Round 11 Lockout Chat

lockoutDiscuss the round as it progresses in the comments. Post your scores at the completion of games but be sure to indicate how many players have played, including your captain. Follow the live scores all weekend via Chad’s DT Live website.


 West Coast vs  North Melbourne

luxbetpuntAFL Fantasy Punt is back!

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The round game locks out before the first game of the round, but for the single match day games it just needs to before they start. This week we have Saints v Pies (FRIDAY FREE ENTRY!), Bombers v Tigers.

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  • 12/1333 with jaensch, swallow, Burgoyne, ablett, hallahan, sandilands, Jacobs, gunston, bruest and danger.
    Looking at 2200 if all players play well. What do you guys think I should get? Cheers

  • How much do u think polec will drop and Goddard will rise and what are good downgrade options for Langford or Langdon and which one to trade first
    Thoughts would be appreciated! I really need help!

    • Roughly $10-15k each

      Brodie Martin looks good

      • Thanks. Anyone one cheaper got dpp so can be a midfielder. Also which one do I trade first

        • Look at Zac obrien

        • Hard to find a better/cheaper def right now. Might have to wait until other rookies get a game.
          Personally I have both and am holding for a couple of weeks to fix other areas first.

          I’ll probably look to downgrade Langford and upgrade Langdon as his price isn’t quite maxed out yet.

          Hope that helps.

          • It does thanks alot

          • You are so full of shit Crisis, to the point where it is starting to stink.

          • who is this Gambler?!? what right do you have to criticise? my ranking inside top 100 backs up that i know what i’m talking about

  • Has anyone heard if Mackie is expected to miss games with that kidney knock?

  • 1428 from 12 and captain. Jaensch,swallow,suckling,gunston,ablett,jacobs,
    sandilands,dalhaus,dangerfield and tex to come. Looking at a big score

  • A brief message to anyone who rage-traded Dayne Zastro two weeks ago:
    SUCK IT!

    • Actually it allowed to me downgrade and get in Tex and freed up cash for Jelwood. Quite happy I traded him out at that price plus he will still drop a little more after having a BE of 140.

      Good on those for keeping him….

  • is it worth trading polec to goddard this week and then hallahan to rocky in a few weeks time or is it better to go poled to rocky this week and in a few weeks find someone to trade hallahan to?

    • Rocky should be tagged the next few weeks so wait until after the dockers game to get him. Hopefully a bad game will bring down his price for you to snag him

  • Just want to apologise – I brought Jacobs in this week which of course means he will spud it up

    • Unlucky mate – not sure if you’re watching the game but he got a knock in the 1st quarter and has been lumbering up forward since. Couldn’t have predicted that! He’s been subbed out now, but I don’t think the injury is serious.

      • Cheers. No I’m not. That would explain why he’s score isn’t moving! Thankfully I have swallow, ablett, walker, danger and jaensch absolutely killing it

  • If I have two emergencies and they both score which one replaces my DNP?

  • 1839/17. Looking for a huge score.

  • goddard or barlow

    • barlow. prices will be similar after this round. Barlow has a great run home, is consistent and doesn’t have potential infraction notices hanging over his team.

      • Neither does Goddard, seeing as he was playing for the Saints when the magic potion was being passed around.

        • Just re-read your post Brendan – apologies – I took it the wrong way.

          • no worries man, i know goddard is clean but i worry that if the whole of essendon gets knocked out he will be the 1 player targeted by opposition teams and his scoring will suffer.

    • Barlow has the higher ceiling

  • In RDT I’m on 2172 with Suckling, Hallahan in play and Cox, Harvey still to play

  • guys do i upgrade cotchin to a pendlebury or langdon to a jaensch? and why

    • cotch to pendles. Langdon still has a lowish breakeven, while cotch is inconsistent as all hell and pendles is a jet.

    • Sorry posted below but forgot to reply.

      Tougher fixtures with Sydney and freo coming up so Cotchin to Pendles for me.

      Langdon is scoring ok and maxwell out at least a game or 2 so I wouldn’t trade him just yet

    • Cotchin to Pendles is a sideways trade, sure Pendles averages 10 more, but I believe your first priority should be upgrading rookies. Also, if Cotchin gets back in to form he could potentially lift his average 5-10. Someone who averages 100 no matter what their form should only be upgraded as a luxury trade I believe.

      Jaensch averages about 15 more than Langdon. So you get more points, and an extra premo

    • Depends on rest of your team, but on face value Cotch to Pendles is the go. I’d back Langdon to get 85 this week, and Pendles 115.

  • 2366 all done first round of the year without any carnage!

  • Tougher fixtures with Sydney and freo coming up so Cotchin to Pendles for me.

    Langdon is scoring ok and maxwell out at least a game or 2 so I wouldn’t trade him just yet

  • I’m going to sideways trade Scott Selwood for Crowley

    • Your kidding right?

      • Me to and then as my second trade for a cash grab I’m going Rockliff to Dawson via dpp how good is that trading.

    • I was kidding as at QT Selwood was on 16 points. But at HT he is still on 16 points and I’m now deadly serious

  • Thoughts on Cotchin to Barlow . Have no other trades to do

  • 344K in bank, thinkin about trades this week.

    Polec -> Barlow

    S. Lloyd -> Franklin, Bird or Tex

  • Who would you guys pick out of Rocky and Barlow? Obviously Rocky is on fire at the moment but he’s got Picken and Crowley in his next 3 games whereas Freo have a great run coming up and Barlow is a fair bit cheaper…

    • at this point in the season i think you go the value pick of barlow. there is still plenty of time for rocky to have 1 or 2 bad games and fall in price 50k. keep the cash for upgrades elsewhere

      • Rocky is averaging 127, how many points are you willing to lose to save 50k?

        • the thinking is that you can make it up elsewhere, barlow will be 110+ with a huge ceiling and consistency and the money saved could help turn another rookie into a premo which could be worth 15-20 points at least

          • I agree, Brendan. I really want Rocky, but he’s just too expensive right now. I can upgrade 2 other players for the price of getting to him. He’ll have a poor game at some point in the next few weeks, drop $50k, at which point I’ll grab him.

          • Thanks for the input guys, much appreciated. I’ll probably go Barlow since the extra cash should allow me to upgrade griffiths as well as polec.

  • Who do i get in out of Pendlebury, Kennedy, Barlow? and why

  • Guys, what do you think of:
    Ryan Griffen to Barlow
    NRoo to Zorko or Chappy

    I still have Langdon and Langford (1 on field, 1 on bench), but I reckon I’m OK to keep Langdon on ground for another week or two, and then turn him into Bartel (who is the only premo def I’m missing).

    • with the trades you’re suggesting your team must be nearly complete? would you mind posting it so i/others can get a feel for any other potential sideways trades?

      • Sure, Brendan. $208,625 in bank.
        Def: McVeigh, Simpson, Hibbo, Suckling, Swallow, Langdon. Bench: Langford, Aylett
        Mid: GAJ, Pendles, Beams, Watson, Selwood, Swan, Tyson, Griffen. Bench: Shenton, J Lloyd
        Ruc: Jacobs, Sandi. Bench: Derickx, Currie.
        Fwd: Parker, Danger, Martin, Dahlhaus, Tex Walker, NRoo. Bench: Billings, S Frost

        • Nice team. griffin to barlow would be the clear trade. I have nroo and will be holding, but if you must drop i would go zorko for the cash grab. If it were my team I’d go barlow and then look to make a rookie downgrade to keep the cashflow going

  • how do these trades sound;

    or would it be worth picking Jaensch back up and getting Hibbo later?

    • I like it. And I’d go Landgon to Hibberd. Hibbo is rock solid, guaranteed 80-100 per game. Jaensch is a bit more up and down for mine.

    • Jaensch has the higher ceiling it seems, I’d prolly go him.

      • Jaensch purely because of price. HIbberd is amazing and a lock in my team but is at his peak price an will not likely go anywhere whereas jaensch is set to climb back towards 500k