeven

  • Wait for the injury list, Jack looked like sore/broken ribs.

  • Was looking at maybe trading Zorko to someone like LeCras, but the fact I already own K. Jack makes it interesting… Could trade in a premo Mid and swing Jack forward. A nice luxury for fellow owners of one of these newly appointed DPP’s.

  • Hey guys, need some advice, which option is better ?

    1. Simpson & Rockcliff

    2. Bartel & S Johnson or Heppell or any 1 else under 570k

    Mids: Gaz,Pendles, Beams, Swan, Goddard, Barlow, Miles


  • Rocky for sure what other backs do you have?????

    • Backs: Swallow, Mcveigh, J Kelly, Jaensch, suckling, r shaw


      • Im thinking bartel and johnson only cause WB, Melb , GWS next 3 weeks. this lines up with my finals for league for some unknown reason, thought finals would be over R19 to R23 ?

  • bartel i like i got him in last week but stevie j i think will cause people havoc top score of 103 in last round or somethin is just not good enough i would rather bring in heppell goddard or even sidebottom is seriously in my calcucations just feel stevie j cant be reliable enough especially now teams are taggin the shit out of him.

  • does that mean with these 5 leaked that the rest of the new DPP will all be insignificant? Like when Sinclair became ruc/fwd? or are there still other big names which may get DPP status like cotchin ect?

  • Unlucky Roy with Smither’s 26! I had Simmo last week so I know how it feels… he cost me 2300 possibly 2400! Smith is a gun, he’s not crap that’s for sure – 91 average in 14 games shows that… Calvin should back him up being a Crows supporter! :)

  • Currently have: Suckling, Jaensch, Ellis, Ambrose who I need to move on. I am playing Martin as R3 with Lobbe and Sandi. Should I:
    1. shift Martin FWD and trade Ambrose or Tex and risk having no R3 and then trade one of the 3 DEFs
    2. Trade 2 of the 3 defenders… if so who do I shift out first?
    Help please!