The Friday Scramble: Round 10

FridayScrambleAs has been said many times this week, this is our last bye round thankfully!  How is your bye round strategy going?  Has it stood the test of time or is it just a complete shambles!  I thought I had it all sussed out and was patting myself on the back as we entered the byes.  As we get to round 10 it is on the verge of falling apart!  So no matter how much planning you do, there is always an injury or a suspension that can just ruin everything, thanks Roughy and Stevie.  Anyway.  Hopefully you are going ok and can do some more upgrades this week and next.

Despite all the doom and gloom there are some positives to be found this week.  So let’s see what we can do!

Big Moves!

Some people take the opportunity to use the byes to make a big move in the game.  Some people like to trade their big guns around the byes but there are some big risks with this too!  Let’s just have a look at what may have happened and what you can do.

  • You dropped a big gun and planned to get them again.   I know a few people dropped guys like Dangerfield and Ablett before their bye and wanted to get them in again after but haven’t yet.  The thing that will catch them out is that these two guys had massive games in round 9!  If you are in this boat then you simply have to decide whether or not you actually chase them.  Luckily Ablett hadn’t gone up in price, but held his price pretty much steady, but Danger did go up.  But that isn’t the main problem.  I bet that you didn’t just leave all that cash in the bank.  Where did you spend it and are you now willing to part with the player you got in to get these jets back in again.  Big decisions for those coaches. The decision is basically, do you like the guy you picked up or do you want your premo back.
  • Risky Downgrades.  I think we have all been in this boat!  I know I am this year!!  Earlier on there were cases of this with Gary Rohan being the main culprit.  Now we have Blake Acres.  Now you certainly can’t be hard on yourself for picking him up, with that juicy negative break even he was just staring you in the face.  He wasn’t really risky, only for the fact he had the bye this week.  You worked your bye strategy and you knew you could take him.  Who was to know he would injure his ankle after only a couple of minutes and even less points!  So… what do we do with him?  Once again this depends on your situation.  If you have 8 great midfielders and also a good backup then you can probably afford to stash him on your bench for the time being.  However if you are struggling for players on the field or your other backup player is also non playing then you need to get rid of either Blake or your other spud who is doing nothing for you.

Planning Ahead

Now that the byes are almost behind us you should be looking further ahead.  If you haven’t “completed” your team (note: a team is never complete, there is always something that will happen to it!) then what you need to be doing is planning your trades ahead as far as you can to look at what you can do to get the guys you want into your side.  Now yes I can hear you all saying ‘but what if this happens’ or ‘what if that happens’.  There will be lots of speed bumps along the way, but you should certianly be planning.  At least you can always tweak your plans where you need to.  This will give you the framework to work around as you go.  I find that without that framework you can drift aimlessly without ever getting to the team you want.

Premo Pick Ups!

The second in my series of Premo Pick Ups of guys that have now had their bye in round 9 and you should certainly consider for your teams going forward.

Marc Murphy – Has had a good season so far and is averaging 106.3 in AFL Fantasy and is priced at $536k.  This is cheap for a quality midfielder.  Have him on your radar.  His scoring has seen only 3 under 100 but they have been 74, 75 and 89.  He is getting a few tags but still, at that price he is worth a try.

Brad Ebert – Yes Tbetta, I had to mention him.  He is averaging 110 and has only two scores under 100.  The worst was a 62 with the other being 91.  he is only $552k in AFL Fantasy and $538k in RDT.  With the tag generally going to Boak, Ebert is often left to roam free picking up uncontested possessions.

Kane Cornes – The old man just keeps on going.  Average of 111 with prices almost identical to Ebert, he is picking up uncontested possessions all over the place.  Only two scores under 100 which were 72 and 73.  However, he has 4 over 118 and doesn’t seem to be doing quite as much tagging these days, only every few weeks is he getting a big job.

Robbie Gray – Is over the soft tissue injuries that kept him out of our teams in the past.  He is $485,800 in RDT and $482k in AFL Fantasy averaging 95 which as a forward makes him very valuable indeed as there are a lot of forward that simply haven’t fired this year.

Tom Liberatore – Having a breakout season with an average of 102.  A bit cheaper than the guys I have mentioned with a price of $512k in AFL Fantasy and $509k in RDT.  He has had 4 games under the 100 barrier, but he does have the potential to go big, just like his 146 in round 8.

Ryan Griffen – A lot of people are talking about him.  He has only one game over the 100 so far and is averaging 75.  He is plummeting in price and is $415k in AFL Fantasy and $426k in RDT.  His BE is down at 61 in AFLF so won’t stay this cheap.  Personally however, I think that if you need a bargain and have no cash, jump on, but if you can afford to wait a week or two then do so, I like to see a bit of form before I pick up a plummeting premium.

Sub Watch

Just a couple of things that I noticed from team selections this week.  Now this doesn’t mean anything, but it is just a couple of things I noticed this week.

Ben Lennon – Named last on the bench.  Never a good sign
Charlie Cameron – Named on the field.  A good sign, but you never know!
Simpkin and Hartung – Last two spots on bench.  My money is on Simpkin
Matt Crouch – Last on extended bench… definitely doesn’t fill me with confidence.

Things To Remember

  • Follow the dots! – Yes put all your Blue and Red Dotted players on the bench.
  • No Loopholes – This week we have no partial lockouts so make sure you have read Calvin’s Captains and made all your captaincy selections prior to lockout.
  • Check late teams – If you are considering Jed Bews this week, wait until 90m before lockout as we will know for sure if he is the sub or not.

So… there you have it.  I hope your team is set up nicely for this round.  I must say it has proven difficult.  The byes have been particularly tough, but you should be able to load up on premo’s now.  It will be a lot more fun next week when we can start putting all our stars back on the field at the same time.  Enjoy the footy and keep an eye on twitter tomorrow for any info.

Catch ya later.


  • Nice 1 Dunny! Let the Bye-free rounds begin! (Next week)

  • Hi,

    Just wondering, I need a player for only this week who will go up in price around 15k, to fund a trade next week?

    Any suggestions on who will go up. The player can be a premium as well as I have the cash. All i need is a 15k price rise.

  • need more info mate, what positions you looking for / who do you already have in your team etc

    • Im Looking for a forward and I currenlty have


      • Was thinking Nahas as his BE is -11?

        • Yeah either Nahas or Charlie Cameron. Benefit of Nahas is that you will no for sure whether or not he is the sub cause the game is tonight.

          • Cameron & Bews coming off a lower price may make you more money than Nahas in coming weeks. But any of those 3 is guaranteed to get your $15,000. And with Bews & Nahas you will know before lockout if one is green vested in time to reverse trade. I think Bews might be your best bet.

          • Whoops, sorry. Just realised Bews is a defender.

  • The best article of the year, everything is covered for this round in detail you deserve a pat on the back Dunny. Dunny i justed wanted to ask im doing a downgrade and ungrade this week with $150k in the warchest in what order would you be picking these guys?.

    • Pick up robbie gray mate. Probably the best value considering the form port are in at the moment.

      • Need a premo-mid for this week and a rookie forward?

        • I suppose griffen then for max value. But i wouldn’t touch him until he shows consisten form and tonnes up again. Probably marc murphy. Has been very good except when tagged, which he won’t be every week. Rookie forwards look to charlie cameron or nahas.

    • Cheers Kevin.
      If you need value then Gray and Griffin would be your guys.

  • If Crouch is dropped tonight it could mean reversing my trades.
    Trying to bring in Ablett in RDT and SC, currently for J.Lloyd but I might give Crouch the boot instead if he’s fallen out of favour with Sando.

    JKH to C.C is my cash grab downgrade this week.

    Fingers crossed Lennon isn’t the sub.. but I’m sure he will be, just brought him in on footytips.

  • people still bringing in bews?

  • Shiels is back this week – is he worth considering at $420k with a 97 avg? I have selwood coming in, but maybe the 80k could be spent elsewhere, on Simpson instead of jaensch maybe?

    So which combination would you bring in this week (for a tough league opponent and for overall scoring) – option 1 or option 2?

    option 1 – shiels/Simpson – combined avg of 197

    option 2 – jelwood/jaensch? combined avg of 193, but surely selwood is about to engage BEAST MODE and up that 103 avg to 110-120???

    • Option 1 – Simpson is a must in defense.
      Jaensch I think will drop off and with Sooky J missing Jelwood may find it more difficult this week.

      • now ive gone Bartel and Bews (via DPP landgon into the MIDs). this gives me $300k to upgrade maybe polec next week to selwood/goddard. such indecision.

  • A couple of options –

    1 – Dunstan and Griffiths to Jelwood and Bews ($54k left)
    2 – Crouch and S.Lloyd to Bews and Cameron ($455left to go to Barlow and Rocky next week)

    My problems Griffiths, Crouch, S.Lloyd and Dunstan. I will be keeping Zorko.

    Any ideas?

    Not worried about number of players playing this week as I will have 19 and got weak opposition.

    • id go 2… aslong as they are only going to be used as bench cover… i did those downgrades last week and have about the same to play around with this week.. its fantastic!

  • Trading either L McDonald, M Gleeson or S lloyd. Who should I drop? Considering lloyd and gleeson have been dropped, not sure when they will play again but they have money to be made.

  • Great article.

    Boomer, Gray or Dahl??

  • Gonna trade out omitted Sam Lloyd for Charlie Cameron and then Matt Crouch for Jelwood, any other great mids for around 512 000 mark or under?

  • Kane Mitchell.

    Seems to kill it when he gets a full game.
    B/E 7

    Vest collector
    Only seen him in 1 game this year
    playing hawthorn this week


    • tempting… but by this time of the season is there room for someone like him in our starting 8 mids? hed be great to have as bench cover i think.

    • Too awkwardly priced for my liking and one game isn’t a big enough sample size to know if it is an outlier or not.

  • which 2 trades sound better?

    A) Polec to Ablett
    B) Polec to selwood
    C) Watson to ablett
    D) Watson to selwood
    E) sandilands to Mumford
    F) Lloyd(richmond) to Boomer harvey

    Mids are: Steviej Beams Pendles Swan watson cotchin o.wines polec (hallahan, Lloyd(swans))

    Fwds are: Parker danger dmartin gray dahlhaus Lloyd (cameron, ambrose)

    • i got 20 players playing and 500k in the back.. so have no issues really to think about

      • Post your whole team and how many trades left

        • DEF: k.simopson, birchall, enright, hibberd, swallow, langdon (langford, Bews)
          MIDS: Stevie J, Beams, Pendles, Swan, watson, cotchin, o.wines, polec (hallahan, Lloyd)
          RUCK: Jacobs, Sandi (currie, thurlow)
          FWDS: Danger, Gray, Dahlhaus, Martin, Parker, Lloyd (cameron, Ambrose)

          Havent used any trades this week so got the 2 trades to use.
          487k in the bank

          • depends if Wines is a kepper for you. If not trade to Selwood

          • Ablett really is a non negotiable, either Polec or Wines to him depending on which you want to keep.

            Fwd line is great but I would go Lloyd to Franklin next week to complete it. I think he will kill it on the ride home.

            I meant how many tradesfor the season left.

          • oh sorry.. 28 trades left. this is on the afl fantasy one

          • How about Majak Daw for Currie? Gives you an extra body this week and cover for the rucks for the rest of the season. Will make money too.

            Then next week go Polec to GAJ and Lloyd to a prem fwd

  • Anyone having issues on fantasy DDP trading. I’m trying to trade out Cunningham for charlie Cameron (martin to mids for the week) , Dunstan to selwood. It won’t let me DDP trade. Only allows normal 2 player trades. We only got 6 hours to kickoff and I’m getting worried I’ll be forced to do a trade I don’t want to in order to get selwood. Bullshit. I’ve only got the app to use as I’m away working.

    • I havent been able to dpp trade on the app in the past, but i thought they were supposed to update it. Maybe check the latest update info?

  • Due to Lloyd and SJ, and some risky trades last week I am stuck fielding 17 this week.

    1) I was looking at Pav and McCarthy to Cameron and Danger- better approach potentially, but leaves me heavily rookie this week too. (FML)

    2) Or do I go for a points grab and offload SJ and Pav to Jelwood and Dangerfield?

    I think with option 2) it also means I can keep Tyson who has low be and SJ has a high be, meaning in a few weeks the trade between those two would be around 80k cheaper.

    • If you aren’t fielding a full 18 this week anyway then I’d be going option one. From the sounds of things you aren’t going to have many luxury trades in the coming weeks, and the Tyson-SJ manoeuvre would be quite luxury. Although in saying that you will miss out on Jelwood’s lowest price (most likely). But anyway I’d go option 1.

    • Keep Pav, great fixtures coming up for him

      • Thanks for the help guy

        Being a Docker I want to keep Pav, but there are just better options that I can grab. Forgot to mention if go by option one ill be forced to field Ambrose or Cameron next week, and the funds if i do option two means I can get a Robbie Gray (basically SJ and Ambrose plus like $100k or Gray and Jelwood on the field)

        Atm this week I have SJ, Watson, Barlow, Rocky, McVeigh, Sandi, Parker, Pav and Tyson out plus some rookies, making my team this week look in shambles.

        Going by option two though leaves me Cloke, Danger, Gray, Martin, Parker and Dahlhouse up forward next week, and only rooks on the field will be Langford, Langdon and Tyson.

        McVeigh, Simpon, Swallow, Burgoyne, Langford, Langdon

        Ablett, Pendles, Beams, Watson, Barlow, Rocky, Jelwood, Tyson

        Sandi, Cox

        Dahlhouse, Martin, Danger, Gray, Parker Cloke

        I think on paper at this stage of the season that team is not too bad, Cloke will become Zorko probably in a few weeks anyways

  • I was earlier in the week able to DDP trade on the app. But decided to reverse trades and waited for team sheets. Now I cant . I’ll go around looking for someone with a computer lol

    • What’s your login credentials?

      I’m on a laptop and can do your trades for you.


  • Hahahahaha. I’ll end up with Fraser thurlow and zac Dawson :))

    • Sadly enough, I have Thurlow on my ruck bench and not Derickx :/

  • That is upsetting lol, I had derickx cause he was named, worth the extra $20,000 I thought. I’ll be doing that trade next week. Derickx to thurlow. May of taken derickx 9 games. But he turned out to be a OK cash cow. Up $118,000. No point having $253,000 sitting on the pine. Plus derickx is out when pyke returns after bye.

    • he’ll still earn some more cash. Good headache when he’s your main trade concern. I’ll trade him in a month when he’s maxed out in price

  • is anyone actually holding sam lloyd? he should have gotten to 350k in a few rounds, but not sure if hes gonna get another game :\

    • I’m holding Sam Lloyd. By the neck while I knee him in the face.

      • Do that to JRoo, deserved it, and then Lloyd would get a game, and make this week a lot easier for a lot of people.

  • Thanks Dunny. Opinion on scott selwood? So cheap right now. Perhaps coming back into form (fingers crossed).

    • I’ve had Hellwood in my team since week 1- due to injuries I’ve not been able to get him out and he has absolutely killed me week after week. But now I’ve reached a point where I’m terrified to drop him in case he suddenly hits form.

      He’s basically been tagging all season which seems crazy to me for such a talented player. With WC playing so badly and likely to get a real spanking this week, he may get a different role as surely they have to change something and utilise a good player in a more productive way?

  • Anyone considering a bottomed out luke ball?

  • seems like it’s 50/50 on holding/trading Zorko

    I’m jumping ship as I need to start building the kitty again and need 18 players this week.

    Thoughts on these trades?

    1) Crouch to Jelwood

    (leaves me a midfield of Ablett-Beams-Pendles-Rocky-Watson-Murphy-Tyson-Polec-Hallahan-Selwood

    2) Zorko to Tex

    (plan was to upgrade Lloyd soon but his omission hurts)

    $65k remaining

  • Dalhaus, boomer or gray?

    • I’m in the same spot exactly and really don’t know.

    • I reckon Boomer just but he’s also prone to a tag. The others more consistent but won’t have the big 130+ games. I’ve got the other 2 and very happy with both.

  • isnt swallow from gold coast playing?

  • confirmed IN, don’t panic

  • Matt crouch is out. All owners were worrying if he was going to be sub. Well worse now. He’s out

  • Crouch > Danger
    Wright > C. Cameron

    Parker, Dahlhaus, Martin, Riewoldt, Wingard, Wright (Ambrose, LLoyd)

    Should I be trading Lloyd for Cameron instead of Wright?
    I had planned on moving Dangerfield from MID to FWD next week and getting in a MID.

    Help appreciated

    • Yeah id get rid of lloyd instead of wright

    • yeah tough call, im in the exact same boat as you this week. as not sure if i shuold try to field 20 players or lose cash on wright.

      • @Robo – Im thinking WRIGHT > CAMERON this week and then bring DANGER into FWD’s next week trading LLOYD out.

        Have a healthy kity $375

        how bout you?

    My trades
    Polec to bews via langford
    Billings to danger

    R these good trades?

  • who’s the best and reliable ‘value-for-money-pick’ in the forwards this week?
    I already have Danger.
    im trading out Wright & tossing up between getting:
    Tex,Walker, BE35 – value and mid scoring?, BE
    Cameron. BE-5 – cash cow – potential to score 60-70’s? as my F7,
    Boomer Harvey, BE74 – as a premium, but he has some tougher games coming ahead for North.
    or someone else?
    next week i plan on getting parker and rocky/goddard. or Cash cow Shenton?(fwd)

  • SUBS Geelong – Blicvas , North – Bastinac

  • No late changes